Chapter 83

February 18, 2023 Chandler's POV

I watched my son as he leaned up against his race car looking just like his father. Lee had just turn 18 this January and was racing Dale Senior's number 3. It was going to be the first time the car was back on track ironically on the date of the death of his famous grandfather. I felt a pair of strong arms go around my waist.

Junior : "Hey good lookin"

Chandler : "Bug baby you are getting old. Look at our son." I turned and looked at my husband who would be turning 49 this year. He never seemed to age he still had that boyish face and crooked smirk.

Junior : "I am getting old baby girl? You are going to 44 so shut up" he stuck his tongue out at me and grabbed me closer leaning in for a kiss that would make the world stop.

Lane : "Gross ya'll stop my friends can see this on TV." Lane was our 3rd born son. He was 14 and actually looked like me with dark brown hair and my blue eyes. He had no real desire to race he wanted to play football. With the teaching of his father the Washington Redskins were his team and future employer. Bug liked to say Lane was me made over into a little boy.

Cole : "Dad can I go sit with Lacy?" Cole was our 2nd son and the ladies man at 16. Junior was already having trouble keeping him inline especially wanting to party already. He had the same I don't give a shit attitude Bug did at that age. Out of our sons Cole had his daddy's personality the most and Lee had the looks of his daddy down to the tee.

Junior : "Son what did I tell you earlier? You are standing here with your mama and brothers then you can go over to the Harvick's and sit with Lacy." Cole huffed and slide his sunglasses on as he stood there. Junior and me holding each other around the waist looking for our baby to come running down pitroad.

Chandler : "Lane where is Trace?" being a mama of four boys made my head turn. Trace was our youngest at 12. He was barely held down by gravity. His dream was to be just like Lee and his daddy all he wanted to do was race cars be around cars. Trace slide in front of me and Junior out of breath.

Junior : "Where have you been?" Junior fell into the Daddy role like a champion. Between the births of our sons he had won 7 championship tying him with his dad and this year we are after our 8th.

Trace : "I had to get you and Lee something" Trace pulled a piece of paper out behind his back it was a picture he had drew of both of there cars. I looked over at my husband a huge smile spreading across his face the age showing a little around his eyes as he raised his sunglasses and looked at the paper.

Junior : "Son that is awesome. You want to tape it in my car?" The next thing I saw was the feet of my son hanging out of his daddy's Chevy. This was my life now a mother of 4 handsome boys and married to the love of my life the man I had been married to for 18 wonderful years. I watched as all my children interacted with each other picking and playing. Lee and his daddy talking about the race. Cole paying no attention to the family to busy making eyes towards Lacy Harvick and Lane and Trace hitting each other in the arm. This was my family. The was my somewhere to Belong