Chapters 77 - 82

Chapter 77

So I'm Gonna Spend My Time

Like It's Going Out Of Style

I'm Moving The Bottom Line

Farther Then A Country Mile

I Still Have Hills To Climb

Before I Hit That Wall

No Matter How Much I Buy

I Could Never Spend It All

Junior was singing along to the radio when he reached over and grabbed my hand. I watched him sing his new favorite song by Clint Black. I glanced back at Hannah, who was sound asleep cuddled in her car seat with one of Bugs shirts in her hand as she was sucking her thumb. When I looked back at Junior he was driving with a smile on his face. Hannah had came back home with us after the Atlanta win. She was staying with us through the weekend at Bristol. We had taken her with us to Darlington. It was an experience I fell in love with. Junior had been so great with her. She had fallen more in love with him. Falling asleep on his chest or making him brush her hair and attempt to put it in a ponytail. I was looking out of the truck window when the song ended.

Junior : "Baby this was one of the best days we have had together."

Chandler : "Bug you know you are really good with Hannah"

Junior : "That was random" he stated when we were at the last stoplight before we got to the house.

Chandler : "I know but glance back at her" when he turned he let out a chuckle and leaned to kiss my cheek.

Junior : "One day that will be our kids."

We were silent the rest of the way home just both enjoying our time together. When we got home Junior carried a sleepy little girl in. She cuddled up in his arms laying her head in the space between his chin and chest as he walked in. Her little hand grasped around his shirt and the other one in her mouth as she sucked her thumb. He struggled to kick off his shoes at the garage door. We had gone fishing. Me and Junior were the ones covered in mud and smelled like lake water and Hannah was clean and dry. I was unloading the food we didn't eat back in the fridge when I heard him coming back down the stairs pulling his shirt over his head and sailing it into the laundry room.

Junior : "You stink baby but it is really sexy"

Chandler : "Really this turns you on." I turned to face him as he leaned me back against the counter.

Junior : "Oh yeah you muddy smelling like Lake Norman and bait. Really gets me horny"

Chandler : "BUG" I hit his chest as he leaned back from me popping a chip in his mouth

Junior : "What" he smiled his little grin as he walked out to get the days catches and the rest of the fishing stuff. When he came back in there was sweat dripping down his bare chest.

Junior : "Stop molesting me in your mind" he made his voice sound like a violate woman.

Chandler : "I wasn't" I watched him put the fish in the fridge and grab a Bud.

Junior : "I know what you were thinking you were thinking man what a hot guy my future husband is and if the kitchen counter can hold us throwing it down right here." I just shook my head and headed up to the bedroom we were still using. Junior was still making us stay in the guest room. He had the master bedroom closed off. The dining room was known as the Wedding room. Everything we had from the tuxes and bridesmaids gowns that were in there hanging along with wedding gifts from the millions of showers it seemed like we were going to. When I got to the bedroom I went straight into the bathroom to get a shower. I was putting my clothes in the hamper when I heard Junior walk in and then his hand slapping me on the backside. I just glared at him as he shed his jeans and boxers and stepped into the shower. My shower.

Chandler : "Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr what are you thinking"

Junior : "Getting a shower" I just stood there listening to him laugh as he pulled the curtain back.

Junior : "You just going to stand there or get in" with a jerk of my arm I was under the spray of the shower with a blue eyed devil staring at me. Our laughter filled the bathroom and bedroom as we played around hitting each other with our towels as we tried to dry off each other from sharing our shower. Chandler : "did not" I was wrapping a towel around me as was turn with his back to me.

Junior : "Did to look" with one motion his towel was dropped and he mooned me.

Chandler : "Baby that has no affect on me I am use to that little pale thing"

Junior : "Hahaha" his laughter echoed as he walked in the bedroom and me into the closet. When we reappeared we both had jeans on, Jr still walking around missing a shirt which was a hidden turn on. I had on one of the Chance 2 shirts on. His family was coming over for a cook out. Kelley and Jimmy along with Karsyn and his mom. I watched him check in on Hannah sleeping in the room he had for Karsyn. I was ready to be married and to start on our own kids. Karsyn came flying though the kitchen with Kelley trailing behind her as she ran to see her uncle out side firing up the grill for the evening.

Kelley :"Karsyn don't you run in the house... Hey Chandler"

Chandler : "Hey Kel" we shared a quick hug as Jimmy came walking through joining in on the hug. We started to carry out the food to set on the table when we heard the cutest voice.

Karsyn : "UNCLE JUNIOR" we both smiled as she scream to her Uncle as she ran to outstretched arms leaving the back door standing wide open. Junior had Karsyn up in his arms, then Hannah behind him tugging on his jeans getting in on the attention.

Kelley : "He is going to make one hell of daddy"

Chandler : "I know." I watched him hold them in the air and move them like airplanes. Both little girls with huge smiles on there faces. Soon everyone was out talking and eating. Junior's mom had already started to call me her daughter the same with Kelley as her sister. Me and Junior were sitting on the swing as the sun was setting watching the two kids play in the yard. Jimmy and Kelley were in the swing across from us. With a flash Brenda had snapped a picture of us four.

Junior : "I'm getting tired."

Chandler : "Yeah I am to, you wore me out"

Junior : "haha you won' t know the meaning of those words until we are married" between our whispers and yawns I think Bugs family got the idea because they got up to leave at the same time. Jimmy passing a fussy Hannah over to Junior immediately she was quiet and snuggled back on him playing with his hair. After our goodbyes and locking up we tucked Hannah in. I had walked out to get something when I heard Junior start to read her a story. I looked in the room and saw him in the rocking chair with her making voices to the characters, her laughing then showing the sleep in her eyes as her thumb fell into her mouth. I stood there until Junior turned around from laying her down and turning on the night light above the dresser. We stepped into each others arms and watched her sleep soundly. That night we laid wide awake both wondering what the other was thinking. The scary thing was even without talking us making a family was the main thought on each of our minds.


Junior : "Chan why are your hands blue" He was analyzing my hands as I got of the truck.

Chandler : "I don't know Jr, me and a smurf were making out last night when you were with the boys and I guess he rubbed off me" I shut the door with my hip finishing up the biscuit we had bought at McDonalds.

Junior : "smartass" He said as he pulled my ponytail as I walked in front of him up the steps of the courthouse.

Chandler : "But you love me" I asked him when I got to the top turning around looking at him toping the last 2 steps.

Junior : "that is debatable" he mumbled as we walked down the hallway to our office of designation.

Chandler : "Bug" he just gave me his crooked grin as he open the door to the place of deeds. I stood back and watched him walk up to the desk in the center of the room. A couple of people's head turning as he stood there waiting. Mostly just glance over there magazines then back to what they were doing before. It was nothing to them to have a Nascar Superstar standing in front of them, it was just a normal day.

Clerk : "How may I help you sir"

Junior : "I have a appointment with Ms. Bell on getting my marriage license."

Clerk : "Sir is your future wife here." she asked looking over his shoulder at me.

Junior : "Yes she is" I watched the tip of his ears turn red, I knew he was blushing the same as I was whenever we talked about the other.

Clerk : "okay if you two will wait she will be with you shortly." I heard him say thank you then motion at the two chairs in the corner for us to sit in. As soon as we sat down my stomach rumbled. Junior cut his eyes over at me.

Junior : "Damn that was loud baby" he massaged my knee with his hand as he looked over at me.

Chandler : "Sorry. I don't think it was smart of me to eat that Easter egg then that biscuit."

Junior : "You think"

Chandler : "Shut up Mr. I eat pork skins and hot sauce at 3 am in the morning then whine about my stomach hurting."

Junior : "Hey I am not the one turning into a smurf now am I" he gave me his killer smile

Chandler : "Bug I tired to wash it off , but it won't come off. Hopefully I don't have to shake any hands."

Junior : "You took a shower baby, It's not Saturday am I getting lucky" I hit him in the arm causing the people beside us to start laughing at us because of our exchange.

Ms. Bell : "Mr. and Mrs. Earnhardt" both our heads shoot up as we look at the lady standing at the door. I glance around looking for someone until I realize the same time Junior does that it is us who she is wanting. We both stand laughing at each other. Sixty dollars and thirty minutes later we are heading back out of the courthouse hand in hand our marriage license in Junior's back pocket.

Junior : "Where to now Mrs. Earnhardt" I had to smile as he looked over at me than kissed my head.

Chandler : "I like the sound of that"

Junior : "You want to know something else." he ran his thumb over my engagement ring.

Chandler : "What is that" his blue eyes were focused on mine

Junior : "Your birthday is Friday"

Chandler : "Woohoo we get to celebrate in the booming town of Martinsville" he just stuck his tongue out at me as he backed out of the parking spot.

Chandler : "I guess we can head over to the doctors office."

Junior : "You know we really don't have to go that blood work done."

Chandler : "Bug"

Junior : "What I don't like needles, sue me. I have a thing about sharp object tearing through my skin for no reason."

Chandler : "Baby I will be there holding your hand."

Junior : "Yeah I know. Hahah you have to go through more than me" he shot me a smirk

Chandler : "I am glad you find me having to be checked out so I can carry YOUR KIDS funny" He just smiled and kissed me at the last stop light before the office.

Junior : "Baby I will be there holding your hand" he said in a smartass tone

Chandler : "If you don't shut up I am going to have them test you for fertility."

Junior : "I'm so scared" he said mocking me. I couldn't be mad at cause he was just so cute. I jumped on his back as we walked down the sidewalk

Junior : "Honestly baby. I will stay with you when they do that to you cause I mean I kind of..."

Chandler ; "June you don't have to."

Junior ; "Nah I want to be in there with you I am your going to be your husband in less than a month." I was still on his back as he opened the door to the doctors office. I slide down walked up as we both checked in. Junior made sure to tell them to call us back as a unit. The nurse smiled sweetly and asked if we were about to get married because of our smiles. We both nodded and went to find a seat. The waiting room was so full I sat down on the floor in-between Juniors legs after we argued about who was going to take the chair. I leaned back against his faded blue jean legs, I had my hands on his feet. I looked up at him laughing as he bounced his toes under my palms. I had leaned my head against the inside of his leg. I was half asleep and half awake as the wait on the doctor seemed to go on forever as the people before were going in and out. I could hear Junior turning the pages of his like 40th magazine. I jumped when they called our names making the lady next to me laugh. We followed the nurse through the doors and down the hall in to room for us.

Nurse : "If you two will go ahead and roll up your sleeves I will draw the blood so when the doc comes it you can get done fast." I looked over at Junior as she laid out the vials and needles to get our blood. His face was losing color as she laid the items out. I touched his arm, he glanced at me then went back watching her.

"Who wants to go first" When she turned her back I looked at Junior shaking his head.

"I will" as she stuck me we continued with our conversation Junior just sitting there watching me and nurse talk as if nothing was going on. When she finished I moved and let Bug move up. He was about as white as his bud shirt was. He locked eyes with me as she stuck him. I mouthed to him I loved him and that it would be okay. He just nodded and stared at me until she was done. When the door closed from her taking our samples on out. I leaned over and kissed him.

Chandler : "See champ that wasn't so bad,"

Junior : "Yeah right." I had to laugh as he pulled me closer and held me in his arms.

Junior : "I didn't even get a sucker"

Chandler : "Aww bug baby we will stop and get you a ice cream at the mall."

Junior : "With sprinkles" I busted out laughing and so did he.

Chandler : "Yes with sprinkles" the doctor walked in as we were laughing.

Doc : "Ms. Blake how are you today."

Chandler ; "I will be a lot better when this over"

Doc : "Well then lets get this over with."

Doc : "Mr. Earnhardt you..."

Junior : "I would like to stay" he sounded so official and strong but with love in his voice.

Doc : "Only family can..."

Junior : "I am going to be her husband so I would like to stay."

Doc : "Okay then"Junior held my hand through the whole exam. I told him to shut up at least 20 times. The doctor made sure that having kids and conceiving was not going to be a problem on my part. It seemed like he was taking forever. Junior tried to comfort me but all he could do was just sit there hold my hand and stoke my hair. When it was over and after I felt violated enough I was ready to leave and get out of there. On the way out the nurse told us that our blood results would be in by the time Junior left for the Cali race in Fontana. When we got in the truck I laid my head in Junior lap as he drove to the mall. We were picking up our bands and making sure the tuxes were fitted right for the guys and some accessories I ordered had come in. I watched him as he drove with one hand on the wheel and the other on my shoulder.

Junior : "You okay" he asked when we got there and pulled in.

Chandler : "Yeah.. I am fine I just wanted to lay on you"

Junior : "Chan I am kind of excited." he said as we walked into the formal wear store.

Chandler : "About us getting married." I asked

Junior : "Yeah but more about what the doctor said" he yelled to me outside of the dressing room as he tried on his tux. All the boys tuxes had came in but his was the one that had to be fitted right again.

Chandler : "About what" I asked him as they took his inseam again and wrote down the new measurements. I laughed as he got uncomfortable with the guy who should have been on queer eye for the straight guy taking his inseam. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the hallway of the dressing room.

Junior : "I am excited about the doc saying it will be no problem for you to have my babies."

Chandler : "Well baby you keep looking the way you look in this tux and us getting it on won't be a problem."

Junior : "My future wife is so dirty. I like it" we leaned our foreheads together and quickly grabbed a kiss.

After everything was fixed and ready to bring back we got his tux and headed to get our rings from the jeweler. Me and Junior promised not to look at our bands even though we knew we picked the simplest platinum bands. We didn't want to touch them until our wedding day when we exchanged them. Junior was playing around on the way home as we stopped and got ice cream.

Junior : "Baby I am getting sprinkles. Cause I had to give blood" he said to me in the drive thru

Chandler : "and what do I get for being exposed"

Junior : "Knowing that you get to have the next members of the Earnhardt legacy"

Chapter 78

May 7th Jr's POV

I heard Chandler mumble softly in her sleep as she rolled over as the sun came pouring into the bedroom. This was the last night we were sleeping in here. When she would be sleeping in my arms again she would be my wife. I ran my fingers down her soft skin on her arm as she dreamed off more. I heard voices downstairs. I glanced over at the clock. I knew it was our friends. We decided to all have breakfast together before the day got wild. Chandler was going to be gone all day getting all her things done for tomorrow and me and the boys were going to do jack shit , just sit around and talk trash. Then I had permission as Mikey said from my future wife to have a bachelor party just no nasty strippers. I leaned over and kissed Chan softly on her forehead.

Junior : "You ready for today?"

Chandler ; "Um... Bug 5 more minutes"

Junior : "Hahah come on" She pulled me back down when I tried to get up

Chandler : "I won't get to see you all day" Her fingers were playing with my chest hair as I rubbed her back helping her get awake.

Junior : "I know"

Chandler : "We have rehearsal at 7 then the dinner till 11. I know the girls are taking me out somewhere and knowing you boys ya'll will be going to some strip club because Michael and Kevin asked if it was okay" I heard her start to laugh

Junior : "What"

Chandler : "De told me soon you would be asking me permission"

Junior : "Well I guess I need to start. Ms. Blake can I kiss you"

Chandler : "Let me think on it"

Junior : "While you think I will persuade" I turned her under me so I was laying above her as she smiled up at me.

Chandler : "Earnhardt don't give me a hickey the day before our wedding, or our parents would kill us both."


Chandler's Pov

Delana : "I can't believe he gave you a hickey." she was rubbing some toothpaste on the huge mark on my neck. We were all laid out on the floor at the old house. Junior and the boys were staying at the new house then after the wedding tomorrow we were going to start our lives together at the new house.

Chandler ; "De shut up" I said laughing as all the girls got around me in a circle all exchange ways to get it gone.

Delana : "What Chan I mean it is kind of noticeable even the preacher saw it during the rehearsal."

Dana : "What your did your dad say to Junior when he saw it"

Chandler : "Nothing he gave him a high five"

Jamie : "So did the preacher"

Chandler ; "I swear I bet right now he is bragging about what he did"

We all stayed up talking and laughing watching old movies until around 4am. I was still wide awake. I looked around at Delana asleep on the couch, Jamie and Kristi snuggled against me. Dana asleep in Junior's favorite chair. Kelley was asleep on the floor. I moved up away from the girls making sure I didn't wake any of them. Junior had Red with him and Bud was curled up on the kitchen counter as I walked by heading out to the pool. I needed some fresh air. Tomorrow I was starting my life with Junior. It would official just be me and him. What scared me the most was I was going to be someone's wife and hopefully someone's mom. I leaned back against the swing. As a cold wind past. I had grabbed my cell phone on the way out. I shivered as the wind continued. I heard a ring and looked down to my light cell phone. It was Junior. The screen read your husband.

Chandler : "Hey"

Junior : "Hey" I heard him whisper.

Chandler ; "What are you doing up so late."

Junior : "Can't Sleep"

Chandler : "Neither can I"

Junior : "Hey Chan"

Chandler : "Yeah"

Junior : "What are you wearing"

Chandler : "Bug"

Junior :"What" I heard him pitch his voice up in to a little boy tone

Chandler :" "I love you"

Junior : "I love you too" his voice sounded so thick filled with his southern accent.

Chandler : "How many more hours till I get to see you"

Junior : "Well it is 4am now I will see you at 6pm, you do the math"

Chandler : "I know already it is to long." I heard a door shut behind him. As I walked into the house stepping over the girls littering the floor.

Junior : "Where are you" I had just walked into our old bedroom and laid across the bed. It still had a light smell of Junior on the pillows. I had laugh at the timing of the question.

Chandler : "Where are you" I heard him laugh then a plop.

Junior : "Laying in the bed wishing you where here."

Chandler : "I am doing the same thing."

Chandler : "Bug"

Junior : "Yeah baby"

Chandler : "Will you talk to me until we both fall asleep." I woke up to Delana shaking me holding up my cell phone.

Chandler : "What" MOChandler : "What time is it."

Delana : "12:30 we got to get going your hair appointment is at 1 so come on."


Junior's POV 5:45pm

Pops : "Junebug stop pacing you are making me cross-eyed son."

Junior : "What" I look up from staring at the carpet totally oblivious to what Pops is saying. I look over at all my boys sitting at the table playing cards. Pops is leaning back in his chair just watching all of us smiling. I then realize I am the only one not in my tux.

Tony Jr : "Hey Jun don't you think you want to put your tux on bud or that woman of yours ain't going to give you any tonight." I just glance up and flick him off as I wipe my hands on my ratty jeans again.

"I'm going." I say

Brenda: "Boy calm down I swear you would think you don't drive 200 mph every weekend"

Junior : "Mom." I saw my mom in a dress skirt suit the same color as the bridesmaids dresses so I saw she had tears in her eyes but a huge smile on her face. The necklace she had on I remembered giving to her when I was little.

Brenda : "Yeah now come on and get ready you have one pretty girl waiting on you" she brought me into a hug rubbing my back like she always did.

Junior : "She's already ready?" I could just imagine what she looked like in all white a long veil covering her face walking to me.

Brenda : "She just slid on her dress when I was leaving to come get you calmed down. Your boys sent for me."

Junior: "I'm good." I tried to give her my best shit eating grin.

Brenda : "Yeah right" She handed me my tux that was hanging on the door frame and pushed me to the bathroom. When I walked out my tie was still in my hands.

Josh : "Boy get that tie on, if we have to wear it , then you do to"

Junior : "I am smartass I just can't get it." I had the tie wrinkled in my hand.

Brenda : "You know Junebug your daddy never could get it either he had to much country in him" my mom did the motions and a couple of seconds I was all set and dressed. I had the watch Chandler gave me and a pair of cufflinks that had been in the family. I looked at my mom as she let her tears start to come down.

Brenda: "My baby boy is getting married. I am so proud of you and you know your daddy is to." Pops soon came up behind her as we stood in a embrace our huge was broken by Chandler's home-town preacher.

Preacher : "Guys you ready to get this show on the road"

Junior : "As ready as I will ever be" I watched as everyone filed out of the room. I looked up at the ceiling. "Daddy be with me. I know you are smiling. I can feel you." I closed the door and walked up to the side door where we would be entering to stand in the front of the church.


Chandler's POV

Jamie : "Chan here are you flowers"

Chandler : "Thanks.." Tears brimming my eyes as Jamie handed me my flowers. Her and De were my maid and matron of honor.

Delana : "Come on pull it together you can't cry yet you haven't even seen him" she dabbed my eyes and kissed my cheek as I felt a hand on my back that hand was of my father's. My dad and Uncle Jeff were both walking me down the aisle. As we all shared tears and hugs I felt them both take my arms as the doors closed in front of us I couldn't see around the corner of the wall as they opened the doors and the music filled the foyer where we were standing. Delana and Jamie stayed turned around looking at me keeping me calm until I heard the violins and other wind instruments get louder. Soon they were walking away in front of me. Then the doors closed again in front of me. When they would open I would be walking down to my husband. I felt my uncle and dad intertwined there arms with mine and pull my veil down as the wedding march began to play and the noise of our guests standing, then it was time as the doors slowly opened. We stepped through the open doors. I glance up and when I do I meet my blue eyed angle standing with his hands clasped in front of him. I saw him take in a breath like I did when we saw each other. Tony Jr was patting him on the back as we got closer. When I made it to the altar all I could see was the love in Junior's eyes, he was my soul mate and he was the person I belonged with. As my father and uncle handed me over , Bug leaned in and whispered to me.

Junior : "You look beautiful" I smiled up at him through my veil as he gripped me hand as we walked up the steps to where the preacher was. As he began speaking I couldn't stop looking at Junior finally it was time where we could face each other. As I handed my bouquet to Jamie. I felt Junior run his thumb over me bare ring finger. When our hands and eyes met again I got lost in them. I faintly heard the preacher begin again.

Preacher : "Chandler and Dale have both decided to select a song for each other summing up how much love they share for each other as they exchange vows." Me and Junior had kept the songs from each other a secret until now.

Preacher : "Do you Ralph Dale take Chandler Elizabeth to be your wife Ė to live together after Godís ordinance Ė in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heartís deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?"

Junior : "I will" he smiled his classic Earnhardt smile as he answered with confidence. Trying to hold back his emotions that were written on his face. I heard the first few chords from the guitar in the band begin when I then heard the live songs of Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks.

She said what she wants is a man to be faithful

A true heart somebody williní and able

To stay by her side through thick and thin

A tender touch every now and then

Sheís not hung up on fairy tales

Or some dream at the bottom of a wishiní well

Fancy cars or diamond rings

What she wants most are the little things

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets for loving me

At times I lay awake at night

Stare at her laying by my side

Knowiní there in her heart as she sleeps

She can forever count on me

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets for loving me

Whatever turns her on

Iím here to do it

Till the day they write my name in stone

Iíll live to prove it

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets for loving me

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets

Thatís what she gets for loving me

The tears were streaming down my face as the song finished Junior had sang every word to me along with Ronnie Dunn never leaving his gaze from my eyes.

Preacher : "Do you Chandler Elizabeth take Ralph Dale to be your husband Ė to live together after Godís ordinance Ė in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon him your heartís deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him as long as you both shall live?"

Chandler : "I will" I felt the tears start coming down my face. Bug gently slide his hand under my veil and wiped some away with the pad of his thumb.

I do swear that I'll always be there

I'd give anything and everything and

I will always care

Through weakness and strength

Happiness and sorrow, for better, for worse

I will love you with every beat of my heart

From this moment life has begun

From this moment you are the one

Right beside you is where I belong

From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed

I live only for your happiness

And for your love I'd give my last breath

From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart

Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start

You and I will never be apart

My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live

I will love you, I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment on

You're the reason I believe in love

And you're the answer to my prayers from up above

All we need is just the two of us

My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live

I will love you, I promise you this

There is nothing I wouldn't give

From this moment on.

I will love you as long as I live

From this moment on

As the song finished a looked a Junior one single tear fell down his cheek but he quickly went back to his hard front but loving. As the preacher asked for the rings my mind was reeling in a few short minutes I was going to be Mrs. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Preacher : "Dale repeat after me"

Junior : "Chandler Elizabeth I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, With this ring, I thee wed." he slide the wedding band below my engagement ring then gently kissed my hand.

Preacher : "Chandler repeat after me......"

Chandler : "Ralph Dale, I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, With this ring, I thee wed." My voice barley squeaking out as I slide the ring on his finger. We both turned and faced the preacher.

Preacher : "In as much as you have each pledged to the other your lifelong commitment, love and devotion, I now pronounce you husband and wife, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Preacher : "Those whom God has joined together let no one put asunder.

Dale, You may kiss your bride!"

Junior : "Oh yeah" he lean down gently lifting my veil taking my lips on to his in the one of the softest kisses we have shared. When we broke apart the guest were cheering as we turned around to face them.

Preacher : "I now pronounce to you Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr." I leaned over to him as we shared on more kiss the walked down to the aisle as the choir sang "Oh Happy Day"

Junior : "Come're Mrs. Earnhardt" Junior twirled me around as we got outside of the church. His lips landed hard on mine I felt his invitation to slide his tongue I quickly allowed it. Here were just pronounced husband and wife making out on the church steps.

Chandler : "Bug I am so happy right now."

Junior : "I am to. Hey lets go party so we can leave and get to the good stuff"

After what seemed like a endless amount of pictures at the church we were finally headed over to the country club on Lake Norman. As we rode in the limo our hands never left each others, both of our rings shinning bright. Also our lips never left each others. We heard the music loud as we walked up behind the doors. Then the DJ came on.

D.J, : "For the first time in public I give you Mr. and Mrs. Dale Earnhardt Jr." as the doors opened we stepped out to see our friends and family and the beautiful look of the decorations as we walked in we were stopped for hugs and congratulations as we made our way to the front to the table. We wanted to get our first dance out of the way so the rest of the night we could cut loss. As the music began Junior pulled me close as the lights all dimmed and the spotlight was on us.

One look in your eyes and there I see

Just what you mean to me

Here in my heart I believe

Your love is all Iíll ever need

Holdiní you close through the night

I need you, yeah

I look in your eyes and there I see

What happiness really means

The love that we share makes life so sweet

Together weíll always be

This pledge of love feels so right

And, ooh, I need you

We both were singing the words to each other it felt like we were the only people in the room or on the planet for that matter. I found my favorite spot on the nap of his neck and laced my fingers through his curl as we had our forehead's against each others.

Here and now

I promise to love faithfully (Faithfully)

Youíre all I need

Here and now

I vow to be one with thee (You and me), hey

Your love is all (I need) I need

Say, yeah, yeah...

When I look in your eyes, there Iíll see

All that a love should really be

And I need you more and more each day

Nothiní can take your love away

More than I dare to dream

I need you

I had tears in my eyes as the electricity between us was so strong. We were barely moving just holding on to each other with our eyes locked on each others I felt his hands on the part of my exposed back as he kept singing/whispering the lyrics into my ear as I did the same to him.

Here and now

I promise to love faithfully (Faithfully)

Youíre all I need

Here and now

I vow to be one with thee (You and me), yeah

Your love is all I need

(Starting here) Ooh, and Iím starting now

I believe (I believe in love), I believe

(Starting here) Iím starting right here

(Starting now) Right now because I believe in your love

So Iím glad to take the vow

Here and now, oh

I promise to love faithfully (Faithfully)

Youíre all I need

Here and now, yeah

I vow to be one with thee (You and me), yeah

Your love is all I need

Our lips met as we stopped swaying to the music and just let our hearts talk through our eyes. He was mine forever, the one I lived for. The man I was going to have kids with, grow old together with and share grandkids with. This was my future. This was my somewhere to belong.

The reception carried on long into the night by the time we were heading out in the sea of rose petals and bubbles. Junior was down just to his white t-shirt and tux pants. His shoes and dress shirt and tie were discarded not long after we decided to cream each other with the cake. I only did it cause the DMP begged me to, too bad that excuse didn't work when I got a face full to. We smiled one last time for the last picture of the night.

Martin : "Hey Junior what are you doing later on tonight." I just smiled as I ran my hand up his leg were no one could see it.

Junior : "Making babies" with that he slammed the limo door shut and attacked my mouth leaving our guest laughing at his last comments.

Chapter 79

Junior : "Welcome Home Mrs. Earnhardt" I felt him flip me up into his arms as we walked in the door of our house.

Chandler : "Bug what are you doing." I laughed out loud as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Junior : "Carrying my wife into our house" he gently sat me down and kissed me on the lips taking my hand in his as he led me up the stairs.

Junior : "Close your eyes" he dropped feather light kisses on my closed eye lids as we made it up the stairs and stopped in front of our bedroom.

Chandler : "Can I open them yet"

Junior : "Hold on.. Baby I want us to share our first night together in this room as husband and wife. I know it sounds cheesy but I wanted it to be special on my end like it is to you." I heard the door creak as I opened my eyes. The bedroom was breath taking it had mine and Bug style matched together in burnt oranges and a navy blue shaggy carpet.

Chandler : "Bug baby it's beautiful. I am very impressed." We stood there in a embrace. He was the first to break away leading me to the window.

Junior : "You can see all the land we own." I watched him ramble on as he lead me around showing every little thing the bedroom had to offer us. He was so cute he only rambled when he was nervous. He showed me everything in the closet and bathroom until there was nothing left and it became silent. As Junior walked back to the window talking , thinking I was behind I went to the bathroom and slid on the nightie that Delana and the girls had given me , as they say to make Junior speechless. It was peach silk thin strapped gown that hit high on the thigh. As I changed I could her Junior still talking, my wedding ring caught my attention as it reflected off the light shinning in the mirror. I walked out slowly when I heard Junior get quiet when I looked up he looked up to. Our eyes met.

Chandler : "Jun" his eyes seemed to be burning holes in me.

Junior : "You...You're beautiful" I felt my cheeks turn red. I felt his arms go around and pull me against his body.

Junior : "Damn I love you" Our lips met as his fingers danced down my exposed back and rested on my lower back. My finger's were intertwined in his hair as we deepened the kiss. When we broke apart I could see the want in his eyes I knew finally that the want I wanted and needed would finally be satisfied.

Chandler : "I want you to be my first my last and my only" as soon as the words left my mouth I felt the coolness of the sheets on my back as he gently laid us back on the bed.

Junior : "I don't want to be with anyone else but you." I felt his hands trail down my sides as we never lost eye contact. I slide my hands up and down his back raising his t-shirt up and over his head. I laughed at him when he grabbed it from my hands and sent it flying across the room. My laughs were silenced by his kisses as he moved his lips down my neck, I turned my head my forehead grazing across his hand feeling his wedding ring as he towered above me leaning down on his hands on either side of my head.

Chandler : "Jun I want you" he never broke his kisses until he got to the top of the nightie were he played with the fabric in his mouth.

Junior : "You are going to have me" he brushed his lips back up and kissed my lips as I felt his fingers brush over my straps on my shoulders.

Junior : "For the" I felt the strap slide down then his lips on the new exposed skin.

Junior : "rest of your" soon the other strap feel as he pushed it down and kissed the skin on that side.

Chandler : "Life" I leaned up helping the nightie fall just below my belly button where it met where Junior was laying fully on me. I laid back down feeling his arms cradling me. He moved down my body until he got where my nightie was with his kisses. Then moving his arms as he slid off of me and took the rest of the gown down. I wanted his kisses back and his hands. I sat up where he was standing in between my legs I saw him smirk as I tried to cover myself. He grabbed my arms and laid us back down. My hands went to his belt causing him to laugh then get serious as I felt his own hands cover mine. As he continued to kiss me I heard his belt unbuckle and then the zipper. I moved my hands to his waist and pull the rest of his tux pants down along with his boxers. I felt him kick around trying to get them off his legs then I felt his skin against mine. I felt his hands trail down the valley between my breast down to my stomach and lower causing me to taken a sharp breath as he drug his fingers along my thighs missing what I want him to be at the most.

Chandler : "Bug baby" I squirmed around as he found my spot. He just held his hand there as I moved against him trying to get what I wanted.

Junior : "You ready" he said moving up to my face kissing me long and passionate on my lips his tongue stripping away all of my senses as he played in my mouth. I felt him against my leg as we became even with each other. When we broke the kiss all I could do was nod as he laced our fingers together.

Chandler : "I have been waiting for this and for you" I felt him at my entrance. Then he slid in a little. I tense up not knowing what to expect.

Junior : "You okay" I just shook my head yes as he slid in me a little more. A small gasp slipped out. I saw the worried look on his face when he heard me. He just stayed there not moving. The emotions going through me were incredible as small tear slipped out of my eye.

Junior : "You want me to pull out" he voice full of concern but torn with love as his kissed the tear away.

Chandler : "No please don't" he continued to kiss me as he gently moved in and out without sliding in any deeper. Being as gentle as he could be. My arms were wrapped around him as he moved. My body was starting to get use to him as I start to move with him. I could her noises not knowing where they were coming from me as I found my rhythm with Bug. He was still not fully in me when he met my eyes again I felt him slide all the way in me sending me into a shock of pleasure.

Chandler : "Oh Jun baby" my nails went down to his back as he start going deeper into me taking me to knew heights. I felt my body relax as he start to go harder into me meeting me at every thrust,

Junior : "You feel so good" I felt my pleasure start to build up as we continued to ride each other. His lips were on my nipples taking them into his mouth and teasing them as he kept his tongue the same motion as he thrusts.

Chandler : "Baby I am right there..." My breath was harder and harder to come by as his hands were all over me.

Junior : "Together...We are cumming together" he fought for his words as his thrusts became deeper and a little harder. Enough for me to feel alittle discomfort but that feeling was over ridden by the feelings that he was making me have. I could hear his moans as he got closer. Our eyes locked as we both hit our highs.

Junior : "I love you" he said as he continued in me as I rode my high and came down.

Chandler : "I love you so much" I felt him release deep within me. Filling me with all he had. I kissed his lips as he rode his high my nails dragging up and down his back. When he came back down to earth his lips attacked mine. I shifted below him to move my arm causing him to break the kiss and look down at me.

Junior : "You okay" he asked as I slide my fingers down his chest.

Chandler : "I am more than okay" he just smirked. As he moved around still inside of me making me grab his hair.

Chandler : "Bug.." He was still inside of me as he laid his head in the crook of my neck. I felt a drop of sweat run over my hand as it rested on his lower back.

Junior : "Yeah" He looked up his blue eyes heavy.

Chandler : "That was..."

Junior : "Damn Good." I felt him slide out of me leaving me feeling empty until he rolled over on his back bringing me close to him.

Chandler : "I have always dreamed of what it would be like and I have never loved someone as much as I have loved you and I know I gave you all of me." His finger ran up and down my arm as he propped up kind of leaning on the back of his arm. With a grin on his face.

Junior : "Shh... Baby to much talking" I ran my fingers down his chest like I always do. I laid there listening to his heartbeat and mine we were breathing in the same rhythm I felt this kisses against the top of my head. After awhile I dropped my hand below the sheet covering us both. I heard him suck in a breath as I found him and laced my hand around him looking up with my best innocent eyes.

Junior : "That feels good but you feel better" with one quick motion I was under him again his fingers shooting straight to my center as I held on to him.

Junior : "You Ready"

Chandler : "Been Ready"

I woke up with my legs and arms intertwined with Junior's. Our wedding rings were laying on top of each others as he pulled me closer against him. We didn't get any sleep until the sun started to rise. We had to be a the lake for Mother's day with our family at noon. When I looked at the clock it was 11:00 am.

Junior : "Morning' Baby" he start to rub my back

Chandler : "Mmm Morning" I said smiling kissing him on the lips. Looking at the marks I put on his shoulders. He stretched out as he laid there letting the sheet drop below his belly button showing off his happy trail.

Chandler : "What time do we have to be at the lake" I yawn moving around my legs trying to get the sheet untangled from my legs.

Junior : "In like 45 minutes" he rolled over and start dropping kisses on my face.

Chandler : "Jun look"

Junior : "What"

Chandler : "Our hands" or hands were laced together with our wedding rings shinning. When I finally pulled out of bed Junior just laid there flipping the channels. My muscles were screaming out as I walked to the bathroom. To get a quick shower and to get dressed. I had just gotten out of the shower when I felt Jr kisses my neck as he stepped in. I had to find some Tylenol before we went to lake. It was a "first timers best friend."

Junior : "What did you say" Junior asked me as I had said that thinking out loud.

Chandler : "Nothing" I heard him start singing to the radio I walked out and looked for something to wear in the closet. By the time we both got ready with out having to redress from a encounter in the closet we were 30 minutes late heading to the lake. The whole way I just stared at my husband and his smiling face. I blushed when he noticed me watching him drive.

Junior : "What are you thinking about"

Chandler : "That your mom and my mom are going to know what we have been doing." I heard a huge laugh come out of him that filled the truck. When I looked at him, he was laughing so hard that there was tears in his eyes.

Junior : "Baby..Baby"

Chandler : "What Bug I mean come on they are going to look at me and be like I know you and Junior slept together last night."

Junior : "Knowing my family they are going to embarrass you about it."

"Great" I watched as we drove past the lake heading to the lake house.

Junior : "Don't worry I won't tell them about us in the garage before we left." he stated as he pulled at the lake house with the family's cars already filling up the yard.

Chandler : "BUG"I hit his shoulder as he helped me get out of the truck.

Junior : "What baby your the one that started it" I jumped on his back as he gave me a piggy back ride. Which was a mistake because I was feeling what we had shared last night as my muscles tensed.

Chandler : "Omm" He turned and winked at me when I made my noise as he lift me up again as we walked.

Junior : "Yeah who is the man"

Pops : "Well look if it isn't Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jr"

Willie : "About time you to decide to join the living and take a break with making me some grandkids." I turned bright red looking over at Junior who just shrugged and laughed with the rest of the family.

Brenda and Ms. Blake : "Aww look at the glow those to have on each other." that made Junior blush causing me to crack up.

Ms. Blake : "You to are just so cute together now ya'll need to hurry up and give me some grandbabies" Junior leaned over and whispered to me as I went to get a drink.

Junior : "What is it ? Baby practice makes perfect."

Chandler : "Long as you teach me how to make you scream"

Junior : "Aww you know that already"

Tony Jr : "You to better not be talking dirty to each other over here." both of us fell over laughing as soon as those words left his mouth.

We spent the whole day on the lake swimming ,grilling, doing anything we could think of. I watched how our families got along so well. I felt Juniors arms around me as I leaned back watching the sunset. He was gently kissing my neck as it went below the horizon.

Chandler : "Did I tell you how much I love you today"

Junior : "Not within the last 4 minutes."

Chandler : "Well I love you more than anything" He turned me to face him.

Junior : "Good cause there is no one I wanted to every spend my life with other than you

Chapter 80

Chandlers POV

Life had been a whirlwind since the wedding. I hadn't had time to stop and think much less get rest. I wasn't complaining to much on not getting any sleep at night because of my husband. We were enjoying each other more than I think most honeymooners do. Things had come to a slow down. After Bug winning Richmond life seemed to speed up to fast for both of us. I just didn't feel right after the All-star race. Something was going on in my body and Bugs too. Junior was getting irritable and more and more short tempered with everyone. We both chalked up to just stress. Finally we had some down time the this week before the 600. I glanced back over at the clock it was 6am. I snuggled back in to the arms of my husband as he mumbled and pulled me closer. He always looked like such an angel as he slept. I woke up with a start when I felt the bed shift and the bathroom door close with a loud thump. I had slept all the way to noon. I laid back waiting for Bug to come back. Today was both of our off days and we were going to stay in bed watching dvd's and TV shows only moving to get food and go to the bathroom.

Junior : "Chan I don't feel good." I looked at my sleepy husband come back to bed. His bare feet sliding across the carpet as he scratched his head. He sat on the side of the bed.

Chandler : "What's wrong? You got a headache?" I rubbed his back as he just sat there trying to wake up and get why he felt bad together.

Junior : "Nah I just feel off." He laid back pulling me into his arms. I laid there listening to his heart beat.

Chandler : "You probably got what I have. It is just us being stressed." I felt him kiss my head as he rubbed my shoulder as we laid there watching Red and Bud play at the foot of the bed.

Junior : "Yeah. I didn't know you still felt bad" I looked up at him as he gave me the evil eye.

Chandler : "I am fine. It is most likely the stress and getting use to us and everything. Lack of sleep" I winked at him that caused him to smile.

Junior : "Lack of sleep wonder why that is?" He turned so I was under him looking up at his tired blue eyes.

Chandler : "I think it is because my husband is such a stallion" I heard him laugh as he lips came crashing down on mine.


Wednesday Before Michigan race June 16

Chandler : "This sucks" I glanced up from the sink as I washed my face Junior standing beside me brushing his teeth for the 16th time of the last hour. The poor bathroom in the house was getting frequent flyer miles from both of us. As soon as I was down Junior was in there. I couldn't keep any food down and I think Bug was just having sympathy sickness. We were just messed up.

Junior : "Why did you have to make me sick?" He hit me in the butt with his towel as he walked back to the bed and fell on it. Red and Bud cuddling up so he could pet both of them.

Chandler : "Me?" I slide in beside him.

Junior : "Yeah I was all good feeling better until you had to get this little every time I see food I have to go to the bathroom" He turned to me rubbing my stomach as he talked.

Chandler : "I think Kevin and Delana poisoned us cause we have ate with them at Dover and got sick now I am getting sick again. I am not eating anything else from them. I am just eating stuff in boxes this weekend at Michigan."

Junior : "Promise if you keep throwing up you will go to the doc Friday at the track and see what is up? I don't want you to have something and not know it. I love you too much" I just shook my head as he kissed me and went to the bathroom.

Chandler : "Hey Earnhardt you know I have to walk in there too?" I still remember how he treated me in Richmond about my stomach being messed up and it making me run to the bathroom.

Junior : "Hey Chan come look at this!" He yelled from the bathroom as he washed his hands.

Chandler : "Bug you are gross." He turned the fan on as he sat down in the chairs by our bay window.

Junior : "Made ya shut up didn't it?" He had that smile that made me melt. But right now I felt another wave of nausea.

Chandler : "Funny, look you have made me sick again"

Junior: "Aww does that mean we can play doctor?" He got up and stood over me.

Chandler: "Even sick you are a horn dog" He just shook his head yes.

I felt better by the time we loaded the plane Thursday night heading to the track. Bug was running a special paint scheme in honor of his dad this weekend. He was giving some teleconference interviews on the ride over to the plane the whole time we messed with each other. Jade kept shaking his head and finally loosened up when we all started laughing as Junior totally went ADD as he was being asked a question. I had taken a huge nap on the plane. Me and Junior were sound asleep in each other's arms when we woke up to Jade and J.R. throwing paper balls at us. Junior let me jump on his back as we walked down the tarmac to the car.

Chandler : "Jade can we stop? I got to go now" I yelled from the back-seat. I had told Junior for the 15th time I had to go to the bathroom the whole time we will be there in a minute I couldn't take it anymore. Jade never turned around to answer me.

Chandler : "If ya'll don't stop I am going to pee on myself I have to go." All the guys just laughed and looked at me as we pulled into a Shell station right next to the track. When I came back I had a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips and some water.

Junior : "Baby you are going to eat that with you being sick?" I just looked at him as I popped a chip in my mouth and just shook my head. When we pulled up to the motor coach I was about to fall back asleep. I heard Junior whisper to me as we walked up the stairs and then locked up as we headed back to the bedroom.

Junior : "How tired are you Mrs. Earnhardt?" He picked me up and laid me on our bed. I touched his face watching my wedding ring hit the light as I leaned up to kiss him.

Chandler : "I am feeling a sudden energy rush."


Sunday Morning Father's Day

Chandler : "God Bug, am I ever going to get over this stomach thing?" I felt him squat down beside me as he wiped my forehead.

Junior : "Go to the doc baby. I will walk you over there on my way to the driver's meeting. Let him give you some meds so you will feel better." A half and hour later. Me and Bug were walking hand and hand to the Care Center. I was feeling lousy and I looked it too. I had on my worn out hole jeans and a Taco Bell shirt from one of Martin's recent wins. I was breaking the dress code with my flips flops but I didn't care. When we got in the care center I went straight to a chair. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. Junior stayed with me until they called me back which was great timing. With a quick kiss I was on my way to the see the doctor and Junior was off to the drivers meeting. The whole doctor's visit was a blur. I walked out greeted to a lot of sun. My mind was a million miles elsewhere from where I was going. I went back to the coach long enough to change into an outfit that Junior loved and head back out to the track for pre-race. I wanted to leave Bug his message taped into his car before he could see what I was doing. When I saw him he was talking to the crew with his back towards me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and played with his Velcro belt on his fire suit.

Junior : "Hey baby" He looked over his shoulder at me his face full of stubble. I had never loved him more.

Chandler : "I love you" He just smiled and snuck me a kiss before all the camera's could catch us.

Junior : "I love you too." I rested my hands on his at his waist as I laid my head on his shoulder. When we got the signal we headed down pitroad to the bud machine that was lined up third. I looked at Junior as we walked he was wearing all black in honor of his dad. He leaned up against the car and pulled me close. I just kept looking at him.

Junior : "What baby?" he chuckled as he caught me staring at him.

Chandler : "I love you so much" I just smiled at him as he held me close.

Junior : "You are weird but I love you". I helped him climb into the car and watched him buckle in.

Junior : "Baby, what the doc say was wrong?" he had just slide his ear plugs in his mouth.

Chandler : "He said to look on your dash" I couldn't help but smile as he looked up at me with a what the hell look.

Junior : "Look on my dash?" I just nodded as he let his eyes scan the dash.

Junior : "HOLY SHIT CHAN REALLY?!?!" all I could do was nod again.

Chandler : "Happy Father's Day Daddy" as soon as the words came out of my mouth he was unstrapped and had me in his arms. The officials, drivers and other crews noticed him flying out his car to me. Everyone just stood there watching us.


Chapter 81

Chandler's POV

Junior : "A baby Chan? You are having a baby?!?" He held me back looking at me then my stomach. Some officials already were pulling him to get in his car. Him just shrugging them off.

Chandler : "Yeah baby.. get in the car." I kissed him and pushed him toward the car to get him strapped in. Even with our news NASCAR didn't give a rip. They didn't want Junior not being in his car and holding up the start. I walked back to the pits. Pops reached down and helped me up the steps. Soon I was sitting between him and Tony Jr. both babying me already. Every few minutes I would hear Junior ask on the radio if I was okay, if I need anything. Finally Pops yelled at him to get his mind on the race. About at the midpoint of the race I started getting sleepy. Pops was standing up in his normal fashion hands on hips as if he were Superman watching all the boys down below him.

Chandler : "Pops?" I tugged on his arm as he turned to look at me.

Pops : "Yeah Youngin?"

Chandler : "I am heading to the coach. Tell your driver I am fine I am just tired" He patted me on the back as I stood. Holding on to Tony Jr's shoulder.

Pops : "Hey Hoover get your ass over her and help Chan down. I don't want anything happening to her and that creature Junebug created." Hoover helped me down and walked me all the way back to the coach. I laid back on the couch and turned on the race as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

Junior's POV

Junior : "Pops where the hell is my wife?" I was screaming into the radio cause on our last pit stop Chan wasn't on the pit box.

Pops : "Don't get your panties in a wad your wife was tired and went to the coach"

Junior : "You let her walk back by herself? What were you thinking?"

Pops : "Boy I am going to kick your ass if you don't shut up and concentrated on this damn race and No I didn't let her walk back by herself, Hoover went with her."

Junior : "Spotter How many more laps?"

Stevie : "15" I wanted these laps to go by quicker than anything. I wanted to be with my wife and find out about my baby. My baby, shit I was going to be a daddy in 9 months. We crossed the finish line 3rd. It was a great day in points but I wanted to be with my Chan. I dodged the post-race interviews and went straight back to the coach. When I opened the door I saw Chandler sound asleep cuddled up on the coach the post race activities still on. I squatted beside her and gently kissed her forehead.

Junior : "Hey Mommy" she just smiled at me and covered my hand with hers as I held it on her stomach.

Chandler : "Bug we are having a baby" she just leaned back smiling and laughing.

Junior : "Baby how far are you?" she stood up pulling me up with her.

Chandler : "A month and twelve days" I couldn't help but laugh as the numbers processed through my mind.

Junior : "Our first night together?" She just nodded as I pulled her into a kiss. Her heated lips on mine.

Junior : "Damn I am good"

She stayed in my arms the whole way home. She called her family on the flight and we arranged for all of mine to be at the airport. The only people in family who knew what was going on were Pops and Tony Jr. As we pulled up I saw my Mom, Teresa, Kelley and the rest of the clan all standing there talking. I opened the door for Chan. We got to them I wrapped my arms around her. I couldn't stop holding on to her stomach. I wanted to protect the little person inside of her. I felt her lean back into my touch. We where lost in each others eyes when my mom squealed.

Brenda: "Oh my god Junebug you and Chan.. She is pregnant?" We both turned and stared at my mom. Everyone else started smiling and clapping.

Chandler : "I am going to be a mama!" She looked up at me and tears where coming down her cheeks. Here come the mood swings already. Before I could hug her all the women in the family attacked her all of them touching her invisible baby belly and talking up showers and nurseries. After about an hour I saw her yawn and plus missed her in my arms.

Junior : "All right ya'll I got to get this one home." She wrapped her arms around me as everyone got the hint and exchanged there good-byes. I had to carry her up the stairs cause she fell sound asleep in the truck against the window on the way home. When I got her up to the bedroom I covered her up and headed down to get the rest of our stuff and feed the cats. I just looked around as I finished up and locked the door. Was the house ready to have a little barefoot kid screaming and running through it? When I got back upstairs the room was lit up in candles and the bed sheets all fixed and pulled back.

Junior : "Chan?" I stood in the middle of the room looking for her when I felt her wrap her arms around me. I turned into her touch she was wearing what she wore our first night together.

Chandler : "Thought, since you know I ain't going to be able to wear this much more, better get some good use out of it"

Junior : "Baby you don't have to wear anything and I still want you" she laughed at hit me on the arm as she pulled my shirt off.

Chandler : "Mr. Earnhardt you by far have way to many clothes on" I felt her hands go to start working my belt off.

Junior : "What about Peanut?" She pulled back from me and held her hands on my belt.

Chandler : "Peanut?" I took my hands and brushed the night gown straps over her shoulders and kissed my way to her stomach focusing on her belly.

Junior : "Yeah Peanut" she just laughed

Chandler :"He will be fine" She moved back to the bed and I laid gently over her.

Junior : "So we are having a boy?"

Chandler : "Bug Shut up and make love to me" She blew out the candle by the bed and pulled me down into her kiss.


July 8, 2004

Nurse : "Chandler Earnhardt" I watched as she stood up. She shot me a glare as I sat there a little longer than I should have. I stood up and touched her lower back as we walked into the exam room. Today was our 2 month anniversary and the first time we were going to see Peanut. Everyone around the shop, the family, and the DMP all called the baby Peanut now. I sat down in the chair beside Chan as they got her blood pressure and weight. She yawned the whole time. Soon the doctor was in.

Doctor : "So Mrs. Earnhardt I hear that everything seems to be going good how are you feeling?" Ehe doctor was listening to her heart as she asked Chandler the questions.

Chandler : "Tired really tired."

Doctor : "Any mood swings?" I nodded my head yes as Chandler shook her's no causing the doctor to laugh at us.

Doctor : "Well since this is your first visit we are going to do the normal pregnancy run down so Mr. Earnhardt you can stay or sit in the waiting room which ever you would wish." I had already stayed for one exam and this one I was going to ride out on or so I thought.

Chandler : "Baby stay with me please I don't want to be alone." So much for that idea. The thought left my mind when she reached her hand out to mine holding it and giving me those eyes she knew I couldn't resist. I sat there just brushing her hair out of her face as the doc did her thing. Until they brought out a metal stick looking thing

Junior : "What the hell is that?" Chandler just laughed as the doctor started to explain it to me.

Doctor : "It spreads open.."

Junior : "WOOO that is okay doc I am good thanks though"

Chandler : "Your red baby"

Junior : "Nah Shit"

Finally after what seemed like hours of talking about shit I never wanted or needed to know about the female body me and Chan were walking out with a picture of our baby. She cried when she saw and heard the heart beat. I was just blown away. I heard something I made beating inside of the woman I loved. Right now peanut was just a blob but I never knew I could instantly love something that tiny.

Chandler : "What are you smiling at?" she asked as I opened up the truck door for her.

Junior : "You and the baby" I climbed in beside her as we drove to get dinner.

Chandler : "Peanut is strong." Our hands were intertwined as she talked.

Junior : "Yeah" we were silent until we sat down in the restaurant.

Junior : "What do you want baby girl?"

Chandler : "A steak with a salad, French fries oooo baby can we get a milkshake too?" Here come the cravings.

Chapter 82

Chandlers POV --- December 25th 2004

I was sitting on the couch at MawMaw Earnhardt's house with the fudge dish sitting on my belly. I started getting tired of standing and my back hurting. Karsyn was curled up beside me, her head resting against my belly. I was brushing her long locks behind her ear as she stop telling her story to me as she gradually fell asleep. Kelley came by and snapped a photo then rubbed my belly. Junior's family treated me like the Buddha at the local Chinese restaurant by the way they rubbed my belly all the time and talked to Peanut. I had just closed my eyes along with Karsyn when I felt a scruffy cheek rub against mine as Bug fell in the seat beside me.

Junior : "How's my babies?" He leaned in a kissed me gently on the lips rubbing his hands over my stomach and stopping just resting them. I felt the baby move, then Junior yelling for his mom to come feel the baby. He had felt Peanut move a little but not as strong and evident as now. Soon everyone had there hands on my stomach Karsyn still sleeping through all of the excitement.

Chandler : "Bug baby I am really tired" He had his arm wrapped around me as the family swapped stories. Being 8 months along was getting to me, especially with all the get together we had been attending and sponsor appearance along with excitement of being a new mommy and Junior bouncing off the walls about being a daddy in a month. I looked up at my husband as he smiled down at me as he slide his hand down and held on to my belly rubbing gently. Every night he would talk to peanut when he thought I was asleep. The night I did catch him he swore me secrecy not to tell how cute it was.

Junior : "Peanut is wearing you out a lot." I just nodded and yawn and tried to snuggle closer to him. I woke up an hour later still snuggled against Junior. The family still talking, but I was covered up in a blanket and little Karsyn was moved. Junior had a huge smile on his face as he showed one of the family friends the sonogram pictures he kept in his wallet as they talked. I rolled in an attempted to stand up causing Pops, Junior and Kerry to shoot up out of there chairs to help me stand up. I was a tank and walked like a duck as the DMP kindly told me when I started getting bigger and making sure my mood swings affected them. I waddled to the bathroom only to come out and find Junior putting on his jacket and holding mine.

Junior : "I need to get this one home she is caring a load front and back." I hit him in the shoulder as he laughed along with the guys in the family.

Junior: "Baby where are you going?"

Chandler : "I am hungry" I yelled from the kitchen as I made a plate of leftovers and walked back out

Brenda : "Junebug baby, let your wife eat. She is carrying that kid of yours. I don't need to remind the family how hungry I was with your little scrawny self. It is good she is eating, it is a Earnhardt man trait." Brenda patted my belly and kissed me on the cheek as we told the family good-bye. As we walked to the truck our wedding rings hit each others causing us to laugh. The idea of us being married 8 months and me being 8 months pregnant caused a lot of head turns as everyone in the Nascar world tried to figure out the personal side of Peanuts conception. As we got to the truck I made Junior hold my plate of food I was clutching.

Chandler : "Bug baby I swear of all the vehicles you own we have to use this one." I tried to get in the truck for the second time and failing miserably as I did causing Junior to laugh then receive my own glare towards him.

Junior : "Sorry baby" when I finally got in we headed home. We had the house decorated and loaded down with gifts for the baby. Everyone that Junior knew sent us one for the baby. Also Junior had went totally daddy and bought a buttload of gifts our child couldn't use until he was maybe 30 to put together and be all fatherly. That night we crawled into bed falling into each others arms. I feel asleep listening to Junior talk to and rub my belly.


January 28th

I looked over at the clock as I rolled out of bed literally and headed downstairs. I had heard Junior come in the room and kiss me on the forehead when he got in from the shop. It was 2:45 when I finally got down stairs. I heard laughter from the play station room as I walked into the kitchen to get some water. Martin and Josh's sock feet were hanging off the opposite ends of the couch as they played and Junior and David where all sitting on the floor. I heard yells of "hey" and "hot buddha mama" which they lovingly started calling me. I was standing against the sink when I felt something warm run down the side of my leg. I looked down and there was a small puddle on the floor.

Chandler : "Junior can you come in the kitchen please?" For some strange reason my voice was calm as I yelled for him. I heard the guys make jokes at him as he paused the game and walked in his face was priceless as he looked at me nodding then the puddle on the floor.

Junior : "Holy shit you are having the baby!!!" he just stood there and then it registered

Junior : "HOLY SHIT YOU ARE HAVING THE BABY NOW" I had to laugh as he kissed me then ran out of the room then back and grabbed me.

Chandler : "Wooo Bug baby slow down" He had pulled me behind him and that is when it hit, my first contraction, his hand was still in mine as I squeezed it through the pain.

Junior : "Owww damn Chan that hurts... Aww Shit that was a contraction" I just nodded getting frustrated

Josh :"What the hell is going on you two spazes?" Josh asked as he walked in the doorway and saw us standing there and then another contraction hit causing me to grab on to Junior's shoulder again.

Martin : "I am getting the truck" Dave was just standing there along with Josh with there mouths hanging open.

Chandler : "My bag can you get my bag?" I asked Bug.

Junior : "Josh, Dave get your asses over by Chan and stay with her until I get back down." Josh and Dave came up beside me Josh letting me lay against him as Dave rubbed my back.

Chandler : "You guys are pretty useful I can't believe this kid is coming into the world with the DMP as my coaches." I felt some more pain as I braced against the guys

Dave : "JUNIOR are they supposed to be this fast already" I heard him pound down the steps holding nothing.

Junior : "Do I look like Doogie Houser, I don't know shit head"

Martin : "Truck is ready"

Dave : "Dude where are we going to put the baby if we have the truck" Here they stood Martin, Josh, Dave, and Junior all taking there time thinking not even thinking of the baby coming.

Chandler : "Guys hello? I have a kid about to come out of me. Can we get to the hospital or am I having it the kitchen?" They all went different directions which just left Josh and Dave with me again holding me and helping me. Martin honked from outside when we walked out he had the Suburban cranked and waiting. My husband was still MIA after saying he was going to find the bag. Josh helped me in the back-seat sitting next to me and Dave was in the front. Then we all saw Junior coming running out loaded with pillows and like 3 different bags.

Junior : "I couldn't remember which one was which so I got them all" he said out of breath causing the guys to crack up.

Junior : "Truex I pay you damn good so use that talent and get my wife to the hospital fast" He crawled in beside me in the back seat. He rubbed my lower back as all the guys tried to help me think of something else than the pain starting up again. On the way we had Dave calling our family members and other friends. Martin screamed into a stop in the ER entrance all the guys but him helping me in. Josh and Dave once again holding on to me and making me laugh as Junior tried his best to get a nurses attention when he did I was in a wheel chair with my husband still wired not knowing what to do without having control.

11 PM

Chandler : "Bug baby you need to get it together" I laughed at him as me and Josh had beat him in another game of spades. I leaned over and kissed him as we played on my hospital bed with the nurses come in and checking every so often. In my world everything was right now cause of the epidural for the pain. The guys just laughed at me as I played around with them it making me relaxed. My family was on there way from Georgia on a DEI Jet and Juniors had taken up 2 waiting rooms.

Nurse : "Ms. Earnhardt who do you want in delivery with you?" I felt Junior hand on my back as he laid back laying his cards down.

Chandler : "Can I just have my husband?"

Martin : "What the DMP misses out on the birth of the Peanut?"

Josh : "Yeah Chan no flash photography or video?"

Chandler : "Josh you get near me with a damn video camera and I will kill you"

The next few hours my room was a revolving door with the Earnhardt family. The nurse recommended that I try to get some sleep causing first births are hard on the mother. The room cleared and left me and Junior alone to ourselves.

Chandler : "Bug I am scared" he turned his head from the chair he was sitting in and looked at me.

Junior : "Ha I am too" he had my wedding ring on his pinkie because my hands were so swollen I couldn't wear it anymore.

Chandler : "We never really talked about names" I said in-between a yawn. Junior moved from his chair and slide into the tiny bed beside me as we talked.

Junior : "Well I kind of want to keep the tradition going if we have a boy" He just smiled.

Chandler : "I think that would be great. I love you, but we aren't calling him Ralph"

Junior : "What if we have girl then?"

Chandler : "Bug baby you can pick long as you do don't name her something like Chevy or Dega"

Junior : "Damn I wanted to name her Raplinia." I just hit him as we both rested for the last time before we would have a little life with us.


3:30am Junior's POV

Junior : "Shh baby I am here" Chan let out another painful moan as the doctor told her to push again. I brushed her hair out of her face as she held on to my other hand.

Chandler : "Shut the fuck up Junior you bastard you did this to me" she yelled at me as another contraction hit her hard causing her to nearly break my hand.

Doctor : "Come on Chandler a couple of more pushes and you are going to have a beautiful baby"

Junior : "Come on Baby you can do this" I watched her push again as she struggled to maintain her emotions. A couple tears came down her face.

Doctor : "Okay one more big push I can see the head" I looked down at her. Her blue eyes looking up at me.

Junior : "I love you Chandler "

Chandler : "I love you too"

Nurse : "Okay Push 1...2....3" with more push the baby came out slowly. My eyes started to fill up as I heard the first breathes of my child screaming as the doctor cleaned the mouth out.

Doctor : "Congratulations you to have a baby boy"

Chandler's POV

Junior : "A boy? I have a boy?"

Junior : "Chan we have a boy I got a son" I looked up at Bug he had tears coming down his face as they laid the baby on my stomach

Doctor : "Daddy want to cut the cord?" I watched as he nodded his head and cut the cord to our baby son. Our son had a set of lungs on him he had been crying since he was born into this world. Junior leaned down beside me as the nurse handed me our son. He looked just like his daddy those Earnhardt blue eyes shining. I looked down at the bundle in my arms. We had made this little human being. I started to cry along with Bug as we watched our son in my arms still crying. Some of the nurse even sniffled as the watched us.

Nurse : "So what is baby boy Earnhardt's name?" She went to reach for him

Chandler : "Not yet can I hold him a little longer." she just nodded.

Chandler :"Here daddy meet your son" The tears in Bug's eyes started to come a little harder as I handed him his son. As soon as the baby was in his arms the crying stopped.

Junior : "Ralph Lee Earnhardt" he said as the nurse wrote the name card.

Junior : "We can call him Lee. So when he races cars he can have his on identity and not be held back." As he talked he never stopped looking at Lee. Lee wrapped his little hand around Junior's finger as he sat on the side of the bed.

Junior : "Chan god I love you so much. You are my wife now we have a son together"

Chandler : "I love you do Bug we make good looking babies" We stated in each other arms with our son watching him sleep. He looked just like his daddy already. The nurse came and finally pried Lee away from us.

Chandler : "We got to tell the family"

Junior : "Yeah. we do" he leaned down and kissed me.

Chandler : "I love you bug" I watched him walk out. He was so cute in his normal plain white T-shirt and jeans. I laughed as the nurse showed me a picture of the digital camera of Junior looking down at Lee with his hat backwards making a face at him. One thing was for sure Lee would never not know how much his daddy loved him.

Junior's POV

I walked out of Chan's room with a constant smile on my face. Before I went to tell the family I had to see my boy. I walked by the nursery he was the only kid awake screaming his head off causing the other kids to start to wake up. He wasn't even an hour old yet and already a hell raiser. Lee was going to be a little spitfire with mine and Chan's personality. When I opened the doors to the waiting room all the family jumped up.

Pops : "Junebug what do you got?"

Junior : "I GOT A SON" I was now a daddy ?? ??????

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