Chapters 71 - 76

Chapter 71

Junior : "Chan I don't understand why we have to have 2 Christmas trees" I heard him groan as I was in the kitchen sorting out the ornaments.

Chandler : "Bug quit whining and get the tree up. Your the one that wanted to wait until now to put it up." I heard him slam something down and then him walking more like stomping into the kitchen with Red dinging behind me , because Junior decided to put a bell around his neck just for the pleasure of annoying me.

Junior : "If I had of known when we went to Georgia for the weekend, we would be having Christmas on Acid and surprise ornament showers... I mean damn who has ever heard of a ornament shower and the groom having to go? I could have been with the boys in Troy instead of there."

Chandler : "Like I new that was going to happen. Your family was just as much involved in it as mine. I wanted to go down there be with my family for a while and that was it. I didn't know." We both just stopped and looked up at each other. We both were pissed, tired, stressed all the things that came with the holidays along with the wedding plans hovering over us.

Junior : "Damn it"

Chandler : "What?" I looked up to see his finger covered in blood.

Chandler : "Bug baby, what did you do? Come here and put it under the faucet."

Junior : "Cut it trying to open this box of tinsel for those trees from hell"

Chandler : "Aww hold it under the water. Let me get you a Band-Aid and some medicine." I ran upstairs to the bathroom and grabbed the stuff. When I came down the stairs into the kitchen I saw him propped up against the counter. His baggy jeans hanging off and his sock feet curled up over each other. He had gotten hot and his sweatshirt was thrown totally missing the laundry room.

Chandler : "Let me see" he pulled away from me acting all shy.

Chandler : "Junior"

Chandler : "That's a good boy" I said in my best baby voice just to get him to respond to me.

Junior : "Do I need stitches?"

Chandler : " No , it is just a baby cut. See look all better" I pull up his hand that was now bandaged all nicely up to his face.

Chandler: "you want me to kiss it?"

Junior : "No I want you to kiss me" He pulled me in close to wear I was almost falling against him. We hadn't had time to spend the holidays together much less to kiss and holding each other ever since the announcement at the banquet and his cruise, we had been going non stop. I had stayed at home during the cruise because of finals and finishing up my semester. He called me every night. Some nights the conversation was better than others. Reds barking broke us apart. When we both walked in we saw him and Buddy had got tangled into the Christmas lights and garland. I felt Junior's arm go around me kissing the side of my neck as this sight brought everything back into prospective.

Junior : "Merry Christmas baby"

Chandler : "Merry Christmas, you know how much I love you?" That night we ended up in each others arms in front of the fireplace with the Christmas trees done. One in the foyer that was the nice and fancy one, then "our family"one. "Our family" that thought rang so clear in my head every time one of us said our family we broke out into smiles.

Junior : "Chandler what are you doing" I looked over my shoulder as I slide across the floor to the presents that we had just put under the tree. All of the gifts Junior got for me said Mrs. Earnhardt all mine said To my husband. We did that without telling the other it gave us a good laugh.

Chandler : "Shaking my presents" I told him as he started scratching Red's head as he jumped into his lap and Buddy on to the back of the couch

Junior : "You are worse than Karsyn"

Chandler : "Whatever I saw you as you were putting yours under the tree Mr. I don't like surprises. You shook the living fire out of them all and then got mad cause they made no noise. I know you Earnhardt so Ha." I heard him start to laugh as I went to shake my presents and there was no noise.

Junior : "Who is the smart one now? Remember I know you too" I crawled back over to him and sat in-between his legs I felt him intertwine his fingers into my now shoulder length hair.

Chandler : "You know how busy tomorrow is going to be?"

Junior : 'Yeah baby it is Christmas Eve"

Junior : "and once again why did we just put up our Christmas Tree"

Chandler : "Because we are special bug, I don't know."

Junior : "Your special ed that is"

Chandler : "Hey now you are marrying me"

Junior : "Yeah you need someone to help you keep you stable." he kept the straightest face I had ever seen. I saw the sides of his mouth twitch showing he was trying not to laugh.

Chandler : "Haha very funny Mr. I get a concussion every time I hit the wall"

Junior : "Oh you are going to get something for that comment" I felt him move his legs. As soon as he did I was up walking backwards as he got up off the couch after me. The chase was on. I didn't get to far until I was hauled up over his shoulder being carried like a sak of potatoes.

Junior : "You can run, but you can't hide. No you will pay" we made it up to the bedroom we were using as he planted me down and attacked me with kisses and tickles, his whisker scratching my face.

Chandler : "I give I give" we both had tears in our eyes from laughing and trying to catch our breathes.

Junior : "Woo baby I don't think I can get up"

Chandler : "You are getting old that is why"

Junior : "Do you want me to show you who is the boss again smartass?"

Chandler : "Oh please" I said from the middle of the bed as he pulled up his sagging jeans and patted my foot on his way down to turn off everything downstairs. When he got back in, we snuggled in and watched some late night TV both falling asleep before the first commercial.

--------------------------Late Christmas Eve Night------------------------

Chandler : "I am so glad to be home I don't think I could eat anymore I am stuffed"

Junior : "You are telling me, MawMaw gave me and Kerry so many pieces of pie I swear I am going to have to kill the bathroom in a minute"

Chandler : "Oh bug just ruin that upcoming moment of lust I was having for you" Junior : "Lets watch a dvd"

Chandler : "Days of Thunder"

Junior "Um.. nothing to do with work"

Chandler "Just pick one baby" I said on my way into the bathroom taking off my jewelry and sliding on my pj pants and a long sleeve T-shirt. I crawled into bed laying on his empty side. As he looked through the book of dvds, the muscles in his back rippling, as he moved he was already just down to his pajama pants as he thumbed through them. He slide in a dvd and came into bed. I laid my head on his chest as he hit play and Bad Boys II came across the screen. I woke up to the blue screen of the TV and a pair of soft blue eyes and pale eyelashes blinking at me.

Junior : "Morning Baby, Merry Christmas"

Chandler : "Merry Christmas Bug"

Junior : "you ready for presents?" I saw the boy dancing in his eyes

Chandler : "Oh Yeah" we shared a quick kiss and then it was like a sprint down the steps to the tree. Junior grabbed the shirt he had hung on the end of the stairs and slide it on as he separated our presents. He was to cute in a pair of now long plain pj pants and a blue dress shirt left open so his chest was showing. I sat down on the floor next to him as we leaned against the couch. Both of our stacks had about 10 gifts each from each other.

Junior : "You go first" I just reached for the first gift on top. As I opened it Junior was smiling

Chandler ; "Nothing is going to bite me is it?"

Junior : "No just open it" I was tearing the paper. A huge smile broke across my face as I saw what I had in my hand

Chandler : "How did you know I wanted this?"

Junior : "You watch it everyday and I was in Best Buy and saw the box set of the whole series so I was like Bam."

Chandler : "Baby I love it, we are so watching these"

Junior : "Uh Yeah sure....I am not watching the whole sitcom series of Designing Women. I love you, but that is so on the line of torture."

Chandler : "Go and open up your presents"

Junior : "Chan what is this an envelope?"

Chandler : "Read it"

Junior ; "You got me free detailing for all my cars, along with ground effects and rims"

Chandler : "Yeah that is what you always get right?"

Junior : "Yeah, how did you get this?"

Chandler : "The boys helped me" By the time we had made it through our piles we had dvds, CDs, sim racing items. Anything you could think of electronically. What was more special then anything is we had nothing extravagant. It was all things from the heart that we knew the other one wanted. If it was from Juniors new wrenches to my favorite scent of candles. I went to the den to call my family when I came back out I smelled something from the kitchen. Junior was over the stove with his sleeves rolled up making pancakes.

Chandler : "Whatcha making?"

Junior ; "Pancakes, daddy use to make these every Christmas morning after we opened presents." He said before realizing the memory that hit him. We ate breakfast watching the parades on TV and talking about what all we had planned to do with our Christmas gifts. Kelley called telling us Karsyn was up and ready to open her presents. We slide on some jeans and sweatshirts and decided to take the Vette over to his mom's house to have another Christmas. When we got there we both were greeted with hugs. Soon my future mother in law and I were looking at an old photo of album of Bug when he was a baby.

Brenda : "Wasn't he just the cutest little boy?"

Chandler : "Yeah" I said smiling at the picture of Junior laying in the bathtub

Brenda : "When you two make me a grandma ya'll kids will be darling"

Junior : "What are my two favorite ladies talking about?" he dropped a kiss on my cheek as he plopped down on the sofa beside me

Karsyn : "What about me uncle Junior?"

Junior : "I mean my 3" he scrambled her hair up all over her head

Brenda : "About you and chandler hurrying up and giving me some more grandbabies" I glanced over at Junior. He had the glow on him and the biggest smile. I knew that was the first thing on his list was going to be a family and a big one at that. When we started to head home after dinner was done and the sun had gone down awhile back. Junior whispered to me on the way back into he house shutting the door behind me.

Junior : "You know pretty soon we get to start practicing those grandkids for mom and you know what they say, practice makes perfect." All I could do was laugh as he wiggled his eyebrows and stuck his tongue out.

Chapter 72

I through my arm over my eyes, trying to block the sun coming through the blinds, as I rolled back over to Junior's empty side of the bed. I looked over at the clock and mental kicked myself to why am I getting up at 10:30 on New Year's Eve, knowing I am going to be up all night with Junior and the boys partying over at the old house with half the population of the South. I fix my hair back into a sloppy pony tail and head down stairs picking up a pair of Bug's boxers off the floor and throwing them into the laundry basket. The boy never picked up after he got undressed. When he wanted to wear the piece of clothing again he got it back off the floor smelled it and then wore it again. I got to the end of the steps seeing Red laying sound asleep with Bud curled up next to him. I looked in the living room. There was Junior sitting in his new lazy boy Kelley had gotten him eating cereal out of one of our new Tupperware sets with his morning hair going everywhere. I saw his bare feet kicked up on the end of the chair. He paused in his eating enough to take a sip of coffee out of a Styrofoam cup he insisted on using instead of a real mug.

Junior : "Morning" he said with his mouthful of Cookie Crisp

Chandler : "Morning baby what are ya watching?"

Junior : "Flintstones" he finished his last bite and sat the bowl down.

Junior : "Come're" I walked over to him he led down the chair leg and pulled me on his so I was straddling him and let it back up.

Chandler : "Bug, what are you up too?"

Junior : "Nothing just wanted you to watch the Flintstones with me." He gave me his Earnhardt smirk as he let his hands start rubbing my back.

Chandler : "Sure.. You hair is so messed up" I ran my fingers through his hair trying to tame his now wild locks.

Junior : "Well lets mess yours up"

Chandler : "And how are you going to do that?" I looked deep into his sparkling baby blues.

Junior : "If you would shut up long enough I would show you" He leaned the chair as far as it would go back without us tipping over. I felt his hands rub up my back as mine went down his chest over his T-shirt.

Chandler : "What are you doing?" his lips came down softly on mine he left his eyes open staring back in mine as he kissed me leaving my lips tingling.

Junior : "Kissing my future wife" I sat up a little bit so I could slide my hands under his T-shirt taking it off him. He moved bring the chair with him. I felt him hold me close to him. He got to where he was sitting straight up his hands in my hair taking it down, then pulling my hair slightly so he could nibble on the center of my neck wakening up my body fully.

Chandler : "That feels good" My lips landed on him kissing him hard enough and throwing my body into his sending us back in the chair. I heard him chuckle in-between our kiss then taking control again.

Junior : "Hmm your skin feels good and taste even better" He left the end of my shirt up kissing my stomach and moving his hands up to my chest and sliding them around to my bare back as he brought his face back up to mine. We both were so lost in each other my mind was on his hands and lips that seemed to be everywhere. I felt the cool air hit my back as he started to raise my shirt off to join his on the floor. I heard only my heart beating with his.

Josh : "Hot damn boys we got us some action"

Dave : "Oh yeah hit it big daddy"

Martin : "Oh Junior yes, yes ,yes" he said in his best female voice

Shane: "Give it to me uh uh uh uh"

Dave : "Hey Junior detach you tongue out of her mouth I think she needs some air." When we finished our kiss I looked down at Junior who had a little devilish smile on his face. He moved to look like he was going to kiss me again but whispered to me instead. "This isn't over." He bit down on my neck long enough for me to get a nice red mark. Then he moved over giving me enough room to slide down beside him and get taken into his arms.

Junior : "So guys what can I for you?" I let my hand play around his belly button. He caught my hand

Junior : "Baby you already woke the boys up" I turned about 10 shades of red. He said it loud enough for all the guys to start laughing and joking again. I turned into his shoulder only to be hit by his flying T-shirt that Martin sent over as he sat down on the couch eating the rest of Junior's cereal. The conversation soon turned from me and Junior making out to the upcoming party and Martin and Bug leaving to go test the day after tomorrow. I wiggled myself out of Juniors arms only to have him slap me on the butt and pull me back in for a fast kiss on the cheek. I tried to give him my best Earnhardt glare only getting a laugh and a wink out of him.

New Years Eve Party

After my 6th screwdriver of the night and Junior drinking way passed his point of no return we both headed towards the dance floor as the Usher and Ying Yang Twins song pumped through the speakers. We were in the middle of the dance floor grinding against each other. I felt Bug's hand go up my leg and bring it around his waist which made my skirt ride up higher. His hand was on the newly exposed skin holding me against him as we grinded harder to the beat. The floor being so crowded no one saw our hands dropping below the others ones waist as the alcohol and our hormones kicked into over drive.

Chandler : "Baby what are you doing?" I felt his fingers brush across the inside of my thigh as he let my leg down and pulled me against him my back against his chest. I could smell the alcohol and cigarettes on his breath as he leaned in sucking the side of my neck rubbing harder against my backside so I could feel exactly how bad he wanted to mess around.

Junior : "Shhh..." I wrapped my arm around his neck as we dipped down towards the floor to the music. Not expecting him to send any new form of shockwaves through me as his fingers touched me.

Chandler : "OH...." I heard him laugh as he slide up into me. No one noticing the pure lust on his or my face as he started going in and out along with the beat and his body. My grip tighten around his shoulder as I pulled on his shirt. Feeling my self get closer and closer to the edge.

Junior : "Come on baby" my back arched against him as he went in deeper and slowing down his fingers. That was all it took for me to go over the edge my screams mixing with those of the other dancers on the floor celebrating the end of the song. I whipped around his hand still under my skirt. A satisfied smile across his face.

Chandler : "Bug baby damn" I went up to kiss only for him to stop me

Junior : "I want to taste you, come on" we slide out from all of the other dancers on the floor grabbing random drinks on the bar as we went by. I couldn't wait to kiss him, so I yanked him back and landed my lips on his. I didn't care we were being watched. I mean hell, he just fingered me on the dance floor with people within inches from me. As my tongue swept in his mouth and his hands going down to the back of my thighs I felt someone come up and pull him back.

Chandler : "Back off he is mine" From this point all I want was Junior near me, on me, in me. Whatever he wanted to give me I was taking. I didn't wait to see who it was because Junior was sliding his tongue back in my mouth walking us backwards up the steps. He got pulled back again from me.

Chandler : "I said back off he is mine" I never looked over his shoulder and he never turned around we both had tunnel vision to us giving the other pleasure.

Jaclyn : "You sure about that?" I didn't know the voice, but I knew it was a woman. Junior just laughed and tried to pull me back into his arms as I whipped around. Who was this woman thinking, no questioning, Junior being mine?

Chandler : "I don't know who you are and frankly I don't give a damn. So will you kindly leave my man alone? Right now I am about 2 seconds from jumping you and then jumping his bones." I turned to face the voice turning so my back was to Junior.

Junior : "I like the sound of that" there was his hands again on my hips and his mouth on my neck.

Junior : "Come on baby"

Jaclyn : "Junior, baby, you don't remember me? You don't remember this body?"

Junior : "Nope" his hands where going up my stomach. I had to laugh as he whiskers started tickling me.

Chandler : "Like I said, he is mine, back off"

Jaclyn : "Why don't you ask him about Daytona? ha. About the elevator? About us on his bed about the way I kissed him and they way I....." I watched not being able to believe what I saw. She stepped up kissing Bug as he still had his arms around me. I felt his arms drop off my body not holding me, but not pushing her away.

Junior : "Oh Shit"

Jaclyn : "See you do remember the best night of your life. To bad we didn't finish it." I just stood there with my mouth open as she talked. My mind being slow from all the drinks and also being loaded down from all the feelings I had going through me.

Junior : "I swear Chan I didn't sleep with her. I promise it was when you had left. She.. I .. we were dancing I just wanted you." he said with tears in his eyes

Chandler : "You where with her?"

Junior : "Kind of, no, not really"

Chandler ; "What is it Junior were you with her or not?" By this time I was yelling and watching him just stand there not answering me.

Junior : "I...."

Jaclyn : "He stopped right when I was about to do this" She walked up towards him and reached out to his crotch before she could touch him, I grabbed her hand bending her arm back.

Chandler : "Bitch he is an ass, but he is my ass. Don't you even dare think about touching him in front of me cause tonight he is with me. You got it?"

Jaclyn : "Well, he knows what is like to be with a real woman. Not some little plain girl like you. Isn't that right baby? You know want me? I am every guys fantasy. Everyone wants a playmate." He was just standing there like a deer in headlights. Her feeling all over him where my hands just were. He just stood there. My anger was brewing. It hit the top when she let her hands go and un hook his belt.

Chandler : "That is it. Junior fucking do something."

Junior : "Stop" he said in a monotone voice.

Chandler : "What the hell was that? 'Stop' God, Karsyn is more stronger than that. When you get done down here and decided to come back up to the woman you are supposed to be marrying, I might be waiting, if not I am with some other guy." I started to walk off when he yanked me back.

Junior : "Do it and die" His mood had switched. The look in his eye was one that sobered me up. It was of pure anger. I had a sober mind but not a mouth

Chandler : "So what big boy? It is okay for someone to ride your cock, but If I go have fun with another guy you are going to be all pissy? Double standard baby, double standard" I heard Jaclyn laugh.

Jaclyn : "When you get done with this one Jun baby give me a call. I am sure you still have my number, if not here it is" she had a tiny slip of paper and slide it down his front pocket leaving her hand there longer than it need to be.

Chandler : "Feel good Junior?" I smirked and walked out to the dance floor and saw Shane out dancing. I slide in-between him and T. J. placing T. J's hands on my hips and putting my arms around Shane. Pulling him so both of the guys were grinding hard in front and in back of me the whole time smiling and laughing. I saw the look of anger spread across Junior and his fist clench. As the song continued I danced away from Shane and T. J. to a friend of Martin's brother, who came down from Jersey. He quickly had me up in his arms. But something was different. It didn't feel right. I was trying to make Junior mad, but the way his hands were going up and down my body was different then Shane and T. J. . I glanced over my shoulder to see that Junior was gone. When I turned around Jersey boy was grabbing my face trying to kiss me. I turn my head only to feel him be jerked back and then on the ground from a punch.

Junior : "Never put your hands on my girl again or I swear to god I will kill you." I just stood there watching Junior stand above him in all of his 5"11 160lbs. I finally noticed the guy was around Elliott Sadler's height and size. I heard the guy mumbling as he raised up.

Junior : "What was that bastard? I don't think she heard you" he hit him again this time as he was trying to get off the floor.

Jersey boy : "Sorry I didn't know"

Junior : "That is right you didn't know she is mine. You see that rock on her finger that means she belongs to me." Soon the DMP where standing behind him just shaking there heads yes like a bunch of idiots cause all of them were beyond drunk as was Junior.

Chandler : "God I need a drink" I turned and headed back to the bar Junior hot on my heels. When I turned back with my drink in hand he was there.

Junior : "Baby I swear I didn't sleep with her. You were gone. I thought she would take away my pain, plus I didn't know you were coming back or why you left." His mood had flipped again now he was all overly sensitive and slurring.

Chandler : "You didn't sleep with her?"

Junior : "Hell no! I didn't. She has to many stds along with she ain't you. Ask the boys.. I told them I called her your name and when I did. It hit me. I didn't want us to be messed up. Even if there was chance that you would come back and you did. When she left she tore up the room. We have pictures too cause of insurance to get it fixed." Somehow I knew he was telling the truth cause a drunk mind speaks with a sober heart.

Junior : "Please say you believe me and you still love me" he had my hands in his now on his knees.

Chandler : "I believe you"

Junior : "and"

Chandler : "I still love you, but why her Junior? She is nasty. I mean you thought about sleeping with her."

Junior : "Chan..."

Chandler "Jun we are both to shitface to solve this now. I am going to go on up I need to think on this for a while."

Junior : "You still going to marry me?"

Chandler : "Jun I love you with all my heart" I turned and headed up the stairs. I was so glad he didn't follow me. I went into our old bedroom and fell on the bed hoping to sleep the night away. I didn't move again until I had to go to the bathroom. As I moved my body screamed out from being sore. I shouldn't have busted out some of those dance moves. When my foot hit the floor it hit something else. I looked down and by the tiny light of the night light in the bathroom I saw Junior cuddled up on the floor beside the bed sound asleep. I went to the bathroom. When I got back, I bent down and shook Junior gently.

Junior : "Chan I am sorry." were the first words out his mouth

Chandler : "shh.. We well talk about it tomorrow. Come on get in the bed. You don't need to be on the floor. Plus it is cold without you." I smiled at him. I watched him move slowly and get down to his boxers and slide in between the covers and mattress. His arms soon went around me in a death grip holding me against him. He was mumbling the whole time as we fell back to sleep

Junior : " I never want to lose you never"

Chapter 73


Chandler : "De?" I heard her sleepy voice answer the phone. I looked over at the clock to see it was 6 in the morning. I had just laid down at 4. I knew she had left the party around 2 and went home before all of the stuff went down.

Delana : "Chan what is wrong?" All I could do was sniffle. Junior was sound asleep or more or less passed out beside me.

Chandler : "I need you"

Delana : "Okay, tell me what is up?" All the sleepiness was out of her voice when I reached out to her.

Chandler ; "Can you come get me? I need to talk."

Delana : "Yeah. Where are you at?"

Chandler : "The old house"

Delana : "I will be there in 10 just hold tight." I clicked my phone shut and tried my best to push Junior off me. He woke up a little then rolled over snuggling up to the pillow in the spot that I laid, never noticing the difference. I slide on a pair of baggy sweat pants and a sweatshirt from my old high school that was still there. I gently closed the bedroom door and stepped over the bodies of the heavy partiers that littered the floor. I took a baseball hat off the coffee table and slide it on my head. It was Junior's. As soon as I put it on, the scent of him filled my senses. I was only on the porch for a couple minutes when I saw De drive up in her Jeep Cherokee. She stepped out still in her pj's pants . One of Kevin's sweatshirts and a goodwrench hat. I started to cry when I saw her. She came up to me and pulled me into a hug letting me cry on her shoulder for a long time. Finally I calm down enough to get in the Jeep.

Delana : "You need some coffee?" She asked in a loving tone. I just shook my head as she drove towards the interstate to the Waffle House. When we walked in, no one noticed us. We blended in with the crowded. An older waitress came up to us smiling.

Waitress: "Sweethearts, what can I get you?"

Delana : "2 coffees and anything with sugar that you think is good." Delana gave her a warm smile as she turned and soon returned with 2 mugs of coffee.

Waitress: "You look like you need the pot sweetie. I bet it is a broken heart." I just looked up at her as she patted my shoulder and continued her rounds. I took long sip of the coffee. The warmth of the liquid filling my empty soul.

Delana : "What happened?"

Chandler : "He... he almost slept with another girl" the tears started falling again

Delana : "That basta...."

Chandler : "No, De he did it awhile back. When I wasn't with him. When I was with

August" I started crying harder

Delana : "Okay girl. What did he just tell you?" She laid her hand over mine. Making me look down noticing my engagement ring wasn't on my finger.

Delana : "Chan where is your ring? Oh god what happened after I left last night?" She moved out of her side of the booth and came to sit next to me.

Chandler : "She was there"

Delana : "Who?"

Chandler : "The girl he almost slept with Delana it was one of the Dahm Triplets. She was so pretty and he just stood there not saying anything letting her touch all over him."

Delana : "Jaclyn?" My head shot up looking at her

Chandler : "What.. how did you know?"

Delana : "Kevin and I saw her come in to the party with Elliott Sadler. She is messing around with him trying to get back with Junior, but he didn't even know about it because he hasn't paid much attention to anything else since you and him got back together in August.

Chandler : "I don't know why I feel the way I do. I believe him when he said he didn't sleep with her"

Delana : "He didn't I promise you that. He called Kevin to come over when she destroyed his room to help get the pictures for the insurance. I laid into him when we got there when I found out what he was thinking about doing. He was tore up then over it."

Chandler : "He was telling the truth when he told me that?" I shook my head for doubting him.

Delana : "He loves you. You know he does. I am not going to tell you not feel hurt because even if I wasn't with Kevin and he tried to sleep with someone else I would feel kind of hurt, but Chan he didn't know that you would ever come back. He didn't know that you still loved him. All he knew was that you left with no reason."

Chandler : "I think that is what hurts the worse is I did this to myself. I am just worried."

Delana : "About what? Him cheating on you?"

Chandler : "Yeah I guess. I don't know he asked me if I was still going to marry him."

Delana : "You aren't thinking about not marrying him are?"

Delana : "Chan..."

Chandler : "Delana I love him so much. I can't lose him. What if he realizes I am not what he wants. I mean look at all the stuff we have gone through. I mean what if I am not the one for him and he meets her and...."

Delana :"Shhh that is crazy stop talking like that."

Chandler : "But."

Delana : "Girl look at all that stuff you just thought about that you two went through. Then look, ya'll are still together. More in love with each other than ever. I mean girl, he is waiting on you and him to get married before you sleep together. Junior has never waited for anyone. He respects you. Do you think he respected her? He was just looking for a filler in his heart and he is a man that explains why he looked for someone who is easy and a quick lay."

Chandler : "I think I need to talk to him."

Delana : "Yeah I would think so too. Was he awake when you left?"

Chandler : "No, He was asleep or semi passed out."

Delana : "Girl when he wakes up and sees your ring there, even though you just forgot to put it on, he is going to lose it thinking he lost you again."

Chandler : "I don't know what to say."

Delana : "Then take some time and get everything you want to say in your mind then go to him. You know he is going to be there probably complaining cause he wants you." I had to smile at her

Chandler ; "De what would I do with out you?"

Delana : "Be on Dr. Phil" Delana drove me to the new house so I could have time to think. I made sure Junior wasn't home when I walked in. I couldn't stay in there. My head was screaming for just time. I grabbed the first set of keys I felt off the counter when I walked out I realized they were the keys to his truck. I climbed on in. I didn't realize where I was going until I parked in the driveway of the lake house, that use to be his dads and Teresa, now was ours. I walked out to the back porch and sat down on the swing that facing the water. I hit the stereo to play not noticing anything, but the waves moving and the cold breeze making me shiver. I snuggled deeper into my sweatshirt

Chandler : "God? I think I have really messed this up. I am afraid. I am not sure why, but I am just afraid. I am afraid to be happy with Junior. I love him so much and that scares me. Now we are going to share the rest of our lives together. What if I can't handle it? What if I am not a good wife? I can't lose him, but I can't fully hold my heart and only give him what he needs. I am afraid to give it everything I have because of what might happen. I know he didn't sleep with her. I am not mad at him. I am not sure if I am even hurt. I am just scared that I can't be who or what he needs or wants me to be." I was praying to anyone in the sky that was listening God, Junior's Dad anyone that could hear me. I poured it all out.

Junior : "What if he is scared too?" I snapped my head around seeing Junior walk out of the patio door.

Chandler : "How did you.. I mean God, Bug I need you" I started to cry as he sat down beside me pulling me deep into his arms letting my cry on his shoulder. The whole time rubbing my head kissing the side of my face.

Junior : "I heard you call Delana this morning and leave. I knew you would come out here so when you left I came out here to talk to the man upstairs and daddy. I saw you drive up and I went into the kitchen. "

Chandler : "I am not mad at you. I am just I don't know I don't want to lose you to someone else. I am just afraid what if we aren't supposed to be."

Junior : "I didn't know if you would ever comeback in my life when you left. I thought, I don't know what I thought. But when I looked at the other women, all I thought about was wanting you and having you be the one in my arms in my bed in the morning and I couldn't." I looked down at my hand bare without my ring. I locked eyes back with Junior as he leaned in and gave me a soft kiss. I was about to say something when he put his finger on my lips.

Junior : "Listen.. Tell me this is not meant for us to hear." I looked deep into his eyes as the radio DJ turned on a song.

Tell me what I have to do tonight

Cause Id do anything to make it right

Lets be us again

Sorry for the way I lost my head

I donít know why I said the things I said

Lets be us again

I felt his arm tighten around me as we watched the waves of the lake rush up to the shore. A light rain started to fall as we held on to each other. It was right this was were I was supposed to be. I looked up at him his eyes concentrated towards the sky. He was the man I loved and would love. The man that didn't care how I looked in the mornings or when I made him do stupid things just to get my way.

Here I stand,

With everything to lose and all I know is I don't

wanna ever see the end

Baby please I'm reaching out for you

Wont you open up your heart and let me come back in

Lets be us again

Look at me, I'm way past pride

Isn't there some way that we can try to be us again

Even if it takes awhile ill wait right here until I see that smile

That says we re us again

(Junior's POV)

I had to look down at Chandler in my arms. Her brown hair blowing in the air as the scent of the rain filled the air. I brushed it back and kissed the top of her head as she laid her hand on my thigh as we both concentrated on the words that seemed to fit our hearts. We had let everybody and everyone get to us when really all we need was each other.

And here I stand with everything to lose and all

I know is I don't ever wanna see the end

Baby please I m reaching out for you wont u open up

your heart and let me come back in

Lets be us again

Baby, baby what would I can't imagine life without you

Junior : "Baby you left your ring"

Chandler : "I know"

Chandler :"I never stopped wanting to be your wife"

Junior : "Good cause I never stooped want you too"

Here I stand with everything to loose and all I know is I don't wanna ever see the end

Baby please I'm reaching out for you wont you open up your heart and let me come back in

Here I am I m reaching out for you so wont u open up your heart and let me come back in

Lets be us again

Ohhh lets be us again

I felt the ring slide back on my finger as the song ended. I smiled up at him knowing that our fears and doubts were the same and that there was nothing that could destroy us.

Junior : "Chan?"

Chandler : "Yeah?"

Junior : "You drove my truck"

Chandler : "'Well I..." his lips were on mine as we stood in each others arms in the rain soaking us both.

Junior : "Never drive my truck" I saw his smirk as he leaned down moving us against his truck as we shared another kiss that made lighting and thunder.

Chapter 74

Chandler : "Bug?"

Junior : "Yeah?"

I watched him stretch from his spot on the lounge couch. His arms stretching high above his head as his uniform fell lower on his body. He had been trying to listen to the Eurys breakdown the problem with the car before tomorrow's race. We had swept all of the races at Speed weeks except for the Shootout which now seemed like just a near miss. Junior and I spent much of our time together when he was racing the 24hrs of Daytona planning the wedding and snuggling on a pair of tires under the tarp. Now it was the day before Valentine's Day our planes consisted of the Busch race and an early night before the 500. This was my first time in Daytona. There was just an air about the place especially when you where in love with the dominator of the track who picked up where the tradition left off.

Chandler : "You ready to go?" I asked walking over to him rubbing his shoulders as he shifted wanting me to rub his back lower.

Junior : "You slave driver" He said not moving, but making a noise of satisfaction as I continued to rub his back. The crew guys were playing around with setups. Some were messing with parts while others were just zoned out. Catching a few winks of sleep before they started back working. Nascar was going to let the garages stay open late tonight, but Uncle Tony made sure by advisement from all the females excluding me, that Junior had to get the night off because of the already made plans that involved the wedding.

Chandler : "Getting you to do things for the wedding is like pulling teeth."

Junior : "Aww baby come on you know how boring it is for me to sit there and watch us get like lame gifts that we are never going to use. I mean baby come on. When are we really going to use a juicer?" He huffed laying his head back against my shoulder pushing me back against the cushion.

Pops : "Junebug get use to it. You are now going to be permanently doing dumb things for the women you love in your life. Especially the ones you got in your life." I just laughed which made Bug turn around and give me a quick glare as he detached himself off me and walked back to change into his jeans and a sweatshirt. I heard the water start up. I knew he had got in the shower. He always wanted to be clean after he got out of the car. When he came back out 15 minutes later he was dressed in one of his JR Motor sports sweatshirts and a pair of baggy jeans that hung off him.

Pops : "Boy get yourself a belt"

Junior : "Why?" he smirked pulling up his jeans. As he went to put on his shoes, beside me. I pulled his foot out from under him as he was propped up on it.

Junior : "You find that funny?" I shook my head yes really enthusiastically.

Junior : "I see how it is going to be. I guess I will just tell Tony Stewart that you think he so hot"

Tony Jr. : "What is that? Chan thinks Tony is hot? Oh that is great" I looked over at Junior he was smiling like he had just won the greatest prize of all.

Chandler : "Bug you ready?" He shook his head as he pulled me up into his arms as we walked out of the trailer. I heard all the guys mocking and joking about my secret thoughts of Tony. I knew it was going to be the joke of the new season. I was still standing on the ledge when Junior stepped down and looked back up to me.

Junior : "Want a ride?" I just looked at him.

Chandler : "What?" I said as I slide on one of the jackets Jade left him to wear. It was red with the bud emblem on the pocket like all the other drivers wore it hung off Junior when he wore it so I was able to swim around in its warmth.

Junior : "Get on" He turned around and grab my hands helping me get on his back. He wrapped me up tight around him and we started walking laughing every time he jerked me up from falling.

Chandler : "I feel all important with this transportation"

Junior : "Hahah. You would "

Chandler : "Hey... what is that supposed to mean?" I pulled on his earlobe as he walked making him scrunch up on to the other side. We started both laughing as I leaned up and kissed him on his scruffy cheek.

Chandler : "I love it when you are scruffy. You looks so....

Junior : "Sexy, Hot, The man of your dreams, a sex god"

Chandler ; "Nah none of those"

Junior : "Remember who's back you are on and I can drop you anytime... see" he dropped his arms long enough for me to feel like I was almost going to hit the ground

Chandler : "JUNNNNN" squealed as I braced for the fall I was about to take.

Junior : "Haha Got Ya"

Chandler : "You punk" When we got to the gate where they had the cars parked Junior dropped me down to the ground wrapping his arms over my shoulders as we stood I leaned back against him smelling his scent. We both noticed the sun setting along with the noise of the race season official starting Sunday.

Fan : "Um... I am sorry to interrupt, but can I have your autograph" Junior just nodded and moved his left hand to scribble his name real quick and smile for a picture. When he clicked the picture he wrapped his arm back around me.

Fan : "Um.. Can I have you autograph too?" I kinda was took back and got that deer in the headlight look. I heard Junior laugh at me. I elbowed him in his stomach as I reached for the paper.

Fan : "Well you go ahead and sign it Earnhardt"

Chandler : "Um" I looked back at Junior him still laughing

Junior : "What Chan you need help spelling?" The fan laughed with Junior, then with me, as I flicked him off. I signed my name for the first time as Chandler Earnhardt right beside Juniors the fan looked up and smiled. I saw the camera still in his hand.

Fan : "Can I,,,,"

Chandler: "Sure." I leaned back against Junior as he wrapped his arm around me like before, both of us smiling. When the fan left the gate opened I was still impressed that someone wanted my autograph.

Chandler : "Baby that was cool"

Junior : "Yeah just wait. It will get old. You are going to be asked a lot now that someone has obtained the elusive Chandler Earnhardt autograph

Chandler :"Wow baby elusive is a big word I am proud"

Junior : "Haha really funny. I am not listening to you anymore I am listening the radio

Chandler ; "Good just don't sing I am not into torture" I bumped up the radio. By the time we got to strip over stores we had both been singing to some old school music just enjoying each other. We walked into the Wal-Mart an hour and 30 minutes away from the track hoping just to be ourselves without several people coming up and bothering us. When we walked in no one noticing we were there. Junior started to loosen up as we walked around. I noticed Junior stop and look around.

Chandler : "What are you doing?" I felt him hip shoot me making me lose my balance. I grabbed a rank from falling.

Junior : "I love you" I hit him in the back as he walked back in front of me.

Chandler : "Hey baby? Look which one of these looks best." I grabbed a bra up off the rack and held it up to me. Bug's face turned 14 shades of Red as all the old ladies in the section looked up.

Junior : "Chandler put them down and lets go." He grabbed me pulling me out of the section the whole time blushing and starring at the ground.

Chandler : "Aww is my bug embarrassed?" I said touching his cheek.

Junior : "Little girl did anyone every tell you that paybacks are a bitch?" We separated and looked in separate sections. Junior wanted to look over at the hunting and fishing section for something to prank Martin with tomorrow. I was busy looking over at the cosmetics. I got bored and decided to go find my Bug. I saw him concentrated reading the back of a box. As I got closer I noticed he was in the toy section.

Chandler : "What are you looking at?"

Junior : "Toys" he said not breaking his concentration

Chandler : "I meant in the box."

Junior : "This helicopter thing. Look it flies and makes all the sounds" I just looked at him as he looked at the toy in his hand. It was like ultimate toy for a little boy.

Chandler : "You want it?" I asked as I picked up one of the huge balls on the floor and bounced it.

Junior : "Nah it just looked cool. If I had half these toys when I was growing up. I know Daddy would have been playing with me more." He sat it back on the shelf and continued down the aisle. We both stopped in aww at the huge matchbox race track.

Junior : "Chan can we have it?" He shot me his best puppy dog little boy eyes

Chandler : "What do we need it for now baby?"

Junior : "Future" was all he said as he got the track and but in the cart along with some of the new hot wheels. We looked around some more then headed to check out as Junior paid for the things we had bought. I waited ahead of him. When he got done we headed out.

Junior : "You hungry?"

Chandler : "A little, you?"

Junior : "I could eat"

Chandler : "You always could eat" I said buckling my seat belt looking at Junior as he messed with taking his sweatshirt off. I just watched him as he tossed his hat back on and backed out. We headed back to the track instead of the condo since the races were starting and we had to be up for the Busch. On the way back we stopped at Taco Bell and shared a romantic evening eating and driving. When we got back, I headed to the shower leaving Junior looking at his Matchbox track. When I came out everything was turned off but the lights in the bedroom. I smiled to myself watching Bug putting together the track. The instructions thrown on the bed. He was struggling with a piece. I noticed how cute he looked sitting on he floor stretched out in his T-shirt and pj pants.

Chandler : "Having trouble?" I crawled up on the bed and laid on the end next to him playing with the curl at the nape of his neck.

Junior : "This piece is not working"

Chandler : "You want the instructions?"

Junior : "No, I don't need any stinking instructions" he said in his Helio Castroneves voice.

Chandler : "Right"

Junior : "See haha I got it" he held the piece high

Junior : "Give me a kiss for my good work" we kissed for a while until I remembered we need to finish our wedding invitations.

Chandler : "Crap"

Junior : "What?" He said going back to working on his track.

Chandler : "Or invitations. We have to have them done by tomorrow. Teresa said the wedding planner wanted to mail them out." I moved off the bed and got the huge box of invitations not even in there envelopes or labeled.

Junior : "Need any help?" He lean his head back against the bed looking at me. I just shook my head no.

Junior : "Move over" We crawled up in the bed together spreading out all of the invites. Junior was over licking them and putting them in the envelopes. I had to sort them and label them to who they should go to off our list. The wedding planner was going to have them written in calligraphy for us. We both worked for 2 hours until Junior stopped.

Junior : "God Chan I am running out of spit" He said taking the invitations out of my hands and laying them down pulling me down into his arms letting him spoon up to me.

Junior : "It is late baby. I have to race tomorrow"

Chandler : "We got like 20 more come on. Get you some water" I patted his leg as I sat up. He just moaned rubbing his eyes and reaching for some more envelopes.

Junior : "Slave driver. I tell you I feel like I am in some sweat shop. I don't even know these people. Who came up with the list?"

Chandler : "Our families." We worked for 15 more minutes. Finishing up when the last invitation was licked and in the box. We both fell back on the bed.

Chandler: "Bug?"

Junior: "Yeah?" He asked as he mumbled turning off the light

Chandler : "Happy Valentine's Day"

Junior : "Happy Valentine's Day baby. Now go to sleep. I have win us some money so we can start us a family"

Chapter 75

When the alarm went off the next morning I woke up with an empty side of the bed. My heart started to beat a little faster. Missing Junior beside me, until I heard the water of the shower going and one of his Godsmack CD's playing low. I just laid there stretching and contemplating to roll over and get more sleep. I heard Junior walk in the bedroom. I didn't open my eyes, but I soon felt his lips on mine as he pulled up the blankets around me. I heard him buckle his belt and knock the side of the door frame with is shoes when he was done.

Junior : "I didn't wake you did I?" he asked as I slide on top of the counter as he poured some juice and grabbed a pop tart.

Chandler : "No.. I felt you kiss me and decided to get up and see you before we had to be so busy."

Junior : "Well since you're up how about you come to the drivers meeting with me?"

Chandler ; "Bug baby are you sure? I mean I know how ya'll think about that when the girls come with the drivers."

Junior : "Babe this is Busch and I own Busch so I want ya there. Plus I need someone there to keep me awake." He lean into me kissing me. I tasted the pop tart jelly that rubbed off on my lips.

Chandler : "You sure?" I asked as he pulled the sleeves of the sweatshirt of his I had on making me slide off the counter.

Junior : "Very" We ended up pressed against the wall headed for us being late as our make out session started to heat up when there was a knock on the door.

Junior : "This better be good" I turned back into the bedroom pulling my hair down as I went. It didn't take long until I heard the voices of our guest.

Kevin : "Hey Chan I heard you have the hots for Tony" I stopped dead in my tracks when he said that not 2 seconds after it was out of his mouth Junior was laughing.

Delana : "Kevin shut up" she mustered out in-between laughs

Chandler : "I am glad you all find this so funny."

Junior : "Aww baby we kid because we care" I sent a punch into his arm as I went back by to the bedroom to change.

Junior : "Damn baby that hurt" I heard him yell as I shut the door. I decided to dress nice knowing that Junior was planning on winning and I wanted him to be proud. Also Leanne was going to be done and she had not yet found out that I was going to be Mrs. Earnhardt. So I made sure my ring was on and shining proudly. We left as a group heading towards the drivers meeting. Several fans stopping and asking the guys for the autograph when we got there Martin was pacing back and forth waiting on Junior. Bono and Tony Jr. were standing there talking. Tony Jr. was kinda nervous because this was his first race as crew chief. Junior lead me to walk in front of him pushing me a little as we walked as his hand rested on the small of my back.

D.W, : "Good looking what is going on? I heard you are marrying this joker". Darrell slapped Bug on the back bringing him into a manly hug as we went down the row to grab our seats. I just smiled and sat down as Junior stopped to chat awhile. Delana was right behind me so I felt her hit me in the shoulder as she sat down. The meeting was less than entertaining. I watched Junior as he sat. The confidence written on his face. I looked at our hands resting in each others. I noticed that the only other people in there were wives there were no girlfriends. When the meeting ended we got a lot of congratulations on the engagement and a lot of questions of when the wedding was and when the future Earnhardt's would be coming. Junior was always the first to answer the kids question. Stating that as soon as possible there would be little Earnhardt's running around the track. I never saw Leanne until after the engine's started. When I was on top of the pit box she was walking along trailing the new rookie Brain Vickers. Tony Jr. brought me back to attention when he handed me the radio to talk to Junior. I wished him luck again. He made me promise to be in Victory Lane when he won because he wanted some good love when he got out of his car. I ended up being the monitor of the weather. Clouds started moving in as soon as the green flag was dropped. Something was worrying me though. Junior had not yet taken the lead at all during the laps we had ran. Martin was behind him not enough to help with the draft. The race got red flagged then called off until Monday after only 31 laps. I had snuck back into the coach waiting on Junior to come back. I had changed back into a pair of baggy jeans and a T-shirt with a sweater that was my Valentine's Day present. Around 6 Bug came in.

Chandler : "Missed You" I was tearing apart the lettuce for dinner when he dropped the bag off on the table and kissed me on the cheek.

Junior : "Missed you too. I am going to change" When he came back he had a pair of wind pants on and a T-shirt. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and flipped on SportsCenter. I just looked at us from outsider view. We were only missing one thing to complete the picture of the Leave it to Beaver family. That was our children hanging all over the Dad after a hard day at work.

Junior ;"baby grilled chicken sounds good" He was gently rubbing my leg as he leaned back in his chair while I was standing up getting a dish down. I sat the dish down and climbed in his lap brushing his hair back.

Chandler: "You know I have a good feeling about tomorrow."

Junior: "You do?" I nodded my head as he held his hand up to mine.

Chandler: "You are going to win I know it."

Junior: "Well, since you are so sure what do I get for being the winner? Cause if I remember correctly last time you knew I was going to win was Talladega. And I must say the way you and me celebrated was very very nice" His southern accent thickening as his hands went further down my back to rest on my backside.

Chander: "But what do I get in return?"

Junior: "Think I have an idea" One of his hands slide up my thigh getting dangerously close to what he knew was already getting hot.

Chandler: "Maybe we can have a little warm up tonight so you will be good and loose for tomorrow" I slide my hand under his shirt pulling back the waist band of his windpants. He shifted below me as I moved my hand and my lips down on him. Kissing his Adam's apple.

Chandler: "You seem very tense"

Junior: "Hhaha... Tense ain't the word har...." I slide my hand down to touch him right when there was a knock on the door.

Junior: "What the hell" I grabbed the front of him quickly as he stood up and adjust himself before he answered the door.

Junior: "Jade man this better be.... Oh"

Jade: "Junior this is Steve Waid's intern, Jackson Lane, you remember him?"

Junior: "Oh yeah you do Nascar Illustrated?"

Jackson Lane: "Yes, I know."

Jade: "Well, he had scheduled to do an in-depth interview of you and Chandler for his magazine edition on Daytona for tonight."

Junior : "Um okay" I say Junior but his arm against the door frame as he talked. I couldn't hear much of the conversation over the microwave. Until I felt Junior come up behind me and kiss me below my ear

Chandler :"Baby they want to do an interview about us for Nascar Illustrated. Kelley and Jade both forgot to tell me. They want to know if it is okay to do real quick" His kiss and whispers both tickled me.

Chandler : "It is okay" I turned and gave him a chastise kissed on his lips

Chandler : "You just better win tomorrow because I am really wanting you right now"

The reporter ended up staying and having dinner with us. He was very nice and polite this was his first major interview and mine also. They had a photographer along that took some candid shots of me and Junior both playing around and joking towards each other. By 10 the report left leaving very little of the night left to me and my bug. I still didn't realize it was Valentine's Day until. Junior had a huge teddy bear and a dozen peach roses delivered as the reporter was walking which sent the photographer into a frenzy as we hugged and kissed.

Junior : "Come on" when we step back into the coach he picked me up and carried me into the back room turning off stuff as we went. That night we slept in each others arm skin to skin. When we woke up the next morning I was halfway laying on a sleepy Junior who was mumbling in his sleep. The sheet had came down to below his hip bone his pale skin shinning in the early sun light. I pulled the sheet up around my chest trying to get some cover. I look over at the clock when I turned back I had the blue eyed angel awake.

Chandler : "Hey cutie." I went to get out of the bed wrapping the sheet around me. I felt chill bumps pop up on my bare back as I felt his fingertips trail down to my tailbone.

Junior : "Ummm Hey come'mre your warm" he fingers trailed to mine taking the sheet from my hand and letting it fall to the bed. His warm breath was on my neck hauling me back on to the bed as he moved to lay down over me. I could feel him against my leg.

Junior : "You know how pretty you are right." He towered over me his upper arms showing the strength they held from racing over the years. I let my hands go down his back feeling the muscles ripple as he lean down taking my bottom lip into his mouth. As the kiss deepened I wrap my leg around him rubbing it up and down his backside as he moved his kisses down my neck to my chest and back up again.

Chandler : "I can't wait till we get married so I can make love to you every second." In between his kiss I was able to squeak those words out.

Junior : "Really" he said as he took my nibble into his mouth making me grab his hair and shift in the bed.

Chandler : "Junnnn."

Junior : "You know baby not all men could do it every second of the day good thing you are marrying me cause I have that stamina." He let his hand drift between or bodies touching me with feather likeness.

Chandler : "What time is the drivers meet...ING" there were his lips again grazing across my chest his hands makes repetitive lines up and down my legs wrapping them further around him. The cool air hit me as new skin was exposed as he moved.

Junior : "You like that didn't you" he slide down my body hands and lips following behind the other. His tongue traced the outline of my belly button then to my hip then down to the top of my thigh. Gently blowing cool air on my core as he brought my leg up over his shoulder.

Chandler : "Bug stop playing around" I lean up enough to see him smile and duck his head toward my center gently massaging my thighs as I felt his tongue snake out against my flesh. He moved his tongue up and down hitting every spot that made me scream.

Chandler : "Junnn baby god" I felt him slide his tongue in side tracing my outline. As I start to come apart at the seams he slide his finger into be as he start to lick around my nub. Only breaking to kiss the soft skin. My hips couldn't stay on the bed and were thrusting into his hand and face.

Junior : "Ride it baby" A couple of more movements and I was screaming out his name again pulling his hair so hard he made a yelp.

Chandler : "So close... Oh baby right the..." One more thrust in and I lost all my senses. One hand was on the head board the other one holding on for dear life to his hair as he continued to lick and play with me as I flew off the deep in. Finally stopping when he had tasted all of me. I just fell back against the bed a sweat droplet sliding down my stomach. I felt Junior kiss up the droplet till he was even with my face pulling me to his chest as he rolled over smiling.

Junior : "10:50" I snuggled my head under his arm laying on his chest my hands running through his chest hair

Chandler : "What" my mind still not able to concentrate on anything except my hormones trying to clam down.

Junior : "That is when the drivers meeting is" I felt his fingers play around with my engagement ring as we laid in each others arms.

Chandler : "Oh yeah I forgot I asked"

Junior : "You were kinda occupied at the time

Chandler : "That is away of putting it."

Junior : "Well I could have said you were occupied by a Bug" I heard him chuckle at himself and then shiver as my nails tickled his skin.

Chandler : "You ready for today"

Junior : "I am kinda nervous"

Chandler : "Why.. Baby this is your place I just have a good feeling about today that you are going to win it baby and be the Dayton 500 Champion"

Junior : "I like the sound of that" We spent a few more minutes me playing with his chest hair and him playing with my ring just preparing ourselves for the day. Junior would leave her and go to 2 appearances one a breakfast with executives for his sponsors then the drivers meeting on to the major pre race ceremonies. I wasn't going to see him again until the pre race ceremonies so this time was so valuable.

Chandler : "I don't want to get up I just want to lay here with you" he kissed me on the top of the head as we detached ourselves. I laid against the headboard as he got ready. I watched him get dress slide on his shoes go to the bathroom and the re appear.

Junior : "See you at the hauler."

Chandler "I love you bug"

Junior : "I love you to baby" I had to smile as I saw Junior come walking towards his car with the crew. I was talking to Delana as he made his way she hug me real quick and disappeared before he got to me. He looked so tense but relaxed at the same time. He was working on getting in his pre race mood of now one bother me. When he got close to me he wrapped me up into a hug.

Chandler : "Just who I wanted to see"

Junior : "Aww I thought you wanted to see Tony" I just hit him on the shoulder

Junior : "You wore my favorite outfit." It was a light baby blue sweater that he swore made my eyes sparkle it rest just below my shoulders and a pair of simple black pants my hair was pulled back the way he liked it half up half down still holding it's natural waviness.

Chandler : "I kinda got the hint you want me to wear it when you laid it out and had a note on the fridge wear my favorite outfit cause you look hot in it."

Junior : "Well you look hot no matter what you wear especially when you don't wear anything like this morning" his whispered in my ear. When he saw it made me blush he broke out into a big smile.

Chandler : "What are we waiting on" I asked as we had been standing by the car for 30 minutes like all the other driver families and crews have

Jade : "We all are meeting the president, Ben Affleck and Whoppi." the news didn't phase

Junior. I don't know if I am more excited about meeting Ben Affleck or the president. Soon we saw the motorcade of cars come down pit road and the secret service disperse. I watched wide eyed as the president stepped out along with his wife and began shaking hands with the people of putrid. By the time they got to us everyone acted like it was nothing.

President Bush : "So Dale you going to get the win today" the president talked to him.

Junior : "I am going to try my best. Sir this is my fiancee Chandler Blake" I felt his reassuring hand on my elbow as I reached out to shake the hand of the president of the united states.

President Bush : "Well it is nice to meet you Ms. Blake."

Chandler : "The pleasure is mine" I tried to keep my mouth from falling open as he was talking to me.

Laura : "Is that your engagement ring,:

Chandler : "Yes Ma'am"

Laura : "It is beautiful"

Chandler : "Thank You" Laura Bush just complemented me on my engagement ring. When that registered I just lean back against Junior. My mind once again becoming slow.

President Bush : "Win it Dale" The president left our area and headed down.

Chandler : "Junior I just met the president"

Junior : "Yeah baby you did"

Chandler : "Thank You"

Junior : "For what" he said as the last of the photographs got there pictures and Nascar announce for all the drivers to get in there cars waiting on the command.

Chandler : "Marrying me"

Junior : "Haha I think I am the lucky one" Our hands found each others as he belted into the car. We did our 3 hand squeeze. Junior showed me the I love you sign and I blew him a kiss as the command was given.

The race was all a blur as the battle for lead was slim at times mostly between Tony and Junior. But when Junior took the lead I stood on my feet holding on to Pops arm as he stood to. I had tears in my eyes as we got down to 10 laps. Junior was silent on the radio only for asking his spotter for times or to tell him better directions. When 5 laps to NBC had a camera on the pit box. Tears of joy and worry started to fall as it became 2 laps. On the last lap I was praying for nothing to go wrong. As he came out of Turn 4 in the lead I lost as he did on the radio.

Chandler : "POPS HE WON IT"

Pops : "CHANDLER YOU BOY DID IT HE DID IT" Jeff Clark nearly left me off the pit box as Junior spun around in the grass then stopped. I was the fast one heading out there even in the killer heels I was wearing. I saw the net down and Junior moving around as I closer and as the crew guys got faster we all got there as he was climbing out the crowd going crazy. He was on the side of he car he hands lifted high in the air his fist pumping in victory. The admiration I felt for him was mind blowing along with the love shooting through my veins. When he looked down we connected eyes. I felt a shove from Pops as I was sent up to him as he came down. I was up in the air in his arms.

Chandler : "BUG BABY YOU WON"


Chandler : "GOD I LOVE YOU TO" my feet hit the ground the same time my lips hit his. Our kiss was nothing less than spectacular. We both were as pops said sucking each others faces off before we broke apart for the first time I saw tears in Bug eyes

Junior : "I wish Daddy was here" the tears gently slipping enough for Pops to wrap him up in his arms then me as the 3 of us stood soon Tony Jr. was in the embrace.

Pops : "Your daddy would have been proud" He said as he pulled back holding the side of his face looking straight into his eyes. The Nascar official came to break us up and for Junior to get in VL.. He kissed me one last time waved to the crowd and slide back into the car. We all took off in another sprint this time me and pops were hand in hand. Victory Lane was sight. When Junior pulled in the party started again. Beer, Powerade any beverage they could get there hands on were flying the air. Matt Yocum barely got the celebration interview in before the crew attacked him. I felt Junior pull to his side as we kissed again this time getting set up for a huge cooler to be dumped down on us. I just looked up at my soaked future husbanded and laugh if this was what I was going to expect in married life I was ready. The really treat was going to be our on little celebration back in the coach.

Chapter 76

I smelled horrible as I rode back to the coach with Junior from the media center after a long line of interviews. The smiles still plastered on our faces. Junior was on cloud 9 nothing could touch him. I had never seen him this happy before. When we got dropped off at the coach a crowd of our friends were already assembling along with DMP. The grills were all already out and coolers being set up. Junior was walking up the steps in front of me as we entered out home away from home.

Chandler : "I so need to get a shower I smell funky." I told him as I took off the new Nextel hat I got after the attack from the cooler. My shirt was drink and hanging on me my pants looked like I didn't make it on time to the bathroom along with my feet which were killing me cause of the shoes. I felt a jerk of my arm as I walked past the bathroom to throw my shoes in the closet. I came face to face with a very stinky but drop dead sexy

Junior. Him standing there already totally undressed with a devilish smirk.

Junior : "I think I get some extra celebration time in our on little victory lane"

Chandler : "Baby there are people waiting on us outside." My shirt magically came off my body along with my bra.

Junior : "I will keep my screams down if you do" my pants feel to the floor along with my undies. I just nodded as we walked backwards and stepped up into the shower closing the steamy shower door behind us.

Chandler : "The bathroom door is open" the warm water was soaking me as his lips and tongue teased my neck.

Junior : "Let them watch"


Mikey : "About time you to showed your face again"

Junior : "Dude you smelled me you know why it took me so long."

Mikey : "That I did but I think you putting that hickey on your fiancee's neck is the man reason. Or maybe it was you moaning. Not sure though" I saw Junior turn red the crack up laughing as I took a seat at the picnic table with Buffy and Delana.

Junior : "Mike man you are to much"

Mikey : "I know but I am proud of JuneBug you showed them out there just remember next year I am winning it again so don't get use to all of this." Mikey and Junior started to walk over to the table we were at soon Kevin, Tony, Martin, TJ, David and more people around NASCAR came out and joined us. I was standing about to reach for another coke. Junior was still gradually drinking his only beer of the night because of the Busch race tomorrow. I felt his arms go around me as and hold my elbow as he reached to still a cookie from the tray.

Junior : "Mikey knows" his mouthful of cookie. As he talked crumbs falling. I reached up and wiped the corner of his mouth.

Chandler : "Knows what" I had just took a sip of coke as he began to tell me

Junior : "Us in the shower before we came out" I choked on my coke causing Junior to laugh

Junior : "Don't worry baby he said and I quote "Ger done"

Chandler : "Cute I told you that you are loud."

Junior : "I am loud hello look who has the nail marks on there shoulder and who is the one that hit the side of the shower door making it slide open." He said as he pointed to himself. He could say cheese and I would think it was the greatest thing on earth and he was the cutest human being. I guess this is what love does to you.

Chandler : "What can I say. I have a really good fiancee"

Junior : "That I agree with"

Chandler ; "Oh Yeah and he is the Daytona 500 Champion" I slapped his butt as I walked back by him going over to the cooler and sitting down beside the girls as we talked about how cute our husbands or mine future one was.

Buffy : "Girl you have that gleam about you just think you are going to be married into this sport in what less than 3 months."

Chandler : "I just can't help it I love him"

Delana : "Girls you know what that means

Girls : "Bachelorette Party"

We didn't crawl into bed until 2 that morning but sleep didn't come easy for us. I was still wired and so was Junior from all the days activities. I know he tossed and turned the finally feel asleep laying sideways in the bed with his head on my stomach. When I woke up this morning he was all cuddled up and managed to lay under my shirt. I tickled his ear a little enough to make him move but not enough to wake him up. He soon cuddled back on his side taking all the covers. I kissed him on the forehead and headed to shower to get a head start before he cause I knew he set the alarm for the last time he could. When I got out of the shower I slide on his famous Strange Bait T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I glanced back as I grab some socks to slide on watching him sleep peacefully his chest rising evenly with ever breath. The long pale blonde eyelashes that swept his cheeks. I knew that it was going to be on hell of a week coming up. I heard the alarm clock go off blasting death mental through the bedroom then a loud boom of Junior knocking it off to make it stop. I decided that the champ need a good breakfast today so I had made some waffles and sausage and now I stirring a pot grits when I heard the bedroom door open and the bathroom door close. When he came out his hair was all matted going different ways his was rubbing his eyes and then scratch his stomach when he sat down at the table just staring off trying to wake up.

Chandler : "Morning Bug" I stirred the grits one last time and went to give him a kiss. He leaned back his chair as our lips met. I played with his hair as we broke apart.

Chandler : "You still sleepy" he just nodded his head and gave me his best little boy face.

Junior : "Yeah.. but I got enough"

Chandler : "Breakfast will be done in a minute." I looked over at him from the toaster where I was taking out his waffles he had his head laying on the table right back sound asleep. I grabbed some whipped cream when I hit the nozzle Junior jumped and woke up sending me into a fit of laughter he looked up long enough to put his head write back down.

Chandler : "Bug baby wake up" I rubbed his back gently as he turned his head on the table and moan as he sat up. I sat the loaded plate of food down in front of him and heard him chuckle.

Junior : "Champ" he said as he read the whipped cream I had put on his waffle.

Chandler ; "You are going to win today to" we both were eating in silence Junior still trying to wake up and get going we had the introduction of the car then the Busch race started back at exactly 11.

Chandler : "What are you wearing today." I asked as Bug was breaking his sausage and pour sugar into his grits.

Junior : "Jeans....shirt" he said with his mouth full. He answered me next question before I even asked it.

Junior : "You can just wear what you have on and put a bud sweatshirt over it." He sat there finally starting to wake up and pick around playing with my foot that was propped up beside him as he finished his breakfast. He stood up his pj pants riding down to his hips as he patted his stomach and went back to change. Before Bug was done Teresa, Richie and Uncle Tony were in the coach. Uncle Tony and Richie both hitting up the breakfast I had left. On our way out I turned back and kissed him really quick on the lips patting his hat down.

Chandler : "I am very proud of you" his arm went around my shoulders as we walked to the car and took the short drive to the museum fans had already line the outside overflowing the building as we drove up. I looked over at Junior's leg shaking.

Chandler ; "You okay" I asked as I laid my hand on his bouncing knee

Junior : "Yeah..Kinda nervous never been here before"

Chandler ; "Get use to it Mr. Earnhardt cause I plan on us coming back here a lot." As the car came to a stop you could already here the cheers going. To workers opened the door it looked like a Hollywood premiere with Teresa getting cheers as she stepped out along with Richie and Uncle Tony. Me and Junior's eyes met before we stepped out gripping each others hands as the fans went wild.

Fans : "Juniooorr. over here." he just lift his hands in a solitaire way and continued on.

Fans : "Look there is his future wife" Junior smiled back at me as he started to walk faster

Fans : "You to look over hear smile"I was taken back Junior just smiled and drug me almost through the maze. I wanted to stop and go to everyone which made everyone around my crack up. They had us our Daytona 500 jackets. Teresa's hung off her like it was made for a line back. Uncle Tony looked like his was made for a little kid and Richie barely squeezed his shut enough. Jr. was the only one it fit to a tea making him sexier than ever. As they were introducing the others Junior whispered to me as we stood my arm laced in his.

Junior : "Pops looks like a rolly poly"

Chandler : "Bug" I gave him my best stern look

Junior : "He does" I hit on the arm only for him to wipe of the jacket

Junior : "Watch the jacket"

I stood proud as he name was called and the car was inducted. I swear my lips are going to fall off from all the smiling I was having to do. Junior got to hot with his jacket on so he slipped off and helped me slide it on as he did the flashbulbs went off. We had about at 30 minute turn around before. Bug had to be loaded into the Busch car. I stole an Oreo hat off one of the crew guys on our way out to strap him in after he had changed really quickly.

Chandler : "Love you baby when me another one so we can support that family you want

Junior : "Yeah we got to make us a pit crew."

Needless to say as soon as the cars hit the track Junior was in first place. When he took the checkered flag I was jumping up and down with Delana. She had moved over to our pit box to watch the closing laps. Just like yesterday he did a spin the grass and climbed not he window sill in front of the stands. I walked on into the victory lane to be there for him when he pulled in. The next thing I saw was a big Hershey kiss being slammed to the ground and Junior jumping down taking me into his arms and swiping my gum from he kiss he gave me. As the interviews from the pit reporters continued I stood there trying my best not to get his 500 jacket dirty. Finally Jade appeared and got it for me so we could really celebrate. The celebration started to wind down but the interviews were just getting cranked up. I had stayed for about half of the in the media center and decided to head back to the motor coach. We were flying back in to North Carolina long enough for Junior to packed and leave for New York City the same night for a whole day of appearances. He was going to be gone tonight and all day tomorrow coming hope early Wednesday morning. I had us all packed up and ready to go when Bug walked in yawing and looking very tired.

Junior : "You ready" I looked at his very red baby blue eyes and the bags forming under his eyes as he grabbed his bags and took them out to the truck.

Chandler : "Yeah" I locked up the coach and head straight behind. I was already in a pair of pj pants and a sweatshirt along with my monster bedroom shoes. It was only a short trip to the air strip. Our driver and me carried on a simple conversation. When Junior got really quite I looked over at him sound asleep against the window his sunglasses still on his face. The plane ride home was that of one massive nap for Bug as soon as his but hit the seat he was sound asleep. He was wearing his Daytona 500 ring proudly. I knew it wouldn't last he hated wearing jewelry thought it made him look like a sissy so it was going straight into the trophy case when we got back.

Junior : "Chan" the cutest sleepy voice you ever heard filled my ears.

Chandler ; : "Yeah bug" his sleep filled eyes cracked a little open

Junior : "Love you" he said as he closed his eyes moving so he was laying on me

Chandler ; "Love you" I heard his light snore start a couple minutes later as we headed home but not for long.

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