Chapter 65 - 70

Chapter 65

"Love you too baby" I said hanging up my cell phone after talking to Junior. I was on my way from the Talladega infield to go meet up with my friends. We were all having dinner tonight in my hometown. Junior and the guys were all staying at the track having a mini-bbq without the drinks cause of practice the next morning. After the week we had, I need to be with my girls and Junior needed to let off some steam. It was an up and down battle all week both of us wearing on each others nerves because of all the stress wondering about if we would be racing. Finally Thursday morning we got the word that he was cleared. The funny thing was we were already packed to leave. Josh and David came down with us and were sleeping on the floor. As I drove my mind wandered to this morning. Junior and his boys were so cute when I got up they were all sound asleep on the floor with the play station game still on. Josh was snuggled up against the couch. David was in a little ball talking in his sleep and Junior was snoring lightly laying on his stomach. I focus back on my driving now with a smile on my face I as I pull into my hometown and to our local restaurant seeing my girls cars already there and them just now getting out.

For a Friday night the restaurant was not to busy. After a long dinner full of laughter we all decided to go by the coffee shop and see what was happening in the town. Since all of us had moved away or working in other places. When I looked at my watch again it was 12 in the morning. In one quick decision Kristi, Dana and Jamie all loaded up in the Tahoe headed back to Talladega with me. All I had on my mine was seeing my bug and living it up with him later on into the night. After a 2 hour drive we came thumping into the motor coach lot turning some heads to the loud music coming from our car. When we pulled up there was about 20 people standing around our coach. Junior was grilling some steaks with his back turned. The music they had going was even louder than ours. As I got out I motion for no one to say anything as I walked up behind Junior wrapping my arms around his waist causing him to flinch. He smelled like racetrack, cigarettes, Drakker and Steaks.

Chandler: "Miss me?" my lips touch the soft skin behind his ear causing him to scrunch up on that side of his neck.

Junior : "Always" he brought down his hand and intertwined it with mine as it laid across his stomach. With us being the same height I could prop my chin on his shoulder and look over his shoulder. I watched his skilled hands work. Hearing him laugh at something Matt Kenseth told him. I loved his laugh it would always make me smile. I kissed him on his cheek and walked over to my friends and Delana. As someone bumped up the music I felt Junior walk up behind me and pull him to me. I leaned my head back against him feeling safe in his arms as with both bobbed to the music.

Junior : "We going to be alone tonight" his thick southern accent floated through the air as he whispered.

Chandler : "I think so. It seems that Kristi and Elliott both have hit it off" Talking about how Kristi and Elliott hadn't separated from each other since she arrived.

Junior : "Josh and David are going out and taking Dana with them to party some more in the infield and Tony told me that Jamie was staying over with him." I felt him gently kiss the side of my neck.

Chandler : "What are you plan on doing while we are alone tonight?" I tried to ask before the goose bumps popped up on my skin from his touch

Junior : "Haven't figured that one out yet but I think it involves you me the bed and some candles."

Chandler : "Well Mr. Earnhardt, I think that I am getting very tired and I need to get some rest so lets head back to the coach." By the time Junior and I woke up the next morning all the candles were burned down and all 8 CDs had stopped playing and we both were curled up in each others arms trying to get warm because were fell asleep on top of the blankets. The reason I woke up was because Bug was dragging his fingers down my arm that tickled me. When I opened my eyes he was watching me and smiling.

Junior : "Morning" I didn't answer him I just tugged the covers out from under me and cuddle in them and turned deeper into his arms. I heard him laugh

Junior : "I can't believe we both feel asleep instead of having our night of passion." It was my turn to laugh.

Chandler : "I still love you though"

Junior : "You better" He said grabbing me up in his arms tickling me. We tumbled around on the bed tickling each other both of us in tears from laughing.

Chandler : "I love you so much Bug... Sometimes I don't think you understand how much." I reached out and touched his clean shaven cheek as he towered above me looking down with his ice baby blue eyes.

Junior : "Baby I know how much you love me cause I love you just as much as you love me." He dropped a kiss down on my lips that didn't end until we heard one of the guys run into the wall staggering to the bathroom.

Junior : "Who's turn is it to take care of them"

Chandler : "Bug baby they are your friends"

Junior : "But.." before he could answer we heard David yell out

David : "EWWWW Josh... Man come look at this, Dana just thrown up some chucks man. What you give her to drink?"

Junior : "Well baby that is your friend who just messed up my coach you can handle that one." I groaned and rolled out from under him heading out to see how bad the damage was. When I got out there David and Josh were on there hands and knees already cleaning up the mess of having hangovers and not getting to the bathroom fast enough. I was standing in front of the bathroom door when Dana came out. Mumbling lines of apologizes.

David : "Aww girl, it is okay if it makes you feel better Josh threw up too after seeing yours." He said from his position on the floor. I had to laugh as she just smiled a little a went to cuddle back on the couch. I was getting her some Tylenol for the massive headache I knew she had when Junior came in behind me undressing to get into the shower.

Chandler : "Damn look at the sexy piece of man behind. I know his girlfriend must love waking up to that in the morning." Junior starts to take off his boxers but stops because he is laughing to hard at me. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck playing with his out of control morning hair.

Junior : "I think my girlfriend likes it but you might have to ask her" his lips are dangerously close to mine.

Chandler : "She really likes waking up to him especially when he is as cute as he is this morning."

Junior : "Maybe she wants to join him in the shower so they can have what they planned on last night." that Earnhardt smirk started to show as he talked

Chandler : "She would love to if his boys weren't cleaning up there hangover's and her friend wasn't nearly dead on the couch cause of his boys." I kissed him and let my hands drop and take his boxers the rest of the way down then turned and walked out.

Junior : "YOU SO DON'T PLAY FAIR" I heard him yell as I carefully step over the places and Josh and David continued there journey of cleaning.

A couple hours later Me Josh David and Junior were all in a van headed over to the Walk of Fame for the dedication of my baby. I was going to be sitting with the guys so no fans would really give us to much of a hard time. Josh was picking on Junior the whole time saying he was going to wrap his arms around me and lay a big kiss on my lips. Junior in not some many words told him he would die if he even got the look of touching me. Then he pulled me into his lap as we said on the edge of the van waiting to be escorted up to the stage.

Junior : "Chandler stay close to J.R. and the boys I don't want you to get hurt in this crowd." I just gave him a look

Junior : "Baby I taught you that look and it doesn't work on me and I am serious stay close to them and be careful."

Chandler : "Yes Sir" he gave me a quick kiss and we were soon escort by Alabama's finest ,the State Troopers, up to the side of the stage. I looked on with pride as he accepted his award and gave a great speech. Flashbulbs were going off left and right as soon as he stepped on the stage. I had J.R. and the boys beside me and Junior had sent 2 big state troopers to stand beside me, you could have sworn I was someone important. I told J.R. that he said I was practically royalty cause I had the heart of an Earnhardt who was supposedly untamable. That made me smile and my smile continued when he hopped off the bottom step taking me into his arms. He never let me go until the end we had to make a mean sprint to the van. When we got to the coach we all split up. Josh and David headed back to infield for some partying all my friends were staying with there respected drivers. I noticed as Bug walked up the steps he was limping again.

Chandler : "Bug Baby you foot hurting you again?" I asked as he went on straight back to the bedroom taking his shirt off as he walked. I locked up everything and turn all the lights off and headed back behind him.

Chandler : "Bug?"

Junior : "What.. Yes Chan it hurts okay"

Chandler : "Whoa okay.. You want me to get you anything?" I sit down on the end of the bed wear he. He was laying already in his boxers stretched out, his shirt hanging on the door knob. Before he answered he gave me the puppy dog eyes.

Junior : "I want you that is all"

Chandler : "Good Answer"

After several foot rubs and back rubs we finally both feel asleep watch some SNL. The race was going to be interesting tomorrow everyone was going to watch Junior because of his foot and going for 5 in a row. My dad was coming down to watch the race. I haven't seen him since Atlanta. I decided to get the relationship back open to see if he wanted to come down and watch Dega. He accepted, which made Junior feel like he won by telling me to get our relationship back on good terms. This time it was just my dad coming and sitting on the pit box with me. Junior and I were both up around 8am getting ready. I went and said our I love you's and went our separate ways not meeting up again until he was strapping his car. I fell into step beside him snaking my arm around his as we walked down pit road, my Dad and Jade cracking up behind us and Mikey was telling them some joke.

Junior : "Baby is that my hat you have on."

Chandler ; "Yeah me and Dad went down to the trailers so he could get Hannah some baby racing gear so I stole your hat bud shirt and your pullover.

Junior : "So the only thing on your body that is not mine is your shoes and jeans."

Chandler : "Pretty Much"

Junior : "Well you have never looked sexier. I would grab you up and show how sexy you are but your dad is behind us plus the fans you know"

Chandler : "Yeah sounds really tempting"

Pops : "Okay you two stop flirting and put the boy in the car" Tony Jr. closed up Junior's safety device as he slide in. I lean my head in the window gave him a quick kiss and then he slide on his helmet. Our hands found the normal place. My dad was holding my other hand. With 3 quick hand squeeze. I was on the way back to the pit box. Hoping for a win.

------1 Lap to Go---

Chandler :"COME ON BUG....." I was yelling and so was my Dad. We had been standing since Junior was making his way to the front.


The Crew : "COME ON BABY" I was holding on to my dad for dear life as they came around turn 4. As the checkered fell Mikey was ahead of Junior by a little. But it felt like a victory after all the stuff that had happen during the race. I watched as the crew milled around getting things together.

Chandler :"Hey guys ya'll did awesome." I gave Pops a hug and Tony Jr. My dad and me hugged as we walked down to meet back up with Junior. David and Josh came up with us. As Junior's car came to a stop I waited for him to crawl out when he did I ran into his arms

Chandler : "Bug baby I am so proud of you baby you rocked. I love you"

Junior : "Hmm feels good to have you in my arms."

Chandler : "Baby you were so awesome. I am very impressed" I said winking at him and kissing him on his nose. My arms were wrapped around his as my dad and the guys congratulated him. I hugged my dad one last time as he left and we headed to the media center. I stood back with Jade watching him again and the same proud feeling coming over me. When he was done I got a piggy back ride back to the couch were his boys from Troy were already waiting. Stump and the guys were already opening up the beer cans. They covered both me and Junior in our own made up Victory Lane. Junior dropped me off as he went in for a quick shower. I jumped in there with him. We shared a quick shower together both washing the beer off each other. We didn't have time to make it sexy and romantic it was more of a wash and go. When we stepped back out I was heading back with the team to Mooresville and Junior was going to be hunting until Wednesday night. It was going to be the first time we were away from each other since August had appeared.

Junior : "I will call you every night. If you get scared go to De's or Tony's okay?"

Chandler ; "I will be okay don't worry about me Go have fun."

Junior ; "I love you baby girl"

Chandler : "I love you too bug"

Stump : "Junior lets go"

Junior : "I will call you"

Chandler ; "I know"

Junior : "Love you" he gave me a deep but passionate kiss on the lips

Chandler :" "Love you too" I yelled back as he ran to get in the van

As I flew home that night I snuggled down into Junior's sweatshirt. It was going to be weird not having him to cuddle to at night or wake up to him in the mornings. He was my bug now. I was going to have to see what it was like not having him around for 4 days almost. If only I knew what he had asked my dad before he left. .

Chapter 66

Junior's POV

I drove onto the new land that the house was being built on. It was going to be done 2 weeks before I was making a huge change in my life. I had already had the night planned out. But right now I am in the dog house somewhat. I hadn't been home since Talladega and Chandler has. I called late Wednesday night telling her or more or less as the boys told me "asking permission" to stay down hunting some more. I never thought that I wouldn't see her until tonight. It was around 1am as I was driving back to my old house after getting off the flight from Kansas. Where I was ready to get back home. The race was just boring and the car was possessed. Along with not having Chandler with me or seeing her in a week now. I had missed her terribly. The thing that caught my heart was her phone call early this morning. Saying she was missing me so much. I missed her to almost to the point that my heart hurt so bad it was almost physical.

When I walked in the door Red was waiting on me wagging his tale. I bent down to pet his head. The living room light was on but Chan was nowhere insight. I walked past the bedroom, Red hot on my heels. I was still looking for Chan when I saw that her lap top was gone off the charger in the computer room. She would always go down to the basement and type her reports cause she claimed she could think better and the couches were the most comfortable. I hopped down the stairs peering around the counter. She was sound asleep with her head laid back against the side of the couch with Bud curled up around her feet. I gently kissed her forehead and watched her stir a little but settle back to sleep. I nudge Buddy off her gently picked her up she curled up against me as I climbed the stairs. She was already in her night clothes. I laid her down gently and covered her up. She went straight to my side and cuddled to the pillow my pillow. I assumed she had slept like that for the past week. I had to smile as I got undressed and took the laundry down. When I walked back up I heard her talking her sleep.

Chandler : "Junior comes home today" she was smiling in her sleep. But it didn't last

Chandler : "I CAN'T FIND HIM, WHERE IS HE? , HELP ME FIND HIM I NEED HIM" she was tossing around in the bed.

Chandler : "I CAN'T FIND JUNIOR HE WAS supposed TO BE HOME" she started to mumble no, no, no.

Junior : "Baby wake up I am here" I gently touched her shoulder as she wiggled and moved around.

Junior : "Chan baby" I shook her a little harder. She mumbled and her eyes lazily fluttered open.

Chandler : "June. Your home" her voice heavy from sleeping.

Junior : "Yeah baby I have been home for a while." I saw her glance over at the clock.

Chandler : "Bug it is 5 in the morning."

Junior : "I know. We got an hour still together of you in my arms" she just nodded not fully awake as I slide in the bed beside her. Not 2 minutes later she was asleep her fingers in my chest hair. I just laid there her in my arms thinking about the day she wakes up like this but, with a huge ring on her finger and her last name being the same as mine. I must have fallen asleep to cause when we both rolled over still in each others arms I looked at the clock it was 7am. Chan had over slept an hour she had to be out of the house by 7:15 to make it work on time.

Junior : "Chan your late wake up"

Chandler : "Huh?" she said wrapping her legs around mine

Junior : "Chan it is 7 get up you are late" when I said that it registered and she shot up. I just watched her sprint around the room. By the time I got to the kitchen and got a coke. She was on her way out kissing my cheek. I heard her burn out of the driveway as I walked back into the living room. I glance at the clock 7:15 on the nose. She was that damn good. The boys came over around 5 we decided to have a fight to the death PlayStation match.

Junior : "All right boys you ready to see how it is done"

Martin : "Right and that why you are last every time we play on the computer and this game."

Junior : "Shut up remember who employees you.

Martin : "Who... Your sister?"

Junior : "That is it Truex" I grab a piece of paper off the coffee table and chunk it at him after it is in a nice hard ball.

Martin : "Hey Hey Hey... the ladies love this face be careful"

Josh : "PSSHH"

Martin : "What was that Snider?"

Josh : "The ladies love me"

David : "Yeah cause of the shaved V in your chest" with that Josh and David had paper balls flying at each others head.

Junior : "Watch the furniture guys I have to keep it until we are in the new house and we have ordered some more" they all stop and look at me. All of sudden about 15 balls are coming at my head.

Junior : "THAT IS IT! THIS IS WAR" Before we knew it we were all wrestling and beating up each other. We were in one massive pile in the middle of the floor cussing and scratching at each other when Josh started to roll away taking all of us with him.


Martin : "Shit I just hit my head on the coffee table."

Junior : "Smooth move dipstick now I have like Sundrop all over my floor and coffee table."

David : "Like there hasn't been worse on your floor"

Martin : "Josh don't just sit there clean it up"

Josh : "If Junior would get the hell off me and let my neck go I would" we all detach I walk to the bathroom when I hear David yell

David : "SHIT"

Junior : "If you stained my car...OH SHIT" there in Josh's hands was a part of Chandler's paper she had written for class that was due the next day.

Martin : "Umm Junior... I used that paper to make the paper balls"

Josh : "Shit bud you are going to be in the dog house for messing up your woman's paper"

Junior : "The hell I am we are going to re type this before she gets home in what" I look at the clock

Junior : "Damn it is 7 her class gets out at 8 so she would be here by 8:45."

David : "We don't have time"

Junior : "Grab your happy ass every paper ball and the rest of the paper and start typing. If was all type we can get it done maybe if not I am not explaining this." By the time it was 8:30 we were all writing on our last papers. We had typed 11 of the 15. My fingers were hurting and my eyes were hurting to I kept looking at the clock making sure we would make it on time. At 8:43 we all printed everything out went to sort the papers out.

Junior : "What the fu..."

Junior : "Martin you dumbass this is maturation.. not masturbation"

David : "Junior man she just drove up hurry up" I grabbed the papers and went back into the living room and throw them on the table. I heard her opening the door just as all of slide into the living room falling on the couches trying to look innocent. I heard her heels click as she walked through the kitchen.

Junior : "Hey baby" I said leaning my head back over the couch as she kissed me on the lips she had just drank a dr.peppr cause I could taste it.

David : "Get a room"

Josh : "No I want to watch" I cracked up watching Chan flick off the guys as she came around and sat on my lap.

Chandler ; "Why are ya'll all sitting here looking innocent what did ya'll do?"

Martin : "Why do we have to do something""

Chandler ;"Cause ya'll never look innocent"

Junior : "Baby we haven't done a thing"

Chandler : "Yeah Earnhardt" I watched the guys wiggle as she sat on my lap. When she reached for the coffee table they all straighten up.

Chandler : "Ya'll spill something today"" I tighten my grip on her hips as I began to straighten up

Martin "Hi-C"

Josh : "BEER"

David : "COKE"

Junior : "SUNDROP" we all ended up saying at the same time. Chandler just looked at us like we lost our minds.

Chandler : "I am going to get changed. While I am gone ya'll decided on dinner."

Junior : "Smooth there guys" I said when I heard the door close.

Martin:"Dude we might get away with it"

Junior : "Yeah I know"

Josh : "We are gods" we all started laughing and high fiving at how slick we were

David : "Shh..." he said when the door creaked open again

Chandler ; "Ya'll decide yet"" She was standing right over the paper and she went to pick it up we all started to talk at once again.

Martin : "Pizza"

Josh : "hamburgers"

David : "chicken" save us I do the only thing possible

Chandler ; "JUNNIOOOO" I yank her back on my legs and lay my lips down hard on her mouth

Martin : "Get her" I take the papers out of her hand

Junior ; "What are you doing with these you are out of school" I am trying to worm them out of her grasp when she catches her breath again she answers me.

Chandler : "I am going to file them and save it to look back on.

Junior : "File them?"

Chandler ; "Yeah this is my rough draft. I turned my paper in early after I finished typing it last night."

David : "That is just your rough draft?"

Chandler : "Yep" all the guys shoot me a look and then birds.

Junior : "How was I supposed to know?" damn my mouth went before my brain caught up

Chandler : "Know what?" she asked as she walked into the kitchen

Junior : "How beautiful you are in those sweatpants"

Chandler : "Thanks baby"

Josh : "Nice recover man Nice"

Junior : "Thank you thank take notes boys and learn"

Chapter 67

Junior's POV

As I was walking up, I saw Chandler sitting on the back of my truck with a sucker in her mouth. Her long hair in a sloppy bun on top of her head. For it to be the 10th of October it was a hot day. Chandler was in a pair of jeans with holes and a bass pro shop T-shirt Martin had gotten her. Her flip-flopped feet swinging back and forth sunglasses covering her deep blue eyes. She was looking off in the distance as I got closer. When she turned a huge smile came across her face.

Chandler :"Hey baby" she said wrapping her arms around my neck as I stepped in between her legs.

Junior : "Hey you are in a good mood" he smile staying on her face.

Chandler : "Yep cause it is my baby bug's birthday" She said kissing me softly on the lips

Junior : "You know he has been a real good boy this year." she winked at me as I pulled her in for a deeper kiss knocking off the sunglasses she had just moved to the top of her head.

Chandler : "I love you bug Happy Birthday" Her eyes were sparkling she hadn't been in this good of a mood in a while. I kissed her again this time tasting her watermelon blow pop she had just ate.

Junior : "You ready to go to the track for Happy Hour and to see the BUSCH race. "

Chandler : "Only if you kiss me like that again." she smiled jerking me back into her. She locked her legs around my waist as my hands were all over her back and taking her hair down. I felt the hem of her shirt as we deepened the kiss my hand slide up under touching her soft skin on her lower back. I heard moans and she started to lean back in my touch into the bed of my truck. This is the only time having the lift on the truck sucked. As the kiss broke and she leaned back the front of her shirt came up reviling her belly ring and the top of her low riding jeans. I jumped up enough so that I laid down slowly on top of her propping up on my hands. She got that grin only she could get. Her hands were in my hair on the back of my neck with a swift motion she was on top of me smiling down. Her lips connected to the space behind my ear.

Junior : "You know what that does"

Chandler : "Exactly" her lips and tongue continued down my neck kissing my Adam's apple her hand were on my waist working on the belt. She slide down my body until her feet hit the dirt and she stood up over me.

Junior : "What are you doing?" I asked as she pulled my body by my hands to the end of the tail gate. I grabbed her and pushed her up against my body.

Chandler : "You want to know why I was eating a sucker earlier?" her hands started undoing my belt and running her finger tips into my happy trail as she talked. Her hot breath tickling my ear.

Junior : "Why" I growled as I started running my hands back up her shirt taking it with me while I had my hand clasped on her backside.

Chandler : "Practice" before I could answer she was unzipping my jeans and letting her hands drift down into them. I tensed up a little and looked around for some unknown reason knowing we were the only ones out on the land in front of the new house.

Junior : "What are you about to do?" she was working on getting my shirt off over my head.

Chandler : "Blow your mind" she bent down a little in front of me on the dirt covered ground bringing my jeans and boxers down with her. She still had on all of her clothes and hair pulled back. I felt her nails back a trail up my thighs and she grind her body up so her mouth met with my now raging hard on. She licked a line on my hip bone then dropped her tongue down and swirled it around me.

Junior : "God baby" her eyes were hooked on mine which made me get hard and turned on more. Junior : "Oh Chan......." her tongue was doing laps around me and her hands were everywhere on my lower body. Where her mouth wasn't her hands were stroking me at the same tempo.

Junior : "SHIT" my hands went down in to her hair as my hips started thrusting. I felt myself going deeper into her mouth. She gently hummed on me which sent my nerves through the roof. It was so quiet that you could only hear our bodies meeting and the moans.

Junior : "Baby not much longer...FUCK" she yanked my hips into her that was all it took. I filled her mouth. When she pulled back her hair was all messed up and my knuckles were white from having to hold on to the side of my truck.

Chandler : "Mmmm bug baby..." she said as she leaned into me.

Chandler : "you taste really good" I just wrapped my arms around her kissing her hard and deep letting her know how she made me feel. She watched me as I pulled back together and got everything situated. She was fixing her hair as we got into the truck heading to the track. I couldn't shake the goofy I just got the best blow job in my life smile off my face. I caught her eyes and we both smiled her snaking her tongue out cracking me up.

Chandler : "You better quit smiling bug people are going to know something happened."

Junior : "Like what? My girl just gave me the best head of my life with me against my truck in front of our new house randomly?"

Chandler : "Bug I am thirsty" she said cracking me up as she caught my hand and brought it to her center as we turned into the track.

Junior : "Thirsty for what?" As I parked she lean over.

Chandler ; "You" I didn't see Chandler again until it was time for the BUSCH race during practice her and Delana were together finishing up the new truck deal for Kevin. When I did see her again she was already on top of the pit box wearing a baseball hat eating some grapes.

Junior : "Hey" Junior : "You cold?"

Chandler : "A little"

Junior : "Here baby" she took the sweatshirt and then wrapped her arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around her shoulders. As we watched the BUSCH race I kept glancing down at her as she was cheering Martin along. Picturing her one day doing what Teresa is doing for daddy running his company, but I would be beside her so would our kids. Martin finished 17th in the race. As soon as it was over we were both back on the road to actually sleep in our bed in the house. When we walked in Chandler headed straight to the bedroom when I got there she had a small box wrapped up laying on the my side of the bed she had already changed into a pair of pj pants and an old bud shirt.

Junior : "What is this?" I asked as I was shedding down into my boxers

Chandler : "Happy Birthday" I crawled in beside her and pulled her into my arms as I unwrapped my box. A simple smile broke across my face as I saw the watch I had been wanting in the box.

Junior : "Thanks you baby this is the one I wanted"

Chandler : "Read the back."



Chapter 68

Chandler's POV

I was fixing Bug some eggs before he got up this morning, since I wouldn't be seeing him until the Thursday of the Rockingham race, he would be gone a whole week. First to Phoenix, then to L.A. for a photo shoot, then back home and on to the Rock. I had just finished his eggs and walked back to the bedroom. I saw him sprawled out on his stomach looking like a little innocent angel which made me smile. I sat on the bed beside him and just watched him sleep for a good five minutes for just turning 29 he looked like a little boy in many ways.

Chandler : "Bug sweetie wake up" I was rubbing his pale back as he began to stir.

Junior : "No" he pulled the covers higher on his head as he turned and threw his arm on my side.

Chandler : "Baby come on you got a long day today plus you get nap time on the plane"

Junior : "I am up" he mumbled from under the covers as I patted his exposed leg.

Chandler : "Breakfast is ready when you get up" I was sitting at the kitchen table packing up all of our pictures we had just got developed from some of the past races. While Junior was gone, Kelley and I were going to start moving things into the new house. It had just got finished the furniture and everything had came in and Junior had got it placed the way he wanted it. Kelley and I were just moving in things that made it home and accents. I was smiling at a picture of Bug and the boys in Talladega when I heard his barefeet hitting the kitchen floor followed by paws of Red who was his shadow.

Chandler: "Morning"

Junior : "Yeah" he mumbled as he stood in front of the fridge scratching his head debating on milk or juice. His boxers wrinkled from his tossing and turning the night before. I watched him as he ate breakfast, fighting with reading the newspaper, and slipping bacon to Red under the table. Red had gotten out of his puppy stage and now was getting bigger and bigger. He was now becoming a 55 pound lap dog of Junior's.

Chandler: "Baby you know we are working on the house this weekend since you got all the furniture in."

Junior : "Hmmm" he said with a mouthful of egg

Junior : "Don't do the bedroom I want me and you do that one."

Chandler ; "Why?"

Junior : "Just don't baby, okay?"

Chandler : "Whatever you say" the only thing I knew about the bedroom is that Junior got some blue shaggy carpet.

Junior ; "Yeah I where the pants in the family" his laugher filled the air as I threw a piece of bacon at him, which Red quickly got it after it hit the floor. Junior's POV

I slide in one of Chan's Rascal Flatts CDs as she was lost in thought. it seemed like as she watched me drive along.

Junior : "Come closer I want you in my arms" she just looked at me with questioning eyes

Junior : "Don't even give me that look, I drive for a living get over here." She unbuckled her seat belt and slide over next to me laying her head on my shoulder as I wrapped my arm around her. I saw her smile up to me and kiss me on the cheek as the song I was looking for filled the air. As the song hit its chorus I kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer. I had found this song by accident one morning I went to the shop and took the Tahoe. Little did she know another day in her life she would hear this song from me.

when you say that I'm one of a kind

Baby I don't see it but you believe

that I'm so strong and true, I promise you,

I'll try to be that kind of man,

because you love me like I am.

When it comes to love,

I may not know the rules.

but there's one thing I know,

My heart belongs to you, just you...

Chandler : "I love you Bug"

Junior : " I love you too baby. I will be home quicker than you think"

Chandler : "I know we get to be in the new house together when you get back"

Junior : "Stay out of the bedroom"

Chandler : "Hmmm" We kissed one last time as I walked to the plane looking back I saw her snuggled deep in her sweatshirt waving and blowing me a hidden kiss. Pops just patted me on the back as I sat down and buckled into the plane seat.

Pops : "Boy you are so lost in love with her, you don't know which way is up."


Chandlers' POV

I had the race on mute as I was folding clothes. Kelley and I had worked since Thursday night getting the new house ready. We wanted to be done by at least Tuesday so when Junior got home we could start living there. Everything was in the house just in boxes. Except for mine and Junior clothes, and stuff for the bedroom (since I was banned to go in there) we had it all pilled in the guest room. I was folding a pair of Bug's jeans when I noticed him take the lead. I plopped down in one of the chairs in the old house as I watched him dice around a lap car. I turned down the music to hear the commentary. As the laps went down his lead increased as he took the checkered I was up on my feet yelling and dancing around. Buddy was meowing and Red was barking so loud we didn't hear the phone ring until Jade yelled out on my new Nextel sitting on the coffee table.

Jade : "CHAN"

Chandler ; "Yeah Jade, sorry. HE WON HE WON"

Jade : "I know listen he is going to want to talk to you first so stay on the line and you will talk to him as soon as he gets in victory lane"

Chandler : "Thanks Jade" I could hear all of the celebrations of the crew. I was passed around on the phone to I think every crew member yelling and telling me what Junior was doing as I watched him on the TV. When his car stopped I saw Jade's hand and then I heard Junior's excited voice

Junior : "Baby did you see me?"

Chandler : "Yeah Bug I saw you. I am so proud too. I love you so much I wish I was there"

Junior : "I love you too baby, I miss you. I want to give you a big kiss."

Chandler : "I want to give you one too. I love you baby, you won!"

Junior : "I know. Jade is telling me I have to go. I will call you on my way to LA I love you baby girl, I'll talk to you later"

Chandler : "love you" I was sound asleep in the chair when Junior called me on his way to LA. We didn't talk long cause we were both tired. When we hung up I head to our bed hoping to sleep away the days until Thursday when he came back home.


Junior was coming home. I was so excited. I had been smiling all day driving Delana mad. When the clock hit 2 I was on my way out to pick him up from the airstrip. I had the rest of the day off and a long time before I had to go to class to spend with him. He had called me early this morning telling me he was coming home early today. I waited outside of the Tahoe waiting for him when he walked off he holding his trophy in his hands with a big smile. When I saw him I ran up to him, he shoved the trophy over to J.R and captured me in his arms lifting my feet off the ground in a bear hug.

Junior : "God I missed you baby"

Chandler : "Missed you too.. I am so proud..."

Junior : "Shut up and kiss me" I lean down from where he was holding me and kissed for all he was worth.

Junior : "Damn" he said when we broke apart.

Chandler : "Let me see that trophy" he got the trophy back and handed it to me as we walked to the Tahoe. I held it on the way home as I unzipped my high heeled boots and un tucked my dress shirt I heard Junior laugh as he drove and watched me.

Junior : "Getting comfortable"

Chandler : "Yep I got the rest of the day off until class tonight to spend with you"

Junior : "Good cause I am sleepy and want a nap with you in my arms."

Chandler : "We live for so much excitement"

Junior : "That is why you love me"

Chandler : "Most definitely" We slept away the rest of the day. Junior was still sound asleep the jet lag catching up to him when I got home after classes. I just crawled in the bed with him and slept until early the next morning. We spent all day Saturday moving into the bedroom he kept so hidden from me. He wanted us to be together the first night we slept in the bed. I just looked at him funny until he told me what he was talking about Thursday night as we laid in each other's arms on the new orange couch downstairs at our new house.

Chandler : "So why aren't we in the bedroom?" I asked in between my yawns as he played his play station game.

Junior : "Because I have reasoning behind it that you aren't going to know about until I am ready to tell you" he stuck his tongue out at me when he quickly turned around from the game.

Chandler : "So we are sleeping in the guest room because?"

Junior : "Give it up I am not telling you"

Chandler : "Why? Am I worried that you have like a vibrating bed on order?"

Junior : "Maybe because I do"

Chapter 69

Thanksgiving Morning

Junior's POV

I laid back in bed listening to the water running in the shower. The season had finally ended and we had finally got settled into the new house except for our bedroom or as the boys have now named it "the bedroom." I could smell the sweet smell of Chandler coming from the bathroom as I finally rolled out of bed. We had stayed in each other's arms since 9 this morning and now it was around 1pm. We had to be at my grandmothers at 3. I heard the water shut off and the radio pop on as me and Red made our way down to the kitchen. I had just slide on a pair of jeans Chan had put in the dryer so they would be warm for me. I felt her arms go around my chest.

Junior : "You smell good" Her wet shampooed hair fell against my bare back.

Chandler : "I love this"

Junior : "Love what?" I turned to face her. She was wearing a pair of jeans she got down in Homestead and a deep maroon sweater open over her black tank top.

Chandler : "Waking up with you every morning. Staying in the beautiful house having you around all day. You loving me" she leaned her forehead against mine.

Junior : "You know how much I love you/"

Chandler : "More than winning Talladega?" Junior : "More" our lips were dangerously close as we were just down to a whisper

Chandler : "More than winning Daytona 500?"

Junior : "Well......." I said more loudly.

Chandler ; "Bug" she turned to walk out throwing my sweatshirt at me from the clothes basket. I grabbed her back up in my arms kissing her.

Junior : "I love you more than life itself " While she was sliding on her boots downstairs, I went up to closet in the bedroom that was kept closed off and grabbed something for the day. When I came back down stairs Chan was sliding on her rings that were on the table. I watched her as she slide on our promise ring and the championship ring of mine she always wore proudly. When she turned around she saw me watching her continently. I had a smile on my face that brought on hers.

Junior : "You ready?"

Chandler : "Yep.. I am kinda nervous"

Junior : "Why my family loves you already" Junior : "Me? Never?"

Chandler : "Yeah Mr. Innocent" I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek.

Junior : "I love you:" Junior : "Nope"

We both got into he truck. Chandler had made some kind of cake for the evening. It was a tradition for the Earnhardt women to make something. I had to laugh when Kelley and Teresa told me Chandler looked scared then went to the Super Wal-Mart and bought one and put in a dish we had. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road and off her as she watched the scenery go by. My mind and heart finally agreed it was now or never. I pulled the truck over on a the side of the road down a little dirt driveway.

Chandler : "Bug why are you stopping?" I heard the radio playing softly in the back as I took a deep breath.

Junior : "Umm...."

Chandler : "Baby why are your hands shaking?" she laid her soft hands over mine.

Junior : "I love you"

Chandler ; "I love you too Junior. What is going on? You are scarring me" I looked down away from her, but the second I looked up and saw her eyes. The eyes of the woman I loved and wanted for the rest of my life my words finally came. I tighten my grip on her hands as I spoke. Chandler : "Jun..."

Junior : "Marry me Chandler. I have loved you since I met you and I..I... I need you more than I think you know please say you will."

Chandler : "DALE..." she yelled at a high pitch and jumped nearly into my arms us both falling back against my driver side door. Her kisses were all over my face. When she pulled back I saw tears coming down from her eyes.

Junior : "Is that a yes?" I said with a nervous laugh

Chandler ; "YES! You better believe it"

Junior : "Oh yeah I got ya a ring too" I heard her laugh. I reached in my sweatshirt pocket and pull the little box out.

Junior : "This was supposed to be romantic" I slide the 3 carat emerald cut diamond on her finger the platinum band shinning off her skin. When she looked up I saw her smile and wipe a way a tear that I had let slip.

Chandler : "Jun you have tears" her eyes shinning with tears of her on Chandler : "If you really want me"

Junior : "More than you know baby girl. More than you know how much I want you"

We didn't get on the road again until 3:15 after a long time of just holding each other and taking in the new life together we were about to start. Tears mostly came from Chan as we both looked at our hands intertwined together her ring shining in the sun. The whole way to my grandmothers, Chandler was in my arms laying her head on my shoulder, just staring at her left hand trying to take it all in. She would smile up and me then back down. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as we parked in the driveway and walked up to the house. We were only 30 minutes late but I knew the family would understand as we walked in, our smiles didn't make it past the front door without getting noticed.

Karsyn : "Uncle Junnnioor" Karsyn jumped up high in my arms and leaned over and kissed Chandler on her cheek. When Chandler went to tickle her on her stomach forgetting her new ring for a second, but Karsyn didn't

Karsyn : "WOW CHANDLER, That's a BIG RING" the whole family fell silent as they all turned and looked at me and Chandler.

Junior : "Well I am getting married" before I could give Chan a kiss all the women in the family were on her so fast. All you could hear were squeals and tears. I just stood off to the side watching my future wife, the next strong woman to add to the Earnhardts.

Chapter 70

Chandler's POV

On the plane to the NWC Banquet Early December

My mind had still not registered that I was marrying Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Nascar's playboy. 'Mr. women every where, partying, sleeping around. Now he is just my cuddly sleepy fiancee snuggled into my arms. I can't stop looking at my ring. I was looking at my ring and out the window when I felt the sleeping beauty, who was all propped up over me, wake up and lace his fingers through mine kissing me right above my engagement ring.

Junior : "It looks good on your hand"

Chandler : "I love it on my hand too." I bent down to kiss his nose as he laid down in my lap yawing and stretching before sitting up and taken out his lap top.

Chandler : "What ya doing baby?" It was my turn to lay on him as the flight went into its second hour.

Junior : "Kelley wanted me to um, talk to you about us making a date to get married so we can arrange my schedule." He said as we pulled up his email laughing at something Josh had sent him.

Chandler : "Just pick one Mr. Racecar driver."

Junior : "I want to marry you right now."

Chandler : "Aww baby you are so cute sometimes." His smile made my heart warm up as he kept on working. After a long silence of just holding each other we started talking again.

Chandler : "Bug how about May 8th"

Junior : "Yeah baby whatever you want" I could tell what I just said went through one ear and out the other Okay then we need to start planning this and get a wedding planner for the reception, honeymoon, guest, service, church....

Junior : "Chan baby"

Chandler : "Yeah?"

Junior : "Just tell me where to stand where to sign the checks and where you will become my wife and I will be there waiting." I smiled and snuggled deeper into his shoulder after a while Junior slide his lap top over to me and I started kind of pre planning our wedding first just sending information back to Kelley, since her and Jade had to handle all of Junior's doing with the wedding and marriage. It was going to very interesting Friday night and on Junior's cruise when he releases that in fact he is engaged and to be married in a few short months.

Junior's POV

NYC Friday Day of Banquet

If this is anything like waiting to see her before on our wedding day, I am never going to make it. My hands are sweaty and I can't stop pacing the floor. Both Tony and Kevin already getting annoyed by being antsy. I couldn't wait to see Chandler all dressed ready to walk out on the red carpet with me and us both knowing we would be soon together forever.

Tony : "Jun... Man here they come" I glanced up catching the girls as the walked by. First it was Jamie then Delana. I was waiting on Chandler and finally she appeared her hair in curls cascading down her back her blue eyes shining and the new rock of a ring I gave her glistening off her dress. My eyes met her body and just stayed as she walked down to me, out stretch hands. It should have been a sin for her to wear that dress. ""

Junior : "Hey" was all I could whisper as her hand touched mine and she came dangerously close to me.

Chandler : "Hey"

Junior : "You look beautiful"

Chandler: You look not to bad yourself" she whispered as we hit the red carpet flashbulbs going off the fire works. I stopped her at the door of the ballroom and kissed her gently on the lips tasting her flavored lipstick.

Junior : "You ready the future Mrs. Earnhardt?" I watched as her eyes light up as she nodded her head and we headed in, heads turning as we walked in. Several eyes getting wide as they noticed Chandler's hand and my smile. Delana and Buffy both were smiling. Chandler called Delana even before her mom to tell her we were getting married. Delana was more excited than I think Chandler was. All week they had been visiting places looking for dresses and styles for the wedding while me Kevin and Tony just hung out playing in the arcades and doing nothing. I was brought back from my day dream as Chandler squeezed me knee as they called me up to accepted my award. I began my speech smiling at Chandler the whole time as I neared the end it was time to tell everyone about the woman I loved with all my heart.

..... for the last person I would like to thank is my fiancee Chandler. I see all of your shocked faces so hold on. Chandler there are no words that I can find to describe how much I love you and care for you. Before you there was only one other person who had a hold on me that kept me driven and focused and I lost him. Now, I know that when I am with you I don't need to be all the things I am supposed to be or have to be. You love me for me and who I am. I am so proud that I will be able to call you my wife on May 8th.

I saw tears coming down her eyes and about every other females in the room. As soon as the banquet ended we were attacked by every reporter wanting to know why we were getting married and if Chandler was pregnant. All other crazy ideas you could think of they asked. The others wanted pictures of NASCARS new couple of the series. When we finally got away I grabbed Chandler up in my arms and carried her into our hotel room.

Chandler : "Bug baby what are you doing?" she said giggling as I shut the door with my foot

Junior : "Practicing"

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