Chapters 47 - 52

Chapter 47

Junior's POV

What the hell? Its 5am in the morning. Who in the hell is calling my cell phone? I roll over to grab my phone off the night stand, I hear a thud as I accidentally kicked Red off the bed.

"Sorry dude"

Junior : "Hello?"

Rachel : "Junior?"

Junior : "Um yeah?"

Rachel : "This is Rachel"

Junior : "Okay?" Rachel who is this I can't remember. Maybe it was the girl I met last night.

Rachel : "Rachel, Chandler's friend" She has me awake now.

Junior : "Oh hey Chandler is asleep right now she can't come to the phone." They still think Chandler and me are together.

Rachel : "Yeah I know she is"

Rachel : "You are coming to the wedding tonight at 8?"

Junior : "Um...Um..."

Rachel : "You really need to come it is at 8 at St.Mary's"

Rachel : "See you then" I hear the phone click as she hangs

I fall back against my pillows. What was that all about? I search my brain trying to figure out what had just happened then it hit me. Megan was getting married. But if Chandler was there why would they be calling me? Why would I care? I have finally realized she is never coming back and that I need to move on. Screw it. I roll over and try to catch some more sleep before practice.

Tony Sr,, "Junebug get your ass up. You are late." I hear my bedroom door slam open.

Junior : "What?" I jerk the covers over my head

Tony, Sr. : "I said boy lets go you are already 10 minutes late to morning practice come on get the lead out and feed your dog it is eating the side of the couch." The bedroom door slams shut. I get up and stumble around to find my suit. I really can't remember having a hang over this bad since I was 18. I have the weird feeling something happened last night. I had a weird dream that I got a phone call from one of Chandler's friends. I finally make it to my car missing 20 minutes of practice. Ty was going to be pissed. I mean what the hell is he going to do? Fire me from my own future company come on. After Happy Hour practice I head back to the coach to sleep off some of my hangover. I pass out on the couch to be awaken 5 hours later by someone banging on my door.

Junior : "Keep your pants on I am coming"

Tony : "Man you look like shit"

Junior : "You look like a dick"

Junior : "What time is it"

Tony : "7:30"

Junior : "Damn"

Tony :"We still on for tonight?"

Junior : "Hell Yeah"

Tony :"Women and Beer"

Junior : "That is right my brotha" me and Tony do our handshake as the door files open

Elliott : "Yo Yo Candyman is in the house my homies"

Junior : "go away"

Elliott : "Shut up Junnnnnbuuug"

Junior : "Don't call me that assssswippppppe"

Elliott : "Someone is in a touchy mood"

Tony: "She still hadn't came back or called?"

Junior : "Nah I am giving up" I notice my cell blinking I pick it up to check my messages as Tony and Elliott start to wrestle. Jimmie and Jeff have came over to it was going to be a wild night. As I am going through my messages I hear something that floors me

"Junior hey this is Jamie, Chandlers friend I was calling to beg you to come to the wedding tonight at 8 it is going to be a St.Marys you really need to come." There was messages like that from all of Chandlers friends. It wasn't a dream. I glance at my watch 7:55.

Junior : "Hey guys"

All the guys: "Yeah?"

Junior : "Change of plans"

Junior : "I need ya'll to help with something"

Tony, Elliott, Jimmie and Jeff : " what?"

Junior : "We have to go to a wedding"

Jimmie : "A wedding?"

Tony : "Yeah dumbass"

Elliott : "Why?"

Junior : "I just need to go"

Junior : "You all in there are going to be some cute girls"

Tony, Elliott, Jimmie and Jeff : "Hell yeah Woman and Beer" We pull up to the church at 8:30. We can here the music playing and see the guest start to file to a tent that looks like the reception. I still see no bride and groom. I turn my back towards the church as I look into the tent

Tony : "Hey Junior isn't that...." I turn around and my eyes land on the most beautiful thing.

Junior : "Chandler" she looks like an angel her hair is longer and full of curls it is half up and half down with a white flower in it. The wind is blowing her hair and dress as she walks. I just want to take her in my arms again. I watch her as she walks with all her friends carrying her bouquet into the reception. I need her so bad in my life. I know I can't let her get away this time. "Come On" soon we are all mingled in with the people unnoticed. We grab a table towards the back and all sit down. The celebration toast are all being made. My eyes stay on Chandler watching her talk to her friends surrounding her. I see a couple guys go to ask her to dance she turns them all down. That is my girl. I see a glisten off the diamond necklace, my diamond necklace I gave her. As Stephen gives his toast to Megan I see her gently take the diamond in the necklace in her fingers. She is tearing my heart out. The fire in her eyes are gone just like the fire in mine.

Tony : "Junior get your balls back and go get her. She needs you man come on look at her."

Junior : "I know man I just need some time."

Tony : "Time? Junior damn it man you have had 4 months and you are sitting here if that was my girl I would be over there now getting her back and showing her I have missed her" My eyes are still locked on Chandler as he is talking. I see her get up and make her way towards the bathroom she is only one table over as she passes us.

Tony :"Go get her. You love her. We will find a way home."

Elliott : "Go get your girl June"

Jimmie : "Junior don't let this pass by." that is it I am going to get my girl back. I jerk up out of my chair trying to get to her as fast as I can the only thing is I have no idea what I am going to do.

I am staring at the bathroom door in front of me. Chandler is still in there all the other woman have filed out. "Here goes nothing" I slip the door open slowing making sure not to be distracted. There she is washing her hands her head is down as if she was fully concentrated. I can tell her mind is elsewhere. I carefully walk up behind her. She reaches for the paper towel still not glancing up. I slide up against the stall just watching her how she glides and how much beauty she possess. She has lost a lot of weight her figure is no longer there and the fullness of her face and hips are missing. But she is still beautiful. She finally raises her head. Her beautifully blue eyes connect with mine.

Chandler :"Bug" I can hear the shock in her voice.

I can't speak my body goes with my first impulse just to touch her and bring her back into my life. I take her soft hand into mine and lead her out of the bathroom. I see the faces of my homies and her friends as we walk out onto the dance floor. Her hands go around my neck like we have never missed a beat.

Every time our eyes meet, This feelin' inside me,

Is almost more than I can take, Baby when you touch me,

I can feel how much you love me, And it just blows me away,

I've never been this close to anyone or anything, I can hear your thoughts,I can see your dreams, Our eyes are burning holes into each others. I can see the tears fall gently down her cheek. The love is back in hers and now back in mine and I have my baby girl in arms. I slide my thumb over her cheek and wipe the tear away.

I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you,

It just keeps gettin' better, I want to spend the rest of my life,

With you by my side, forever and ever, Every little thing that you do,

Baby I'm amazed by you.

She has a hold on to me. I can feel her holding on for dear life as if I am a dream. I lean my head down beside her as she snuggles deeper into my arms as we gently move to the song. No words are spoken yet. I don't want to ruin the moment. I just want to hold her and never let her go.

The smell of your skin, The taste of your kiss,

The way you whisper in the dark, Your hair all around me,

Baby you surround me, You touch every place in my heart,

You know it feels like the first time, every time,

I want to spend the whole night in your eyes.

Her skin is still so soft and I can smell that scent that is all Chandler's. Her breathing is even and whisper but her heart is beating so loud or maybe it is mine. Her head gently lays on my shoulder no one else is even on the dance floor it seems like. All the eyes are on us.

I don't know how you do what you do I'm so in love with you,

It just keeps gettin' better, I want to spend the rest of my life,

With you by my side, forever and ever, Every little thing that you do,

Baby I'm amazed by you

I raise her head up and look back down into her eyes they are still filled with tears. I tilt her head just slightly. I have been waiting 4 months to kiss her again the time feels so right. I wipe one last tear away as I gently kiss her soft lips. God answered my prayers and brought her back to me.

Chapter 48

Junior's POV

We just stood there in each others arms after the music stopped playing. I didn't want to move and lose the feel of her in my arms or lose her again. No words were spoken. I looked deep into those blue eyes that I had seen so many times before. The spark was back but there was some guilt too. I wanted to take all the pain in them away.

Junior : "Come back to the track with me?" I could barely find my voice. There were still no words just a nod. As we head to the car I feel her intertwine her fingers into mine and move closer to me. I pull my hand back she looked up with pleading eyes as I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as we walked. I move to open the passenger side door for her when she blocks my movements. She wraps her arms around me and whispers into my ear the first words I have heard from my baby.

Chandler : "I love you"

Junior : "I love you baby. I don't know what happened these past 4 months, we'll work that out, but I can't lose you like that again, I love you too much, I want you for the rest of my life"

Chandler : "I need you so much I am so sorry" the tears are streaming down her face. I just want to take all the pain away.

Junior : "I need you too." We stay in each others arms until her crying comes back under control. When I get into the car I look over at her, she looks like a vulnerable little girl. I take her hand back into mine. She lays her head on my shoulder as we drive back. Our fingers are still intertwined when we pull up next to the motor coach. We both just sit there in silence.

Junior : "You ready?"

Chandler : "No"

Junior : "huh?"

Chandler : "I am so sorry Junior." What is going on she is breaking down again.

Junior : "Baby what is up?"

Chandler : "I... I can't be here."

Junior : "Why tell me please?" She doesn't answer me she just gets out of the car and stands there. I can tell she is trying to get things together.

Junior : "Shh Baby you know you can tell me anything." I reach to touch her she falls deep into my arms crying hard. She looks deep in to my eyes and touches my face with her hand. I can feel it tremble against me.

Chandler : "I love you so much I don' t deserve you. I am so sorry Junior. I never meant to hurt you. I love you"

Junior : "Baby I love you too and the only thing that matters to me right now is that we're back together, everything else has no significance to me. But you have to tell me why you can't be with me now that I finally have you back?"

Chandler : "I can't.."

Junior : "Why?"

Chandler : "You will get hurt" she says through her sniffles. I pull in between my legs as I sit down on the picnic table and hold her so she has to look at me.

Junior: "Tell me Chandler. Nothing you can say can make me not love you I have loved you since the day I met you. If getting hurt means having you back it's a risk I'm willing to take because I can't afford to have you out of my life another time"

Chandler : "August" she turns away as I see her tear stained face in the moonlight. The anger rising by hearing that name. He did this he took her away from me.

Junior : "Baby"

Chandler : "He..He... was going to hurt you if I didn't go back with him. I love you so much I was going to do anything to protect you and after...sniffle.. after he hurt you that day at the restaurant. Then he came by the house when you were in California and told me to come with him or you would not be coming back from the race. I knew he would do that. I didn't want to lose you or you get hurt. I am so sorry." She looked deep into my eyes looking for something all I felt was numbness.

Junior : "How long" she just looks at me with a weird look. Then she took a deep breath

Chandler : "He start to call me, write, and send things in the mail since Vegas."

Junior : "VEGAS, Why didn't you tell me?" that came off to sharp but she takes it. I know she hurting but right now I am hurting to. She didn't trust me enough to tell me.

Chandler : "I was scared"

Junior : "So the past four months you have been with him" my anger is rising. But I have a calm also.

Chandler : "Yeah but I loved you and you are the only on I have ever loved."

Junior : "Is he here with you?"

Chandler :"No. I am sorry Junior. I never wanted to hurt you" My anger disappears as I look into her eyes. A lit mist starts to fall and soon big rain drops are coming down. She looks so beautiful.

Junior : "Why didn't you tell me?"

Chandler : "I don't know. I thought if I didn't say anything it would all blow over. Then he threatened you and I never stopped loving you. I slept with your shirt every night. That day I was in Michigan. I wanted to see you so bad if it was only from a far. I couldn't risk him hurting you but I hurt you." the look in her eyes are breaking my heart

Junior : "As much as I've felt hurt these past few months and thought I had done something wrong to make you leave"

Chandler : "No Junior, you were perfect you were my superman. I hurt you and that hurts so bad. I wanted so many times to pick up that phone I called the cell just to here your voice." The rain is beating down on us I stand up and pull her close. I want to kiss her so bad. Her dress is soaked so am I her curls are flat against her forehead. But her blue eyes have that spark my spark.

Junior : "Can I kiss you?"

Chandler : "Please" I drop as soft kiss on her lips. They are so soft. The feel of her lips back on mine feels better than any win I have ever had. I go to deepen the kiss when I feel her fingers go to her favorite spot on my neck. We I pull apart there is an automatic smile on my face

Junior : "Don't leave"

Chandler : "What about Aug"....

Junior : "Shh... we will decide that in the morning right now all I want to do is hold you and love you for the rest of my life."

Junior : "Come're... I pick up her wet dripping body I feel her wrap her arms around me as I carry her up into the motor coach. That smile is back on her face as I throw her down on the couch and she lands on one of Red's squeaky toys.

Chandler : "Bug"

Junior : "Yeah hot stuff?"

Chandler : "You are all wet" she said with a giggle as Red licked her face.

Junior : "So are you smart one. Come on, I will get you some clothes and you can get a shower. Your shampoo and everything is in there I couldn't take it out." I hear her close the bathroom door and soon the water starts. I grab her a pair of bright yellow basketball shorts that were her favorite and one of my daddy's old shirts his fans use to wear. I lay them on my bed. I smile comes back it is our bed again. The bathroom door creaks open 15 minutes later and I can smell my baby. I catch a glimpse of her in her towel. She is more beautiful then I remember. I can't wait any longer than 30 minutes until I have to have her back in my arms. I walk into the bedroom and see her slide the huge shirt over her head as she starts to pull her hair back. I wrap my arms around her body.

Junior : "Hey beautiful I missed you in my arms."

Chandler : "I missed you to." when she turns to my face I see the tears in her eyes

Junior : "No more crying you hear me"

Chandler : "They are happy tears"

Junior : "I guess those are okay but you know what I have to do since they are happy tears."

Chandler : "Wha?t"

Junior : "This" I start to tickle her sides as she wiggles and worms her way away from me I catch her again and fall down on the bed in each others arms. I stare down in to her no sparkling blue eyes.

Junior "I love you"

Chandler : "I love you" She yawns as we lay there staring into each others eyes.

Junior : "Sleepy"

Chandler : "Yeah I haven't slept in 4 months

Junior : "Neither have I come on I want to have you back in my arms asleep"

Chandler : "I like that" I slide my shirt off and slacks her eyes stay on me. When I lay down her head is immediately on my chest. Her wet hair is tickle me a little as she moves and snuggles deep into my arms. I can smell her sweet smelling hair. I want it to be like this forever.

Chandler : "Baby"

Junior : "Yeah"

Chandler : "What about..."

Junior : "Shh... Tomorrow we will figure it out right now I just want to love you:

Chapter 49

Chandler's POV

I feel fingertips slowly trailing down my arm. I snuggle deep into the warmth of Junior's arms around me. I don't want to open my eyes fearing it was a dream. I turn into his bare chest I let out a sigh and he chuckles a little at my breath tickling him. I can feel the goose bumps come up on my arm. It has been so long since we have just touched and laid in each others arms. I am almost back to sleep when the alarm goes off. We both groan.

Junior : "I don't want to get up" he whines as he tightens his grip on me

Chandler : "Do you have to race today?"

Junior : "Yeah, I don't think NASCAR would be to happy with me telling them I rather stay in bed with my girlfriend holding her."

Chandler : "Helton wouldn't care." I look up at him giving him my best I want to get my way look

Junior : "Baby girl if you looked at him like that we would be laying her all day." He rolls over so he is propped up above me looking down into my eyes. I just want to grab him and love him, help make up for lost time.

Junior : Good Morning Beautiful he brushes away piece of my hair that had fallen around my face during our sleep. I gently touch his smooth cheek. His baby blues are glowing with love. Love for me. That is the best feeling in the world right now. He slow drops his sweet lips down to mine and gently kisses me. Leaving my lips tingling.

Chandler : Hmmm Good Morning he leans back down for another kiss. My hands go to his soft bare back. We are startled when Red jumps up on the bed trying to get in on the action as he licks Juniors arm and makes him start to laugh.

Junior : I am getting a shower baby. he kisses my forehead as he rolls off me and steps out of bed.

When I hear the water start I finally roll out of bed pulling up Juniors basketball shorts. Through the night they had slide down my body. I tap on the bathroom door as I go by I hear him yell I love you. I grab a bowl of cereal and turn on CMT to listen to some music until I could feel his arms around me again. I was emptying my bowl of milk when I feel those arms again and his sweet breath whispering in my ear. To the music that is playing off the TV.

Junior : "I never make a promise I don't intend to keep. So when I say forever, forever is what I mean. I'm no Casanova but I swear this much is true I'll be holding' nothing' back when it comes to you. You dream of love that's everlasting" I turn into him smelling his freshly applied Drakker and his shampoo. His body still has some water droplets on it. He pulls me close as we gently sway back and forth in the kitchen of the motor coach. My hands slide around his bare neck. I gaze back at him and notice he is still just in his towel and his bare feet are all pink from the warm water. I start to giggle.

Junior : "What I am not sexy in my towel? I can take it off." He gives me that innocent little smirk.

Chandler : "Oh baby don't tease.. don't tease." He grabs me up against him and lays a powerful kiss down on my lips and turns to head back to the bedroom before he got back there he yelled to me.

Junior : "BABY?"

Chandler : "YEAH?" with that his towel is chunk at me.

Junior : "Don't Deny you want it" With that I am heading back to the bedroom just to have him shut the door and let out a loud chuckle. I sling the door open

Junior : "Chan I am changing" he says in his best shy voice

Chandler : "I am watching" I plop down on the bed and prop up to watch him

Junior : "Look who has gotten kinky... note to self "I like it". There were no laughs just a weird silence. I felt really uncomfortable laying there looking at my boxer clad boyfriend. It was like our relationship was brand new again and this was the first time I had ever seen him like that. I looked at him he was just standing there holding his T-shirt. All the guilt comes rushing back as the tension and the awkward silence seems to be building

Chandler : "Junior?"

Junior : "Yeah?"

Chandler : "This weird"

Junior : "Why?"

Chandler : "Um"

Chandler : "I will like turn around"

Junior : "Chan you all right?"

Chandler :"Yeah"

Junior : "You just had this weird look"

Chandler : "Oh It just feels like the first time I have ever seen you in just your boxers again."

Junior : "Baby I don't want you to feel weird around me you are my girl." He slides his baggy T-shirt on and sits down beside me on the bed turning me around to face him.

Chandler : "Junior I love you so much. I want us like we were before I screwed us up."

Junior : "Baby I want that too"

Chandler : "Time"

Junior :"Huh?"

Chandler : "It is going to take time"

Junior : "Yeah sweetie but I don't want to wait long to get things that I want especially someone like you." With that he winks at me and stands up and slides his jeans on and rummages around for a hat. I just laid in the bed snuggled in his scent as he finished getting ready while humming along to the now playing radio. He came and wrapped his arms around me as he pulled me up into the air and over his shoulder. Our laughter feels the coach as we make it up to the front. When I am sat down I glance down at what I am wearing from the night before it doesn't seem to fit what all the girlfriends and wives wear. With a quick grin from my blue-eyed angel I am pulled out of the coach and soon delivered to the Harvicks, much to De's surprise. By the time the guys headed to the drivers meeting, It was already like me and De hadn't missed a beat we were talking and giggling while we found me something to wear. Soon Buffy and Krissy were there. Krissy was sporting her new engagement ring that Ryan had given her that week. I glanced down at her hand hoping someday that would be me holding out my hand and letting others look at what Junior had given me. Which would be his love for my life?

By the time we make it to Pit Road, I am in a pair of De's jeans one of Buffy's shirts and a pair of Krissy's shoes. The bud boy soon captures me by his arms and lips on my cheek. I can see my reflection in his sunglasses. He pulls out the diamond that he had given to me with the promise of forever so to speak. I fall into the crook of his arm as we walk down pit road flank with the power couples of NASCAR. After the hand squeeze and several kisses I am up on the pit box getting my radio tuned into the channel to here my baby say I love you and lets go boys.

When the race ended we came home third I could never be as happy as I was to have my baby back and going back to my home with him. What the future holds is unknown

Chapter 50

I woke up back home in my bed with the man I love earlier than I expected. I glanced over at the clock on his side of the bed it was 6:00 am. I just lay there for a while listening to his even breathing and the soft sound of the crickets outside the window. My life was back to what I needed. The scary thing was August was soon going to realize I never came home all my things were still there, but I wasn't. I don't really care at this point cause Junior's strong arms just have wrapped around me during his sleep and are holding me close as he snuggles closer than before. I shift in his arms and catch the promise ring he gave me laying on the bedside table. It had been awhile since it was on my hand the promise was always there but buried deep in my doubt and the safety of keeping him alive. I can tell the sun is about to rise when I feel his warm sleepy breath on my neck.

Junior :"Hey you" he says in a deep sleepy voice as he shifts in the bed bring me rolling with him.

Chandler : "Hey"

Junior : "It is early what are you doing up?" He says as he tries to head off back to sleep. I can feel his hand resting on my hip.

Chandler : "Thinking about us"

Junior : "Us being Forever?"

Chandler : "Yeah us being forever" I turn to kiss his nose as he wraps me back up in his arms.

Junior : "Lets go" he says abruptly as he leans up and takes the sheet with and my hand in his.

He stops at the doorway and drops an early morning kiss down on to my lips. After the gentle exchange I look into his sleepy filled eyes and I can see the rest of my life being like this. I can't imagine not waking up with him near me. As we walk into the kitchen he stops and starts a pot of coffee and hands me a cup of juice from the fridge and watch him as he moves around. His hair every where and his boxers all wrinkled from the night of sleep. When the coffee is finally made he grabs a cup and me and we head out by the pool and sit down in the swing. He brings me back into his arms and we wrap up in the sheet. We watch the sun start to rise over the horizon. I lay back against his bare chest. The silence was the most beautiful thing we had ever shared. It was as if all our thoughts were being answered by our movements.

Chandler : "This is so pretty" I lay my head back on his shoulder and see the outline of his face. The soft lines of his jaw and his whiskers from not shaving.

Junior : "Not as pretty as you" He intertwines our hands together.

Junior : "Chandler I thought I could never be happy ever again. When I lost you, I lost my world when you left. I thought I had loved somebody once again and they have left me like they always do it broke me. But when I saw you Saturday I knew my life was given back to me. I love you so much. I will love you forever. I never will let you go ever again, ever again."

Chandler : "Love me forever. I want you to love me forever. I have never been fully loved until you. I am scared that it will be ripped away from me. Love me forever please just love me forever."

There were no more words just our bodies turning into each others and falling into the others arm. I felt his lips come on mine and they stayed that way until we finally broke apart when the sun was fully in the sky above us and the temperature was rising from our bodies and from the warm July morning. I watched Junior walk into the house to get ready to go over to the shop. I saw his muscles in his back ripple as he walked and lean down to pet Bud and Red. When he got to the door he glanced back to me and I saw my smile that I had missed for four months of my stupidity. I got up and sat beside the pool thinking of what forever would be like with my Bug. Waking up every morning in his arms seeing that smile everyday that he only smiled for me. After a while I went back in the house and headed toward the bedroom our bedroom. I saw him writing once again. He was writing on the same piece that he had been working since we got together. I still had no idea what it was. With a quick kiss and getting tucked into the bed he was off to the shop and I was off to another nap snuggled deep in one of his shirts and in his bed.

Around 2 I heard Bug come back home and the TV in the living room come on to a baseball game. I walked out and saw him in his chair watching the game eating his ham and dorito sandwich with a coke. I stood and watch him for a while. I have been watching him intensely trying to just learn him all over again. He was feeding Red some of his sandwich. I walked up behind him and kissed the side of his face. With a quick motion I was in his lap.

Junior : "I missed you"

Chandler : "I missed you too"

Chandler : "How was the shop?"

Junior : "Same OLE same OLE. Ty said to thank you for my finish and my mood."

Chandler : "Aww you were mean weren't you?"

Junior : "Yeah you weren't here to yell at me"

Chandler : "Hey now"

Junior : "I missed that I missed you getting on me for leaving my coke cans around and using bad English during my interviews."

Chandler : "But you still love me?"

Junior : "Always"

Chandler : "Tonight you remember we have the dinner with Ryan and Krissy for there engagement"

Junior : "Yeah, but do I have to dress up?"

Chandler : "Yeah bug you have to look all sexy again"

Junior :"You honey by far are the sexy one"

Chandler : "De is coming by with something for me to wear since I have no clothes yet"

Junior : "You and her need to go shopping"

Chandler : "Are you suggesting me and Delana shopping? You must have hit your head on something at the shop."

Junior : "Cute." We start to make out again for the 100th time we had been together when we were interrupted by the doorbell. It was De and Kevin. With a swift slap on my butt Junior dumped me down on the floor nearly when he moved to get the door. He gave that trademark Earnhardt smirk.

Around 7 we were all at the very expensive Italian restaurant in Charlotte. Delana had let me borrow a short black cocktail dress. I had on pair of heels that made me feel as if I was as tall as Mikey. Junior was in a black suit with an royal blue shirt on and a yellow tie. He looked drop dead. Standing there holding out his hand for mine, We had all taken a limo together. I saw my rings capture the light. Junior ran his thumb over them as we walked in the door together. Many heads turned as we walked in as a group. Mikey and Junior joked it was because they looked so sexy. During dinner I couldn't keep my eyes off of Junior. We were the only ones at the table dating. I saw Delana giving me the watchful sister eye from across the table and her smile I knew she was happy for me to be back. After a while all the couples were on the floor in each others arms. I looked deep into Juniors eyes I heard him whisper a few simple words

Junior : "This well be us someday celebrating our lives together forever"

Chapter 51

Junior POV

Life can't get any better it seems like. I finally am finishing good again and I have my life back and the woman I love in it. I lay my head back against the headrest of the airplane as I watch her play cards with Pops and Tony, Jr. I can tell Pops loves her just as much as he would love his own. He throws his arm over her shoulders and hugs her as they celebrate her beating Tony, Jr. I am still watching her when she turns her head and looks at me over her shoulder and throws me her on little wink and smile. Her blue eyes seem to be dancing today. She rises quickly and comes and plops down on my lap.

Chandler : "Hey good looking"

Junior : "Hey baby girl"

Junior : "Have fun beating the boys?"

Chandler : "Yep".... She just stares in my eyes and licks her lips she is teasing me and is about to get a reaction from my lap if she keeps going. I just look at her and she gives me an innocent little smile

Chandler : : "What Bug?"

Junior : "Oh you know what" with that I tip her back and attack her neck with kisses she giggles really loud and soon we hear some of the crew start to hoop and holler.

Pops : "Okay you two go get a room"

Tony Jr. :"Some babies are going to be made tonight, can I get a hell yeah?"

The Crew : "Hell Yeah"

Ty : "That is enough"

By that time me and Chandler are rolling in each other arms with laughter of Ty's red face. Every time the crew gets into a conversation of sex he gets all red faced and nervous. Everyone quiets down from the laughter except me and Chandler. She just cuts those blue eyes at me and smiles and sticks her tongue out at me.

Junior : "Stop you are so bad"

Chandler :"I know but I am good at being bad"

Junior : "Damn Girl what has gotten in you?"

Chandler : "I just feel so alive now I want to love you, all of you."

Junior : "Horn-dog"

Chandler : "You make me that way"

Junior : "I like it too"

Chandler : "I knew you would" All I can do is just shake my head at her and smile. She is everything I wanted in a woman she was smart sexy and kept me inline. She was balls to the walls all the time and most of she loved me for me.

When we finally touchdown and got to the track Delana was already waiting to take Chandler to go shopping. I had to go do a new segment for Drakker while they were out. Kevin was meeting me after the segment. Then we were meeting the girls at a restaurant. I pulled Chandler close to me and gave her a deep kiss before we broke apart she slipped her hand down to the front of my jeans and grabbed me and just smiled over her shoulder as she walked away with Delana. She was going to be the death of me soon. Jade ushered me quickly into our own car and headed into the city for the segment. My mind was on everything but the segment, it was more stuck in the gutter with the thoughts of Chandler and her in bed with very little clothing I am distracted from my thought when Jade throws a paper ball at me

Jade : "Earth to June"

Junior : "What asswipe?"

Jade : "You zoned out thinking about your woman?"

Junior : "Hell Yeah Wouldn't you think about her?"

Jade : "Yeah she is hot"

Junior : "Gurss you better not be lusting after my girl or I will kick your ass"

Jade : "Nah man I am not, she is too young for me. Ask her if she has any older friends though I need a woman like you need a win."

Junior : "Damn man that was low"

Jade :"I know I am that good"

Junior : "Bite Me"

Jade : "That is Chandler's job" I just smirk and flip him off as we get out of the car and walk into the studio. Soon people are swarming around me trying to get me to wear make up and shit. I protest no way in hell are they putting that on my face. I don't agree until I hear Chandler bust up through the dressing room. All heads turn as she ushers everyone out of the room. I can see she has the mischievous smile on her face.

Chandler : "Well Mr. Earnhardt I see you are being a bad guest. Bad guest must be punished."

Junior : "What are ya doing he"..... I am silenced when she straddles my lap and lays and mind blowing kiss on my lips. I can feel her hands go into my hair and around my neck to her favorite place and it is now mine. She sucks at my bottom lip before I grab her and take back control and slide my tongue fast into her mouth. I feel her take a deep breath at my demanding move but right now I just want to throw her on the counter and forget waiting and blow her mind. Her hands are running up through my hair when she pulls back.

Chandler : "We have to get you ready for this segment and you will mind me."

Junior :"Baby I am glad you are here, but how did you get here you are supposed to me with Delana?"

Chandler :"The reason I am here is because we were shopping down the street when I called your cell and Jade answered and was complaining that you were being mean to the people so I was like I will make him mine so obey."

Junior : "Yes Ma'am" she just walks back over to me and brings me up to my feet. I hear her mumble something about not liking the shirt as I feel her tongue tracing my ear and her fingers sliding up the shirt I have on. She runs her nails down my back as her tongue does the same to my neck. She moves and starts to carry the shirt over my head. I look in her eyes as she stares back in mine. I see all the passion that has been built up in her. She starts to kiss down my throat to my chest down my stomach and does her all familiar trace around my belly button. I have my hand in her hair taking down the once pony tail that was there. She traces the rim of my jeans with her tongue and nips at the button that is holding them together. She takes the button in her teeth and stare up at me with innocent eyes as she undoes the button and my baggy jeans fall to the ground, I am so glad I didn't do the laundry and wore this pair. The blood is quickly leaving my brain. Suddenly she just stands and walks over to the rack of jeans and picks a dark denim pair.

Chandler : "I like this." she walks back over and hands them to me leaving my something raging in my crotch. As I pull up the jeans I am cursing her in my head she just watches me when I am about to try and zip them she walks over and her hand covers mine.

Looks like something is getting in the way maybe I can help." She drags her hand down my back and the other down my chest with a quick motion she has me in her hand gently rubbing me up and down. It has been so long since homie down there got some action I instantly turn hard. I even impress myself. I can see Chan still looking at me with innocent eyes like she has no idea what she is doing. My hand covers hers as the speed picks up. I jerk her hand out and the jeans down I find the close thing to me which is a cup. Soon my head stops spinning and blood is returning back to my brain. I just look at the woman in front of me who is just standing there watching me.

Chandler : "I am glad I still have my touch."

Junior : "Oh baby damn you still have the touch. You don't know how bad I want to throw you up on the counter and show you what it is like to make love." With that I pull back up the jeans and fix my boxers I able now able to button them comfortable. Soon she has me sliding on a white T-shirt then a jet black long sleeve shirt and tells me to leave a few buttons open. We hear a knock on the door telling us it almost time for me to do my segment. I sit in the chair just watching her messing with a bottle of gel an idea comes to me. I turn her quickly into my arms, her hands go to my hair when we finish the make out session my hair has the messy beach bum look she loves. With that I let her dab a few drops of make up stuff on my face. I get one last kiss before she walks out in front of me. When I step out she is gone. But the crew seems pretty impressed with what I look like. If only they knew what else went on. When the segment is finally over I slide back on my shorts and orange polo shirt and just leave my hair all messy like Chan likes it. I see Kevin when I walk out.

Kevin : "If it isn't the Abercrombie and Fitch model himself."

Junior :"Fuck off Har-vick" he just slaps me on the back as we walk out.

Kevin: "De called and said you got a visit from Chan earlier today and she walked out with a goof ass grin on her face. So ya'll are back to normal now?"

Junior : "Yeah I think we are no longer weird anymore. Damn Kevin, man I love her I have never loved a girl like her and shit I have never not fucked a girl cause she had morals I don't think I even had a girl with morals"

Kevin : "See my friend what love does to ya?"

Junior : "I love her man so much."

When we get to the store I look up at the sign and glance up at the sky, I know Daddy is smiling at what I am about to do. As we walk in we are greeted by a young sales lady that shows no signs of recognizing us. I walk around at all the things that are sparkling in the case. No wonder every time the guys come in here they throw a lot of money down. Kevin is over looking at huge diamond necklace. I see something the color of Chan's blue eyes over in the corner. It's a blue diamond like off that movie "Titanic", just a lighter shade. Everything in here is so beautiful but nothing compares to my baby girl.

Lady : "May I help you?"

Junior : 'Yes I am looking for a ring"

Lady : "What kind of ring sir?"

Junior : "An ..........."

Chapter 52

Chandler's POV

Chandler : "Delana, look how cute he looks!"

Delana : "Girl you have so bad for him." I hardly here what she says as Bug catches my eye standing outside a fancy hotel in the city. He is wearing "" tuck into a wonderful pair of black pants with a lite jacket over it "" Before I got to him I had to draw the shawl around me a little more for it being an August night in New York it was a tad chilly especially for my dress De picked out in Victoria Secrets. We joked that there were about 10 ex girlfriends of Junior's in the catalog, that was all forgot when I saw him. Our eyes finally meet and he gives me that smile that is just special for me. His arms wrap around me and lay a sweet kiss on my cheek.

Junior : "You look so beautiful" Before I could answer he laid a sweet kiss on my lips. We got some yells from Kevin and Delana. Our hands intertwine as we step into the revolving door. I have never seen a hotel this beautiful before. I looked over at Bug and his eyes were just bright blue and shinning he pulled me a little closer as we walked back into the lobby. Kevin and De were in front of us as Junior stroked his thumb over the back of my hand I watched how the couple interacted. Joking and laughing but being fully involve. When we walked in to the restaurant it was dimly lit with soft piano music playing and the room was filled with wonderful smells from the kitchen. I felt his hand move to the small of my back as he guided me to the table and sat down. I was reading my menu when the scent of his cologne became strong as he leaned into give me a kiss on the nose.

Chandler : "Hmm thanks"

Junior : "No problem baby"

Junior : "I love you"

Chandler :"I love you too." he looked back at me as I touched his arm

Chandler : "I really like that shirt."

Junior : "I really would like to see you waking up in it tomorrow morning"

Chandler : "I really would like to have it on." The rest of dinner was just sweet looks of love to each other. When we finished Kevin and Delana decided to go back to the glen while me and Junior wanted to stay a little longer in the city. As we were walking through the lobby Junior pulled me down a little hallway to a ballroom we just stood there and listen to people showing their love to each other for the rest of their life as the wedding proceeded and we stood in each others arms I leaned back against his chest and looked into his eyes.

Chandler : "I love you so much"

Junior : "I love you too Chan. I want this to be me and you someday I want you to be my wife and the mother of my children. I never want anyone else but you in my life. Someday I want us to be forever."

Chandler : "You are the one I want too. I want to wake up in your arms and be your girl. Hold your hand at the races all the time and just be with you and live our lives together. Forever me and you"

Junior: "Forever me and you" He gently turns me into his body and laid a demanding kiss on my lips that was looking for the answer in my actions my hands slide up his back and into his messy hair as we stood in the hallway lip locked, we heard some cat calls. When we broke apart we head towards the elevator take us down and head back to the glen. As we were coming down to elderly people got into the elevator you could tell the couple were very rich. Junior had just wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled back in his arms as they boarded.

Junior : "I want to show you my love when we get back I have to pay you back for earlier today." He nuzzled my neck as his breath whispered in my ear it sent goose bumps down my arms.

Chandler : "Sounds Good" As I glance back my lips brush across his. Soon we hear the elderly couple chuckle.

Margaret : "You kids are so cute. Please tell me that is a pretty diamond engagement ring on your hand with those three stones. I have never seen Opals and Diamonds mixed like that does it mean something."

Stan : "Margaret stop bothering the kids"

Chandler : "Oh that is okay the first stone means...."

Junior : "It was her past without me the diamond is our future together and the last opal is the present."

Margaret : "Well aren't you just the cutest thing. Stan he looks familiar. You are the Drakker Noir boy."

Junior : "Um Yes Ma'mn I am." I have to chuckle at Juniors face for being recognized from his cologne bottle not his racing.

Margaret : "Can I get your autograph?"

Junior : "Sure" He scribbles his name on the napkin she is holding her wine with when our level dings we start to exit. The lady touches my arm

Margaret : "Keep him, he is a keeper and I can tell he loves you very much."

Chandler : "I plan on keeping him forever if he will have me"

Junior : "She will be mine forever it was nice talking to you" with that junior chuckles and drags me into his arms again.

Junior : "Time for me to show you my love."

As the limo pulls up he pulls me into the back in his lap and raises up the privacy window as we head to take the plane back to the track. I was still on Juniors lap and the driver drove on. I felt his hands rubbing up and down my sides and his kisses on the exposed part of my neck were the dressed didn't cover. Through his kisses he starts to rub my back as the limo pulls up to the airport strip my zipper on the back of my dress is almost down. Junior grabs me up and throws me over his shoulder as he carries me up the airplanes steps and plops me down on the seat he turns and walks to the cockpit door says something to the pilot and closes it shut. He has a devil look in his eye as he comes over and slides down in front of me on his knees and pulls me so our mouths crash together in a heat kiss he tongue slides deep in to my mouth. He hands are resting right on the top of my thighs. It feels like I am burning up for him. I just want him so bad. As his kisses start to trail down my neck his hand moves and gathers the fabric of my new dress up exposing the bare top of my thighs. His lips move back up my neck and to my lips were his tongue is probing and passionate. I can't help but wiggle a little at the electricity that is flowing through my body. I finally stop holding on the arm rest and let my hands go into his hair. I slide them across his shoulders and slide his jacket off. His hands slide down my body taking my ankle in his hand as he drove his hands up my legs he drug his tongue all the way up my leg following his tongue. Once he got to my thigh he start to spell his name with his tongue. He repeated that active on my other leg. It was driving my wild. I laid my head against the head rest and my hand went int o his hair. He lined himself up against my center and gently drug his tongue down my center the back up again. Chill bumps popped up on my fair skin as his eyes were locked on mine. He drug his tongue in the shape of D around my center swirling his tongue around my sweet nub. When he finished the letter he flicked his tongue as he said the letter out loud.






Junior :"R" by the time he finished I was bucking in his mouth wanting more of what he was giving me.

Chandler : "Don't Stop God Junior" My hands went into his hair as he slide a finger deep into my center. He start getting faster with his mouth and finger it had been so long since I had this feeling I was quickly hanging on the edge.

Chandler : "Right OHHH Junior Shit Right there." Junior pulled back long enough to look at me and wiggle his tongue the quickly went back down and quicken his pace I couldn't hold in it anymore my hands slammed down on the arm rest as my release rocketed through my body. He stay and liked my clean the slide hissed body up to my lips. I could feel his boys raging against my thigh.

Junior : "When you scream my name like that you feel what it does." He said in a sexy whisper. I slide over on to his lap and start to rub my hips against his raging crotch it was his time to moan out loud. I wanted to give him the pleasure he had just given me.

Junior : "Um You play so dirty." I just smiles as I slide down his legs and let my hands fall on him. I gently start to un- button the pair of pants he had on and un tuck his shirt. I want to get to the sexiest part on him his little tuff of a happy trail around his bellybutton cause I knew how it drove him crazy. I kissed him gently on the newly exposed skin that was showing. I felt his hands go into my hair and start to take it down. I gently trailed my tongue down until I got to his boxers. I ran my hand up under his dress shirt and white T-shirt and drug my nails down his chest. I was watching the expressions on his face as he got that goofy grin of knowing he was going to be satisfied. I unzipped his pants enough and moved them down so I could get to the one thing I want and he want me to have. I could feel he was already rock hard when I took him in my hand I ran my hand down his long length and cup the head of him and then his balls. I heard his breathing tense up as I lean down and circled him with my tongue he tighten his grip up on me as I took him deep in to my mouth. I start to suck him in and out and playing with him where my mouth couldn't reach.

Junior : "Damn Chandler" he moaned out as I quicken the pace of my hand tongue. He started to buck into my mouth as I could feel him get harder and harder. I knew he wasn't going to be long cause it had been so long for him as well. He started to get harder in his bucking and I started taking more and more of him in.

Junior : " baby god that feels so good I am going to..." before he could finish I felt him spilling his sweetness into my mount. I took him all down as he let lose of what he had been holding. I pulled back when the last of it came out he jerk me up into his arms and laid us down on the seat. He was resting on top of me with his pants still unbutton.

Junior : "Good I want to make love to you right now baby"

Chandler : "Do it then"

Junior : "What"

Chandler : "Junior I want you to make love to me right now" All I want is to feel us as one and let him be the first I don't care about waiting anymore cause it is killing me. I pull him down I can feel him slide his tongue in to my mouth gently caressing mine. My hands go to his shirt I am trying to undo the buttons but it is taking so long I feel like I can never get so his chest again. I finally get it unbutton and slide my hands to his white shirt he is wearing under it and take off. I can feel the muscle ripples in his back and his straddles me and leans down for another kiss. I wrap my legs around his waist and try to push down his already open pants down when he pulls back and stops me.

Junior : "Not yet"

Chandler : "What"

Junior : "Not yet"

Chandler : "No I want it to happen." I start to take bring his pants down again and I know he wants it cause I feel him already hard again. Again he pulls back

Junior : "It has to be special Chan not on the plane going somewhere. I know you want it special."

Chandler : "It is special it with you come on baby make love to me you must not want to." I give him my best poutty lip

Junior : "Hell baby I want to make love to you so bad right have you scream my name but I know you want it special and to wait you have saving it this long. You know I am right you are just hot rightness." I Just lay there looking at him when he pulls me up into his arms and starts pulls his pants up a little.

Junior : "Baby when the time is right you want be begging for it cause you will have it all the time you want."

As soon as we finally get a little situated we feel the plane start to land. We stand up and I start to fix my hair and dress so it looks semi decent. Junior has it dress shirt over his shoulder and the white T-shirt on. As we walked off the pilot just smiled at us and gave Junior a high-five it never crossed our mind he could hear us and what all were doing. It crack both of us up as we rode in the golf cart with Jade to the motor coach. When we got in I head to the shower I need something to cool my body down. I was in the shower when I heard Junior come in and start to brush his teeth. I stuck my head out from behind the curtain and got a minty fresh kiss from my baby. When I got out I saw his shirt on the door knob my evil side came out as I slide on the dress shirt and nothing else and walked into the bed were he was laying in his boxers playing a video game. He bare chest just scream to be kissed. I walked over to him and took the controller out his hand

Junior : "Baby I was playing."

Chandler : "I want to play with you" I throw my legs around his body and straddle the lower half of his stomach.

Junior : "Um there is nothing under here" he said as he ran his hands up my bare bottom to my back then around to my stomach.

Chandler ; "I think you need to show me how you shift gears around this curve track." I slide the shirt over my head as he rolled me over

Junior : "I will show you just what is like." He started to kiss my bare body. Tonight was going to be a very long night.

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