Chapters 11 - 16

Chapter 11

The next morning I woke up a empty left side of the bed. I open my eyes and see Jr in the closet with a towel wrapped around his waist still dripping wet from the shower he just got out of looking for something to wear. He is totally oblivious that I am awake. I hear him talking to Bud who is laying in the door frame. I roll back over to catch some more sleep before we head to Daytona. I feel a towel hit me if the face and Jr laughing.

Jr :"Good morning Sunshine you ready to go Daytona?"

Chandler : "Yeah Yeah"

Jr : "Someone is not a morning person. Oh doesn't she look cute bud all grumpy." he says in a baby voice

Chandler : "Bug shut-up! Like you are Mr. Sunshine in the mornings. What have you been smoking this morning?" Before he can answer I chuck the towel at him.

Jr : "Baby I am going to Daytona with the woman I love." He walks over to the bed and straddles my waist. I am so glad he has a pair of jeans on. He leans down and gives me a kiss

Jr :"I Love You Chandler Elizabeth Blake"

Chandler : "I love you to Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr" He leans and kisses me again. He pulls back and turns my head to the side.

Chandler :"What are ya doing admiring your work?"

Jr :"Yeah I am impressed with myself . Your hickey is in the shape of Daytona." he laughs and rolls off me. I stumble out of the bedroom while he goes and finishes his packing . When I get to the living room I see the DMP in a game of Madden 2003.

Chandler :"Do ya'll ever go home." I hear laughs and then No's I walk towards the kitchen Shane yells breaking his concentration for a second,

Shane:"There's no food in there we're stopping on the way to get something to eat! " I walk back into the room. Jr isn't paying attention and is submerged into writing something. I crawl across the bed and wrap my arms around him.

Chandler : "Hmmm Bug I love you"

Jr : "I love you to baby "

Chandler : "What ya writing?"

Jr : "Something" he says all innocent.

Chandler : "Cute answer "

Jr : "Thanks I am writing something for you but you can't see it unitl it is done."

Chandler : "Baby I need to get dressed. Do I have to look nice today or can I look like a bum?"

Jr : "You are sexy whatever you wear."

Chandler : "Good answer your mama didn't raise no fool"

Chandler "I am wearing my hunting camouflage pants and my new JR Motorsports sweatshirt that my cute bug gave me ." as I nuzzle the back of his neck

Jr : "That makes me wanna shoot my gun". He says and leans back so we both fall on the bed.

Chandler : "You are such a perv ya know that"

Jr : "You still love me though."

Chandler : "Get out of here you little horn dawg"

We finally end up on the road. We look like a screwed up Brady Bunch Family all in the suburban headed to Daytona. Bug and I are in the front and the DMP are all in the back. Halfway through South Carolina all the guys are asleep and I'm barely able to keep my eyes open.

Chandler :"Baby will you wake me up when we get into Georgia? "

Jr : "Yeah."I reach over and he takes my hand in his as I look at our hands together and the way they perfectly fit together I know I could never love anyone as much as I love Jr. I glance up and see how much he has affected my life already. I look at him one last time before I close my eyes to head off to sleep. I want to be able to picture him in my dreams. His Auburn hat he bought this morning on the road just to make me smile, his Chance 2 hooded sweatshirt and his baggy worn out jeans that barley stay on his body. For the first time in a year I feel happy.

Jr :"Baby"

Chandler : "mmmmmmmm yeah? "

Jr : "Wake up we are in Georgia!" When I open my eyes I see my old high school. Jamie, Dana, Megan, Rachel and Mallory are all standing out in Blue Zone. Our old parking grounds.

Chandler: "OH MY GOD!"

Jr : "Surprise!"As soon as the car stops I am out of it running to my girls. By the time I get to them I am in tears.

Chandler : "I missed ya'll so much"

Rachel : "About damn time I see your ass"

Jamie : "We though ya had fallen off the face of the earth"

Chandler : "I know things are going to change"

Megan : "Chan you remember the pact we made graduation night?"

Chandler : "When one of us needs the others we will all be there? "

Megan :"Well I need you cause I am getting married"

Chandler : "Oh go girl! let me see the ring."

Mallory : "We all tried to call you and we left messages but we never got to you"

Chandler : "I never got the messages . We so need to catch up "

Jr : "They are"

Chandler : "What"

Dana : "We are coming to Daytona for the week and leaving Friday so you are going to have us for a week "

Chandler : "Do what?"

Jr : "Surprise"

Chandler : "You did all this with out me knowing it?"

JR :"Yeah I am good like that while you were asleep last night I called your mama and got the info"

Chandler : "I love You." I can't believe I just said that out loud. The look on Jr's face was hilarious. That is the first time other than Kelley we have said it in front of other people.

Jr : "I love you too baby". He says as he wraps his arm around me

Chandler : "Oh Yeah girls this is Jr"

Rachel : "Yeah dumbass we know who he is, but who is that fine ass guy behind him asleep on the window in the truck"

Jr : "That is Shane"

Rachel : "Hello Shane my name is Rachel your new woman".She heads over to the window and taps on it Shane jumps 8 feet in the air waking up Dave, Shane, and T.J. in the process.

All the girls : "Hey Jr"

Megan : "Chan I love ya girl but I have to get going I need to go back to Pennsylvania, Stephen is graduating tonight so I need to go watch my man. But you are going to be hearing from me now that you are with a man that we all approve of and for all the wedding info." We hug and Megan leaves. With that all the girls load up into the suburban which packs it out more. Rachel is already talking her game to Shane. The rest of the way we catch up on what has been going on and gossip about what had happened around town. The whole way Bug held my hand with our fingers intertwined. When we finally pull into Daytona Beach we drive to the condo that Bug has for the 2 weeks he is going to be down here(it is huge). When walk in there are 5 rooms; Bug and I stand back as we watch all our friends pair off together. Rachel and Shane ,Mallory and T.J, Jamie and Josh, Dana and Dave all get rooms with each other.

Chandler : "I think my friends are going to be hooking up with the DMP"

Jr : "Looks like it, come on baby I wanna show you our room". We start heading up the stairs leaving our bags in the middle of the foyer. When we top them Junior turns around and pulls me into a hug.

Jr : "You really look sexy in your hunting camouflage." I kiss him on the cheek . We start heading back to our room. When Bug opens the door I am floored. There are 2 sets of French doors that open up over looking the endless sapphire ocean. There is a king size bed that is all white with white pillows and white linens. A flowing white canopy hovers over it like a veil on a bride. The walls are a light shade of blue that ties it all together.

Jr : "You like it?"

Chandler :"Yeah it is beautiful"

Jr : "Good" he pulls me close I feel his hands slide down to my waist trying to get me closer to him. "I have been waiting to do this all day." I feel his lips on mine his kiss is demanding and forceful. I feel his tongue tracing the outline of my lips then sliding into my mouth. We are kissing like we haven't seen each other in years . I slide my hand into his hair to my favorite sport where his curl is. His hand slips below my waist and rest on my butt. He moves his kisses down my neck as he does he takes my hair down from the ponytail that it had been in all day. I can feel his two days worth of stubble on my face, his lips finally connect back to mine. It is time to pay him back for the hickey he gave me yesterday . I trace his lips with my tongue and begin kissing his jaw line and back to his ear . I can feel him tighten his grip on my butt I blow on his ear slightly I can till he likes that cause I hear his moan . I move down to his neck and softly nibble and bite just enough to hear him moan out again. He gets tired of me giving him the same treatment he gave me and I feel him move us to the bed I lay back and watch as he takes off his sweatshirt and mine to. He kisses around the top of my tank top and across my shoulders down my arms he takes on of my fingers in his mouth and sucks on it a little a moan of mine escapes I feel his kisses come across my stomach . I pull him up and our mouths meet again his hands are gently pulling my tank top up. I roll us over and straddle his waist and gently start to kiss down his chest I feel his hands leave my tank top and go into my hair. I lick around his belly button sending him into a stream of moans before I know it I am back on my back with him taking my tank top over my head .

Shane : "Hey Jr where is the.........Oh sorry My man I didn't......".

Josh : "Shane where are ya ......Holy Shit....." Before I can get my tank top back down all of the guys are standing there at the door with there mouths hanging open.

Jr : "I was helping Chandler with her sweatshirt and her tank top came up in the process" I can see Jr is turning red then I notice my fine work on his neck.

T.J. : "Yeah Jr that is how ya got that huge hickey on your neck and your shirts over here on the floor." he says with a smile.He flicks them off , Rachel comes by with the video camera.

Rachel : "This is Jr trying to take Chan's purity as you can see they are still on 2nd Base "

Chandler : "Rachel quit zooming in on my man's chest" the awkward feeling leaves and now it is just funny.

Rachel : "Why would I zoom on his chest when I have Shane to zoom on?" Everyone cracked up over that as the night progressed everyone go to know each other and heard all the horrible stories of each other childhood about 4 am everyone decided to turn in. I crawled into the bed next to Bug we laid there in each others arms listening to the ocean outside.

Jr : "Baby I don't want to lose you"

Chandler : "What do mean?"

Jr : "I don't want to lose you to August"

Chandler : "You never going to lose me Bug"

Jr : "You promise?"

Chandler : "I promise" We lace our fingers together I lay my head on his chest.

Chandler : "Forever"

Jr : "Yeah Forever me and you baby"

Chapter 12

The rest of the week went wonderful. It felt good to have my friends back in my life and I knew Jr. was never going to keep them from me. We said our good-byes Thursday. A day early because the girls had to go back to there jobs and normal routine and they also wanted me and Jr. to have sometime together before the wildness of Speed weeks began. Thursday night Junior and I had a wonderful dinner at a nice restaurant on the beach then we went back to the condo and he actually sat through the whole movie of "Steel Magnolias" (which was a surprise that he knew that was my favorite) and he actually was so cute he cried at the end. That night we laid in the bed in each others arms. Friday seemed to come to early and Jr. was already up, showered and dressed by the time I crawled out of the bed.

Jr.: Ya ready?

Chandler: Let me get dressed.

Jr.: Nah just grab some clothes ya can shower and get all pretty in the motorcoach at the track. I let ya sleep to late cause you were to cute curled up on my pillow when I got in the shower.

Chandler: Awww Mr. Sunshine is Back in the mornings.

Jr.: Baby we really need to work on your attitude in the mornings. He leans and give me a kiss as he pulls me out of bed and laughs as he goes out the door downstairs. The first thing I see are my 'monsters' as Bug calls them I slide them on my feet and grab my Dale Jr. throw. I am in a near sprint trying to keep up with him heading out of the condo to the truck. As soon as I get in truck our hands find there way to each other and intertwine.

Jr.: Did I tell you I love you this morning?

Chandler: Not yet.

Jr.: Well, I love you.

Chandler: I love you too.

Jr.: I am going to hide those shoes from you. That was a mistake buying them. I heard you roaring behind me the whole way to the truck. You and your monster slippers, he says as he shakes he head.

Chandler: They were cute and my favorite colors so there.

Jr.: Yeah Whatever get some sleep baby girl we got about a 30 minute drive to the track.

When we get to the track we head to the team's hauler cause the Motor Coach is not here yet. I am busting up in the teams hauler in my carebear pj pants, and a tanktop with my hair in a ponytail on the top of my head wrapped in my Jr. blanket wearing my roaring monsters.

Chandler: You are so going to pay for this.

Jr.: What? Ya look sexy and you are only going to see my cousin and 2 of my uncles.

Chandler: Oh then why should I worry I am only seeing your damn family members

Jr.: "Pops isn't going to care" When we walk in Jr. grabs my hand and I follow behind him when we get back toward the lounge where the guys are I can hear his Uncle

Tony, Sr.: Junior that better be you and what the hell is that noise??

Jr.: "It is me Pops." As soon as we enter the lounge it goes quiet everyone is glued to me and Jr.

Jr.: I have announcement to make.

Jr.: "This is Chandler and I love her so be nice to her."I stare at him for a second he just told a whole team of guys that he loves me. After everyone got introduced to me Jade walked in and said the motorcoach was ready. Jade was shocked when he saw me. Jr. walked out to go to talk to him and left me with the guys all staring back at each other.

Tony Sr: "Chandler was that you I heard coming down the hall with Junebug that was roaring?"

Chandler: "Yes sir."

Tony Sr: "I am going to have to go get me some of them." The mood finally lightens when Bug comes back in we head to the motorcoach as we are walking Jade cracks up over my shoes.

Jade: "Where ya get those?"

Chandler: Jr. bought them for me but he is regretting the purchase now.

Jade: Yeah... Chandler I want You to know I have nothing against you and Jr. but I am worried about my position in the company, Ya know?

Chandler : Jade don't worry about anything. I have some pull with Stokes, you will be fine." With that we are at motorcoah I can finally get dressed and look like human instead of the walking zombie. I have some AC/DC blaring threw the motor coach when I hear a knock on the door. When I open it is a blonde headed woman in an over size goodwrench jacket.

Delana: "Hey I am Delana Harvick"

Chandler: Hey I am Chandler Blake....your Harvick's wife.

Delana:Yeah... when I want to clam him

Chandler: Oh my bad come on in

Delana: I want ya to know I am not a random psycho wife. Jr. said that you were with him and he thought we would get along. I can tell ya there is not a lot of cool wives here. Buffy and Ryan's girlfriend Krissy are about the only ones worth hanging with. I can tell we are going to get along though.

Chandler: Yeah I do to." After about four hours of me and Delana talking and hanging out. We both decide to head out she wanted to introduce me to Buffy and Krissy. Delana introduces me to them and we all click. It is strange I feel like they were my friends I just put on a plane back to Georgia. We all head to lunch. Delana mentions that she is looking for an assistant in handling Kevin's company because she can't do it all while handling Randy's PR.

Buffy: Chandler ya have a degree in Public Relations don't you?

Chandler: Yes.

Delana : You could have the job. I would hire you right now. With you bachelors in pre-law to you could go to law school in NC and be closer to Dale Jr.

Chandler: Delana I ........ " I can't tell her I am with Junior as a secret and that I am supposed to be with August as his trophy. I can't..... No wait I can this is my life damnit and I am going to be happy with the man I love and do what I have always wanted to do

Chandler: Delana I think that would be great.

Delana: Great

Buffy: Now you will make 4 of us out here that have sense.

Krissy : Yeah watch out for the educated woman of NASCAR we will be running it by this time next year.

Chandler: Don't mention this to Junior I wanna get some things squared away like an apartment and all my other loose ends

Delana: No problem

Krissy: Well we better get back I forgot to tell Ryan I left for lunch he probably is looking around.

Buffy:Yeah Mikey might be trying to cook again." We all laugh and head out. When we get back to the track I tell Delana to call me later tonight to finish up all the plans. When I walk in the motorcoach Jr. is on the couch with fire in his eye

Jr.: Where the hell have you been?

Chandler: I went out to lunch with Delana .

Jr.: Chandler it is fucking 9 PM!!!

Chandler: Well then it was dinner... Why are Ya so mad? Wait Earnhardt ya thought I left you didn't you? You thought I went back to Missouri?

Jr. : No

Chandler : Don't lie to me Bug.

Jr. : Maybe...." I walk over and sit on his lap and wrap my arms around his neck.

Chandler: I told you baby, you are never going to lose me to August or anyone for that matter.

Chandler: We are Forever

Jr.: Forever"About 11 I can tell Bug is out cold on the couch. I stir him up enough to make it to the bed. When he settles back in to his sleep I walk back up and get on my cell

Woman: "Hello?"

Chandler: Bonnie it is Chandler

Bonnie: Miss Chandler?

Bonnie: Where are you at? Mr. Busch will be back Monday

Chandler: I know I will be back Sunday. I am with Jr.

Bonnie: Mr. Earnhardt?

Chandler: Yes

Chandler: I need you to start packing up my things at the house. I am leaving Monday when August comes back. I am getting on with my life

Bonnie: Miss Chandler I am going to miss you.

Chandler : I am going to miss you to but just think you will have a new girl faster than ya will know it

Bonnie: But you treat us right

Chandler : Bonnie don't make me feel bad till I come back

Bonnie: Yes mam... You are going to be back at the House Sunday?

Chandler: Yes

Chandler : I will be back don't tell anyone.

Bonnie: Yes Miss Chandler." When I hang up I don't realize Jr. had waken up and was walking into the kitchen. I hope he didn't hear that conversation I want to surprise him.

Jr.: Who was on the phone so late?

Chandler: Delana called me

Jr.: Why

Chandler: She left her chapstick and wondered if I had it

Jr.: Oh..... Ya coming to bed?

Chandler: Yeah...."That night I hardly got any sleep. Was I doing the right thing? What was August going to say when I told him I was leaving him? I know he didn't love me and there were other women but no one has ever left him before. He has always been the one that was like "I'm done with you, you can leave now". When I finally got some sleep I was awaken by Junior gripping me so close to him that in his sleep his knuckles were white. At 4 am here I am lying a wake with Junior having a death grip on me and all I can think about is getting away and thinking. I slide out of his grip and go to the bathroom and throw cold water on my face. When I look in the mirror I see the very light shade that is left of the hickey that Junior gave me. A smile forms just thinking about him makes me happy. I know this is the right thing to do. I head out of the bathroom and onto the laptop, and hook up to the internet. After hours of searching I had finally found a nice little place on the lake near Bug. I didn't want Bug helping me in anyway that is why I wanna surprise him. The lady was online when I looked at the place and we exchange IM's she leased the place to me right over the Internet. Oh the joy of technology. By the time Junior gets up I am asleep on the couch with the lap top on.

Jr.: Baby?

Chandler: Hmmm

Jr : Wake up it is 10....

Chandler: Hmmmmmm give me 5 more minutes.

Jr.: Cute baby come on Delana called wanting you that is what woke my ass up so you have to be up to

Chandler: I'm up

Jr.: Why did you sleep in here?

Chandler: I didn't.... I couldn't sleep I have a lot on my mind and plus you had a death grip on me.

Jr.: Sorry... I just like to feel you in my arms. I don't want to ever let you go. I love you baby girl

Chandler: I love you to.....I am going to call Delana and get in the shower

Jr.: Okay I am got something's to do and then I have to go see the crew so I will see you about 3 I got the drivers meeting at 5 and the intro we have to be out there at 7.

Chandler: Dang we only have like 2 hours together the whole day.

Jr.: Yep the life of a famous driver's woman

Chandler: Cute.." As I am heading the bedroom to call Delana I hear grab something from the fridge and head out

Jr.: Love You Baby....." Before I could answer back he was out the door.When I call Delana she comes over and we get all the papers signed and ready for me to start working with her when they head to Atlanta Motor Speedway. We end up talking about the new place I got this morning and little odds and ends. She asks why I didn't want Jr. to know? So I make her swear not to mention anything to anyone even Kevin about what I was going to tell her. I told her everything and she agreed that it was time to move and get my life back. She told me before she meet Kevin she was in a relationship like that and the best there ever was her meeting Kevin and leaving the other loser. After she left I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up about 5:30 and Jr. hadn't even been back to the coach yet. I get my shower and throw on some old worn thru jeans and one of Jr. sweatshirts and my monsters and chill until Jr. gets in.

Chandler: Hey Bug"

Jr.: Hey

Chandler: Where you been?

Jr.: I got tied up

Jr.: Hey baby why was the lap top on this morning?

Chandler: I was looking at something on the net

Jr.: Oh what?

Chandler: Just something.... I said as I walked back into the bedroom to get my cell that was ringing.

Chandler: Hello?

Bonnie: Do you have your address to send you stuff to the new house?

Chandler: I can't talk right now I told you I would be back and I will fix everything then."When I turn around Jr. is standing in the door.

Jr.: Who was that Delana? He said with acid in his voice

Chandler: No it was the wrong number

Jr.: Yeah right.... He turned and headed back towards the front I was right behind him.

Jr.: Dammit Chandler take those fuckin shoes off

Chandler: What crawled up you ass and died today Dale? You were all nice and shit this morning and you come back being king of the assholes.

Jr.: Well Let me see. I hear the woman I love talking to some about "I will be back soon" last night. Then this morning I see her asleep with an open Instant Message that says AB4 on it. Then when I come home she is on the phone with someone again saying "I will be back to fix everything."

Jr.: So Chandler, You tell me what the fuck is going on?

Chandler: Damn it Jr if it concerned you I would tell ya but it doesn't so back off your little power trip... You don't scare me Junior and you sure as hell are not going to go off on me...Where were you all day I though you would be back at 3? Where were you at?

Jr.: Somewhere.... I would tell you but it doesn't concern you he said coldly

Chandler.: Oh so you must have found a new whore, I mean Bud girl, since I am not giving you any you must need a fix.

Jr.: Chandler that was out of line at least I am not going to back to someone who treats me like shit and everyone knows he is fucking other girls behind your back.

Chandler: Fuck you Jr.

Jr.: You only wish....." With that he stormed out the coach to driver intro's the only think I can think to do is go to Delana's. When I walk out I can see Delana at the picnic table outside we share with them.

Delana: I heard the fight

Chandler: Yeah?

Delana: Go get him before he gets in that car and tell him what is going on before he does something stupid he loves you chandler I know it... Before she can finish I am in a sprint to driver intro's. I find Jade and tell him I need to see Junior before he gets in the car. He tells me he is getting a ride around the track and to get to the car and wait. When I get there he is just walking up

Jr.: Chandler I don't wanna hear.............

Chandler: Bug shut up and listen to me

Jr: You have 5 minutes go

Chandler : NO!!! I have forever, listen Bug.. I take his hands in mine... I love you and what I have been doing the last 2 days is this... The phone call Friday night was to Bonnie telling her to get all my stuff packed and ready for when I get home Sunday. The Lap Top was for me renting a place on Lake Norman and Delana calling is because she is my new boss. Bug I am leaving August and coming to North Carolina. I am going to be working with Delana running Kevin's company.

Jr.: Baby......" He grabs my hands and pulls me over the pit wall to the pit box and hides us from the cameras. I feel his lips on mine. When we finally break for air I can get my words out to him

Chandler : See Bug You are never going to lose me.

Jr.: Put me in my car baby"As soon as the race started bug moved threw the field like a bat out of hell. When the 70 laps were up, Bug was doing doughnuts in the infield and I was running to see my Bug in Victory Lane. When I got there I was hiding behind Jade.

Jr.: Jade where is my baby?

Jade: She is right here." Before I knew it Junior had me in his arms and was swiping my gum out of my mouth in front of all the cameras. When he let me go, every one in victory lanes mouths were hanging open.

Steve Byrns : Well Jr. who is this lucky girl?

Jr : This is My Baby Girl..... Oh yeah I wanna say What Up to my new buds in Georgia, the Dirty Georgia Posse the DMP miss ya'll!!!" The rest of the time Jr. kept me in arms length of him laying kisses on me. Every time a camera was put on us little did we know that August was watching the race and saw everything that had happened.

Chapter 13

When we finally got all the pictures taken one photographer wanted one last one by request. He wanted one of the whole family and then on of Junior and his friends. I ducked out from under Bugs arm to go stand with Jade when they were setting everyone up for the family picture.

Teresa : "Chandler Honey get over here you are going to be in it to"

Chandler : "Ma'am?"

Jr. : "Teresa said get over here baby and get in my picture." With that I feel a push from Jade. I am next to Jr. with Taylor in front of me with the trophy Teresa is on the other side of me and Kerry is on the side of Junior with Pops and Tony Jr. kneeling beside Taylor. When they snap the picture everyone switches out for the DMP picture before I know it Shane, TJ, Josh,Dave and Jr. have me laying across there hands with them holding me up.

Tony, Sr:, "Wait!"

Tony Sr : "Chandler you need this" Tony Sr walks over and takes my Birkenstocks off and slides my monsters on my feet he hits the bottom of them to make them growl.

When we finally get out of Victory Lane. Everyone decides to head back to motorhome lot and celebrate a little more. I got to meet almost all of Junior's family. Teresa was a sweetheart and a very driven woman. Kerry and his wife were great too. Kerry welcomed me with open arms. I know him and I will become good friends. Kelley was there for a while but had to leave cause Karsyn would be needing her soon. After awhile the party began to winded down cause all the guys had practicing tomorrow.

Chandler : "Baby I am going to head back to the motor home"

Jr. : "Wait I'll come too"

Chandler : "No bug stay with your buds for a while longer you need to celebrate."

Jr. : "You sure?"

Chandler : "Yeah...." With that I gave him a kiss and heading to the motor home for the night. All I can think about is how good the bed is going to feel I am tired emotional and physical. I get a shower and head on into the bed. I cuddle up on Junior's side with his pillow in my arms and wearing one of his long sleeve bud shirts that smell like him. About 3am I hear and thud and then Junior giggling to himself. I know he must have hit something walking in the dark.

Jr.: "Honey I am home..... Dale Jr. IN THA house".. he yells. I crawl out bed and go to where he is sitting on the floor at the foot of the couch laughing at himself.

Chandler : "Baby you are plastered"

Jr. : "Nah I ain't I didn't drink a lot I swear see..." he tries to get off the floor but all he can do is laugh.

Chandler ; "Yeah sweetie I know and when you are moody and cranky in the morning remember that".

Jr. : "Yeah yeah yeah... Come' er....".

Chandler :"What"

Jr. :"Did I tell you how bad you make me wanna just......" He gets on his knees and waves his hand in front and thrusting his hips back and forth. I try hard not to laugh at him but the sight is to much.

Chandler : "You need to get in the shower you got to practice tomorrow"

Jr. :"I wanna shower you with my pimp juice. She only want me for my pimp juice not my pimp juice. Pimp Juice wooooo"

Chandler : "Thank You Nelly..... Now lets get you in the shower." With that he finally gets up we he stands he pulls me close to him and starts to grind up and down on me.

Chandler :"Jr. get off me you are humping me like a dog humps someone's leg"

Jr. : "Ya want my pimp juice. So hot" he mutters with that he starts taken off his shirt and twirls it in the air and throws it over on the couch

Jr. :"WOOO" he yells

Chandler : "Baby ya really need a cold shower come on"... I finally get him in the shower and he is still singing Pimp Juice at the top of his lungs. By the time he gets he is still singing just not as loud. When he walks in the bedroom he is totally naked.

Chandler : "What the hell Junior........" I can't get much out cause I am dying laughing at him cause he is just standing there with no care in the world. I trying to look at him in the face and not below the waist.

Jr. : "Baby LETS GET IT ON" he yells and runs and jumps on the bed and starts to sing again this time it is Marvin Gaye

I've been really trying', baby

Trying' to hold back this feelin' for so long

And if you feel like I feel, baby

Then come on, oh come on

Let's get it on, oh baby

Let's get it on

Let's love, baby

Let's get it on

He is singing every part and even the back up at the top of his lungs all of a sudden he gets quiet I know he has finally hit his drunken limit and is passed out cold on the bed still butt naked. I cover him up with the sheet and I take the comforter and turn over and laugh myself to sleep. If only he fans could see this. The next morning the alarm goes off at 11. I roll over and see his little bare ass out from under the sheet wear he had rolled around during the night.

Chandler : "Baby get up you gotta go practice"

Jr. : "5 more minutes."

Chandler : "Come on Mr. Sunshine..." time to get up with a moan he rolls over thank God the sheet covered him.

Jr. :"I feel like shit"

Chandler : "You look like it"

Jr. :"Thanks Baby"

Chandler : "No Prob"

Jr. :"I gotta pee...." with that he gets up and pulls the comforter with him and leaves me the sheet.

Chandler : "Hey.... why are you taken my blanket"

Jr. : "Cause I am sporting some morning wood and the sheet is to thin."

Chandler :"Bug I saw more than just the outline of your morning wood last night." He flicks me off and goes in the bathroom I hear him start the shower.

Jr. : "I am getting another shower"

Chandler: "Okay Ya want something to eat?" I say with a smirk

Jr. : "Hell no don't even talk about food." When he finally appears again I see him run with his towel fast down the hallway. He is so modest when he is sober. By the time he is ready it pushing 12:30 and he needed to be out there at 12

Chandler : "Bug come on"

Jr. : "I am coming".... a few minutes later we are heading out of the motor coach I am in my jeans with the holes in the legs and one of his jackets and his hat he threw at me on the way out of the coach

Chandler : "Aww look at the cute little race car driver in his little bud suit."

Jr. : "I really hate you this morning." he says as we grab each other hands and head to the hauler.

Chandler : "You loved me last night... I can't wait to tell Delana everything you did last night".

Jr. :"What all did I do?"

Chandler : "You sang to me then humped my leg got in the shower sang at the top of your lungs then got out butt naked and ran jumped in the bed and sang lets get it on then you passed out."

Jr. :"You tell her you will die." By the end of practice. Bug had the fastest time. Delana and I had confirmed all the plans with us working together. She was handing me all the doings with Kevin and RCR for the Busch Series. She pulled me into a hug when we got back to the motorcoach lot.

Delana : "If you need me for anything call me I am here."

Chandle ; "I know"

Delana : "You better call me when you are flying back down here from Missouri and tell me how that goes."

Chandler : "I am sure it will not be good but I will"

Delana : "Okay then see you Tuesday"

Chandler : "Yeah see you then" The rest of the afternoon me and bug stayed in the motorcoach in each other arms savoring the last moments we well have together. I finally get all my stuff packed up except my favorite sweatshirt that is laying on the bed that I was going to wear home. When bug walks in the bedroom and lays down across the bed.

Chandler : "Bug I won't be able to sleep without you beside me."

Jr. :"Give me that sweatshirt right there". I hand it to him he takes off his hooded Budweiser sweatshirt and hands it to me it smells just like him. he takes mine and makes me spray some of my perfume on it.

Jr. : "See baby now we can sleep kinda with each other"

Chandler: "Aww sweetie you are so smart" I say in a baby voice

Jr. :"Yeah I know I impress my self sometime." I slide his sweatshirt on and we head out to the airport. When we get to terminal he pulls me in to his arms

Jr. : "Baby I love you with all my heart"

Chandler : "I love you"

Jr. : "I can't wait to have you back in my arms Tuesday."

Chandler : "I hope I can surive Monday until he comes home."

Jr : "You will".... I feel him kiss me on the lips and I open my mouth against his and we have one of the most passionate kisses we ever had together.

Chandler : "I need to go".... I can barely get the words out of my mouth.

Jr. : "Okay Call me when you get in I don't care what time I will not go to sleep until I hear from you."

Chandler : "I will I love you Bug"

Jr. : "I love you to Baby Girl"..... We hold hands until we have to break apart. He mouths I love you one more time. The whole flight back I try to get a game plan together of what I need to say to August. I call Bonnie when I get in the air and she has all the servants back and Eugene is coming to get me from the airport. I know I won't be able to sleep in the house of horror when I get there so I close my eyes and snuggle deep in to Junior's hooded sweatshirt and fall into a peaceful sleep. I wake up right when are making our final decent. When we land I walk out and see Eugene waiting on me

Eugene : "Miss Chandler"

Chandler: "Eugene what is up"...... we do our secret handshake and he grabs my bags and takes them to the limo.

Chandler : "Are ya'll all working tonight?"

Eugene : "Yes ma'am"

Chandler : "Good.... I think tonight we need to have our little famous ice-cream and board game night before Mr. Busch gets home"

Eugene : "Oh Yes'm that sounds nice" When we pull up it is about 9 Eugene drops me off in front I slide Junior's sweatshirt off and put on my leather jacket and head inside. When I open the door I see August standing there.

Chandler : "August your home?"

August : "Yeah I am. Where the hell have you been??"

Chandler : "We need to talk"

August : "Like Hell we do!!!"..... with that he grabs my hand and pulls me into the office

Chandler : "Damn August that hurts... let go of me"

August : "What the fuck were you thinking Chandler? You thought you would fuck a man behind my back?"

Chandler : "What the hell are you talking about?"

August : "This, you whore"....with that he turns on the TV and mashes play. It is Junior kissing me in Victory Lane.

Chandler : "I can explain.... I love him..." with that he slams me down on to the floor and my arms hits the table hard I have a stabbing pain in me elbow where it hit.

August : "You fucking love him well that is great Chandler I am glad you are being his little whore and making me look like an ass in the process."

Chandler : "No August you look like an ass all by yourself I don't have to help you do that." I feel him hit me hard in the eye with is fist. All I can think of is getting away. I stumble up and reach for the door handle to leave. I feel him grab me and slam me back against the wall.

August : "So does he fuck you good? Does he make you all wet and turned on? Cause you never would let me touch you." I feel him slide his hand up my shirt.

August : "Get the fuck off me" I try to fight him and I slap him across the face.

August : "You little bitch" . I feel him punch me again in the face. I can see the blood from my lip and nose start to drip on my white shirt. I try to get away again I he slams me again to the ground.

August : "Little Earnhardt can't love you now." I feel a blow to my side and the air gets knocked out of me and I am stunned for a moment I try to pull up my arms is throbbing and that side is useless. I finally get up enough and near the door.

August : "We aren't done."

August : "You know Chandler I was beginning to start to feel sorry for cheating on you thinking you were hear waiting on me and maybe just maybe I could score with you. That is all you are to me is a cute piece of ass that looks good on my arm and makes my image look nice to have a nice clean girl like you. But you had to fuck that up." I can see in his eye that is about to hit me again I feel a sharp kick in my side again. I slide down against the door he pulls me up and looks me in the eye

August : "I hope he likes his whore now". With that I hear him leave out the front door. I am in so much pain and my shirt is now covered in blood. I am feeling like I am about to pass out. I hear my cell phone ringing across in the foyer outside. I struggle to pull myself up I finally get up and open the door I can't go any farther. I try to yell but I can't. I see the crystal vase on the pedestal in the hallway. With the strength left I tip it over and it makes a loud crash I hear Bonnie yell and come around the corner.

Bonnie : "OH MY GOD EUGENE..". I can hear him come running in

Eugene : "Bonnie call the ambulance"


Chandler : "I want Junior!! Get me Junior. Please someone get Junior"..... I can feel myself drifting out and I try to reach for the sweatshirt on the floor beside me.

Chandler : "I WANT Junior. SOMEONE GET JUNIOR!!!".... then it all goes black

Chapter 14

Junior's POV

Why hasn't Chandler called me? It's is 2am I know she is back already. I pick up my phone and try her cell all I keep getting is her voice mail. I have an uneasy feeling about her. I am in the shower when I hear my cell ringing. About damn time that woman calls me.

Jr. "Hello?"

Woman: "This is Nurse Andrews from County Regional in St. Louis Missouri. Is the Dale EarnhardtJr.?"

Jr.: "Yes"

Nurse Andrews: "I am calling about a patient of ours, Chandler Blake"

Jr. :"What the hell happened is she okay?"

Nurse Andrews :"I can't give out the extent of her injuries over the phone, but you need to get here and contact her family."

Jr. :"I am on my way"

Before the nurse could continue I slide on my jeans and a shirt I grab Chandlers sweatshirt she left and headed out the door and got on my cell phone calling Kelley.

Kelley: "Hello?"

Jr. :"Kel I need you bad"

Kelley : "Dale, is nearly 3 am What is going on"

Jr. :"I just got a call from St. Louis. Chandler is hurt and I need to get there. Can ya come with me?"

Kelley : "What yeah hold on let me get Karysn to Mom's."

Jr. :"I am going over to the hotel and get Pops up meet me there"

Kelley : "Okay... Dale, Jr it is going to be okay"

Jr. :"Yeah"... I hang up with Kelley and jump in the Tahoe and head to the hotel the whole way I praying to God

Jr. : "Please God let her be okay I love her I can't lose someone else I love. She is my life and I wanted her for the rest of my life. I know I am not the best person in world but I need you right now. Please let her be okay," I finally pull up to the hotel and run to Pops room and start banging on the door. By then I almost have tears in my eyes. My baby is in some hospital and wanting me and Pops won't fucking open the damn door. What I hear him yell When he stumbles to the door and opens

Tony Sr :"Boy what the hell it is 3am!!"

Jr. : "I can't practice today"

TonySr.,"Why the hell not?"

Jr. : "Chandler is in the hospital in Missouri and they told me to hurry and get there fast." Tony Sr, crosses the hall and starts banging on Tony Jr's hotel room door

Tony Jr. : "What is going on???"

Tony, Sr. "Get me Hank on the phone he is going to practice the car today Jr. Has an emergency."

Jr :"Thank You Pops I love you"

Tony,Sr.: "Go get her,but be back tomorrow"

Jr. : "Yes sir." Kelley gets there she tells me she called Teresa and she was a little pissed about being woke up at 3am but she understands but wants you back at the track tomorrow. We head to the flight strip that drivers use and Teresa has a plane ready for us to go. As soon as we are in the air I start to let my emotions release a little and couple tears fall.

Kelley : "Dale, Jr. calm down we are going to get there and everything will be okay"

Jr. : "Kel you said that with Dad and look what happen..."

Kelley : "I am with you through this. You and I can handle anything."

Jr. : "I know I know..." I lean against the window with chandlers sweatshirt next to me I can smell her scent. God I pray she is okay

"Daddy take care of her" As soon as we touch down there is car already there. Teresa had arranged everything. When we finally get to the hospital I leave Kelley in the car all I can think of is getting to my baby. I run up to the desk

Jr. : "Chandler Blake?"

Clerk : "Are you a relative?"

Jr. : "I just got a call in Florida that I need to come here fast"

Clerk : "Are you a relative?".... I feel Kelley walk up behind me.

Kelley: "She is his fiancee" I look at Kel with a weird look

Clerk : "Okay sir she is in the ER still in exam room 8"

Kelley : "See little bro I always got your back" As soon as I hear that I am in a sprint to find her. I get to another desk in the ER.

Jr. : "Chandler Blake"

Nurse Andrews : "You must be Mr. Earnhardt? I am the nurse that called you."

Jr. : "What happened?"

Nurse Andrews : "One of the servants found her in the foyer. When the paramedics got there she was unconscious in a shock state. She has 3 broken ribs a broken arm and some bad bruising. She was beat up pretty bad. When she came in she was waking up and calling out for you. She won't cooperate with any of the staff all's she wanted was you. She was clutching this and nearly killed one of the docs when they tried to take it from her." The nurse reaches under the desk and pulls out my sweatshirt that had some of her blood on it. I take the sweatshirt and handed it to Kelley.

Nurse: "I can only have on visitor back there with her." I look at Kelley she pulls me into a hug and tells me if I need her she will be outside in the waiting room. The nurse leads me to her room .

Nurse : "Mr. Earnhardt you need to be prepared. She looks very bad but is okay." She opens the door.

Jr. : "Oh my God"

Nurse : "She will wake up when the meds where off. We had to sedate her to calm her down." I hear the nurse leave and close the door. I walk over to her. I lean down to kiss her but her face is so swollen bruised there is not an open place to kiss her without hurting her. Her arm is already in a cast. Her beautiful blue eyes are swollen nearly shut and her hair still has a little blood matted in it.

Jr. : 'Oh baby girl. I am hear now." I take her hand into mine. I can see on the monitor when I talk to her heart rate goes up.

Jr. : "Baby I am here. I am never going to let anyone hurt you anymore. I love you with all my heart and soul. I know you are going to be okay cause you have my daddy on your side and he is a pretty powerful angel now. I am not going to leave until you wake up." I can't hold my tears any longer I know it is me and Chandler so I let the fall. I lay my head down near her hand that I am still holding.

Chandler's POV

I wake up and feel tears falling on my hand I can smell the scent of Drakker. I know Junior is finally here. I try to open my eyes but they are swollen so bad I can barely get them open. I finally do and I see Bug laying with his hands in mine crying and his tears are hitting me. I move my hand, there is so much pain, I barely move it.

Jr.: "Baby... Baby?" I see Bug raise up and he has red eyes and his cheeks are wet from were he had been crying. He looked like a such vulnerable little boy not the hard I can handle anything man everyone sees.

Chandler : "Yeah.." I can barely talk it hurts so bad.

Jr. : "Shhhh don't talk. I am here now. They told me you were going buck wild on them cause they tried to take my sweatshirt from you." I try to smile but everything I do hurts

Chandler : "I hurt" is all I can get out.

Jr. : "Let me get the nurse."

Chandler : "No don't leave... not yet"

Jr. : "I won't".... he reaches the call button and one the nurses comes in and give me some more meds for the pain. Bug stays and watches her like a hawk.

Chandler :"Dale I love you"

Jr. : "I love you to baby." I feel him kiss my hand, I wish he could have me in his arms and protect me.

Jr. : "Who did this baby?" I feel tears slide down my face. I don't answer him and I can see the Earnhardt temper start to rise.

Jr. :"Baby who the hell did this???.... Baby tell me was it August?" All I can do is knod my head

Jr. :"I am going to kill that fucker." Before I can say anything he storms out

Chapter 15

Bug wasn't back for a couple hours and the pain meds that they gave me finally kicked in. Kelley was beside me the whole time. When I close my eyes I pray to my new special angel.

Chandler :"Please watch over your son. I love him." I get a calming feeling and then I fall in to a restlessness sleep.

Junior's POV

I can't seem to get to the house fast enough. August better pray that I calm down before I see him cause right now I want to kill him. I finally get to the house and bust through the door. Bonnie comes around the corner.

Jr. :"Bonnie where the hell is that bastard?" Before she could answer I hear that pricks voice

August : "Well lookie here. Chandler's Sugardaddy has come to settle the score since I beat the shit out his woman. Will he hit his boss?" Oh that is it. I lunge toward him as he turns to walk into the office. I get him against the wall in his office.

Jr. : "Since you wanna fuck with my girl. You end up fucking with me. And I make it point for no one to fuck with my girl. You ever come near her again and I will kill your ass. You understand?" I feel him yank his arm free and his fist connects with my face. Before I can even register the hit. I am hitting him in the face as hard as I can and not letting up. I feel myself start to fall backwards. As I get a swift kick into my side.

August :"Come on Earnhardt! See if you are the man that your Daddy never was."

Jr. :"Bastard". I grab him and slam him down on the desk.

Jr. :"Don't Fuck with me cause I will do what I promised and kill your ass." I hit him with all my strength. I see him reach behind him on the desk and grab something shiny and it is headed toward me.

Chandler's POV

I wake up after 6 hours of sleep and see Bug back. He is sitting in the chair beside me with something on his hand looking at the window.

Chandler : "Bug"... when he turns I see the cut on his forehead and the stitches he has plus his black eye.

Jr. :"Hey Baby girl".... he reaches for my hand I see the bloody towel he had wrapped around his knuckles that were all cut up.

Chandler: "Bug what happened?!?!?!"

Jr.: "Nothing. I had discussion with someone and his face accidentally ran into my fist."

Chandler : "So did you accidentally run into something with your head?"

Jr. :"Me and a letter opener had a discussion to it was winning at first, but then I prevailed".... I can see the smirk come across his face.

Chandler : "I don't wanna know anymore." he kisses my hand. I can barely run my fingers over his bruise.

Chandler : "It hurt?"

Jr. :"Not as much as my heart hurt when I got a call about you."

Chandler : "Aww baby that was so cheesy but I love you. Bug will you kiss me on my lips please."

Jr. : "You sure... I don't wanna hurt you"

Chandler : "Yep"...... I feel the bed shift and he is leaning down he kissed me so gently. But the spark was still there

Jr. : "You know you are still beautiful to me." Later on that night Bug had to feed me my dinner. With my right hand being broke I can't do anything. He was having way to much fun. He made little noises and talked to me like he was feeding a little baby. I finally feel back asleep with Bug in the chair next to me holding my hand. I was awakened a little when he kissed me good-bye. For a couple hours to go back to Daytona and practice for the 500.

Jr. :"I love you baby I will be back as soon as I can be"

Chandler : "I love you too." Over the next few days bug would stay the nights with me and leave early in the mornings to go back to Daytona. Thursday I got the news I could go home. I was ready to after being in the hospital for nearly a week all I wanted was to be back in the arms of Junior. He was racing today in the 125s the nurse wouldn't let me watch it cause it would send my blood pressure up and I would move to much. When Jr. got back to the hospital that night he was all smiles.

Chandler : "You win me one?"

Jr. : "Yeah.... I won near damn everything this week and I am going to win Sunday."

Chandler :"I know you will"

Jr. : "How are you feeling?"

Chandler :"Tired....You?"

Jr. : "Tired and I miss you in my arms this lameass hand holding isn't working."

Chandler :"The doc said I can leave tomorrow."

Jr. :"Well from what I see you still have some swelling right here".. he leans in and kiss me on the lips.

Chandler :"Thank you Dr. Earnhardt. I like your diagnoses."

Jr. : "So what do you want when we get you home?"

Chandler : "All I want is a hot bath and to be with you."

Jr. : "That can be arranged. Baby can I sleep in the bed with you tonight? I promise to be gently and not hurt you"...... he looks like a little boy waiting for permission to go out and play.

Chandler : "Come on bug"..... I feel him crawl in the bed a turn on his side. I am able to turn on my left side and cuddle next to him. I can feel him lay his arm around me lightly. I am finally able to get the sleep I have been needing back in my bug's arms. The next morning we are both woken up by a flash. Kelley had stole a picture of us loaded up on the bed. Bugs hair was sticking straight up like Alfalfa in the Little Rascals. Soon the nurse walked in with my discharge papers and I let Kelley handle them all. She left to handle the way home. I look over at Bug and I can see him smiling

Chandler : "What?"

Jr. :"Today is our one month anniversary. I met you one month ago today and you changed my life. Oh yeah and it Valentine's Day."

Chandler : "You remembered that?"

Jr. : "Yep"

Chandler : "Um bug... I need you to help with something"

Jr. : "Yeah anything"

Chandler :"I need to get dressed".... I see his grin get wider

Jr. :"I got some clothes for you. They are mine but you will look okay. I made sure they matched and I have your monsters." He walks over to me and helps me sit on the edge of the bed he hands me a pair of his wind pants and I am able to slide those on by my self. He unties the back of my gown. He stays behind me and helps me get the button up shirt he brought on.

Chandler :"I need you to button it.... so you need to come to the front of me." When he gets there I see that he is blushing

Chandler : "Mr. Earnhardt are you blushing?"...... he starts to button the front of the shirt.

Jr. :"Yeah I am just glad you had your self covered up before I had to button you up or you not be having this shirt on now. "

We finally are heading back home from the hospital my face is still bruised but the swelling has gone down. My ribs are a nagging pain but not unbearable. The doc told Bug that he will have to help me gets baths and get dressed and all my daily activities until I get my cast off. Bug is all to happy about the getting dressed and the bathes. I am supposed to be fully healed in 4-6 weeks. We landed Junior gets all nervous

Chandler :"Bug what is wrong?"

Jr. :"Nothing Just glad you are coming home." When we get home he tells me to stay in the car. He comes back out after about 5 minutes and grabs my hand. We get to the door he turns and kisses me for the first time. I am able to gently reach up and touch my favorite curl and deepen the kiss. When we break apart he tells me to close my eyes. When I open them we are in the foyer of his house. There are candles everywhere and trail of rose petals to the bedroom.

Jr. :"Happy Anniversary and Valentine's Day"...... he leads me to his bedroom where the trail continues into the bathroom. The bathtub is filled with bubbles and rose petals. The room is covered in candles

Chandler : "Oh Bug it is beautiful....."

Jr. : "Here is your hot bath and me."

Chandler :"How did you do this?"

Jr. : "Thank Teresa later when you see her" He pulls me close and hits the play button on the stereo. A song fills the air by Joe Cocker. We begin to dance to it. I can hear Bug singing it into my ear

You are so beautiful.

To me.

You are so beautiful.

To me.

Can't you see.

You're everything I hope for.

You're everything I need.

You are so beautiful to me.

You are so beautiful to me.

You are so beautiful.

To me.

Can't you see.

You're everything I hope for.

You're every, everything I need.

You are so beautiful to me.

Jr. : "You know you are exactly what that songs says to me." I can feel his wet cheek against mine.

Jr. : "I never want to lose you. I love you more than anything. You ready for your bath." Hmmm is all I can manage to say.

Jr. : "I promise I won't hurt you or do anything out of line." I feel him start to unbutton the shirt that he buttoned up early. He gently kisses me on the lips when he gets to the last button. I want him to slide it off so bad cause at that moment nothing hurts. I can see the love and passion in his eyes that are reflecting from mine. He walks behind me and slides the shirt off. He wraps a towel around me. I feel him hesitate at the waist of the wind pants he brought me.

Chandler : "Go On....You are being good"

Jr. :"I wanna look at you so bad... God Chandler you are beautiful." With a swift motion I hear the wind pants hit the floor. I feel his lips on my neck again and then he is gone.

Jr. : "Stay here" I wait until he calls out to me. I walk into the bathroom and he is in the tub.

Jr. :"Don't worry I have on my swim trunks." He closes his eyes and I slide into the tub and lay back on his chest.

Chandler : "You can open now." With that I feel him kiss my neck and another song come on the stereo.

Jr. : "I made this CD for us to remember this night". Rod Stewart soon feels the air.

Have I Told You Lately that I love you?

Have I told you there's no one else above you?

Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness,

Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

For the morning sun in all it's glory,

Meets the day with hope and comfort too,

You fill my life with laughter, somehow you make it better,

Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

There's a love less defined,

And its yours and its mine,

Like the sun.

And at the end of the day,

We should give thanks and pray,

To The One, to The One.

Have I Told You Lately that I love you?

Have I told you there's no one else above you?

Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness,

Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

There's a love less defined,

And its yours and its mine,

Like the sun.

And at the end of the day,

We should give thanks and pray,

To The One, to The One.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love you?

Have I told you there's no one else above you?

Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness,

Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

Take away all my sadness, fill my life with gladness,

Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

Take away all my sadness, fill my life with gladness,

Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

During the song Bug starts to wash my hair. He is so gentle with me like I am poresalin doll. I feel him wash my back and he slides his hands to my stomach and washes it. He slides his free hand into mine with sponge and we wash my chest together. I lay back into his chest we stay like that until the 18 song CD begins to repeat

Jr. :"We better get out before we turn into raisens."

Chandler : "I don't want to move out of your arms."

Jr. :"I don't want you to either"

Jr. :"God I love you chandler"

Chandler :"I love you too bug"

Chandler : "Um Baby?"

Jr. : "Yeah?"

Chandler :"How am I going to get out of the tub without you seeing all of me?"

All I get is a laugh

Chapter 16

I could hear Bug still laughing as he raised up behind me. The bubbles covered my whole body.

Jr.: "Damn I wish a big wind would come a blow those bubbles away baby". He leans down and kisses me on the lips and turns his head away.

Chandler : "Look at you in those little swim trucks. Aren't you so cute?" He shakes his booty as he walks into the linen closet and brings out several towels and starts to lay them on the floor and then he dries him self off.

Jr. : "You ready cripples?"

Chandler : "If I could flip you off I would." He leans and pushes a towel in the water to cover me I feel his gentle touch run down my back to wrap the towel around me fully.

Jr. : "There." he stands back and admires his work. He gently gets lifts me up out of the water with the towl around me and stands me on another towel the whole time he has a little smirk on his face

Jr. : "Time to dry my baby..."

Chandler : "Gosh Bug just make me feel like a piece of meat next time."

Jr. : "Long as you are always my peice of meat." I feel his lips on my neck and then him tease me by sticking his tongue behind my ear that sends shivers all over my body. He wraps a dry towel over the wet one and lets the wet towel drop to the floor. He has that smile on his face as he drapes his fake Hugh Heifner robe over me and then drops the other towel.

Jr. :"Ya know how hard this is for me? Especially you being so beautiful"

Chandler : "Bug baby, I am not pretty right now so ya can stop." I feel my chin beginning to lift.

Jr. : "You are always beautiful to me and you are always right here." He gently laces our fingers together and brings it up to his heart.

Jr. : "Now I got more gifts for ya so come on." When I walk into the bedroom I notice that the bed is also covered in rose pedals of every color and a box sitting on my side of the bed. Bug lightly lays his hand on the small of my back I wince a little cause of the brief pain

Jr. " "Baby, are you okay?"

Chandler : "Yeah what is in the box? Come On open it!" He just shakes his head and sits on the bed. I go over and sit on his knee as he opens my box for me. When the lid is off I see more rose pedals. Underneath the pedals is a deep navy satin nightgown.

Chandler : "Oh Bug it is beautiful"

Jr. :"There is something else" He sets the box on my lap and I see a black velvet box.

Chandler : "Bug what is this?"

Jr. : "Baby open it..". I try but I canI feel his loving arms wrap around me and open it for me. My eye catches the diamond that is lying in front of me

Chandler : "Oh My God Bug what the hell is this??"..... I touch the beautiful necklace that is laying in front of me with a 3 carat heart shaped diamond bezel set into platnium hanging off a platinum chain. Before I register the necklace Bug gently kisses me on the neck

Jr. :"Look in the other box... Before you do I want to tell you something"

Jr. : "Chandler Elizabeth Blake, I love you with my heart and soul and I want you to always be happy and always be safe," he gently opens the other box and there is a ring with a 3 set stones.

Jr. : "The first Opal stone is for your past without me. The diamond is for our future together and the other opal is present with me." He slides the ring on my right ring finger. I am in tears when he kisses my hand after the ring is on my hand.

Chandler: "Bug, I love you so much. You should have not done this. This is a ton of money."

Jr. : "I got plenty. Now open the last box."

Chandler : "You do it for me." He pulls open the box and it is his 99 Busch Series Championship ring

Chandler : "Oh Bug. This is your Championship ring"

Jr. : "Very Good Baby you make me so proud sometime. The reason you have this is cause Teresa wears daddy's and I want you to wear mine so they know you belong to me if you ever get lost. Now let me see you in what I picked out."

Chandler : "You picked it out?"

Jr. : "Well kinda, Buffy helped me I was a little nervous about what to get you I didn't want you to think I was implying what should happen... I am going to shut up now." I feel him gently get behind me and slide the robe around my waist and let the nightgown slide down my body. Once the night gown is on I turn and capture his lips. He is caught off guard and gentle kisses me I feel his hand gently slide over my shoulder and down my arms I can hear him thump my cast and gentle laugh in my mouth at himself. He gently kisses down my neck and lays butterfly kisses on my bruises that are on my shoulders. All of sudden we hear the CD change and a song come on. Before we can kiss any further we are both laughing at the lyrics that are blaring through his speakers

I was beat incomplete

I'd been had, I was sad and blue

But you made me feel

Yeah, you made me feel

Shiny and new Like a virgin

Touched for the very first time

Like a virgin

When your heart beats

Next to mine

Gonna give you all my love, boy

My fear is fading fast

Been saving it all for you

'Cause only love can last

Chandler : "I think that is a sign that we need to stop,"

Jr. : "Yeah I'll get us something to eat".. I crawl into the bed and stare down at the rock that is now on my hand and I can feel the heaviness of the rock around my neck. I love this man so much. He said future also. I was startled by my thought when Bug walked back in with dinner

Jr. :"Dinner is served Baby..." When I look at the tray I can't help but laugh. He has Easy Mac a big bowel with one fork and a beer for him and Karysn's sippy cup for me with kool-aid

Chandler : "Aww Bug you shouldn't have"

Jr. : "All right little smartass. I slaved all of 5 minutes making this. You are going to eat it and like it."

Chandler : "Yes Sir"

Jr. : "That is my girl... Now open up so the airplane can land" he says as he makes an airplane sound with the fork loaded with Mac and cheese." After dinner we cuddle up together and he puts in the movie "Man in the Moon" (The one with Reese Witherspoon, not Jim Carey).I fall asleep on Junior's bare chest listening to his heartbeat. I wake up to the static on the TV. I glance up and see Bug sound asleep. His long eyelashes brushing the tops of his cheeks. I study his face of how content and happy he looks I glance at the clock 4 am comes to fast. I gently kiss him on his chest and he stirs and looks over at the clock then kisses the top of my head and runs his hand into my hair and twirls it through his fingers.

Chandler : "No Bug. t is to early for you to go yet"

Jr. : "I love you Baby....... I want to be in two places at once, but I am going to win it for you today and tomorrow." I don't even attempt to move I don't want him to leave me I feel so safe right where I am. I finally let him slide out from under me he slide on a sweatshirt and his windpants.

Chandler : "I love you Dale Junior."

Jr. : "I love you to Chandler."

Chandler : "Win one for me"

Jr. : "I will.".. with that I get one last kiss and I hear him pull out of the drive way listening to the first song we heard together "Get Low" my thoughts drift back to him that first night and him shaking his booty. God I love this man. I hope he wins for him and his daddy.

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