"Junior stop..." I laughed as Junior tickled my neck with garland he decided that was going to be his new necklace. I was standing in the kitchen fixing a plate for him when he came walking through.

"Thanks baby." he leaned his head up puckering his lips for a kiss. I bent down and gave him a swift kiss.

"Ella you know how much I love you right."

"Yeah why are you asking." I sat down with my own plate at the spot beside him. He leaned back in the kitchen chair fishing something out of his jean pocket producing a black box.

"Marry Me Again." he opened the book reveling and engagement ring.

"Junior..." My eyes focused on the ring he had in his hand then his loving blue eyes.

"Marry me again let's do it right this time. In a church you in a white dress. Me hating every minute in a tux." I couldn't help the tears that started to fall as I nodded and moved to sit on his lap.

"I would love to marry you again." He smiled and kissed me sliding the ring on my finger where my leather band had been.

"I love you Ella Grace Earnhardt. I have loved you since the day I helped you get some chips and since the day I kissed you for the first time." he ran his hand through my hair as I stared down into his baby blues.

"I love every minute that I am with you and every minute I am your wife, your lover, and friend."

"Come on baby dinner can wait." he stood up taking me up in his arms carrying me in the bridal carry. As we walked in the living room he leaned me down enough to grab our comforter and headed up to our bedroom dinner once again forgotten.



"You ready baby." I just nodded at my dad as he adjusted my veil. The bridal music filling up the lakeside church as the doors closed then slowly reopened showing my beautiful husband already standing there in his fancy tux smiling. Josh and Martin once again key people in our wedding both smiling along with him. I took my first step down the aisle my focus strictly on Junior. I gripped my flowers tighter as I walked. Even though we had been married for months I was still nervous. My hand found his as we walked our way up to the preacher both smiling towards the other. I never heard a word he said until we had to say I do again. When we finished I felt Junior pull me against him. As they announced he could kiss his bride.

"I love you" Junior whispered as he gently kissed me. The congregation of friends and family cheered as we walked down hand and handed finally looking towards the future together and happiness.


-Christmas Day-

I heard a faint voice talking as I rolled over the bed beside me empty. I slowly opened my eyes to have them land on Junior sitting in the rocking chair in his arms our 4 day old son Joshua Martin Earnhardt. I watched as he smiled at the bundle of joy in his arms talking to him telling him all the things he had planned for him. I saw the little hand wrapped around his Daddy's finger as Junior leaned back looking over at the bed.

"Hey baby. Big guy wanted some Daddy time." he smiled as the baby just cooed at his voice.

"He loves you Junior every time he cries is when he can't hear your voice or is not in your arms." I smiled as he stood up gently walking to the bed and sitting down with Josh still in his arms.

"You know I don't think Martin and Josh really thought we would name our first born after them." he laughed a little as Josh made a face in his sleep.

"Well they are really the reason we got together."

"I love you Ella." he kissed me gently on the lips after the words left his mouth.

"I love you too." he laid down beside me as I laid my head on his shoulder our son curled up sleeping on his Daddy's chest moving to the rhythm of his future hero's heartbeat.

His eyes are blue, just like the ocean

His heart is a river free

Now and then he gets the notion

And he finds his way to me

His love's like

Rain on a tin roof

Sweet song of the summertime storm

And oh the way that it moves you

It's a melody of passsion raging on