Chapters 5 - 10

Chapter 5

"Ella can you bring me that bag of chip on the counter when you come out?" I heard Delana yell to me as I tied the top of my bathing suit around my next and grabbed a tank top to wear over it.

"Yeah De I will get em" I yelled back making sure I looked okay. I threw my hair up on the top of my head grabbed the chips and my sunglasses and headed out to the patio. I had to smile when I saw Curt and Kevin throwing the football back and forth, one thing was for sure that he had an arm on him from playing football all those years for rec and high school. I had to yell out at him as Kevin and Curt tried to out do each other.

"Baby make him look bad." I said getting a bird shot from Kevin and an air kiss from Curt. Soon people started filing into the Harvick's backyard bringing some kind of food and their own beer as they came. I was sitting beside De with our feet in the pool when I felt someone pull my hair and try to send me into the pool. I grabbed onto De sending her into hysterics as we both grabbed the side of the pool barely saving ourselves from falling in. I heard a familiar laugh as we both stood up and turned around.

"Dale Jr, I am going to kill you if I get my hands on you," Delana yelled playfully as we walked up to him bent over laughing.

"No you won’t cause I have Ella to protect me." He grabbed me and pulled me in front of him as she started walking back to him, causing him to walk backwards while pulling me.

"Ella isn't going to save you this time Junior," she told him as she kept walking up to him while we kept walking back.

"Keep talking smack De..." Before he could finish there was a splash and both of us went tumbling into the pool. When we resurfaced everyone was around the pool bent over laughing including Junior and I, until I saw Curt's face. He had this extremely pissed look on his face as he walked to the side of the pool and reached down to help me get out. I went to grab his hand when I saw Jr start to pull himself out, this wasn’t going to be to easy. With one swift motion I grabbed Junior's foot sending him back in the pool. When he popped back up he smirked and dunked me over. It was war. Soon we were splashing water at each other like a bunch of little kids.

"Okay.. Okay truce Earnhardt." I said as I swam towards the steps to get out.

"Under one condition" He said.

"What?" I asked as I went to step up

"If I can do this" with a swift motion I was flying back into the pool.

"Damn paybacks are bitches," he said laughing climbing out and standing at the edge waiting for Delana to bring a towel.

"I think I need help getting out." I stuttered in between giggles. Curt and Junior both stretched out their hands for me to grab. Not knowing which one to take up on the offer I grabbed one of each of their hands as both pulled me out.

"I need a towel now." I said reaching out to hug Curt.

I turned around to De calling my name to say something about Junior's keys floating in the pool. When I turned around both guys had towels in their hands for me. This was going to be a very interesting pick because the guys hadn't even meet and both were giving looks of death to the other.

"Curt...I want you to meet my friend Dale Earnhardt Jr." as I introduced him I laid my hand on his arm.

"Junior this is Curt."

"Nice to meet you man." Junior held out his hand. I shot Curt a glare finally he outstretched his too.

"Yeah same here," he said in his tone. I knew it was going to a competition between the two the rest of the afternoon.

"Food is served everyone," Delana yelled. I just smiled and started to walk in the direction of the food. Junior hung back, unloading what ever was in his pockets that now was soaking wet on to the patio table. I felt Curt put his hands on my hips as we stood in line waiting to serve our plates. I laid back against his chest feeling him kiss my temple, not noticing Junior watching us.

"Love you Ella." I just looked up and nodded. Letting him know I knew. Afterwards we got our plates and headed to sit down.

"Ella, you and Junior are sitting next to each other I don't want two wet spots on my picnic table, I’d rather just have one" De said as she point to the side across from her. I slide in with Junior down next me.

"Man I forgot my fork." I said as I looked under my plate. Curt turned and went to get me one right before he sat down hearing me.

"Ug here have mine," Junior stuck his in my chicken salad.

"Here baby" Curt said holding out a fork for me.

"Thanks man I needed one" Junior took the fork from his hand and took a bit of some beans. Kevin couldn't hold back his laughter at Curt's face after what Junior just did and busted out laughing, causing me to laugh out loud.

"Hey Ella you ever notice how much Curt and Junior look alike? I mean look at that they could be twins," Kevin said between laughs, but suddenly stopping when both guys shot him their own glares, causing Delana and I to totally loose it and start laughing again. I patted Curt's knee under the table and gave him a ‘sorry’ look. Junior on the other hand loved watching this stuff affect him.

After an interesting dinner everyone decided to have a football game. First it was going to be the girls against the guys. Delana and I ran out and got squared up. We had our plan of attack planned out. With the first snap she handed me the ball.

"Go Ella!" I could hear her yell as I ran into the guys side, only to have 2 hands grab me by the waist and lift me up like a sack of potato's on their shoulders heading back to the girls side.

"Junior put me down," I said laughing as he ran with me. I could hear Junior laugh as he grabbed my kicking legs. I still had the ball in my hands. When he dropped me down the guys all gave high-fives.

"Touchdown!" Kevin yelled. I turned around and stuck my tongue out at Junior. He grabbed me up again giving me a hug, causing me to drop the ball. I hit him in the shoulder when he let me down.

"Thanks for the points Ella," he said as he ran back over. The whole time Curt was watching our exchange. After a few more plays De and I just to watch the guys. All of them decided to add some more violence to the game and play tackle without pads. I got comfortable in the lounge chair as the guys squared up against each other.

"Kevin don't break anything and Junior you two you dorks have to race this weekend!" She yelled, both of them ignoring her.

"10 bucks, Ella, Curt lays Junior out first." De whispered to me, as Junior and Curt made sure the other one had to cover the other.

"Curt might have the size, but Junior has more speed." I whispered back as we shook on the bet. By the end of 4 games De had 20 dollars, while Curt and Junior had to be separate a couple of times. Both of them had gotten good hits on the other one, both deserving them for the most part. I looked at both of them as they played, knocking each other around. It was almost entertaining if I knew I didn't have to deal with one of them after everything was said and done. When the games ended everyone started to head home. I was helping De clean up when I got over to the table with Junior's things on them.

"De tell Junior I am going to put his wallet and phone in the house." she waved in understatement. As soon as I laid them on the counter and turned around I ran into Junior.

"Hey I just put your stuff in here," I said wiping the grass off his face.

"Thanks I am heading out I think," He said loading back up his pockets and putting his shirt back on.

"Okay be safe. I guess I will talk to you sometime next week."

"Oh yeah we need to talk about your man,"

"Haha why am I not surprised," I said laughing

"You be safe going home, call me when you get in,"

"I will," I started to walk back out to the patio.

"What no hug?" He said, holding his shoes in his hand. I wrapped my arms around him and for the first time felt him pull me in close to him.

"You are going to be so sore tomorrow." I turned in his arms to look at him.

"That is what hot tubs or for."

"Yeah but you have to own one. You dork."

"Then I will buy one," he said on his way out.

"Night Junior"

"Night Ella"

"After everything was over I laid up against the headboard, Curt sitting in between my legs as I rubbed his back.

"I don't like Junior," he said turning and kissing my hand that was on his shoulder.

"Why baby?"

"He thinks he is the shit. Playing with you like that, he is too friendly to you Ella."

"Junior is like that with everyone that is just his personality, he gets along with everyone nearly."

"Well he gets along with you too good and I am not too keen with that idea." He said turning facing me.

"Baby there is nothing we are just friends." I ran my hand through his hand pulling him close for a kiss. As his lips touched mine, I had to think of what I just told him and if I was being true to myself. Was there more to Junior and I? I feel asleep that night listening to Curt's heartbeat as he laced his fingers through my hair. Right now my thoughts were hidden behind him and his love

Chapter 6

After the Pocono Race--- Jr's POV

I was talking to J.R. when I heard my NEXTEL beep and vibrate against me leg. Then I heard a voice that I needed to hear. I had finished 6th today, but no one seemed to get that, to me, that wasn't good enough. I had a car that was suppose to be in Victory Lane.

"Hey Fathead," Ella's voice echoed out as she radioed me, causing Pops and the guys to all laugh. Before I answered her I turned us on private.

"Yeah Ug?" I asked smiling as she groaned at my nickname for her.

"You did good today. I know you aren't too happy with the finish, cause last night you knew how good the car was. But Junior just think at least you finished, kept it off the wall, and you still have the points led. Also I am proud of you." She told me as I sat down and leaned the plane seat back getting comfortable.

"I feel so loved," I closed my eyes as we continued talking about the upcoming week and what all was planned, for the first time since Memorial Day Ella would actually be in her office all week and getting a day off on Friday. I didn't tell her about me coming into town later on in the week for an appearance at AMS.

"Well Fathead I am going to let you go cause you sound really tired, get some rest and we will talk tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah I will talk to you tomorrow sometime."

"Okay later"

"Later Ella," before I hung up I heard her yell my name.

"Junior...You there?"


"I just wanted to tell you to get some rest."

"Ha ha okay," with that we hung up.

I didn't wake up again until it was time to get off my plane and head home. The whole way home I couldn’t stop thinking about Ella and our conversation earlier. She had actually put me in a better mood. When I got home it was too quiet. None of the DMP were there and my mind was more confused about my feelings and thoughts for someone, I had to get out of there. I went upstairs repacked my bag left a note for my sister and Martin and headed to the truck. I wanted to call Ella, but when I looked at the clock it was around 8. I knew Curt and her would be spending time together and the last thing she needed was more shit from him. When I got to the Georgia state line I had my plan already worked out, I missed Ella I don't know why I missed her I just do, I need to be around her. As I kept driving I had my excuse all laid out. If she asked I was just going to tell her I wanted to come down on early for my appearance.

Around 1am I finally got to my destination not a moment to soon or I would have peed on myself. As I walked out of the gas station I saw a payphone and grabbed the phone book, I had to find out where she lived. As I looked through the pages a smile crept across my face as I found her name. After semi-understanding the directions to her house I was gone. As I pulled into the subdivision I noticed it was full of two-story houses and little kids toys littered the yard.



"109" I turned into the drive of a modest but will kept two-story house. There were no cars in the driveway as I pulled up and parked. I shut my door gently not wanting to wake up the neighbors. I walked up her little sidewalk for some weird reason I wasn't nervous. I had a strange calm about what I was doing. But then again why would I be nervous she was just a friend. I looked at my watch right before I rang the doorbell either she was going too extremely happy to see me or extremely pissed I woke her up. I hit the button and listened to it echo through the house. All of sudden and black nose poked up against the window beside the door and started barking. Making me laugh. The porch light turned on as I saw other lights flicker throughout the house. I heard a mumbled voice as the dog moved and the door slowly opened. When the door was wide enough my mouth dropped as I saw Ella standing there in a pair of terry cloth pajama pants and a tight tank top that showed off her stomach and the piercing she had in her belly button. What got me was that she was holding a bat in her hands.

"Junior" she said surprised as she sat the bat down and wrapped her arms around me.

"Hey" I pulled her close my hand touching the warm skin on her back.

"What are you doing, it is 1:30 in the morning," she said pulling back out of my arms and looking at me with her hands on her hips.

"I uh...well...uh..." I couldn't resist it anymore. I had to touch her again. I walked up to her and pulled her into my arms causing her to laugh as she hugged me again. When we broke apart I kept my arms around her. She looked into my eyes as I held her. We both leaned in and soon my lips were on hers. There was a spark there as I felt her fingers knock my hat off and lace into my hair. She opened her mouth enough to let me sneak in. We were both battling for control in each other’s mouth as we deepened our kiss, our tongues playing with each other’s. When we broke apart she just looked at me and gently kissed my lips.

"You taste like Doritos," she told me with a smile, then turned to close the door we left wide open. I just stood there not knowing what to say to her still blown away by the kiss I just shared with my friend. She motioned to follow her as we walked through her living room into the kitchen.

"You thirsty?" she asked as she opened the refrigerator. taking a Sun Drop out.

"You still have those left?" I asked her, remembering at Kevin and Delana's her making me help her steal all their Sun Drop since they didn't sell it in Georgia.

"Yeah I am down to my last six-pack," she said, smiling sliding up against the counter.

"So Fathead, why are you at my house at this time of the morning?" she said as I stole her can and started drinking it.

"I thought I would come down early for my appearance and hang out with my friend," I said. She laughed actually buying the excuse. Or was it?

"Where are you staying?" she asked as I slide up beside her on the counter.


"You are staying here," she said hopping down off the counter and throwing the can away.

"Come on Earnhardt I am hungry." she said pulling me down.

"What if I ain't," I asked as her dog came up beside me.

"Ask me if I care," she said throwing the dog's ball across the living room.

"Hash cute, Ugly, I am hungry but since you don't care I am picking the place we eat at." I said glaring at her as she sat down on her couch and stretched her long legs out in front of her showing off more of her stomach.

"Waffle House"

We both rolled over laughing on to each other as we sat on the couch, both of us saying the same thing. By 4am she was on my back as we walked back into her house, laughing and playing as she stole my hat and tried to ring Slash her dogs head with it.

"Junior I really need to get to bed. I have to be on the road to work by 8." she said yawing as I sat her down at the top the steps.

"So it is cool with your boy if I stay here?" I asked her.

"Yeah, he is out of town all week. Doing some coverage for the College World Series and the local teams in the playoffs here. Plus this is my house and he is just freeloading here so he gets no decision in the matter." she said as I followed her up the steps.

"Here is your room sir. The bathroom is right down the hall and towels are in the closet in the bathroom," she pointed into a guestroom.

"Thanks Ug. Can you wake up me up a little to tell me you are leaving?" I said patting her on the back as I walked in, holding my bag.

"No problem. I am leaving out at 8, so get up when ever you want to. The house is yours, what’s mine is yours. There is a hot tub in the back and the town is not that hard to figure out." I looked at her as she yawned.

"Night Ella" I wrapped my arms around her as she snuggled into the hug.

"Night Junior" she gently kissed my cheek as she turned and gently closed the door.

Ella's POV

The morning came too soon. Probably because I got all of 2 hours of sleep after I left Junior in the guestroom. I tried to sort out my feelings. Mostly because I didn't feel any guilt from kissing him like I should because I had Curt in my life, and in my book kissing someone else was just as bad as sleeping with them. But the kiss was something I wanted to relive over and over. I crawled out of bed and got ready, deciding on a pair of my new capris that were like a business suit gray and a black quarter length shirt. When I walked out of bedroom I saw Slash sound asleep against the guest bedroom door where Junior was. Even the dog was attached to him already. I quietly went down the stairs and got all my things together to head out and saw Junior's hat hanging on the stairway post, the kiss once again entering my mind. I wrote him a note and laid it on the counter in the kitchen then went back up to wake him like he asked. When I got to his door I gently cracked it. I had to smile as he was all laid out in the bed on his stomach, the covers kicked all down at the end of the bed. I couldn't wake him up he looked too cute. When I walked in I felt how cold it was in the room with the fan going full blast over the bed. I grabbed the covers from the floor and covered him back up with them, making him mumble and snuggle into the pillow in his arms. Slash walked into the room and cuddled in Junior's clothes on the floor and yawned. I gently closed the door and headed out. On my drive to Atlanta all I could think about was coming back home.

Chapter 7

"Ella... Hello are you in there?" Michael waved his hand in front of my face as he joked about that latest scandal happening in Atlanta.

"What Mike" I snapped at him. He smiled and threw his hands in the air.

"Ella what is going on. You have seemed spaced out all day today, is something is on your mind?"

"It’s nothing, I am just ready to go home." I said looking at the clock, wishing the time would magically end up being 5 and I could have head home.

"You still going to do our normal Monday work out?"

"Yeah," both Michael and Keith would workout at my alumni high school in their weight room and run around the practice field to keep in shape. Working out together was the first thing that made our friendships stick and become unbreakable. He hugged me before he walked out of my office then I called out to him.

"Mike, I have something waiting on me at the house so I might be a little late tonight." I told him.

"Oh really who do you have Tom Brady or Dale Jr sleeping in your guest room while your main man is gone?" he said laughing as he walked out.

"Yeah something like that," I mumbled.

As soon as the clock hit 5 I was on I-85 heading back home. I didn't know what to expect when I got home. I was so used to Curt mumbling he wanted dinner or just laying watching a game and wanting someone to rub his back or just let him unload on. When I pulled to my house Slash came running out the garage following me as I drove in.

"Hey baby," I said petting him to hear Junior laugh at the door.

"Ella your dog is on crack," he said giving me a friendly hug then chucking the tennis ball for Slash to get.

"Hey Junior. Got a question for you."

"I got an answer" he said pulling up his baggy jeans as he walked barefoot on the hot cement cussing as he made it into the shade.

"On Mondays the guys and I along with my friends who live here go to work out at our old high school so if you want you can come..." I looked at him when he smiled.

"Are you trying to say I need to work out?" he said lifting his white t-shirt up patting his one ab.

"I am not saying anything." I turned to walk into the house when he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him, our lips almost locking again.

"Ella" I heard my mom yell for me as she walked down my driveway carrying my mail and some brownies.

"Mom" I pulled out of Junior's blue eyed stare.

"Hey Princess, I made these and thought of you so here you go and here's your mail." she said hugging me and handing the plate of brownies in my hand, which I shuffled over to Junior.

"Well Ella who is the young man?" My mom asked as we broke apart looking at Junior who was standing there, petting Slash. His shy side automatically came out.

"Mom, this is my good friend Dale Junior."

"Dale, it’s very nice to meet you. I knew you looked sort of familiar. I know where I have seen you, those KFC commercials." My mom was not a race fan she only watched maybe the last 2 laps of a couple races but proclaimed herself as a Rusty fan.

"Nice to meet you to ma’am. Ella I am going to take these inside." he said as he ran inside.

"Ella girl what is it with you and those redheads?" my mom patting me on the back as we sat down on the tailgate of Junior's truck.

"Mom there is nothing there between him and I. We are just friends, he is staying here because he has an appearance." I said as she was brushing things off my shoulder like mom's always do.

"Could have fooled me young lady. I saw you two as I was walking down the drive. You two have more than a friend look to me, but if you say so."

"I say so." I laughed and kissed her on the cheek as we both hopped down.

"Baby don't forget we have dinner with your Nanny Wednesday night. Bring Dale if you want it will be fun." she said as she walked up.

When I walked in the kitchen I saw the aluminum foil off the brownies on the counter, as I kept walking taking my shoes off on the way. I saw Slash's tail wagging as he had his head rested on Junior's knee as he pet him and talked to him in between bites of brownies.

"What are you doing? I thought you where putting those in the kitchen." He looked up behind the chair and smiled crumbs of brownie on his mouth.

"I did, then I took them out again. Your mom makes good ones too," he said smiling then turning his attention back to Sports Center.

"You coming to work out?" I asked as I went up stairs, not waiting for his answer. I quickly changed and called the guys telling them I was heading over. When I came back down the stairs Junior was waiting on me by the door with his shoes and hat on.

"I am driving." he stated matter of factually.

"Okay whatever just don't kill me," I said as I locked up and got the garage door opener from my car. I directed him all the way to the school, the whole time he was cracking jokes about the Georgian way of life. Which I blasted him back on with the Carolina style of thinking, and his one ab.

"Okay just pull back in between those gates." He parked his truck in between the cars of my friends. As I walked up I grabbed one of Junior’s sweatshirts out of the back.

"Hey Fathead can I wear this?" I asked holding it up as he turned off his cell phone and put it in the truck.

"Huh… Yeah whatever" he mumbled as he fumbled around on his side. When I walked around waiting on him he saw me and laughed.

"Ugly, it is like 89 degrees and you are in shorts with a sweatshirt on about to work out."

"Yeah slow one I know," I said opening the door to the field house that was lined with high school football pictures. I pulled Junior behind me excitedly showing him the ones with my guy friends (whom I loved so dearly) and I. He listened intently showing that he actually cared what I was saying to him. When I opened the door to the weight room all the guys turned around as I walked in, Junior following behind.

"Earnhardt what is up man!" Keith yelled out walking over doing the typical male greeting. As they talked I walked over to my group of guys I grew up with all of their mouths open. Drew wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into the circle.

"Ella is that Dale Earnhardt Jr?" he whispered causing me to laugh.

"Yeah it is Drew." He just hit me in the head playfully.

"Okay Guys here is the deal Junior is a good friend of mine we have been friends for a couple months now. He is really cool and not at all cocky, he is like Keith and Michael. Be cool around him and he will be cool around you."

"What about Curt?" Kevin asked as he looked at me.

"What about Curt?" I questioned back to him.

"Nothing Ella, it is good to see you smiling again." Jonathon said from his spot.

Soon the music was cranked up and all of us were working out and joking around like nothing had changed with our new visitor. Junior was sitting there cracking jokes with Drew and Jonathon as they lifted some weights. Keith and Michael were both on a whole different level, watching them work out was almost like watching a machine do a job. As the guys all changed stations I walked over and sat down next to Junior taking the Powerade he was drinking out of his hands and finishing it off.

"The guys think you are cool so you pass their test of acceptance." I said looking at him.

"Was I supposed to be worried I wouldn’t?" he said with a smirk taking the bottle out of my hand and throwing it in the air.

"My, aren't we cocky" he just nodded.

"For awhile there , Ella, I thought you just had guy friends," he said leaning back in the chair against the dry erase board full of football plays.

"Well let’s see. Jamie, my best friend who I grew up with lives in Florida where she is a nurse. Kristi and Dana are right there." I pointed over to my friends just walking in. Dana in her chef’s outfit and Kristi still in her RN uniform.

"Kristi is a peds nurse who also is Drew's wife and Dana is a chef." he scooted up in his chair. As I motioned over to them to come over. After introducing them I knew our walk around the Field was going to be full of Dale Jr questions. As they went to change the guys took a break and soon Junior was caught in conversation laughing and joking like it was second nature to him. It was weird watching Junior get along with Curt's friends, while him and Curt wanted to kill each other. I had my back to the door as Drew and Junior wrapped their arms around my shoulders telling me about there plan to soup up Drew's old truck while Junior was in town. Drew leaned over and pulled Kristi to his side, leaving Junior and I standing there with his arm around both of us.

"Ella baby Come're" I heard Curt yell as the door opened to the weight room.

"Curt," I jerked around and Junior's arm and went falling, everyone got quiet as I ran up to him, catching me in his arms.

"Ella, baby I missed you." He said reaching his lips up to kiss me as I lean down to meet his.

"I might have missed you a little" I joked as he put me down in front of him, but pulling me close up into his arms then kissing my forehead as his hand ran up and down my back.

"What is he doing here?" he whispered into my ear as he kissed the spot behind it knowing what it did. I knew he was doing it to show Junior who was the boss.

"Shh... I will tell you on the way home. Just be nice , baby, please?" I asked with pleading eyes.

"I will long as you stay in my arms for the rest of the night," he was being overly sweet for some odd reason. When we walked back over to the group I looked over at Junior as he was shooting daggers at Curt returning the ones Curt was sending him as all the friends talked.

"What's up man?" I heard Junior ask as he held his hand out for Curt to shake,

"Nothing much, was going to ask you the same thing. I see you have met all the guys." he said as the whole group got quiet and Junior nodded.

"So what brings you down?" Curt's grip on my shoulder was so strong it started to almost hurt. I wiggled out from under it and looked at him as he put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him, leaving his hands on me.

"I have a couple of appearances at the track." Junior said looking at me and smiling.

"Where are you staying at?" Curt asked. I braced for Junior's answer

"With Ella,"

Chapter 8

"Ow...Curt stop that hurts. Let me go," I jerked my arm back from his grasp. As soon as Junior told him where he was staying he pulled me into the small training room. I knew this was going to be the battle of a lifetime. His redheaded temper was going to come out while the whole overly sweet guy I just had out there was gone.

"So Ella, was Junior good in bed or did you two just go at it when you met?" he asked getting in my face causing me to walk back.

"What is that supposed to mean? You know me and that whole sex issue." I yelled back getting into his face or trying to my 5'10 not combating his 6'3 height.

"Why don't you tell me, I know the whole sex deal. Yeah you want to wait, but hell Ella what else does he want with you?" he said lifting my chin to look at his face as he took a personal hit at me with that comment.

"What do you mean what else does he want with me?" My anger level had gone through the roof. Curt just stared down at me then turned his back.

"Admit it Curt. It bothers you for me to have a guy friend that isn't one of the boys. A guy friend that might be better than you and actually know how to treat someone and their needs." With that he turned around raising his hand back to hit me. I knew the guys were hearing our yells’ cause they were hurting my ears as they bounced off the walls of the empty room.

"If you hit me we are done. I swear to God you lay one hand on me and it is over." I stood my ground not backing down from him. Outwardly, I was strong and set, but inside I was scared to death of what he was going to do. I had never seen him like this before. I wanted to run, but I was so hard headed and stubborn. I didn't want to back down.

"Then you better not give me a reason to hit you." he said and turned to walk out of the room, but stopped at the doorway.

"I am leaving again tonight, my flight leaves in 3 hours. I wanted to come by and see the woman I love." my anger had turned to tears of fear and pain of my heart breaking cause of his actions. I almost told him I loved him when I saw him again and now this is what I am seeing in this man. Him threatening to hit me when he promised he would never raise a hand to me or any woman.

"I...I promise you Curt. I know that nothing is there with Junior and I, he is just a friend like Mike and Keith. Why don't you trust that? Why don't you trust me?" I reached out and touched his bicep his hand still clenched. He yanked back from me and slammed his fist into the cabinet.

"Ella I love you. Would it kill you to tell me you love me? Is it asking so damn much of you, I do trust you. I don't trust him, I will never trust him."

"I am not asking you to trust him. I am asking you to respect him." we were once again yelling at each other.

"Why is he staying with you then?" he asked me, his anger rising again. It was like waves or a roller coaster with no predicts.

"Cause I said he could, he is staying in the guest room."

"I want him out," he said pointing to the door. This was do or die.

"He is not leaving it is my house. I pay the bills on it. He is my friend and I am not kicking him. I am not some property you can claim and you know damn well I am not going to fool around behind you, so you must be feeling guilty for some reason." I knew that pissed him off.

"I am leaving," he opened the door and turned around

"I love you, don't screw what we have up." I heard him say ‘goodbye’ to the boys. Keith and Michael walked him with pissed game faces on.

"Guys stop." I squeaked. I wiped my eyes real quick with the sleeve of Junior's sweatshirt I had worn to help me sweat more, but now it was only covered in tears. Kristi and Dana walked straight up to me and wrapped their arms around me. I knew that everyone had heard everything. The guys all just stood there not knowing what to say. I didn't notice Junior with them. When I did see him he was standing with Keith and Michael talking. I could tell he was in a deep conversation cause his jaw was set and his hands were moving.

"Ella, you sure you are okay to go home?" Kevin asked me as he stood behind me.

"Yeah, Junior will be there"

"That is why we are asking," Drew said as Kristi gave him a look.

"Guys you know Curt, he is your boy and you know he’s mostly talk" I leaned back against Kevin as he stood there.

"Yeah but if he ever hits you Ella we are going to kill him. He might be our boy, but he will be hurt. " Jonathon said with all the rest of the guys nodding.

"I promise, if I need any of you I will call." I hugged them all one last time and walked over to Junior as he was still talking.

"Fathead, I am ready when ever you are."

"Ella, if that bastard ever raises another hand to you like that the whole Falcons organization is going to kick his ass. He better be glad I didn't kick his ass tonight." Michael told me, still with the look of anger on his face.

"Junior, take care of her don't let something happen to her tonight, okay?" Keith asked as Junior touched my shoulder and led me to the door. He stopped and said something to Michael and Keith then came back and met me in the hall opening the door leading outside for me then his truck door. I crawled in and messed with the air conditioner vent as he pulled out on the road heading back home.

"You hungry?" He asked as he turned on to a side street.

"Not really, I just want to be home." We didn't talk again until we walked in my back door.

"Junior, can you let Slash out to pee?"

"What am I your maid now?" he asked as he opened the back door and Slash bolted outside.

"No you are just a fathead. I am going to go on up to bed. There is food in the fridge and whatever else you want you can have." I took his sweatshirt off and threw it on the back of the stool in the kitchen.

"You aren't making me dinner?" he asked covering his heart.

"I am not your wife, girlfriend, or mama. You got 2 arms hanging on your body, make them useful." When I finally got into my bed I was finally able to relax and think about what all had happened and the words Curt had said to me.

My house was quiet when I got home the next day. Slash was laying at the bottom of my steps with his paw's laying on something. When I walked over to get it I noticed it was Junior's hat. His truck was gone. I glanced back over at the counter seeing a note lying there under the fruit bowl. I wrinkled up my nose as I read the chicken scratch.


I had my appearance earlier today and came back to get my things and head home. Thanks for letting me use the bed. I will call you sometime soon.


Curt called me several times from the road as he traveled with the baseball team. We had a long talk Wednesday night about everything. He had promised me that he would never hurt me intentionally and the trust between us was nothing he was going to worry about anymore because when you love someone you trust them just as much. The words he spoke to me were the ones that I wanted and needed to hear. We were back to normal. For awhile there I didn't feel guilty for kissing Junior because of my anger, but now after hearing his words I felt horrible. I just prayed he never found out about that mistake.

Late Thursday Night

I was right in the middle of ER when my cell phone rang, causing both Slash and I to jump as he was asleep on my lap. Having a black lab as a lap dog was a new experience.

"Hello" I answered without even looking at the caller id to see who it was, not wanting to miss a moment of the episode.

Hey Ug- Ugly that is" I heard Junior laugh at his own joke.

"You know Fathead you say that every time I pick up my phone." still not paying much attention to him as he talked about this and that.

"Ella are you listening to me or you watching ER?" I heard him ask.

"Watching ER." I told him matter of factually, the line getting quiet until a commercial.

"Okay shoot what were you saying?"

"Come to the race with me this weekend." I just sat there with my mouth open.

"Um Junior. I don't know"

"Why?" I knew he was going to do that to me.

"Cause Curt and I have just got everything worked out and I don't want to do something that is going to mess that up, you know?" I was hoping he understood.

"I understand totally, but I mean come on you have me and Delana along with Kevin. It can give you a break."

"Yeah, let me think on it and I will call you back" he agreed and we talked awhile longer until he almost wrecked out on his racing game and decided it was time for goodbye. I waited until the end of ER before I grabbed my phone again.

"Hello" I heard a yawning voice answer.

"Hey baby"

"Ella baby it is good to hear you voice," Curt answered me back his voice coming back fully.

"Baby I got a question for you."

"Okay," I petted Slash and got my courage up.

"Junior wants me to come to the track this weekend for the race. Delana and Kevin of course are going to be there. But I didn't say anything to him because if you don't want me to go I won't" He was silent for awhile.

"Baby...You there" I need to hear him

"Ella, I trust you so go." did he just say what I thought I heard him say?

"Curt, are you sure you are okay with this?"

"Yeah, I trust you." When we hung up I did the happy dance across my living room, maybe after all Curt and Junior would be getting along or at least respecting the other. I had to call Junior.

"Fathead." I radioed him. I could hear noise of the TV when he answered back.

"Yeah Ugly?"

"When is my flight to Michigan?"

Chapter 9

10:45pm Junior's POV

Sitting waiting in an airport was the last on my list of things I really enjoyed doing. Ella's flight was supposed to have landed over an hour ago, but there was some delay in Atlanta that made the flight late. One good thing was no one was in the airport at this time of night so I was able to just chill. I convinced J.R. I could handle going to pick up my friend from the airport so he went on to his hotel.

"Flight 567 is arriving at Gate 4" I laid down the old paper I was reading and stood up waiting to see Ella. I couldn't explain the excitement I had for her coming. The DMP came all the time to the track but I never got pumped about it. The people kept unloading and no Ella until I heard her laugh as she walked down talking to a lady. When she saw me she had the biggest smile on her face the one that she never knew almost made me weak in the knees. I saw do a friendly good-bye exchange with the woman then head over to me. She looked so relaxed. I noticed how she looked very pretty her close fitting tight but not in the way the normal girls who I befriends do. I took in her all as she walked to me.

"Fathead" She said throwing her arms around me for a brief hug. Her purse hitting me in the arm. When I wrapped my arms around her I felt her soft skin on her back as her shirt rose a little. We pulled apart both smiling at each other. Ella adjusted her shirt back down. She was always so modest.

"About time you got here." I told her as we walked down to get her luggage.

"There was a thunderstorm in Atlanta that held the us up." She told me digging in her purse looking for her baggage ticket.

"Hold this" she told me as she handed me a book. Soon my hands were filled with a small CD case, CD player and her cell phone.

"Damn Girl what all is in that pot holder of yours?" I got a strong glare shot at me as she continued looking then finally finding it.

"It is not a pot holder Junior it is in style down in Georgia okay?" She said trying to make a mean face but cracking up. I reached out to touch her purse.

"Looks like a pot holder to me." She hit me in the arm as the security directed the passengers to the baggage area. We stood there watching the bags go around.

"That is mine" She stated as she went to go grab it. I held her arm back and got it for her.

"Wow look at you trying to be Mr. Southern Gentleman."

"Is that all Ms. Gray" I asked in my best stuck voice?

"Yeah" she said laughing again. We had been together less that 20 minutes and I had laughed more with her then I had in a while. Her laugh and smile were infectious. As we walked out to the car she just looked around taking in the sites. Soon we were on the road back to the track.

"You hungry?" I asked as I pulled into the Taco Bell drive thru.

"Yeah..But I have never ate Taco Bell." She answered. The street light hitting her face as she took off her flips flops and laid her feet on the dash.

"You have never ate at Taco Bell? That is anti-American."

"Well, I have a thing about eating Grade F meat okay?"

"It is not Grade F" The lady took my order as we argued about the meat grade.

"What do you want Ugly?"

"I don't know whatever you get I guess. I don't know what they have." She leaned over me looking at the menu her elbow on my thigh. I could smell her shampoo. I quickly ordered hers and drove around she reached back and got her purse.

"I am paying for mine" she stated as he tried to hand me a ten.

"Put your money back up. I am buying it. So don't argue with me." I paid before she could get her money over me and to the window. We kept arguing with each other as we waited for the food. I handed the bag over to her as we got back on the road.

"Junior what the hell is this." She asked as she unwrapped one of the items and handed it to me so I could eat and drive.

"Bean..Burrito" I answered in between bites. I glanced over at her and she had the look of disgust.

"Your face is going to freeze that way and NO you don't have one. I knew you didn't like refried beans for some reason."

"Thanks buddy" she unwrapped hers and started eating. I finished before her as she ate. All I could hear from her was the wrapper wading up and the annoying sounds of her sucking air through the straw as I pulled in behind my coach.

"So this is the bachelor's pad where many women have trot." Ella cracked as I closed the door behind us and stepped past her taking her bag and putting it in my bedroom. When I walked back out her long legs were stretched out in front her as she laid back on the couch.

"What time is your first practice tomorrow?" She asked me as I grabbed a drink from the fridge and brought her one too.


"Man it is 12 already?" She said looking at her watch and standing up.

"Where did you put my bag?" She asked stretching and tossing the pillow hitting me in the head.

"In my bedroom."

" are we sleeping." Her voice timid.

"Well, the couch makes a huge bed when you pull both of them out and then there is my bed so one of us on either one."

"I will sleep on the couch you need to be in your bed." She stated as she walked back to get her bag. I heard the door close then her walk back out in some wind pants and a T-shirt. Her bare-feet sliding across my carpet as she sat back down beside me.

"I don't feel right making you sleep on the couch."

"Junior shut up man it is totally cool. Now do you care if I borrow your bathroom?"

"Nah..Just don't make it stink. My Lysol can is about out." She turned around and flicked me off as she went into the bathroom. I got up and headed into my room to change. This was going to be hard for some reason. I knew this wasn't going to be a normal weekend with a friend. I came back out with a sheet and some blankets. By the time Ella walked back out I had the couch bed all made up.

"Didn't know you could make a bed this good. I am impressed." She patted me on the back as she slide in the middle and sat down. I noticed her brown hair was up in a pony tail and she was wearing a pair of glasses.

"Well, I am heading on to bed. Ugly. Whatever you need you can use."

"Night Junior"

"Night Ella" I had almost closed my door when I heard her call out to me.



"You got a pillow I can use." I grabbed one of my bed and chunked it down the hall.

"Thanks you throw like a girl though man."

"Shut up"

I had just laid back on to my bed getting comfortable flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch to make me go to sleep. When I heard a knock on my door. I looked at the clock it was almost 2. It was going to be hell tomorrow to get up.

"Yeah" I called out. The door cracked open.

"You aren't naked are you" I heard Ella ask all serious.

"Yeah totally butt ass naked why?" She got silent. I got out of bed and pulled the door open from her hands. I had to laugh as she closed her eyes and covered them with her hands.

"What are you doing you freak?. I was lieng." I grabbed her hand down her eyes still closed.

"I don't believe you" I touched her hand to my T-shirt. Her eyes slowly opened.

"You spaz.I so believed you." I felt her smack me in my arm.

"Why are you bugging me at 2am?" I glared at her but breaking out into a smile when she shot me one back.

"How do you work your TV? I can't sleep." I turned it on for her and showed her how to do everything. Soon I was back in my bed leaving my door open this time. I could hear a replay of a baseball game going she was watching as I fell asleep. The next morning came to fast. The radio on my clock blasting for me to get up. I hit it off the bedside table as I bumble around. I almost forgot Ella was on the couch until I walked out to get my shower. I looked down the hall at the bundle of covers in the middle of the couch bed. I had to laugh as I heard her mumble in her sleep something about race cars and going in circles real fast.

Ella's POV

I threw the covers over my head as the sunlight beamed down into my eyes. I cuddled back into my pillow that smelled like Junior everything around me smelled like him. I had to crack up remembering my dream I had. For some odd reason I was laying in Junior's arms and we were joking about the race cars going around in real fast circles. Then it hit me. Why did I have a dream about Junior and especially being in his arms? It was Curt. Yeah it was Curt's arms I was in. Cause he and Junior look a lot alike. Hell it was just a dream. After putting the couch's back up my cell phone start to ring as I was folding up the blankets.

"Ella Gray"

"Hey Babydoll" Curt's voice filled my ear. He never called when I was on a trip.

"Hey..Everything okay?" before he could answer my phone started to pop from not picking up good in the coach. I stepped outside to be hit with the cold air of Michigan.

"Yeah..I just well I missed you and wanted to hear your voice."

"Aww baby I am missing you too." I sat down on the step in front of the coach tucking my feet in my wind pants.

"So what are you going to be doing today?" He asked. I could hear him close his door as he walked into I was guessing my house cause I heard a dog bark.

"Probably nothing I just got up." With that the command for the local race to start echoed.

"Are you at the track" he asked already knowing the answer.


"So you stayed with Delana and Kevin?"

"Well, kinda." I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach for some reason telling him I slept in Junior's coach was not going to go over very well.

"You slept at Junior's didn't you?" His tone starting to change.

"Curt baby we slept at separate ends of the coach. I slept on the huge couch bed and he was in his room with the door closed."

"Ella.. I don't... Well,.. Baby I told you before I trust you." I stood up walking around the little grass area in front if the coach door trying to get warm.

"Babydoll I have to work on this article so I am going let you go. I love you"

"I know you do. I think I am going to have to go shopping cause I swear Curt it is freezing up here and all the clothes I brought are for humid, hot weather." He just laughed and made some comment about my shopping then we hung up. Right as I was about to open the door to walk back I heard someone speak out.

"It is so cold." I looked back at a a woman my age with brown hair as she held a dog leash in her hand.

"Yeah it is. I am going to have to find a mall." I said with a laugh as the dog walked over and sniffed me as I stepped back down off the step.

"I was thinking the same thing since there is nothing else to do in the place."

"Ella Gray"

"Shana Mayfield" she smiled.

"It is nice to meet you."

"You two? Are you and Dale.." I cut her off before she could finish.

"No, we aren't dating we are just close friends. I have a boyfriend back at home. I am just up for the weekend to catch the race." I told her as I shivered again.

"Well, if you want I can show you the mall and stuff. I know where every mall is located on the circuit." She stated proudly.

"That would be awesome. I need to change and get ready before we go though."

"Oh yeah so do I. How about we meet either back her or at my coach in say an hour.

"Sure um where are you parked." When I asked her that it caused her to laugh.

"I am your neighbor" she told me pointing to the coach right beside us.

"Okay well I will see you in an hour." I had made a friend. I knew Shana and me would get along really well. I knew she was friends with Delana and we had planned to go to lunch sometime this weekend until Delana told me she wasn't going to be getting to the track until Sunday morning. I grabbed a quick shower and a pair of ripped up jeans and T-shirt. All I had was flip flops to wear I grabbed a pair and slide them on there was one of Jr's sweatshirts hanging on the back of the chair in the kitchen. I grabbed it and my purse or the pot holder Junior liked to call it and was off.

Me and Shana didn't get back into the track or to the coach's until 7:45. We both unloaded all of our bags and exchange NEXTEL codes. I threw the sweatshirt of Junior's on as I walked to the coach with my bags in hand. I grabbed the handle to find it locked.

"Fathead let me. It's cold and these bags are heavy." I yelled knocking the door with my foot. The door swung open. Junior had his mouth full of chips and still had the bag in his hand as he reached for the bags in my hand.

"God woman what did you buy?" I watched him carry the bags into the coach.

"Stuff" I said hanging up some things from my suitcase on the door frame as he tossed the bags down.

"The Busch race is about to start." I asked as I grabbed some food and laid down on the couch across from him. He nodded his head from where he laid. Both of watching in silence as the race hit a long green flag run.

"Something on your mind?" I asked Junior as he laid there watching the cars go around.

"Nope but something is on yours" he countered. I just shook my head no and went to grab a chip. That is when he put this race on mute.

"Talk ... what is on your mind?"

Chapter 10

Junior I was watching the race and listening to the people TALK" I looked over at him just giving me the eye.

"Yeah you were paying attention to the race? Who is leading?"


"Ehh Wrong try him being 10th there bud."

"So maybe my mind was drifting okay? Sue me"

"Why are you getting so defensive? Come on we tell each other everything which is strange in it's own right." He said laughing causing me to laugh. Our friendship had grown since March probably from the most part of us talking everyday never missing a day of conversation about something random or meaningful.

"Junior it is totally chick stuff." I felt weird talking to him about what was on my mind because he was Junior. For some reason talking about my true feelings with him scared me.

" As long as it is not about your period and stuff I am good. Just our friendship has a line when it comes to that." He did a little shake and made a face just thinking about the words he said.

"I wouldn't talk to you about that anyway I mean what could you say? I would be more worried if you knew answers to PMS questions." I slide off the couch and laid back against the side of it as he moved and sat down against the side of his couch. His feet kicking my arm.

"So talk." He was just as stubborn as I was. I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until I told him.

"Fine don't make any mushy faces okay please?" I asked him or more pleaded with him. He smiled and nodded.

"I think I might love Curt." There I said it

"Okay..So what is wrong with that?" Junior looked at me like I had three heads

"I am not sure he is the one I am supposed to love."

"You can't help who you fall in love with...Believe me" he muttered.

"I don't think it is that kind of forever love. Though I mean he tells me he loves me, but I can't say it back to him. I promised myself I would never say those words unless I was truly in love with someone but...

"You feel love, but you just aren't sure if it is for him" I glanced up at him as he finished my sentence.

"Exactly" I propped my foot on his outstretched arm.

"I just I want to love him like he loves me or says he loves me so bad. Cause I wanted this relationship for so long even since high school. I changed so much for him so he would notice me and want me and now I have him I am afraid that maybe it is not what I want or need. I mean back in high school, he had another girl friend and we were friends. Then that line got kinda was crossed and I ended up kind of being the other girlfriend, but the emotional side and the other girl was the one he wanted to be seen with so I thought if I did this and that he would love me. So I started working out growing my hair long and all those shallow kind of things that at the time I thought where what he wanted."

"Why did you change Ella? If he loved you he would have loved you back then when you were you." I had to smile that was probably one of the nicest things anyone had said to me and the way he said it made me blush.

"I changed because I knew what he wanted and if I was that then I would get him. We both went to different colleges he went to the local college and I went to the one in Columbus then transferred to Auburn thinking one day we would run into each other and he would madly fall in love me. Well, I went to something with some of the guys and he was there and he actually noticed me and wanted that physical part in the relationship. The whole I will kiss you in public and have you on my arm. So I was like I finally got him. Then on my birthday, that was in April, he told me he loved me had for years that I was probably the one that was meant for him. Then the whole sex issue with him came up which made me think he was really the guy that was going to be there for me be my forever." I held back my tears as I thought about all what I had just said and how messed up it was but how much I wanted it. Junior just sat and listened to me.

"The whole sex issue?" He asked me raising an eyebrow then taking a sip of his coke.

"Don't you dare laugh at me when I tell you this cause I know your record."

Junior's POV

I had to almost smile at how nervous she got when I asked about the whole sex issue deal. But I mean I had to know with her because the more she talked to me more and more I realized all the traits she had I wanted in a person. The person I wanted to fall in love with and settle down.

"Yeah Yeah I am a male whore and I am not going to laugh unless you tell me something like you are a porn star or something then I might rent your video."

"Junior stop that is not funny" She busted out laughing then moved her foot off my arm and laid it and scooted down so her head was resting against the side of the couch and her body was on my side of the coach.

"I told him that I wouldn't sleep with him until I told him I loved him. Which at the time he was totally like "Baby I understand and I respect that cause I know you and that I was the only one." That made me think yeah he was the one cause he was understanding why I wanted to wait. He has been the only one I ever well you know and that was back the night we graduated from high school and I haven't since. I know he has and I think he is now just with someone other than me.

"You think he is cheating on you?" I asked her as she looked up at me almost crying and nodding her head.

"Junior I don't understand why. It is like I have to stay with some guy that is going to always keep my second place to another woman. I mean I wouldn't care if I was second to like his job or some sport he played."

"Ella you are thinking you honestly love him?" It floored me to think she actually loved this guy. I mean if she was mine there is no way in hell I would be fooling around on her with someone other girl. Wait why am I even thinking if Ella was mine.

"I know it is sick I know. I feel like he is what I wanted for so long and now got and I am scared if I let that go. I am not going have any thing and he is going to be the one meant for me gone." I watched her play with the carpet as she didn't look back up at me.

"You are afraid to get hurt and to love someone because every time you do you get hurt and if he is the one why risk being hurt and out on being happy even if it is happy with doubts."

"Damn Junior you need a show like Dr.Phil

"Nah I just know exactly what you are thinking." She got quiet and just laid there looking at me.

"Don't tell him you love him if you think it is going to convince yourself he is the one. I don't want to see you get hurt or me have to hurt him for hurting you okay."

"Thanks Fathead" she leaned up and hugged me. I felt her lay her head in the crook of my shoulder and a few tears hit him neck.

"Woo okay I don't do crying so stop." I looked back at her as she wiped her eyes and hit me in the arm I grabbed her as I feel back causing her to land on top of me laughing.

"How many laps are left." She asked as she moved to get something out of the fridge using my body as a stepping stool to get up.

"I think you stepped on my liver Ugly"

"Your liver is in your stomach dumb nut I used your shoulder to get up. God you would think since you where a male whore you would know body parts and there locations."

"HAHAH you are so not funny" We settled back in watching the rest of the Busch race after it ended I called Martin to debrief. As I was talking Ella changed into what she was going to sleep in and piled back up on the her couch. When I hung up she just looked at me and laid back cuddling up in a sweatshirt which I noticed was mine.

"Ella just have that sweatshirt you seemed attached to it." I told her as I walked back to my bedroom to charge my phone. When I came back out she had her side of the couch pulled out which gave me enough room to sit on the other one and put my feet on hers.

"Junior why are you nasty feet on my pillow." She ran her finger down my foot making me jump.

"Technically it is my pillow and cause I won't them to be since you have already attempted to go to bed.

"I am not going to bed I am getting comfortable." She ran her finger down my foot again causing me to jump higher and squirm.

"Are you ticklish there Mr. Earnhardt"

"Shut Up" I moved and laid down across my couch when I looked over her face was close to mine.

"Will you tell me about you growing up all I know is what I have read I want to know what makes you tick." I don't ever remembering finishing our conversation. We both feel asleep as we talked. I woke up hearing the alarm go off. For some reason it sounded far away. When I opened my eyes. I was facing Ella who was sound asleep. I went to move my arm when I noticed she was sound asleep on it with her hand in mine. She must have grabbed on to me in her sleep. I stretched out of the small couch and laughed as Ella was cuddled right on the edge of hers leaving all the room she had on the other side open. I didn't want to wake her up but I needed my arm.

"Ella wake up" I gently shook her shoulder as she mumbled and rolled closer pulling my hand up against her. This was going to be hard. I wanted so bad to just crawl over her and led her lay in my arms. I had to stop myself Ella was just a friend. A friend who had a boyfriend one who was a totally ass but still she had one.

"El come on wake up." I shook her a little harder this time her bright blue eyes opening and locking with mine.

"Morning" I told her as she yawn.

"Yeah Yeah." She went to close her eyes again still holding on to me.

"No get up. I need my hand so I can race today." She opened her eyes and looked at me then look down at our hands intertwined with each others.

"Oh Sorry" she dropped my hand so fast like it was on fire. I felt something automatically go missing. "What time is it" She crawled out of be throwing her hair back up in a ponytail as she walked behind me heading to get a coke. When she sat back down at the table. I slide down in front her causing her to laugh.


"Your hair" she said pointing she took a drink.

"Yeah well look at you okay."

"Did you sleep in your jeans all night" She asked as I stood up grabbing the pop tart she just opened and bit into as I walked back into my room to grab something and get a shower.

"No, I slept naked and with one arm I changed into this." I told her as I shut the door and got in the shower. I heard the door open as I was in there.

"Junior I have to pee." I heard Ella yell.

"Yeah right you just want to see me naked."

"Yeah that is exactly it. That is why I am peeing with my eyes closed and you better have yours closed cause the damn shower is glass."

"They are" I yelled. It would have been easy to turn around and watch but I knew she was probably sitting there peeing with her eyes closed.

"Okay I am done. You know what kind of freak has an all glass shower. I mean" I heard her laugh and shut the door.

I walked out dressed and ready to find J.R. and Ella playing cards at the table. J.R. was never nice to any girl I knew being friend or girlfriend. He always had the protective thing going probably cause he had worked for Daddy for so long it just ran over to me.

"I am ready"

"About time boy." J.R. commented

"It was nice meeting you Ella." He reached out and shook her hand.

"Nice meeting you to J.R. don't worry I won't beat you to bad on the flight home."

"So Junior um how do we work this." she asked me standing up

"When I come back here and changed you can just go with us to the pit road and stay in my pits to watch the race if you want or you can go sit with Delana whatever you want to do.

"Okay works for me. So I will see you like when so I know when to be ready."

"Be ready by 11:50" as we rode to my hospitality tent I was still thinking about all the things me and Ella had talked about last night she was one of the few women I had every opened up to who weren't in my family. She was interested in what I had to say and my family beyond the whole Earnhardt name.

"I really liked her Junior. You need to keep this one around she is good for you about time you got a classy girlfriend."

"She is just a friend she has a boyfriend and it is not me"

Ella's POV

I looked at the clock in Junior's bedroom 11:45 and here I was with five minutes to go still fighting with what way I was going to wear my hair. I don't know why I even cared that much to impress the people here I guess I just wanted to look my best for Junior which scared me a little. I stood in front of the mirror behind the door in the bathroom looking at myself making sure everything was pulled together. I fixed my hair so it was down but soft and wavy not the wet look everyone had going. I was walking back into his bedroom when I heard the door open and him yell.

"You ready yet" he asked walking behind me as I was buttoning up my blouse.

"Yeah let me just tuck this shirt in and but on my boots."

"Okay let me get my suit." He brushed past me as he walked to his closet. When he turned around I had to laugh.

"You have dough nut right there." I reached up and went to knock it off when he went to lick it off his tongue hitting my hand.

"Gosh Junior if you want to suck on my hand you could have just asked." He glared at me then went to go change. I was waiting on him when he walked back out in his fire suit.

"You ready."

"Yeah" as we walked out I saw J.R. waiting on the golf cart.

"Ella you look really nice." Junior commented as I sat down beside him on the golf cart. I saw J.R. hit him in the arm as he said that and smiled.

"No, you look classy Ella very respectable." J.R. commented as stared over at Junior nodding his head.

"Thank you guys. I know how Jr. likes those girls he brings to the track to have white tank tops on and there boobs hanging out so I thought well since I am just a friend I will go with the respectable female look." J.R. was laughing so hard he had to stop the cart.

"Really funny Ella I am laughing so hard."

"I know you are buddy" I patted him on the back. When we got to the gate we both headed off the golf cart.

"Good Luck today Fathead. You better impress me since I came this far to watch you.

"You aren't walking down pit road." He gave me that look that almost broke me.

"No, I better not. To much drama on both of our ends if I do but I will be in your pit." I leaned up and gave him a quick hug.

"Be safe." I pulled back and looked at him as he meet my eyes.

"Ella you know that shirt makes your eyes pop out."

"Um Thanks" with that he was walking off with Jade and J.R. to pit road. One of his crew guys came by to take me to the pit as I walked some heads turned to look at me wondering if I was the new notch on Jr's belt. This was going to be a very interesting ride home on the jet.

Chapters 11 - 15