Chapter 46- 51

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Chapter 46

"And there is Ella all curled up on Junior sound asleep." Josh dictated as I began to wake up. When I opened my eyes and looked up Junior was already awake his blue eyes shinning as he ran his hand through my hair as I still laid on his chest.

"Smile for the camera Ella." I turned to Josh who had Junior's video camera in my face.

"Butt crack." I muttered as I turned over. Junior leaning over me soon kissing my neck gently so the guys couldn't tell it looked like he was just whispering to me a smile crept across my face as he whispered into my ear.

"Morning beautiful." I moved enough to catch his lips briefly and touch the wild curls he had going on. When he pulled back I stretched up my arms and moved to lay back on him.

"Y'all ready." I could hear his voice through his chest as he talked then moved soon leaving the couch out. I watched as he slide on some sliver nylon track pants and his hat. Both him and Martin climbed into the front starting up the RV and pulling out leaving me and Josh in the back.

"Where we going." I yelled up to the front as Josh stalked me with the video camera. I just shot him a look as I leaned over the seat and laid my head on Junior's shoulder. Him laying his hand on the back of my head causing the guys to both look at us.

"Somewhere." He said smiling as just stayed the for awhile soon Martin and Josh were back to a different discussion as I enjoyed just being with Junior. I snuck a kiss on his cheek before heading back and playing cards with the guys. 30 minutes later we pulled into a parking lot.

"Guys we will be back in about 20 minutes." Junior said as he nearly pulled my arm off as we walked out of the RV and up the steps of a Fairfax County Annex. I didn't comment until we got into the elevator and got off at the 3rd floor. When I saw the office I just smiled.

"You ready to get married." he said laughing as we walked in him holding the door open for me. There was no wait cause we got there right as the door was opening. I held on to Junior's right hand as I filled out my from and he did the same with his. We both got done got our marriage license and head out.

"We are really doing this aren't we." I could no longer hold in my excitement as we walked back to the RV.

"Yeah if you still want to. You do want to."

"Yes I want to. Iwant to marry my best friend the guy I love the dude I want to well."

"Well what the guy the dude you want to?" he asked raising a eyebrow.

"Make lots of babies with." I whispered as I licked the outline of his ear.

"Dude Josh check it out they are about to kiss." Martin yelled out the window as we both flicked him off then leaning in kissing each other. I got into the passenger seat as we drove 5 minutes down the road to the courthouse. Junior's hand laying on my thigh as we went. I got out of the wagon followed by Junior then Martin and Josh.

"What are we doing here." Martin asked as we walked in and headed back to the offices. Junior never answered him as we walked in to a smiling older man.

"Mr. Earnhardt....Mike Putman."

"Nice to meet you this is my fiancee Ella." I heard both Martin and Josh cough as Junior introduced me.

"So are you two ready." We both looked at each other and smiled the nodded.

"Then let's get started." As Junior moved to the front of the set up altar area a lady gave me a handful of flowers and just smiled. I looked back at the guys sitting there both with there mouths open. Junior motion for Martin to come up beside him as he got up to leave I looked at Josh.

"Will you walk me down the aisle and serve a my maid of honor."

"Yeah I would be honored to." he slided his sunglasses up as we walked to the back of the small room. There was no music just the motion from the minister as Josh walked me down the aisle. I was going to be married in a pair of holey jeans and a chance 2 shirt.I looked at my wedding party standing there. Junior in his nylon silver Adidas track-pants and a white t-shirt. Martin in some navy basketball shorts and a UNC t-shirt and Josh walking me down in a pair of jeans and a Eat and Joe's shirt. For some reason the joy of seeing Junior waiting on me made tears begin to fall. Josh placed my hand in Junior's giving Junior a pat as he went and stood on the opposite side of me.

We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite Ella Grace Gray and Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. in marriage. Should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be united in marriage, they must speak now or forever hold their peace. The preacher chuckled as there was no one in the room other than the 5 of us. Junior drug his thumb over my hand as we stood there. My eyes never leaving his as he began to recite the vows to Junior.

"Ralph Dale, do you take Ella Grace to be your Wife? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her?"

"I do" he whispered I love you after he said those 2 little words.

Ella Grace, do you take Ralph Dale to be your Husband? Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others and holding only unto him?

"I do" the tears began to fall of my face. Junior gently reached up and wiped them away.

"Wedding rings are an outward and visible sign of an inward spiritual grace and the unbroken circle of love, signifying to all the union of this man and this woman in marriage."

"I Ralph Dale, take thee , Ella Gray to be my Wife- to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise my love to you forevermore." he repeated after the preacher then reached back to Martin who snapped open one of the bubble containers he bought last night and slided out a small woven leather band. I giggled in between my tears as he removed my impromptu engagement ring and slide the band on then slided the other ring back on.

I Ella Gray , take thee Ralph Dale, to be my Husband. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise My love to you forevermore." I repeated then Martin popped open the other plastic bubble and handed me the same woven leather band to me. I slide it gently down Junior's finger. When I looked up to his eyes I saw them begin to water.

The preacher continued on with a prayer then smiled as he covered our joined hands together.

"Ella Grace and Ralph Dale, in so much as the two of you have agreed to live together in Holy Matrimony, have promised your love for each other by these vows, the joining of your hands and the giving of these rings, I now declare you to be Husband and Wife. Whom God hath joined together, let no one put asunder.

"Junior, you may kiss your bride. " he just smiled as he slide his hat off and handed it to Martin. I laced my hands through his wild curls and leaned in. What was suppose to be soft and gentle ended up in a heated passionate kiss. Getting hoots and hollers from the 2 guys as we broke apart.

"We are married." It finally hit me as I stayed wrapped in his arms.

"Yeah we are Mrs. Earnhardt." I hugged Josh and Martin as Junior finished up the paperwork and made sure the courthouse would keep it a secret as long as the could our until they were contacted by the family.

"Come're my wife." Junior walked up behind me grabbing me up in his arms as we began walking down the steps of the courthouse. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he walked. Josh and Martin getting down before us because of our stops to kiss. When we got down to the RV Josh had the camera out.

"Okay Ladies and Gentleman for the first time. I give you Mr. and Mrs. Dale Earnhardt Jr." Martin announced as Josh made cheering noises. Junior and me just laughing as he set me down and wrap he arms around my waist.

"So Junior how does it feel to be married."

"Awesome but it is going to be even better when we lose you to bozo's." he said kissing my neck and letting his hand start to drift.

"Later." was all I had to say as we headed back on to the road headed to the track this time. I was laying on the fold out bed with my husband wrapped in his arms.

Chapter 47

"I love you so much." I just looked into Junior's eyes as we laid on the RV couch bed that we never put up from this morning. My fingers in her long curls as I concentrated on remembering the way he looked. His bright blue eyes and 3 day old scruff. This was the man I just married 10 minutes ago and over the last 10 minutes my loved had grown for him like it had been 10 years.

"I love you to Ella." he nuzzled my neck as he turned bringing my flush against him. Rubbing my back lightly. I just snuggled into his arms the strength of him coming into me as we laid there not talking once again.

"You two better not be getting it on." Martin yelled back as he sat in the passenger side seat. Junior laughed and pulled away for me in and stood up whispering something to Martin then looking back at me smiling.

"What did you tell him." I asked as he held out his hand and both of us walking back to the 2 twin beds the guys had used all week closing the curtains and doors as we went.

'I told him that we would name our first born after him and Josh if they..." he kissed me gently on the lips before finishing his statement.

"If they what." I asked him as my heart began to speed up much like the pace of the RV going down the interstate.

"They let us play for awhile. You know I always got a good grade for playing with with others back in the day." he smirked as he let his hand slide under my t-shirt resting on my lower back as he started to kiss my neck his scruff becoming a contrast from his soft touch.

"I have been waiting for this." I managed to mumble out as we sank down on the twin bed. The bedding letting out a huge squeal causing the mood to break for a minute.

"Keep it down." came a yell from the front.

"Junior maybe we sho..." I moved to sit back up again. Junior rising beside me taking out my ponytail and putting the band around his wrist.

"Shh.. Let me kiss my wife for awhile." he laid his finger on my lips then kissed my closed eyes and then my lips as he moved us back down. His lips were intoxicating taking every clear thought out of my mind. As our kiss deepened both or hands ran up the others back. I never noticed the RV stop until a sheepish Martin knocked on the door.

"Um.. Guys we are at the track. Junior, J.R. and Jade are standing out waiting on you."

"UGH." Junior sighed as he pulled back running his hands through his hair then touching my cheek gently.

"Is it a crime to want to make love to my wife before we celebrate our 50th anniversary." Junior asked aloud as he stayed hoovering over me. His statement causing me to smile but wanting to throw him up down on the bed and say screw the track, Nascar, and PR appearances.

"Umm.. I... " Martin stuttered behind the door.

"Martin you can walk in we are dressed." I said moving out from under Junior and brushing my hand threw my hair as the door slowly opened and Martin came in walking with his eyes shut.

"Open your eyes man." Junior laughed hitting him on the back. Martin slowly opened his eyes. I stood up behind Junior as we all stood at the door.

"Ella are you staying at the track today or going with Junior." I looked over at Junior and shrugged. I had planned on staying at the track with Josh working on some of Martin's sponsor contracts and team info for the company but now the plan was out of the window since now I was Mrs. Earnhardt. I had to look down at my left at the two rings smiling thinking about everything once again.

"Whatever you want to do baby is cool with me." Junior kissed my cheek heading out of the RV. I followed Martin into the open area where Josh was sitting there playing the play station eating chips.

"Ella go be with your man." Josh said smiling as I stood there watching Junior talk to Jade and J.R. out the small window. I could see the woven piece of leather that was our wedding rings still on his finger as he talked with his hands.

"Thanks for the permission Snider." I tossed the pillow at him as I sat down beside him.

"No problem."

"I have a idea. I brought my lap top with me so if you give me all the info that I was going to do today anyway in the hauler I will just do it as I travel around with Junior to his appearance so I can be with him and then get the work done to." I smiled to myself at my own accomplishment.

"Whatever doesn't matter to me you are the boss anyway." Josh wasn't paying attention a word I said. Martin just nodded.

"I was listening to you Ella." he said as if he had read my thoughts.

"Can you two promise me something." I stood up gathering up my purse and laptop along with the files I had for the day to work on. Both of them nodded giving me there full attention.

"Don't say a word to anyone about what just happened with me and Junior okay. Don't even talk like we are dating we are just like normal got it.

"Yeah you and him are just friends." Josh said using quotations as he emphasized friends.

"Exactly. Hey Martin get the pole today I need a good wedding present." I said as I walked down the steps to where Junior was standing. I had to catch myself from wrapping my arms around him.

"Ella you coming with us today." J.R. asked as he gripped my shoulder in a playful fashion.

"Yeah. I am here to make sure everything goes smoothly and take some notes." I smiled at Junior as we caught eyes. Jade picking up on it very quickly and looking both of us down.

"What.." Junior said glaring at Jade.

"Nothing. Are you staying int he shit wagon all week. Cause you coach is here." he turned pointing to the RV.

"Nah. I need to get my stuff off of there then." I was busy talking to J.R. when I felt someone come up behind me and lay there hand on my shoulder.

"You want me to get your things to." I turned back and Junior had that sneaky smile on his face.

"Yeah Fathead." I patted his hand as he got our things and the guys loaded up the back of the Suburban. We rode only a few short minutes until we pulled up to the team hotel where Junior was going to be doing phone interviews from the conference area.


I felt a hand graze up my leg as I was typing sitting at the conference table J.R. and Junior in a deep conversation about something. I glanced up from my paragraph and saw the little glint in his eye as he let his hand go father resting almost at the grease of my leg where I was sitting down as he moved it back down I crossed my legs over his hand stopping it from the movement it was doing before we both got in trouble.

"Ella are you going with us to the Drakkar appearance."

"If it is okay I would like to. I need to do some shopping." Junior looked at me and raised a eyebrow at my shopping comment.

"Okay I will make sure to get you a pass then.So you can get back with us when you get down and no one will hassle you on being a crazy attacker fan." J.R. said laughing as he picked up his Nextel.

"Junior be ready in 45 at at the car we have to be at mall at 5." he got up and walked out of the conference room. Jade had left earlier heading on over to the appearance sight to arrange the Budweiser side of things. I moved my legs so Junior could get his hand back. I laid my head on his shoulder as he leaned back in the office chair as I did the same. Our hands falling into the others.

"We have been married 8 hours." I kissed his chin from my spot as we both enjoyed the quite for a minute.

"Hmmm.I love you fathead" I laid my hand on his thigh as we both started to rock our chairs.

"I love you to ugly" we shared a sweet kiss as it began to heat up the door opened causing us both to pull back quick and scoot away from the other.

"Junior here is your hotel key to get ready for the appearance. Don't forget to give it back to me."

"Okay." the key slided across the table. Junior catching it and leaning forward to grab his wallet.

"Um Junior." J.R. asked looking at me and grinning. Making me wonder what he was smiling at.

"Yeah." he wasn't paying attention to J.R. as he got his wallet out and slided the key in.

"When did you start wearing glossy chap-stick." J.R. said as he closed the door leaving my laughing as Junior wiped his lips off.

I walked down to get something to eat at the little snack area as Junior changed. I met back up with them in the lobby. I had to catch my breath as my husband came walking out. He was still to the world the hot sexy bachelor of Nascar and right now he proved it wearing a pair of faded jeans and a long sleeve light blue dress shirt he had untucked and the sleeves rolled up. We both climbed in the back seat as we drove to the mall for his appearance. I laid my hand in between us on the seat Junior casual covered it up as we rode. We stayed in the car as J.R. went and got out talking on his phone.

"I will met back up with you after the appearance is over." he fingered my rings as he held my hand.

"Okay. Baby." I brushed back some curls in his hair as I looked at his face.

"Don't run off with some girl now." he just laughed and kissed me.

"Not a chance in hell will that happen. I am a happily married man now." he smiled as he opened his door and got out. I walked in beside him close enough for our arms to touch as he head in one direction I head in another looking for something special for him. I found the store I was looking for.

"Welcome to Victoria's Secret how may I help you."

"I am looking for something for me and my husband. We just got married."

Chapter 48

"Close your eyes." I felt to strong hand go over my eyes as I stood in front of the door to Junior coach. He silenced me with a kiss before I could protest. I heard the keys jingle as he unlocked the coach door and led me in and up the small steps. There was a sweet scent in the air as I stood.

"Slide off your flip-flops and drop you purse." He still had his hands over my eyes as I did what I was told. The faint light that he had turned on was soon off. His hands dropped from my eyes. I felt his hand slide over my shoulder as he brought me close and whispered in my ear.

"I have wanted to make love to you for so long.Open your eyes." I slowly opened my eyes to see his blue ones staring back into mine. He gently took my hand lead me back to the back bedroom. There over 50 candles all over the room one was lit beside the bed giving off a tiny ray of light. Showing the rose pedals laying across the pillows. I just stood taken back by the beauty of the room and the moment.

"You do this for me."

"Yeah with a little help from Martin and Josh. We have to now name our first born after them." he said smiling then moving to light some more of the candles. I moved behind him touching his waist leaning up to whisper in his ear.

"I got something for you to." I moved and kissed his neck heading back out quickly to where my purse was taking out the bag and heading to the bathroom. My nerves acting up as I changed. Tonight was going to be our first night together the anticipation and desire was building as the smooth silk slide down my body almost brushing the floor.The bodice fitting tightly as I made sure the straps where up nicely and everything was smooth. I glanced at myself one last time before opening the bathroom door. My foot hit the cool carpet as I walked back into the bedroom. Junior's back to me as he stood lighting the last candle that illuminated the room in a warm glow. My heart stopped when he turned around the love in his eyes rocking me to core. How could I have been so blind for so long.

"You look beautiful..But" he walked towards me taking my hands in his.

"You would look even better with that in a pile on the floor." he ran his hands up my skin as we stood there the only noise in the coach was our hearts beating. I couldn't form words much less sentences to answer him all I could do was feel. I moved my hands up his back as we began to kiss slowly at first then deepening as he began taking control. Sliding his tongue gently into my mouth and letting his hands rise up my side cupping my chest. When we pulled back our eyes locked.

"Make love to me." he just nodded and smiled sliding his hand up to my shoulder as his kisses moved down my neck to my exposed collar bone. I leaned my head back as his kisses made a contrast of my dry skin against his wet lips. The strap on my gown feel as he untied the back with the tips of his fingers. The light touch sent chill bumps up my spine spraying out onto my arms. His kisses moved over nipping lightly on my shoulder as he untied the other side letting it fall also. As our bodies separated the top of the gown feel down until it was resting on my hips. His eyes drank me in the met up again. My fingers shakenly let go of his back and moved to begin to unbutton his shirt. His hands covered mine.

"I promise I am never going to hurt you." I just nodded and went to move again him stopping me again. He gave me the look that made me speak my heart.

"Promise me I will wake up in your arms for the rest of my life."

"I promise. The rest of my life and yours." I sat down on the end of the bed pulling him with me and finally got all the buttons undone and sliding the shirt off his shoulders.His white t-shirt soon following as he gently hoovered over me laying us both down with a soft bounce. My fingers drug up his chest as he marked up my neck with nipping kisses. I dropped my hands down from his chest working on his belt getting it undone and pulled of the loops. Junior chuckled lightly as I chunked it down to the floor making it make a thudding sound. I began to unbutton his jeans as he hands went to my hips I raised them gently as he pulled the night gown down the rest of the way and moving it off the bed leaving me laying there waiting as we both slided down his jeans and boxers.

" I love you." I whispered as we both moved up on the bed my head hitting the pillow full of rose pedals as our bodies lined up. His kisses went down my body circling my stomach and chest as I buried my face into the his shoulder running my nails up and down his back. I felt my leg get left around his waist as he moved back up to face. I nodded as his eyes asked for permission almost as he slowly entered me making the earth stop.

"Oh..God." He held himself in me for a moment as he looked into my eyes.

"Let me love you to the core." he said. I didn't answer I just traced his lips with my tongue as he began to move to a gently rhythm. Both our bodies responding quickly to the others. As he trust got deeper so did our kisses and my grip on his body.

"Damn baby." he muttered in my ear as he dropped his head down beside me going deeper and harder nearing his on release. I was almost riding my high as he hand dropped between our bodies touching my gently sending me to the edge.

"Junior.. I can't hold on much longer." the whole sentence was a struggle as I tighten my grip on his shoulder. His sweaty skin under my touch making my hand slide down to his lower back as his hips moved hard meeting mine both of our bodies raised high off the bed.

"Ugggh." Junior grunted out as I felt him get harder then begin to jerk inside of me.

"Together El." was all he said as he hit leading me into my own peak. I grabbed hard on his hips as my body rocked up against his. Our sweat mixing and hands going into the others hair pulling almost as our bodies quaked. I fell back against the pillows. Junior laying his head on my shoulder as he stayed deep inside of me.

"I have never made love to anyone but you." I just looked at him as he made his statement. He moved enough to cause me to wiggle at the still sensation of him being in me as he kissed my lips and pulled out of me automatically taking me into his side my hand running thew his chest hair mirroring the night after the Glen.

"Junior you are the only other person I have ever.." he laid his finger across my lips.

"Shh... The past is the past baby. It is just me and you now." I felt him run his hands threw my hair as we laid there in silence for awhile. The candles flickering shadowing off the wall. I ran my leg over his and moved over him looking down at his face the scruff and intense jaw line. His light eyebrows and eyelashes that laced those baby blues that made me melt every time I looked at him. His strong, lean hands still on my body.

"You are beautiful Jun." Tears almost entering my eyes as he cut the blue pools over at me.

"Because you make me that way." he whispered tucking his body around me as we began to kiss again leading into another round of loving each other.

Chapter 49

I woke up to the soft feel of a thumb rubbing the side of my chest. I rolled over into the arms of a very groggy Junior.

"Morning baby." I whispered as he just smiled and kissed my lips softly then pulled back rolling onto his back bringing me into his chest closing his eyes his fingers still dancing on my skin.

"We only got about 3 hours of sleep you know." the laughter coming out of his voice as she talked with his eyes still closed. I nodded and moved so I could look at him he opened up his blue eyes that burned the holes through me.

"Well if someone ask me today why do I look so tired I will say because my husband made love to me all night." I trailed my hand from the top of his hips back up to his shoulder. I just got a look at his caught it kissing my finger tips.

"All I did was Git-R-Done." His bet southern voice coming out. As the killer smiled showed. I looked at his form now laying up against the pillow of the bed we had trashed the sheets everywhere but for the one we had around us the comforter on the floor and half the pillows along with smashed rose pedals litter the mattress.

"Tell me we can stay in bed all day." I moaned as he moved around behind me adjusting.

"Baby you don't understand how bad I want to stay in bed with you all day and make love to you all day like I did all night but..." he stopped short as I moved looking up at him from now laying across his stomach the sheet off almost both of our bodies each of us scanning the other one the marks from last night evident.

"I know. You better be fastest in practice then." He leaned down and kissed me then slide out of bed naked as the day he was born.

"Oh baby look at the sexy man. Turn Me on Turn Me on." I hooted as he walked to the bathroom. I could see his cheeks red from blushing as he walked into the door frame. My body cried out as I moved wrapping the sheet around me. I was walking slowly when Junior came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of boxers.

"Sore baby." he whispered full of cockiness and playful tone. He ran his hand up my hits kissing my neck right on the spot he found last night that made me weak. All I could do was lean back against him and nodded.

"Junior you are going to have to stop or the Bud Guys will know something is up. You haven't been late for practice in awhile." he just nodded tucking his hand in the sheet and pulling it so it came down leaving me standing there with nothing.

"Hmm now I have something to think about all day." He wrapped sheet over my shoulder as we both walked back into the bedroom.

"Go to work." I giggled as Junior leaned back down for another kiss. He was pushing it close with 10 minutes before he had to be in the car.

"I'm going." He whined as he stood up zipping up his drivers suit and reaching over to get his hat off the table where we had tossed it. I grabbed his hand pulling him back to me. I was no the one holding him back with kisses.

"Okay you can go now."

"You know your bed hair is real sexy." he ran his hands through my now tangled hair going everywhere from his hands.

"Go to work." he smiled and winked as he got up and headed to the door.

"Love you Ella."

"I love you to. Now go." he laughed he whole way out of the coach. All I could do was plop back on the bed that was still destroyed from earlier with a silly grin on my face thinking about what I had done all night and this morning. The grin never faded as I made into the bathroom starting the shower thankfully I would be home or at Junior's we hadn't even thought that far all we knew this morning was we had been married one full day and if our marriage is anything like the first couple hours then we were in for a ride.

Junior's POV

I twirled the little woven leather piece I still had on my ringer finger as I walked with my hands in my pockets to the garage. I couldn't stop thinking about Ella. Damn she was my wife now. I was no someone's husband but the role for some reason seemed to fit long as Ella was my other half the other part of my life that was missing that I now have. The crew guys where milling around as I walked up.

"About time son you are almost late." Pops hit me on the back.

"Well I made it." I couldn't stop smiling. Soon the guys and me where joking around ribbing each other. I slide down into the car as I slide on my gloves Hoover stuck his head in the car.

"What is up with that. Looks like some primal wedding ring." he point to the leather on my finger. I stopped and glared at him. He just shrugged in a what -expression.

"A...a fan gave it to me." I hated to lie I wanted to scream I got married yesterday and I was the happiest person in life right now. Ella was a fan just my own personal fan. The excuse was enough for him as he went back to work. I pulled out on the track for the first time Ella getting off my mind as I got into my realm of focus.

"Junior qualifying is at 3 you are going out 38th so you have some time." Jade told me as we walked to the hauler. Rick had some hamburgers already grilled as I walked in a grabbed a plate and got 2 for me and one for Ella.

"Damn 3 burgers Junior." One of the crew guys commented as I loaded up the plate.

"What can't I be hungry." I shrugged putting the things Ella liked on her burger.

"You are in to good of mood it is almost scary what happened to you or who happened to you last night." Tony Jr asked.

"Yeah what's her name." Jeff Clark countered.

"Her name. There is no her name." I smirked walking out of the hauler leaving the guys until qualifying heading towards my coach. When I got to the door I juggled what was in my hands. I had to laugh when I didn't see Ella but the Victoria Secret bag by her purse knocked over. I laid the plates down on the counter shedding the top of my driver suit as I walked back to the bedroom. I had to smile as she was cuddled up on my side of the bed laying on top of the now made up bed. The floor was cleaned and my clothes from the night before where folded and her gown was hanging up on the closet door. I scooted her open laptop over as I knelled down over her touching her cheek gently. She did stir one bit I moved and touched her arm under the t-shirt sleeve.

"Wake up baby." She moved groggily turning more on to my pillow that she had in her arms. Her hair now curly showing she had just took a shower. The smell of her had already filled the bedroom. I slided off the bed letting her sleep and changing into shorts. When I turned around her blue eyes were now open. Her long arms stretched over her head as she yawned.

"You finally wake up sleeping beauty." She just nodded and smiled as she rolled over on the bed.

"You been back long."

"Nah..I just got in maybe 10 minutes ago. I brought us food."

"Good I am starving." she got out of the bed stopping briefly before standing up. I just smiled knowing I was the reason for it. She sat down beside me laying her back against my chest as we ate our lunch.

"What time do you have to go qualify." He slim hand snaked a chip off my plate.

"Not for awhile I got out 38th so we have some time." she just got a look in her eye and moved to sit on my lap taking my now empty plate and laying it onto he small coffee table.

"Wonder what we can do."

"Hmmm I think I can find a few things. Only if you are up for it." she licked her lips and leaned in against me her breath tickling my ear.

"The question is are you Mr. Earnhardt."

I slide out quietly from Ella's grasp as she snuggled up to me and headed to qualifying. Jade had pulled up in the cart right as I walked out of the couch.

"You look flushed."

"Shut Up." was all I could counter as we drove down to the grid. All I wanted to do was get in the car and get the lap and Happy Hour over. I looked down at my hand as I rested it on the steering wheel if this is what married life is like then hell I am going to love it.

Ella's POV

"Good Luck baby" I whispered leaning into the car thankful the cover was over the windshield. Jeff Clark and Tony Jr standing beside the open window. I rested my hand on Junior's thigh as he pulled me in for a kiss then winked.

"I love you." he stated before he began to slide on his helmet breaking his ritual so we could kiss without anyone seeing him in the car.

"I love you too baby. Be safe." we kissed on last time then I pulled back going to stand on the other side of the crew so no one would question anything. My mind wandered as the pre race ceremonies progressed tomorrow we were going to be spending the day at the lake with his family as a late Labor Day celebration. The whole event was planned before we got crazy and as Josh said "ran off and got married." The only people who knew of us was still Martin and Josh. I had to smile as I thought of how me and Junior missed the whole Busch race because we were a little busy with each other. As the drivers got the announcement I headed down to sit behind the pit box watching race from a chair.

With 10 laps to go Junior was 5th. I saw Delana and Shana move from there positions and head towards there coaches to get things ready.I wanted to go a yell and ask what was I suppose to do now that I was a wife. What did Junior want or need after he got out of the race car. But then again if I moved or left the team would notice. Junior came across third as the race ended. I walked with Jade as he headed towards the bud car my hot pass flying in the light wind that was blowing. I huge smile spread across my face as he climbed out of his car his wet sweat curls and tired blue eyes were a major turn on as he turned around and smiled connecting my eyes. I wanted to go hug him and kiss him but I had to hold back we were still just Ella and Junior best friends. All I could do was mouthed I love you to him. I watched as he nodded the touched his leather band. To me it symbolized so much. I hung back walking beside him as we head straight to the media center.

"I got to pee." he stated then looking at me smirking and motioning me to come with him.

"I need something to drink." Jade just nodded as we both walked down the little hallway into the single bathroom they hand. Junior headed in as I looked around making sure no was coming and went in behind him locking the door.

"Hmm baby give me a kiss." he walked over to me pulling me into his sweaty arms of the bud suit he still had on.

"Woo be careful my pants are white if you rub up on my touch much..." He moved my protesting hand playfully.

"I will get you dirty. But I like dirty." his kiss was hot and passionate his tongue swirling making my mind go weak.

"I think I like it to." I had to fight to speak and catch my breath. As he hand slide beneath my jean jacket and playing with the black tank top I had on.

"Junior hurry your ass up." Jade yelled through the door.

"How am I going to get out."

"Shh.." Junior laughed as I just glared at him.

"Just let me walk out then you come out. Now come're I am not done with you yet."

As the bathroom door clicked I had to throw cold water on my face and pull my hair back into it's low pony-tail before walking back out. My shoes making a slight noise as I stood at the door. Junior grinning widely when he spotted me all I could do was look down and blush. I waited int he Suburban after we got back to the couch as Junior got a quick shower and came out. I was sitting in the front looking at a Cosmopolitan as we drove to the airport. Junior throwing his cap top at me. I laid my hand on the drivers seat as I turned back to chunk it back at him.

"Nice ring you got out of the cracker jack box Ella." Jade laughed as he looked at my hand as J.R. drove. Junior and me instantly busting out laughing.

"What" Jade sat there dumbfounded not knowing that was my engagement and wedding ring from the man sitting beside him.

"Yeah Ella nice rings." Junior spoke up as he caught my hand and rubbing his on ring against mine.

Chapter 50

"Baby you stink bad." I told Junior as I laid my head on his shoulder as he unlocked the door to my house.

"We staying here tonight." he asked kissing the top of my head as the door came unlocked.

"Yeah cause I mean your mom lives just down the road." a yawn came as I finished answering him. To say I was a little tired was a understatement. I let Slash out and found a box of brownie mix on the counter with a sticky note as I walked heading to start laundry.

"Hey Jun can you read that note for me while I start the laundry." I called back as he was tossing his clothes to me in the laundry room.

"Mom wants you to make these for tomorrow." he called out his voice sounding distant than getting louder as he stood in the laundry room doorway.

"That all your clothes." I shut the washer door and turned around.

"Yeah except for the ones on my body which you are going to be taking off."

"What makes you so sure of that one." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he hands went around my waist.

"Because I so damn irresistable." I just nodded and kissed him softly.

"To be so irresistible you smell rank." I started unloading my clothes from my bag in the basket I grabbed after we separated as he rummaged around in the fridge.

"I am getting a shower now." He pounced and smacked me on the butt as he popped open a can of beer and headed to my bedroom. I heard the water turn as I went about getting everything semi back in order.

"Leave the water on when you are done." I called out as I brushed me teeth from the bathroom as Junior dropped a bottle in the shower for the hundredth time it seemed like.

"Alright." he stepped out from the curtain grabbing the towel. His hair plastered to his head and water droplets dropping off his shoulders and down his chest into the towel now around his waist. We exchange glances to each other as I undressed and he dried off through the mirror.

"Hey baby I think I still stink." he said as I felt his hands go over my hips and the water suddenly stopping from hitting my back. We stumbled from the shower in the bedroom after the water turned to cold to stay under it much longer. Sound the sheets and the pillows were scattered around the room and bed. We were living up to the newlywed persona.

I woke up the next morning to a softly snoring Junior. His hands under the pillow he was sleeping on as he laid on his stomach he back showing the marks from my nails the fan catching the sheet lightly blowing it a little up and down his body moving in it and out off his lower back. I glanced over at the clock it was 10am we were meeting the family at 1. I kissed his neck gently him stirring a little bit the falling right back to sleep. I tried my best not to make any noise as I moved around the room grabbing up some clothes to wear. My foot hit a wet lump of a towel that was laying in the doorway of the bathroom as I went to brush my teeth and put in my contacts. By the time I made it out of the bedroom my hands were loaded up with more laundry. Junior's clothes resting on the top. I felt maybe a little guilt knowing he was going to wake up with nothing to wear then again it would make me one lucky woman when he decide to emerge in search of them. As I shut the dryer moving the clothes from the night before that never got done. I smiled at what my life had become in just a few short days.

Junior's POV

I reached out for Ella as it got cold in the bedroom. I was hit with a empty side of the bed. The sheet we had been using was now at the bottom of the bed. I looked over at the clock on her side of the bed it was 12. We both had to met at my mom's around 1 for the day. I sat up on the side of the bed my eyes still blurry. I heard a chain rattle as Slash ran in the room automatically wanting me to pet him. Where were my clothes. Nothing was on the floor where I left them even my boxers were gone. I could smell brownies coming from the kitchen as I started waking up more. I knew Ella had taken all my clothes.

"Baby" I yelled out for her.

"Be there in a minute." she called back. Slash came barreling into the room as he turned the corner his heavy tail knocked against the door frame. I sat there petting him until Ella walked. She stuck her head in the door.


"Um.. I can't find my clothes." Her laughter filled the room as she tossed me a pair of boxers she had in her hands.

"There rest is either already folded or in the dryer." I slide on the my boxers as she turned to head back to the kitchen.

"Hey woman get back here where is my kiss."

"Hey woman." she raised her eyebrow as she walked towards me. She had on a pair of cloth shorts and a Falcons football team shirt.

"Yeah woman." I pulled her between my legs as I sat on the side of the bed. Her fingers playing with my hair as she looked down at me. I raised her shirt and kissed her stomach.

"Jun..stop." she giggled as I pulled her back making us tumble on the bed.

"That is the first time I heard you ever say that." She was laying on top of me her legs on each side of my waist.

"Oh you are so cocky in the morning or either you are a little..." I caught her lips with mine before she could finish.

"A little what baby nothing on me is little."

"Oh God." she rolled off me as I caught her wrist hauling her back.

"Fathead I have something in the oven."

"One more kiss then I will let you go." She leaned down and slide her tongue in my mouth and kissed me like she hadn't seen me in years. We we broke apart she got up and went back to the kitchen shooting me a wink as she left. By the time I got up it was 12:30.

"What are you making." I asked her as she was chopping up some apples and grapes.

"Chicken Salad for tomorrow." she pooped a grape in her mouth as I walked behind her heading toward the Brownies she had on a plate.

"Touch em and you die. They are for later." She turned around as I bit into one.

"What I had to see if they were good to eat."

"Right. Come're you got crumbs all on you." she brushed off my mouth and stood there looking at me.

"I told you I was irresistible." She laid the dish towel down and leaned her head against me wrapping her arms around my waist.

"You know I have never been happier having to do laundry and make dinner before. You want to know why." her blue eyes glanced up.

"Tell me." I kissed her hair smelling the sweet scent of shampoo.

"Because I get to do them all for you. I get to wake up in your arms every morning and take care of you."

"I love you. You know that. I have loved you since I met you." She just nodded as I held on to her.

"We going to tell your family today." she asked breaking away and finishing up the salad for tomorrow.

"I really want to somebody about my beautiful wife."

"It doesn't matter to me. You make the decision on this one. I need to go change and get ready." she slide the salad into the fridge and headed to the bedroom.

"Don't eat anymore brownies." she yelled for the doorway as I ate half of another one.

Ella's POV

I couldn't stop my leg from shaking as we made the short drive to Ms.Brenda's house. Junior resting his hand on me knee as we pulled in behind the rest of the cars.

"You okay." he asked looking over at me through his sunglasses.

"Yeah. Just kind of nervous for some reason." I told him honestly as he unlocked the doors and massaged the side of my knee.

"How about we just go in there like we always have been nothing different then after awhile if we want we tell them."

"You okay with that I mean this is your family Junior."

"Baby I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't. Now come on." he popped out of the truck and waited by the front as I got out.

"Here carry this." I passed the plate of brownies that was missing a few cause of Junior sneaking little pieces. I adjusted the bag on my shoulder that was full of things the both of us would need on the boat and for the day. I could hear the laughter from the large backyard as we walked through the house.

"Ella. I am so glad to see you honey." Ms.Brenda pulled me close in for a hug as I walked out onto the screen porch. I saw Junior smile as he walked past us heading towards Karsyn where she was running up to him.

"Now come and sit down here with me on the swing and tell me what has been going on and how did the trip on the road with the boys go." she patted the seat beside her on the swing as Kelley walked up placing me in the middle of the 2 most important women in Junior's life.

"Yeah how did the trip go anything exciting happen." Kelley asked all I could do was shake my head and laugh as I started telling them about the trip leaving out one important thing that happened Thursday.

"Y'all ready to hit the lake." Junior walked up behind the swing stopping it with his hands.

"Hey June-bug look up." someone yelled out we all turned as they snapped a picture of the four of us all smiling. I laid my cheek across his hand as he laid it on my shoulder both Kelley and his mom getting up from the swing. He just looked down smiling at me his blue eyes full of life.

"Come on my wife let's go." he whispered only loud enough for me to hear him.

"Junior be careful and don't throw Ella off on that thing I know how you drive." Brenda yelled from the boat as I climbed on the jet ski behind him. I heard him just laugh.

"Hold on." I grabbed on tighter around his waist locking my hands over my wrist.

"You want me to slow down." he yelled over his shoulder as I held on for dear life. He was cutting right up close to other jet skiers and boats scaring me shit-less.

"No." I managed to get I knew if he found out I was terrified he would keep doing it plus I my stubbornness wouldn't let me back down.

"Liar." He slowed down a little pulling us behind the a little island so that no one could see us from the shore.

"You can let go of me now. We are stopped." His loud laugh echoing on the silent water.I was stuck to him like gum on the bottom of your shoe. I gradually moved away from him enough so he could semi turn and look back at me. I must have looked like a deer in headlights cause his face went from laughter to concern.

"You okay. I didn't know I scared you that bad." He touched my cheek.

"Yeah..Yeah.. I am okay I just woo. That was a new experience." I laughed nervously as he kept eying me.

"What is scarier being on a Jet ski with me or telling my family we are married?"

"Hahah so funny. Glad you can joke about it." I hit his shoulder as he unzipped the life jacket.

"Baby come on my mama loves you to death so does Kelley those are the only people I give to shits who care if I am married or not." his best puppy dogs eyes showing up as he looked at me.

"I know I just I don't know she they love me knowing that I am not taking there little baby boy."

"What did I tell you earlier about the little comments."

"Did you ever hear me complain." I ran my hand in his wet hair wrapping a stray curl around my finger that was coming out of the back of his hat.

"Aww look who is being dirty know." his Earnhardt smirk appearing as he touched my outstretched wrist.

"Fathead I want to drive this thing." I stood up enough so I could balance pulling down the legs of my soaked denim shorts.

"You where just staring at my scared a minute ago now you want to drive." he leaned back against he handles scratching his stomach.

"Yeah if you will teach me." I gave him the look I knew would do him in. He just shook his head as he button up the life jacket again and we switch position his strong arms wrapping around me as he began showing me what to do.

"Alright this is what you do. Put your hands here and.." as he explained he covered my hands with his our make shift wedding bands a dark brown from being wet from he water as our hands land on each others.

"Faster..." His hand moved my mine so the the machine would go faster.

"That my baby girl." he yelled as we went screaming by some other people. I felt his hands go off mine and hit my stomach as I began to pick up more speed and do some turns like he was doing earlier. He hands did stay very long at my stomach as he slide them up under the life jacket making me and the engine rev up faster.

"If you don't stop I am going to tell your mom." I got out as he hands kept playing around under my life jacket as we got closer to the dock. I glanced over my shoulder at his smiling face he had turned his hat backwards making his hot meter rise.

"Tell her what. That her son is molesting his wife."

Ye.." before I could finish there was a yell.

"Woo look at that Junior let someone drive him around." Willie, Junior's step dad yelled from the dock as we pulled up Junior standing over me dripping on my shoulders as he parked the jet ski.

"Aww Ella honey I am so glad you came back in one piece. He knew better than to do half of those moves." Brenda said hitting Junior in the shoulder as we walked up to the others. I just stuck my tongue out at him as he mom wrapped her arm around me. Only if I had known what that action would lead to.

"Before we go any further in the day I have something I need to tell everyone."

"This better be important cause I am hungry." Jimmy yelled from the table as he ate some chips Kelley hitting him in the head.

"I did something Thursday I think you all should know about." I looked at Junior his eyes dancing and connecting with mine as he began to speak.

"I got..."

Chapter 51

" I got..."

"You got what son." Brenda spoke up beside me as she smiled patting her hand on my shoulder. I just looked up at Junior as the his cheeks pinked up.

"I got married." he let out a huge breath and looked dead at me then glanced over at his mom who had a death grip on my shoulder and her mouth open.

"You did what. Ella you let him get married." Kelley asking me being the first on to talk in the family the rest just staring at Junior.

"Well...I was there." I mumbled focusing on the plastic cup in my hand. The rim suddenly interesting me. What could I say yeah I let him get married he married me. Somehow the words didn't seem appropriate.

"I am sure she is a nice girl Junebug but baby I would have liked to meet her before you tied the knot." Brenda let go of my shoulder and walked up to Junior hugging him.

"So where is she at." Kelley asked as she stood walking over to her brother and mother. I saw Junior smile as I just sat there wishing to be sucked down in the ground. He walked away from his mom and sister and came behind me standing behind the chair I was sitting in and laid his hands gently on my shoulders. For some reason the action didn't tip off his family as they all stood looking at us both now.

"My wife is right here." He kissed the top of my head. I laid my hand over his. I needed his touch and strength. No one moved they just sat.

"You and Ella are married." Jimmy stated as he stood up walking up to us. I got up out of the chair and stood beside Junior. His arm went around my waist as he pulled me close gently rubbing my hip.

"Congratulations man. Ella I know you will keep him in line. Now if you don't mind I am hungry." he gave Junior a manly handshake a patted my shoulder on his way by heading toward the patio table with the burgers on it. The rest of the family began moving around and greeting us both before going to the table. 3 people were still missing from talking to us. But as one approached us Junior let his grasp of me drop as he drop down to his knees.

"Uncle Junior" Karsyn his niece said smiling as she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck kissing his cheek.

"Hey baby doll" he kissed her cheek back causing her to laugh at his whiskers tickling her face.

"I have aunt now?" she asked him her brown eyes looking up to him with wonder.

"You sure do. I want you to met Ella. She is my wife and your new aunt." I squatted down beside Junior laying my hand on his thigh as the little girl sized me up.

"Can I call you my Aunt." she asked. Placing her hands on her hip eying Junior and me both now.

"You sure can. It is nice to finally met you." I held out my hand but instead she came and gave me a huge equal to her Uncle's

"I like her Uncle Junior." She stated then she was off yelling towards her daddy for food.

"Well that is 1 down 2 to go." I whispered to myself. Junior just looked at me and gave me his best glare. I just shrugged.

"Dale Jr., Ella" we both turned to see Ms. Brenda standing there. The noise of the family eating ended as the all noticed her finally speaking again.

"Yeah Mama." I looked at her face watching her chin quiver before she spoke.

"I would have never want you to marry anyone else but this girl beside you cause you know I love her like my own. I love you son you know I do and I can tell you and Ella love each other." She wrapped her arms around both of us. Her tears falling as she held on to Junior as she hugged him and whispered something to him then moved to me.

"Take care of my baby boy." she whispered in my ear as she gave me a strong hug.

"I promise I will." my eyes began to water as we pulled back. I felt Junior place his hand on the small of my back as me and his mom stood still embraced.

"Now.. You girl better fill me in on all this and how this came about." She said smiling and wiping her eyes.

"Wait Mama." Kelley walked up to our little circle.

"So I guess a welcoming to the family is in order." She gave me a strong hug.

"You take care of my brother or you will deal with me." she told me over Junior's shoulder as she hugged him. I just nodded as we all laughed. The two began to walk over to the rest of the family leaving me and my husband standing alone together.

"You were worried for nothing baby." We began walking towards his family.

"Yeah well. We still have to tell mine along with the team Jade, J.R., people at DEI." I sighed the stress building up again.

"We will deal with it tomorrow." before we got continue any further we both were pulled in different directions filling in people on our love story as they called it.


I laid in Junior's arms tracing my fingers across his arm that was around my body. We had came back to my house from a long day at the lake. Getting showers then falling into the bed and each others arms. Needless to say sleep wasn't on our minds as we got tangled in each other. Now were both just laying enjoying the silence and quite.

"El I need to tell you something." his tone soft almost as if he spoke louder the world would break.

"Yeah." I caught his hand with my wandering fingers lacing them within his.

"I have to go out and make up all the things I missed when I was hurt."

"When will you be home." I heard him sigh before answering.

"October." he mumbled.

"What. Junior that is a damn month baby I can't go that long without you." I shot up out of his arms taking the sheet and wrapping it around my top half as I moved looking down at his face. He pulled my arm making me lay back down beside him.

"What you think I want to be gone a damn month from home and you." He turned and wrapped me up in his strong arms the scent of me on him feeling up the small space between our bodies.

"I am going to miss you. How long do we have tomorrow together."

"I have leave out tomorrow morning at 7." he ran his hands in my hair as he played with the ends at my shoulders.

"Well I don't care what people are going to say I want to send you off." I touched his soft cheek and pulled his lips towards mine for a kiss.

"I am going to tell Jade and J.R. tomorrow about me and you." he said in between our light kisses.

"Well tell them I love you a whole..whole.. bunch and that they better make damn well sure we get some time together after all of this." MO<"You love me a whole whole bunch." he questioned the playfulness coming across in his tone.


"Mrs. Earnhardt I don't think that answer was enough you might have to show me. I am a visual person." he grabbed me up and slide me under his body as he rained kisses down on my face. The rest of the night was spent in a tangled mess of sheets and body parts.

"Junior wake up." I rubbed his lower back as he slept soundly through the alarm clock and me getting ready for work. It was around 6:30 and he need to be up and packing so he could get to Concord airport in time.

"Yeah..what." he growled out his baby fro curling out more as he moved his head around on the pillow dodging the lights on in the bedroom.

"You need to get up honey and pack so you can make your flight on time. Come On." I kissed his cheek as he moved around some more.

"You called me honey." he mumbled.

"Huh." I was getting the bag the basket full of his clothes from the hall and laying them out my side of the bed.

"You called me honey." He said clearer as he sat up on the side of the bed sliding on his boxers that were laying on the floor at his feet.

"Um..if you don't want me to I won't." he laid back across the pile of jeans I had out and grabbed my hand. He blue eyes still heavy with sleepy.

"I want you to sweetie." he gently kissed my hand then got up and headed to the bathroom. I heard him start to brush his teeth as I got his bag out. So much for him packing.

"What do you want for breakfast." I stuck my head in the bathroom door as he spit out his toothpaste.

"I don't care anything." he walked past me kissing me with minty fresh lips. When he got to the bed he opened up his bag and just threw in the folded clothes not looking to match or anything just tossing in his items. I had to laugh causing him to stop and look over at me.

"What. You laughing at my packing." I just nodded and headed toward the kitchen.

"Hey baby my shoes in there." I heard a yell as I was pouring some cereal.

"Yeah they are in the living room by the couch. You want cereal." I yelled back to him waiting on his answer as he walked in putting on his t-shirt and holding his socks.

"Whatever." I walked over with both our bowls sitting next to him on the couch.

"So what is our plan."

"I am going to call you every night if you need me for anything you call me or one of the guys. Kelley has all the numbers and any time I can get home I will be." he said shoveling in his cereal still in sleep mode.

"Okay what about your truck." I knew he would fire up when I asked him that.

"I am driving it to the airport and leaving it. T.J is going to come get it so you luck out not getting to drive it." he sat his now empty bowl on the coffee table pulling me into his arms as I sat mine down.

"Do you know how hard it is to sleep with out your arms now." I snuggled into his fresh smell of deodorant and Drakkar.

"I know Ella. Baby you going to stay at your house or mine." he stood up taking the bowls.

"I haven't really thought about it that much. I mean it doesn't really matter I guess." I followed him as he went and got his bag and we headed out to the car.

"I would feel better with you at my place just for peace of mind and you keeping my bed warm our now our bed." he stated as parted was at the door heading to separate vehicles. The drive was quick to the airport. I walked all the way with up to the fence were we were separating.

"I love you Junior." My arms were wrapped around his neck tight as we stood there.

"I love you too sweetie. Keep the boys in line for me." he kissed the side of my neck as we broke apart a little.

"I will promise me you will be safe." I saw the love in his eyes as we looked back at each other holding on to the other until we had to part.

"I always am." we shared a quick pop of a kiss as he headed towards the plan Jade and J.R. falling into step beside him almost instantly as he walked. He stopped before he stepped on and waved. My heart almost broke watching him loaded up. These were going to be the longest weeks of my life.