Chapter 34 - 39

Chapter 34

I didn't know if I was suppose to stay or go. I just walked straight out of her house to my truck and sat on the tailgate trying to rationalized what I had just saw. I heard a pair of flip-flops walk up and then stop. I watched as Ella climbed up beside me on the tailgate.

"Here." she handed me a Coke as we sat not talking for a good 15 minutes. I looked over at her now clothed in a t-shirt from a restaurant in her hometown her feet swinging back and forth bare after she had kicked off her flip-flops.

"About um what you walked in on." She stared off into the night looking straight head

"Hey it is cool. I mean hell it is your house. I shouldn't have just walked in." she gave that look only she could do when she didn't buy a answer. I fiddled with the coke top as we sat in silence again.

"Where is Jamie." I could hide the jealously or maybe anger in my voice

"Inside." she threw her on tone out after I asked.

"In your bed." I countered her tone.

"Not like it is any of your business but no he is getting ready to head home." God when she was being snappy it made her so much more sexier.

"Man I was that much of a mood killer." I wanted to jump up and down knowing he was now sleeping in a totally different house than her.

"It was going to fast."

"and.." I knew there were other reasons it was written on her face. But she was stubborn and hard headed she knew them to but wasn't going to admit them to me or herself.

"And what." she moved so her back was against the side of my truck.

"Nothing never mind." I finished off the coke and threw the can behind us.

"Why don't you come in the house instead of out here it is hot." She fanned herself emphasizing the fact of the temperature.

"Nah..Your boy is pretty pissed at me so I am going to go on home."

"Okay." she wrapped her arms around me. Damn that spark got me every time.

"Be Safe and see you tomorrow." she asked giving me her killer smile.

"Maybe I might need a day off." I climbed into the truck leaving the door open. She moved to stand on my side rail propping her hand on the door frame.

"I am sorry." she mumbled so softly.

"Huh.." I honestly did hear her.

"I am sorry" she leaned in a whispered. What she and I did next surprised us both. I watched as she leaned into me taking her hands and laying them on my legs as she moved almost to stand inside the truck bent over. All I knew was I want her lips on mine. Her hands slided up as high as they could go then she kissed me. It wasn't one like we had ever shared together not even that one night. The I had thought about every second of the day. This kiss was powerful. I felt her tongue tangle with mine as ran my hands up her back her shirt rising enough for me to slide them under the cotton fabric. I didn't care that I was kissing my best friend, loving the way her skin felt under my hands again or the fact that her boyfriend was in the house where we were int he driveway in a heated kiss. I knew one of us hand to stop it but it wasn't going to be me. Her hand moved to my crotch and stayed there as we broke for air quickly then went straight back to each other. I covered her hand with mine. I wasn't going to push her into anything but I was giving her the invitation to finish what was in her mind. She pulled back and locked eyes with me and leaned in kissing me gently never closing her eyes and pulled her body back in. She began to move off me when I grabbed her hand.

"What was that." I breathed out as she began moving down the side of the truck then standing looking at me.

"I don't know. I just screwed us up again." before I could answer she was walking back to her house. I cranked up and headed out. She didn't screw us up she screwed me up. I was the one that was having to go home and take the cold shower and deal with a broken heart. It had been along time since a female had affected me and now for some reason I felt like I wounded dog. I noticed my knuckles where white from clenching the steering wheel thinking about her and Jamie. Don't get me wrong Jamie was a good guy but Ella deserved better.

Ella's POV

Oh god what have I done. Why...Why did I do that just now. It wasn't like Junior even made the first move it was all me. But he had that spark about him. I knew he was hurt hell I was hurt when I saw him with Shannon that night but I knew he would never admit and neither would I. I couldn't get myself together. I mean earth to my brain my boyfriend is sitting right inside this door and here I am in a heated kiss hands being places they shouldn't with my best friend in the driveway of my home. The scary thing was I didn't do it out of guilt that I felt for Jamie. I did it out of the guilt I felt knowing Junior saw me with someone else. I couldn't be falling for Junior. I just couldn't. I need to talk to someone but I couldn't talk to my best friend cause he was the reason.

"Ella I am ready" Why did Jamie have to be so loving and non-chelate. I watched as he gently kissed me on the cheek. I felt like a whore for sure now my lips were still on fire from Junior's. I just smiled and nodded. I couldn't touch Jamie or barely look at him as we walked to the car and climbed in. I just stared off at the window. I felt him grab my hand and hold it. I just felt dirty. After I dropped Jamie off and we said our goodbyes I didn't want to go home. I didn;t know what I wanted anymore. I only knew of one place I could go and think or maybe I didn't want to think I just wanted to go.

Junior's POV

My house was completely empty not a sound of anything going on our moving. Normally I would relish the quietness but right now I didn't want to be alone with my thoughts by myself. I couldn't talk to Ella about it cause it was her that was my problem. Martin and Josh had no idea what was going on and why tell them. Kelley and my mom both loved Ella and you just couldn't;t tell your mom and sister the things I had in my mind. Had to smile at those thoughts of her on my bed. I had to do something I grabbed my phone and called most of the guys to come over to the house. I had to let off some steam. I looked around my basement after a couple of hours it was filled with the DMP along with Elliot Sadler and Tony Stewart.

"Hey Junior man what is up." I was leaned back against the bar just looking out at the pool table.

"Nothing Stew" I swirled my the last of my beer around in my bottle.

"Man where is the girl um... Ella right" he said looking around hitting me in the shoulder.

"I don't probably with her boyfriend." Some how when I said that it made me angry that she wasn;t here with me and her friends or the people who would become her friends.

"Damn you a little bitter about that. Cause right now you look like some killed your cat."

"Dude she is nothing to me just my best friend." I popped off Tony just laughed as I grabbed another beer he did also.

"Right and that is why you are sitting her wishing she was her with you and not her boyfriend. Who you have to race with every week."

"Your wrong..I am.." he cut me off laughing

"Your not what. Junior you are even more of a dumb ass if you are about to tell me you don't want that girl. Hell you and her flirt like you do back when you are in 3rd grade. Where you make fun of each other to hide you really like the other one."

"We do not flirt." I glared at him

"bullshit" he coughed out.

"What" I yelled almost at him.

"Let me see your wallet." he said standing up with me.

"Why" I knew what he was going for

"Let me see it." he protested

"Like Hell." by then Martin and Josh along with Elliot had came over and joined us watching at the exchange between us. Before I knew it they had teamed up on me and got my wallet out.

"Sadler man I don't like your hand touching my ass." Elliot finally let me go.

"HAHA I was right you so want the chick." Tony said as he opened up my wallet.

"Who Ella." I looked over at Martin/

"What man I have known you wanted her. You talk to her every day since April that means something." Josh nodded along with Martin's statement

"Ain't that McMurray's girl." Elliot said as he looked over Tony's shoulder into my wallet. I grabbed it out of Tony's hand and slided it back in my back pocket.

"Yeah it is and all she is. Is my best friend."

"Yeah right." that all muttered and dispersed. Leaving me and Tony standing there again.

"Are those the same pictures I saw on the flight to Pocono." I just nodded.

"You to aren't following around are you." he asked me. I just looked at him not knowing how to answer.

Chapter 35

Ella's POV

I had just left the gym at what midnight. I didn't want to go home. I didn;t know what I wanted anymore. I got in my Tahoe and just drove where ever my subconscious took me was where I should be. It didn't hit me where I was driving to until I passed the sign that said "Dirty Mo Acres." I was at Junior's. I could have easily turned around and left but I stayed on his road going over the bridge and up and down the rolling hills of his driveway. When I got closer I noticed several cars where there and all his lights were on. I just sat in the car not knowing what to do or even why I came here. My head laid against the steering wheel as I closed my eyes. I was a big believer of faith and things happening for a reason. I hit the button on the CD player what ever song came on was suppose to give me the reason of why I was here and what to do next. Yeah it sounded cheesy but it was I was reduced to. I hit the button and music soon filled my car.

His eyes are blue just like the ocean

His heart is a river free

And now and then he gets the notion

And he finds his way to me

His loveís likeÖ

Rain on a tin roof

The sweet song of a summertime storm

And oh, the way that it moves you

Itís a melody of passion raginí on

And then itís gone

Tears immediately started falling from my eyes. Tears of knowing I was hurting someone. Tears of knowing that maybe I had finally ruined the best thing in my life and then tears of knowing I might actually be feeling love for someone which scared me the most.

He tells me heíll be back to see me

Every time he has to go

And I keep wondriní just when thatíll be

ĎCause with him you never know

His loveís likeÖ

Rain on a tin roof

Junior's POV

Of all the Cd's for me to leave in the stereo it had to be this one and this song. I went up stairs to my bedroom. Just wanting to get away for awhile. I hit the stereo on my way in hoping something to get things off my mind. To say I was confused was a understatement.Of all the Cd's for me to leave in the stereo it had to be this one and this song. I walked over to my window and looked out of over my land. I had everything I wanted except for one thing. That one thing was totally oblivious to my need for here. I glanced down at the driveway as the chorus hit again feeling my mind with Ella.

The sweet song of a summertime storm

And oh, the way that it moves you

Itís a melody of passion raginí on

And then itís gone

And just like a thirsty field, I canít complain a bit

ĎCause Iím thankful for every single drop I get

I thought about how it related to us. I was thankful for every kiss hug or touch I got from her. It took all I had every time I saw her not to take her in my arms and never let her go. Yeah we were friends but you can't help who you fall in love. Love that was the first time I admitted to my self that I actually was falling or had fallen in love with her. Wait there was no falling in it. I had fallen in love with her. I glanced down at the driveway. She was here sitting in her car. I could see her cheeks where wet from the the light sprayed over her by the lamp post. I watched her as she looked up our eyes met through the glass. When she caught my eyes I saw her turn away quickly and begin moving around. I had to get down there before she left. I sprinted out of my room and down the stairs dodging Martin with a handful of chips and beer. When I got to the front door all I saw where her taillights as she drove off. I slammed my fist into the door as I walked back in yelling for another beer. Time to deal with it the way I was use to just party it off. I headed back downstairs. Martin and Josh started calling girls as I sat down. That was one way to forget Ella and hide the feelings fill that whole a different way.

Ella's Pov

I knew what I had to do now. Junior was my friend he was going to only be my friend. I couldn't hurt Jamie when he had done nothing but want to be with me. I had to do it I just had to my guilt and conscience was killing me daily and it would kill me and Jamie. I couldn't hide there was something there for Junior but every time I was with Junior I thought of Jamie and when I was with Jamie I thought of Junior. I had a great friendship and I knew Jamie would make us have a great relationship. There couldn't be and Ella and Junior. It wouldn't work. I wiped my eyes and got out of the Tahoe running up to the house I had pulled up to. I banged on the door hard I knew he was here. I had just been here earlier. I kept knocking and laying on the door bell till finally the door opened. My arms went around the neck of the person who answered it there skin against mine. I didn't won't to look at there face yet I want to love them having me in there arms for awhile. I felt the strong arms wrap around me and hoist me up sitting me down on the couch. I pulled back taking in the blue eyes and bright smile what was looking at me. Tears immediately came back again as he looked at me with full trust.

"Ella baby what is wrong." Jamie wrapped me back up against him. He had been watching TV in his bedroom cause I heard it going as we sat in the living room. I took in the feel of his bare chest holding me tight. His spiky hair still standing strong.

"I...I.." I couldn't even talk I was crying to hard.

"Shh.. It can't be that bad what ever it we can work through." God how I wished he wasn't so nice and caring. He had no idea which made me hurt worse.

"You won't want me after this." He wiped my tears with the pad of his finger.

"Why don't you let me decided on that okay." He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I pulled back.

"I am sorry Jamie. I am so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I promise you I didn't"

"Okay Ella just tell me."

"I...I kissed someone else." I got out he just looked at me not showing angry or anything just a blank face.

"Who" This was what was going to break him. I touched his hand. Thinking he would pull away instead he intertwined our fingers and laid them on his lap.

"Jun....ior" I sniffled out before finally breaking down. I moved my hand from his moving so my elbows where on my knees holding my face. I didn't want him to look in my eyes.

"Is that all.You too have done." He asked calmly as he leaned back sighing.

"No." I saw him move and run his hand down his face. I didn't know what he was going to do. That is when he gently touch my face moving it so he had to look in my eyes.

"What have you done Ella. Tell Me." his tone was sharper.

"I... we.. I.. he." I couldn't get it out as hard I as tried. He looked at me waiting.

"Tell Me please." he voice pleading.

"I.. went down on him and he did the same thing on me." there I got it out. I looked up at Jamie. His eyes broke my heart. I saw his was broken from what I had told him. His sparkle was gone.


"Monday after the Glen." he stood up shaking his head. Turning his back to me as he walked to his mantel bracing his arm on it. When he turned around I saw his eyes where watery.

"Is that the last time you and him have done anything with each other." I just looked down

"Tell me the truth El please just tell me everything." He voice wavered

"Tonight after he walked in on us we kissed at his truck." I didn't look at him when I told him. I didn't want to see his eyes or hurt anymore. I just sat there crying not knowing what to say to Jamie. I knew I had broken his trust. Trust that had been broken with me before. I knew how much it hurt when I found out Curt had been running around on me and now I did the same to Jamie. Someone who was for me completely. I felt the couch sink down when sat back down. I looked over at his muscular arms as he bent down on his elbows looking at me.

"Who do you want me or Junior."

Chapter 36

Junior's POV

"Yeah" all I heard was tears. I ran my hand down my face. I was the only one tonight who didn't get any action with the girls that came. It was just a waste of time cause I only had one person on my mind. I left the guys all downstairs and headed up to my room catching up on the last recordings on the

"Who is this."

"Fathead..I need you." was all I could make out of the sniffles.

"Where are you." I asked her already sliding on my jeans and getting on shirt.

"Home" she started crying harder.

"I will be there as fast as I can." I closed my phone and headed out to the truck driving to Ella's as fast as I could. She had her garage up. I decided to pull into it and let it down. The back door was unlocked I walked in. For the first time I wasn't nearly knocked down my Slash. That is when I saw Ella. I had to smile just by the sight of her she was sitting on the couch in the dark the only light was coming from the television.

"El" I sat down beside her immediately she came into my open arms. Laying her head on my shoulder. I felt her tears against my neck.

"What happened." I touched her hair gently not knowing what to do. None of the DMP had called me crying wanting comfort.

"Jamie he..." she stumbled over her words

"He didn't hit you did he." I swear to god if McMurray had laid a hand on her he was dead.

"No he would never hit me. Never." she sniffled.

"What is going on then." I leaned back against the couch. Ella came against me as I still held her. I kissed the top of her hair gently. She kept crying.

"I told him." she looked up at me her blue eyes now red for crying for so long. I wiped the tears off her cheeks.

"Told him what.' I met her eyes. She just looked at my as if the words I said broke her somehow.

"About what me and you did." she couldn't met my eyes as she repeated it.

"Oh." Damn I didn't see that one coming.

"He said he didn't know about us anymore he has to think about it. Junior I hurt him really bad I didn't want to hurt him." she was starting to slow down the crying and began to calm down. I just nodded my head not knowing what to say.

"I don't know why it hurts so bad. I don't won't to lose him and I might because I was stupid." I couldn't let her beat herself up.

"Hey..listen Jamie would be stupid to lose you. You made a mistake hell we made a mistake it is not all your fault you know I was there to." she almost cracked a smile. She pulled out of my arms and wiped her face.

"I have to get him back.I have to show him." I felt that knife go into my heart and twist as she cut herself off from finishing her thought. We sat in silence just looking anywhere but at each other. She had just poured herself out to me and all I could think about was making her happy again.

"Well. You need to not mope. So to start I think listening to Whiskey Lullaby needs to go." I turned off the TV. and stood up heading to the kitchen.

"You eat anything." I yelled back to her as she began moving around.

"No not yet. I am going to get a shower." I nodded as she walked down the hallway. I glanced at the clock it was almost 2am. She didn't have to be up till 6:30. I knew her schedule like the back of my hand. When she came back out of her shower in a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt I thought she was beautiful but in my eyes she was beautiful no matter what she wore.

"Fathead you cooked." she laughed as I sat down a egg sandwich in front of her.

"Yeah so eat it. You won't die I mean look at your dog." I point the fork over at Slash who was eating some egg I dropped. She grabbed her plate and headed back into the living room. I soon followed carrying my own food behind her.

"Can we watch something happy." she asked as I sat down beside her and she scooted near my side our legs touching. I got the remote and flipped until I came to Comedy Central.

"Chapelle show" she nodded happily as I laid my arm back against he couch causing her to move into the crook of it. We both ate and laughed. Ending up laying the plates ont he coffee table and just sitting after the show ended in silence.

"Thank You June" I looked down at her as she fiddled with the pillow in her lap.

"For what"

"Being my best friend." the words she said were so pure and honest it would have made the seas part. I just pulled her close and gave her a hug.

"I am heading to bed." She patted my leg as she got up and headed back to her room. I stayed awhile longer. I didn't want to leave but I knew that for Ella and Jamie's sake I needed to. I slipped down the hall to her room and peeked in she was sound asleep. I walked over closer to her and covered her back up more and gently kissed her forehead. She smiled and rolled over snuggling into the pillow beside her.

"See you in the morning" I whispered as I shut her door and headed out to the truck.

I didn't hear from Ella at all today. I walked into the office getting a greeting from Brooke. I stopped by to see Kelley for a bit while I was in there I saw Ella walk by with her mail. I quickly finished up with my sister and headed down to see how she was doing. If I only was prepared for what she was going to tell me when I sat down on the couch.

"Junior we need to talk" she looked all professional as she sat behind her desk addressing me.

"Okay. Shoot"

"I need to work on my relationship with Jamie right now and so that means I might be distant for awhile until we get figured out." what she told me rubbed ever nerve I had the wrong way.

"So you are shafting me as a friend for him" I could hold back my anger.

"Did I say that." she popped right back at me.

"You might as well have." she just shook her head and gave me her pissed off laugh.

"Why are you being a ass about this." she threw her hands in the air. Showing how pissed she was.

"I am being ass. Come on maybe I don't want to lose my best friend over damn McMurray and his damn decision making." I turned and walked out of her office leaving her pissed off.

Chapter 37

I heard Josh honk the horn as he pulled into my driveway. I left a note saying where the dog food was on my counter for Junior's mom. She was going to be Slash sitting for me while I was gone for the weekend. I grabbed my duffel bag and headed out. When I got to the truck Josh had a glazed over look and Martin was laid out in the backseat. There feelings of the early morning time echoed mine.Being up at 5am on a Thursday morning was not my idea of fun. Martin had it worse than any of us since he had to qualify when we got to Bristol. My bag got tossed in the back and soon the three of us where on our way. I hadn't talked to Junior since he walked out of my office. There were not phone calls no visits not even him arguing about how bad he thought my decision sucked. He did exactly like I asked him kept distance and I missed him. God did I miss him and it had only been 3 days. When we pulled up to the small airport I caught myself looking for his red truck. Since I was flying up with the Chance 2 I had a small ray of hope he would be flying up to Bristol with us.

"Ella don't worry about your bag I got it." Josh mumbled as I went to reach for it after we unloaded ourselves. Several of the crew members where already there saying goodbye to there family's. Kelley wasn't coming up until Friday for the race so she could spend more time with Jimmy then her and Karsyn where flying with him.

"Thanks.I am going to go bust into the snack machine you won't anything." he just shook his head. I walked over and opened the door to a now sleeping Martin.

"Martini wake up." I called him by his nickname I had given him for some reason it just fit.

"I am up. What" he mumbled as he tried to roll over in the small compartment.

"You want any instant breakfast."

"Nah I will eat at the hauler all I want is sleep I was up last night having relations." I just shook my head and walked into the small terminal area in search of food. As I opened the door with my hip my hands full with a smoothie from the machine and a power bar I saw the silhouette of someone that made me smile inside. His back was toward me with his raging curls coming out from under the baseball cap he had on. Baggy jeans hung from his body along with a all to familiar t-shirt that was wrinkled up on the side from the bag swung over his shoulder. I wanted to run up to him and I have that instant feeling you get of comfort but I held in as I walked up opening up the power bar. When I got to the group of guys. He never acknowledged my presence. The conversation continued on as I stood there trying to catch his eye. I knew if I could look in his eyes I could tell what he was feeling but every time I looked up he would turn and look away. I deserved the cold-shoulder from him but I would be lying to myself if I didn't admit how much it hurt. I boarded the plane between Martin and Josh. Junior was behind me with Jade and J.R.. I over head him talking about all the appearances they had planned today so that meant I wouldn't be seeing him at all even though he was ignoring me there was still that feeling you can't describe when he was around that no one else could omit.

"You so cheated." I exclaimed to a smiling Josh and Martin.

"I did not. You just suck." Josh laughed as we shuffled up the cards again. Him and Martin had kicked mine and J.R.'s butt in spades for the 10th time. J.R. had moved up beside me after him and Junior got everything covered. I looked up as the cards got shuffled out again. I saw Junior laying back watching us play. I wanted so bad to go over and talk to him but when he saw that I had caught him watching he glared away pulling his hat down over his face getting ready to take a nap.

"Ella do you mine me asking but what is wrong with Junior he has been moody as hell this week." J.R. asked as we began to play again. Josh and Martin both looking at me waiting for my answer.

"I don't know I haven't talked to him." Josh raised his eyebrow.

"What Snider deal man you are holding up the game." I laughed off the looks as we played until we were told we here heading down for a landing. I moved around to buckle back up. Catching Junior's eyes this time. "I am sorry" I mouthed to him. He turned and looked out the window. I followed behind the guys as we unloaded off the plane. Josh, Martin and I where heading to the track. I watched as the other loaded up heading off in a different direction. I couldn't lose Junior in the process of being with Jamie.

Junior's POV

It was finally around 7 and I had time to stop and actually just be alone. I closed the door to the hauler lounge my motor coach hadn't arrived yet neither had the Brew Crew. I laid back against the couch turning the news when there was a knock on the closed door.

"This better be good...What." I yelled out as the door slowly opened. When I saw who it was I felt like crawling into a hole.

"What do you want. Jamie give you some more room on the leash to come talk to me." maybe that was more harsh then I wanted it to be. I just looked at her. I saw how it had pissed her off but she was trying to hold her comment in.

"I came to say I want my best friend back. If he can forgive me."

"Why should I. I mean hell if it wasn't for our friendship you would have never met McMurray." I wanted to push her see if she would rare back at me or stand there and let me walk over her.

"Your right. It was really shady of me to do that to you." I moved my legs off the couch and she walked over and sat down beside me.

"Yeah it was" I looked over at her. She was concentrated on playing with her jeans.

"We are back together. Me and Jamie " she stated softly

"That is good I guess if that is what you want. Is it what you want" she just nodded.

"I missed you Junior. It wasn't fun not having you around or not being able just to call you when I saw something funny on TV or whatever. I just missed you."

"It was weird for me to.I might have missed you a little to." I wanted to tell her I missed her more than she could ever know but somehow the words never came.

"Just a little." her head tilt as she gave me her best puppy dog eyes.

"Well maybe more...maybe less." she hit my shoulder her laughter filling up the lounge area.

"Fathead how about me and you have night just us to make up for lost time."

"What about your boy. Don't want to piss him off you know." I shrugged as she stood up and reached her hands out to me. I took her hand as she acted like she was pulling me up.

"I will tell Jamie. He knows I can't stop being your friend because he is paranoid."

"Why is he paranoid." I asked knowing the answer just wanting Ella to tell me.

"Cause of me and you being alone together." we climbed into the golf-cart together heading to the parking lot where the cars were.

"So me going back to your hotel room would be sort of pushing it." I asked as we loaded up with the crew heading back to there hotel.

"Well where else are we going to go. Your coach is not here plus it is no like we are going to..."

"Sleep together." I said. She blushed and looked around trying to avoid my gaze. I had to busted out laughing at her reaction. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and pulled her near me as the van pulled intot he hotel parking lot.

"I did miss you Ella." she just smiled up at me not pulling out of my hold. I helped her step out of the van and followed behind her as she walked down the hall to her room. I looked being me now getting paranoid making sure none of the crew guys say me as I stepped in. She tossed the key on the dresser beside the TV.

"You want to order in or what." I plopped down on her bed as she plugged in her cell phone.

"Whatever works for me." she fell down beside me. Our feet both dangling off the end. We just laid beside each other in silence until the grumbling of our stomachs got louder.

"Order in." she stated after she rolled off the bed and got the menu on the way to the bathroom. Tossing it on my lap.

"Okay...What do you want." I yelled to her. She didn't answer me until I heard the door open again and her come walking back out sliding off her flip flops. I felt her lay her head on my shoulder as she looked over me reading the list of restaurants on the menu.

"Chinese good for you." I turned to ask her. Her face and mine dangerously close to each others.

"Yeah." she whispered. Our eyes locked for a moment. That spark was there again but this time she pulled back and went to sit on the bed again. When I hung up from ordering I went back beside her laying against the headboard.

"They will be here in 45 minutes." I yawned.

"Good by then hopefully we can decide on a movie." she mimicked my tired _expression. 45 later we where now in a full on wrestling match.

"Junior we so are watching Cold Mountain." she was on my back as we rolled around on the bed messing up the comforter.

"I am not watching a sappy chick flick." I had her pinned down. She was laughing moving around under me.

"Hahah look who has power now." She just stuck her tongue out at me as she stop struggling as much.

"Stick your tongue out at me again." I taunted.

"What are you going to do if I do." she played back as she stuck it back out.

"So Earnhardt what are you doing to do." She tried to buck her hips up to knock me off. I leaned down almost touching my lips to hers.

"Make you suffer." as the words left my mouth there was a knock on the door breaking the moment.

"Foods here. So get off me." She pushed my shoulder playing as we detached. I laid there catching myself back up. She was with Jamie. Jamie was who she wanted. I couldn't;t change that. We spread the food out on the bed grabbing towels from the bathroom and ate. Both of us playing around with our food ending up trading and eating the others. I watched her as she kept flipping through the movie channels guide.

"Ugly go ahead we can watch Cold Mountain."

"You serious."

"Yeah. I can suffer." she smiled and got the remote to order the movie as she did I turned off the lights and laid down on the bed propping up on the pillows and my arm. As the movie began she came and laid down beside me.

"Junior. You got all the pillows." in my mind that was the plan.

"So lay on me." the plan worked as she snuggled into me laying on my chest as the movie began to play. I moved my arm which ended up cradled around her. I gently ran my hand through her hair.

"That feels good." she muttered my hand had dropped and was rubbing her lower back as we both watched the movie. I felt like I was back in the movie theater seeing how far I could go before the girl hit my hand away. I felt Ella move her leg over mine as she got closer to me.

"You keep rubbing my back like that June. We are going to get introuble."

Chapter 38

Ella's POV

I was having a hard time concentration on the movie as I felt his had move from my back to my side. It began trailing up and down stopping on my him and the gently brushing the underside of my chest. His fingers almost danced back and forth it felt like. His breathing was easy and even. I was the one that felt like hyperventilating. I reached my hand over his body when I did he caught it with his other arm. I glanced up at him watching him just move his hands not even missing what was on the movie. If he didn't know already I was becoming putty in his hands. My fingers danced up his hand and arm mimicking what he was doing to my side. It felt like with every 2 minutes that past his hand would go higher almost daring to touch my chest but only taunting never accomplishing the goal. I began to get uncomfortable as the scene on the movie turned into a very sexual experience. I moved around on Junior.

"You blushing." he whispered as I moved my leg more around him so I could turn into him and not watch it. Not because it was bothering seeing it was bothering me wanting to do the same thing to him.

"No." God he knew it that is why he had that smirk across his face. I moved my hand off his arm.

"Why did you stop."

"Stop what." I asked him. Having no clue what he was talking about.

"That fingertip thing on my arm." his voice never rose more than a whisper. His accent coupled with his husky tone was killing me.

"Oh. I didn't know you..." he grabbed my hand and laid it back on his arm wrapping his arms around my tighter pulling me nearly on top of him wrapping his legs around mine. We laid glued to each other until the movie ended. As the credits rolled Junior moved slightly enough to reach the remote and click the t.v. off. What light was left in the room was totally gone. Complete darkness enveloped us.

"El baby you have it cold in here." My heart shot into my throat as he whispered baby close to my ear. The way he said was indescribable. I moved my arms around his body resting them on his lower back as he did that same both us grabbing the comforter from the bottom of the bed and pulling it around us making it go over our heads. We didn't say anything to each other just snuggled into the other. I felt his hand go back up to my side this time I stop it. I heard him take in a deep breath until I moved it up to where he had been wanting it. All I heard was sigh that came from both of us as if the mission and been accomplished. It was like we were allowed to cross the line as we cuddled under the protect layer from the comforter. It was the save haven no one could see us and we could hide under there and just go with the flow. My hands moved from his lower back to play against his lower abdomen and inter wine with his belt loops. We hadn't kissed but for some reason that was the most intimate thing we had every done. But it was wrong in so many ways.

"This is wrong." I pulled my hands back from him but still not moving from his touch .

"Why cause of Jamie or because we are friends." he voice finally rose above a whisper.

"Both I can't do this." I moved from out of his arms and slide over onto the other side of the bed.

"I know.Sorry." he mumbled half heartily. I watched as she stretched his long arms above his head. He still had his hat on that was holding in his unruly curls.

"You need to get a haircut." I need to change the subject as I rolled over and turned on the beside lamp the light feeling the air also showing how bad we had wallered on the bed.

"I do not." he moved his hat to scratch his had. His hair instantly going crazier.

"Oh yeah and that is why you have the white boy fro."

"Whatever. You know you love it. It turns you on so bad." he said smiling kicking the comforter from off his body his sock feet hanging out from under the legs of the baggy jeans.

"You need to brush it." I tossed him my brush from my purse as I got up getting something to drink. When I looked back he was brushing his hair.

"There you happy." he asked scooting down on the end of the bed. I walked in between his legs. I felt his hands instantly go to my hips holding me. I just smiled down and him running my hands through his newly brushed hair messing up more.

"Now I am" I felt him jerk me back on top of him as we landed back against the bed.

"I want some sugar."

"You want me to give you some." he raised his eyes up at me.

"You know what I mean." I held on to his hair again.

"You know what I mean" he countered. His eyes still taunting me. I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and got up heading to the door.

"I am going to get a candy bar you want one." I stood with the door open.

"Yeah hold on." he stood up and followed me. I didn't notice his hair until we got to the snack machine. From both of us messing with it was not standing straight up everywhere.

"I want ice cream."

"Okay the lets got to the gas station next door."

"I don't have my shoes." I stood there barefooted on the hotel carpet.

"God come on get on." he bent down motioning for me to get on his back. I jumped up on him as we started walking down the hallway. We made it all the way across the street to the gas station the hold time him not letting me down. I grabbed a Flintstones push up and Junior handed me back a drumstick cracking me up as we paid.

"You are a perv Ella never say I am." I jumped back on his back higher so he won't drop me.

"I am not."

"Bullshit you laughed at me getting a drumstick."

"Oh shut up." I pulled on his ear as I held the ice creams. I started to open mind as we entered the hotel.

"You drop that on me you ass is hitting the ground."

"I am not going to drop it on you" I said with my mouthful. I did could until he juggled me around unlocked the door causing a piece of ice cream to drop and go down his back.

"HOLY SHIT THAT IS COLD." he dropped me reacting thankfully we were in the hotel room when he did. I hit the ground laughing at his dance he did trying to get the piece of ice cream off him. When he stopped long enough to notice me laughing he was soon beside me on the floor.

"You think this is funny." I just nodded holding my arm up that held up my push up. He grabbed my arm and pulled it down so the push up went right in my face.

"See that is funny.Ella you need to stop smearing ice cream all over you face like." he tauted as he moved it all over my face and neck.

"Junnnnnnnnnnnn. IT IS COLD." I screamed as he kept doing until I was covered in orange push up.

"Hahah pays back are bitches." He stood up and took of his shirt. Orange push up was glazed down his back.

"You going to help me up." I asked my hands sticky from our wrestling match. He reached down and hoisted me up both of running into each other walking into the bathroom.

"Ella I will make you a deal. You get his off my back I will get the stuff off your face." he asked as we both stood laughing look in the mirror.

"Deal turn around." I got the wash cloth and wiped down his back the sticky syrup. My hand rested on his shoulder. I had to look at his back and shoulder muscles as he moved cause of the wash cloth being cold. When I got down he turned back around his eyes showing something different as she gently wiped of my face.

"Close your eyes." he asked in a soothing tone. I felt him wipe gently under my eyes and lips. Until I felt him gently touch his lips to mine so light I barely felt it. We I opened them gain he should stood there.

"Why don't you go get your shirt and we can wash it in the sink. So you don't have a stain on it." He just nodded and walked out. I had to pull myself together when he came back he tossed it to me through the door and headed out. I heard the radio turn on as I washed his shirt and hung it up on the shower rail.

"Let it drip dry for awhile then we can use my blow dryer."

"Okay." he held open his arm welcoming beside him. I slide down in the bed beside him. Both of taking deep breaths. Neither of us talking. I reached over and turned off the light as just laid beside him. Both us falling asleep in the silence totally forgetting about his shirt, where we were. All I rememberer was him rolling over and tossing a arm around me. Neither of us braced for when we would wake up.

Chapter 39

Junior's POV

I woke up to banging on the door. When I opened eyes I was dazed for a minute. This wasn't my coach or my bed. I went to move when I felt dead weight on my side. It was a sleeping Ella. Then it had hit me. Last night I closed my eyes just to take a "nap" while my shirt dried and now I am waking up at 7am still at the hotel in her room.

"Fathead can you get the door." I heard a very sleepy voice ask.

"Yeah." I went to get up. She just laid on me not moving trying to go back to sleep.

"You have to move so I can get up." She rolled up enough for me to slide out the huffed as she laid in the space I was asleep at.

"Come back to bed it is cold." she mumbled as I got up and walked to the door. I ran my hand through my hair as I unlocked the door.

"Junior man. I thought this was Ella's room."

"Junior who is." she called out from the bed behind me. Before I could answer a smile came across Josh's face.

"Aw.Yeah Man." he hit me in the arm.

"Josh it ain't like that." I gave him my best glare. That is the last thing I wanted for Ella' was the guys to start in on her about me and our relationship.

"Yeah. Okay. You are just have dressed answering her door."

"Dude I swear nothing happened last night. The story is to long to tell ya."

"Okay. I will leave it alone. Just tell her to met us in the lobby at 7:45 to head to the track."

"Hey Josh keep this between me and you okay man. I don't want shit to go done between her and McMurray or the team ragging her."

"Don't worry. It is just between you and me but I want to know what is going on with you to."

"I will tell ya later." with that he was heading back down the hallway. I closed the hotel door and turned seeing a sleeping Ella again in my spot. I just stood watching her.

Ella's POV

I felt Junior watching me as she stood at the foot of the bed scratching his stomach. I hadn't got a good night sleep like that since the last time we had a slumber party.

"Earnhardt you staring at me for a reason." I asked rolling over to face him.

"Nah. That was Josh he said we need to be in the lobby in 45."

"Ugggg.. I don't want to get up. " I leaned up laying my head on his shoulder as he came and sat down on my side. The skin on his shoulder was so soft. I moved and got up heading to the bathroom. I heard the news turn on as I gathered up my clothes and things for my shower.

"Junior I am hanging your shirt on the towel rack." I yelled before shutting the door just not all the way. I had just stepped into the warm hot shower when I heard the door open.

"Ella I got to the bathroom." Junior told me.

"Just don't do anything gross." the only thing separating us was the small Ivory shower curtain. I heard him finish up then start getting ready. I hadn't planned on him being in the bathroom. So when I turned off the water I needed a towel.

"Hey June can you hand me a towel."

"Yeah" he mumbled with the tooth brush is his mouth. I stuck my hand out of the side of the curtain. When I felt the soft fabric in my hand and hide back behind the shower curtain wrapping the towel tight around me.

"Hurry up I need to get out and get ready to."

"Just come out. It ain't like I haven't seen your body bef..." I pulled the curtain back and stepped out before he could finish. I watched his eyes as the watched me through the mirror as I gather my clothes and headed out into the room to change. Right as I pulled down my shirt he came out.

"You ready." He asked as he tossed the hat on his head and started to put on his shoes.

"Yeah let me get my jewelery on." I walked back into the bathroom grabbing my watch and things. When I came out Junior had my purse in his hand and was waiting by the door. I slide on my Birkenstock and walked out behind him. I had to laugh at him as he held my purse far away from his body as we stood waiting for the elevator. I grabbed the strap from his hand and slide in on my shoulder. I noticed a navy blue bundle in his arms as we rode down. When we go to the lobby the Chance 2 crew was there along with members of the Bud crew.

"Junior man what are you doing out here." Leave it to Hoover to bring all the attention to us as we walked towards the door.

"I came to sign something for Ella early this morning." I looked at him as he recovered. Knowing Junior I thought he would have said something that would have made the guys heads turn. He held the door for me as I walked in front of him the cold Bristol hair hitting me. Even in August the mountain weather was nippy.

"Man it is cold."

"Here." Junior handed me the navy bundle he had. It was my sweatshirt he had grabbed.

"You got this for me." I asked him with as my heart went "awww".

"Yeah. I knew it would be cold." he stated as Josh gave me and him both looks then shook his head and turned back around. The ride to the track was quite all the guys were trying to wake up. We pulled in at 8. Junior headed off to the Bud hauler and I headed off with Josh.

"Ella can I ask you something." Josh asked as we walked in silence.

"Yeah." I tucked my hands into my sweatshirt as we walked up the hauler that was Martin's

"What is going on with you and Junior." man that was about as blunt of question as the come.

"Nothing. You know we are just good friends." I tapped his shoulder smiling and laughing trying to cover up my uncomfortableness.

"You can't lie to me. Remember I see Junior when you are not around and Ella you got him so messed up."

"What are you talking about."

"Oh come on tell me you don't know he wants you." Josh said throwing his hands up.

"No I don't we are just friends. I am with Jamie." my tone was sharp

"Yeah you are with Jamie but somehow you and Junior always mange to end up with each other."

"We are just friends." Josh was about to see me mad and it wasn't going to be pretty. He was making me think about the feelings I was pushing back and not wanting to deal with.

"Okay I will drop it. But I mean I would support you and Junior hooking up. You know so would Martin." He smiled. Josh was one of those guys that would make you almost get mad then make a comment and smile which would erase all the anger.

"Well I am glad that gets your approval but it is not going to happen."

"Yeah Yeah."

"We need to get to work."


I was sitting on a tire writing down some notes before the drivers got called to intros. when I felt to hands go over my eyes.

"Guess who." I turned to find Jamie standing beside me.

"Hey" he leaned down and kissed my on the forehead then joined me on the tire.

"You did good at qualifying." he wrapped his arm around me and the Chance 2 guys began feeling up the pit for tonight's race. Jamie was still in his Havoline suit. I had to admit he was a cutie in his race suit.

"Thank You. So you are going to be with the Busch race all night." he gave me his best blue eyes as he spoke.

"Yeah I am going to be up on the pit box with the guys." I was excited about being with the team for the first time it was evident in my voice.

"So there is no way of me talking you out of watching the race and being with me in the coach."

"Haha it is very tempting but work is calls." I leaned over knocking our shoulders together causing us to laugh together.

"So you are going to make your boyfriend suffer." His hand held mine as I stood up sliding the notepad in my back pocket. Jamie got the pen and slide it behind my ear as the announcements of the intros began.

"You can stay out here with me if you want."

"I got some media things to do first but I might swing by before you leave. You staying at the hotel again tonight." I wrapped my arms around his neck as I began to answer. Not knowing we were being watched.

Junior's POV

"Junior man did you hear anything I just said." Josh called out to me as we walked to the stage.

"Huh." I was not even listening to what he was saying. My eyes were locked on Ella and Jamie standing off behind the pits. I had watched there whole exchange the way they laughed together and ended up standing with there arms around the other.

"Dude you are so full of shit. Don't ever tell me you don't have it bad for that girl."

"What" I didn;t move my eyes as I moved to see them kiss goodbye. I pang of jealously shot through me.

"You are damn drooling over her. HELLO are you in there."

"Yeah that sounds good do that to the car." When I looked back at Josh he just shook his head and walked off. I had to get my mind on the race for tomorrow one thing was for sure the 42's bumper was going to me in line very often. Hell after all it was Bristol.

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