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Chapter 28

Junior's POV

Ella was using the bathroom before she was going with me to the airport. I made sure she was not coming when I grabbed the picture stack and flipped through them finding the 2 I was looking for a quickly sliding them in my bag with the picture frame. When she came back out we loaded up in her Tahoe again headed to Concord Airport where I was catching a flight with Tony Stewart. When we got there I parked off to the side and we walked up together. Ella was fixing her hair as she walked pulling it back up into a bun. I saw Tony was still not there but the plane was already for take off. We just stood there in silence both looking anywhere but at each other. Tony soon drove up as he was unloading and help Krista get her things. Ella looked over at me.

"I know you are nervous or going to be but I just wanted to let you know that you are going to be great no matter what even if it is the Glen." She reached over and hugged me.

"Thanks. You going to be cheering for me."

"Even though I am with Jamie I am still a 100% Dale Jr. Fan no matter what." she smiled

"Good. Well I better get going." I saw Tony watching us as we said goodbye,

"Okay be safe and don't try to be superman" We shared another hug and she kissed me on the cheek in a friendly manner. I looked up and saw Tony's face he was just smiling me and giving me the eye.

"I won't bye Ella"

"Bye my little hot tamale" she called out to me as I walked away only loud enough for me to hear. I turned around and saw her smiling and waving. I waved back and climbed on board the plane. I took the seat in the back. Tony and Krista sat down in the front together. After the plane got into the air. I reached in my bag and pulled out the two pictures of me and Ella. One was of us with our forehead's against each other smiling and holding the other close. The other was of us both smiling at the camera her hair and blue eyes shining.

"Junior man what you looking at." Tony jerked the pictures from my hand as he sat down in front of me.

"Cute girl. She looks familiar. So you and here dating." he handed the pictures back to me. I just laid them on the tray table not wanting to but them up yet.

"No. She is just one of my real good friends a best friend."

"Junior man come on I saw you two before you left looks like there was something more." he raised his eyebrows

"There isn't she is with McMurray"

"Since when"


"Man that sucks. What she doing up in North Carolina." Tony asked always being the nosey one.

"She is going to be working for me." I said with a smile as I looked at the pictures again.

"Nice way of playing with fire there. But then again y'all are just good I mean best friends." he stood up heading back to the front.

"Hey Junior."


"I know you have fallen for her it is all over your face and from the look of her tonight she is messed up over you to. Don't worry about her and McFlurry it won't last she only has eyes for the bud man."

"You think."

"Yeah plus Krista commented on it to as we watched you to."

"So now my life is like a Soap Opera." I mumbled to myself. I slide the pictures into the frame the put it back in my bag.

Ella's POV

"....then we randomly went into this Latin party at the lake."

"Wow sounds like a blast." Jamie's tone was that of less than happiness

"You okay Jamie."

"Yeah...Just wished I was the one that spent all day with you is all.

"Aw that is sweet." I was looking all over my living room for 2 pictures I had that were missing. I sat down on the couch and started filling up my new frame with a picture of me and Junior. It was us dancing both smiling at each other from earlier today. His hands on my lower back and it looked like all we were concentrated on was each other for some reason the picture looked the best on my bedside table. I laid back and listened to Jamie explain his weekend everything going on. When we hung up. I fell right to sleep.


"I woke up to my phone ringing."


"Is this Ella Gray" I didn't recognize the female voice on the other end.

"Yes it is" I began wiping the sleepy out of my eye.

"Hey this is Kelley Earnhardt, Dale Junior's sister." I held in my laugh when she said that.

"Oh it is great to finally talk to you."

"You too. I was just calling to tell you that me and my mother are heading to lunch and since we haven't met officially she suggested we 3 go out and you can come by and see the office and your own personally office and unpack the items that arrived today from your former employer."

"That sounds great. What time do I need to be there."

"Um.. can you come around 11:45.


"Oh yeah just dress in jeans and a t-shirt."

"Okay see you then." When I hung up. I had to do the happy dance across my room. The excitement finally hitting me that I was going to start Monday working my dream job. I got ready early so I knew I would get to JR Motorsports on time. Junior had drawn me a map the first night here that I had still on my kitchen table. I grabbed it and was on my way. I arrived with no problem right at 11:45. I looked at my reflecting in the side of my Tahoe making sure I looked okay. I pulled down my Chance 2 t-shirt I had stole from Junior after he told me Martin shrunk and now it didn;t fit him my Birkenstock echoed as I walked on the concreted to the front door.

"Ella" Ms.Brenda yelled as she saw me. Coming up and giving me a hug. I noticed a carbon copy of her with longer hair walk around the corner carrying her purse. I knew it was Junior's sister. She carried herself just like he described her.

"Hi.Kelley Elledge"

"Ella Gray." we stood there introducing ourselves.

"Girls you ready" me and Kelley both nodded as Brenda nodded towards the door. The drive was silent for the most part except for normal small talk about the weather and such. When we arrived at the restaurant it was question time.

"So Ella my brother never told me how you to met."

"We met in Atlanta this spring. We were both at the snack machine and he helped me get my chips unstuck. From then on we have been friends. I think we have gotten pretty close." I smiled thinking about Junior yesterday dancing.

"He had told me he had made a new best friend." she said smiling as we continued talking. Soon the 3 of us were laughing and joking around with each other. By the time we got back to JR Motorsports it was like I had known Kelley for years.

"This is your office. Your right beside Junior. Don't worry he normal just falls asleep in his." Kelley told me as she motion towards Junior's door as we stood at the entrance of mine.

"Why am I not surprised at you telling me that."

"Cause you know him." I just laughed as he handed me the key to my door and opened it. The office was a little bigger than mine back in Atlanta. It had two big bookshelves and huge desk and a leather couch and chair.

"This is great. I don't know how to thank you for this opportunity."

"Well my brother had to convince me on. Alot of people he meets that are just after the wrong things so I have to be honest I was skeptical but he promised me you where different then when my mom came back from meeting you when he was hurt and agreed with him I knew you had to be okay."

"I understand that."

"I can tell you want the best for him and I want that to so we should be able to work well together. Monday when you come it we are throwing you right into the pit of handling Junior and Martin's business things such as there pr outside of there agents and just dealing with alot of paperwork and business things."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Well I will let you get unpacked and set up before Monday."

"Thank you again." she just nodded and headed out the door but stopped and stuck her head back in.

"There is a key on your desk to the main office building so you can get in tomorrow if you want to work on what you don't get down today."


I turned the radio on as I began unpacking my desk items from there box. I sat down in my new desk chair and began bringing out my pictures. As I sat them up around my computer. I smiled looking at the old one Micheal, Keith, Me and Junior at the track that was the past. I grabbed the pictures from yesterday and pulled the one out of Martin, Josh, Me and Junior that he mom took of us outside sitting on the tailgate of one of there trucks. This was my future. I also laid out my name plate I got saying the President of Junior and Martin as my official title.

By the end of the day my office was almost complete. I looked at my clock it had been a hour since Kelley had left at 6 all I need to do was to hang up my diploma's and my big wall pictures. I grabbed my purse and headed back home finally happy with way things were going. The only problem was Jamie was the only person missing from my pictures the constant male was Junior. By the time I got home my cell was ringing. I knew it was him calling.

"How you feeling." I asked not waiting for a hello.

"Good. I qualified good. I start 5th."

"Awesome. Look at you doing that at a road course to. I am proud."

"Thanks I know I rock." I could hear the confidence back in his voice.

"Kelley called earlier and told me she met you today. She likes ya alot."

"I like her to. I got a question for ya."

"Yeah shoot."

"Monday can you do me a favor and help me hang my pictures."

"I would have done it without you asking if you wanted me to but yeah I will." I had to smile at knowing Junior was becoming happy again.

"Hey El I better see my picture on your desk since I know I am loved." Junior could always make me laugh and smile when he would talk.

"You have such a bighead." I could see him almost smirking in my mind.

" I know but I better be on there cause you will be on mine." My picture was going to be on his desk then it hit me Junior took those pictures. But why? My first day at work was going to be very interesting.

Chapter 29

I drove into JR Motorsports parking lot. I was right on time so far which was surprising because I had been up since around 5 filled with excitement. After trying on every outfit imaginable I owned I finally decided on a pair of stoned color dress pants and a baby pink silk dress shirt with my hair back in a pony tail. I grabbed my purse and shoulder bag heading into my first day of work. When I got in the clock had just hit seven. The receptionist Brooke welcomed me with a warm smile as she handed me a paper as I walked by. Junior's office lights were off and his door was locked. I don't know why I was even looking for him to up this early. As I entered my office I saw a huge bouquet of flowers sitting there the card made my heart smiled as I read the card.


Sorry I couldn't be there for you first day. I know you will rock. I miss you terribly. Can wait to see your beautiful smile.


I sat down behind my desk already loaded down with files of jobs needing to be done. With a deep breath my day began.

-Junior's POV-

I walked into my office stealing a piece of candy off Brooke the receptionist desk as I walked by heading down the hall. When I got to the door I wanted I peeked in seeing Ella typing away with the phone proped up between her chin and shoulder as she talked. She rolled her chair facing the front. She looked beautiful with her hair back and her shirt unbuttoned enough to make you want to see more. I saw the small diamond hanging on the necklace around her neck. As she worked she never saw me come in and sit down. I heard her sigh as she hung up the phone and bumped up her Luther Vandross cd as it played. I walked up behind her.

"How is it going." I laid my hand on her shoulder sending her jumping up in the air.

"Fathead god you scared me half to death. Man feel my heart." she grabbed my hand and laid it over her chest. My fingers touching her soft skin that was exposed where her shirt was unbuttoned.It took all the control I had not to slide my hand father down into her blouse. I got lost in the thought of that action.

"Junior what are you doing counting the beats of my heart." Ella laughed as she pulled away from me sitting back down. I noticed the picture of me and her along with the one of the boys. I reached over her and picked up the picture of us.

"That was one of the best days." She laid her hand on my wrist as I held it.

"Yeah it was." I heard her the song change.

"What are you listening to." I asked her as the slow beat came through her cd player.

"Music people make babies to." she stated. My mind was thinking along the lines of me and her with this music playing. I had to stop my thoughts before they became evident.

"Well El you ready for lunch."

"You and me going out." she stood up and asked. She had own her heels that made her abut 2 inches taller than me. Normally we were the same height.

"Well if you don't hurry up. I am leaving you to starve. You are the only one who hasn't took lunch yet." I walked out to her door. Watching her move.

"I am coming." she mumbled as we walked out together. I opened the door for to my truck. She held on to my shoulder as she leaned up to get in. Soon we were off heading toward town. During lunch I couldn't help touching her hand, arm. Whatever I could touch that wouldn't me crossing the friend line. Her body was on fire today and it was killing me not having her. When we got back to the office I had to get some distance.

"Thanks for the lunch Junior but next time I am buying. I hate it when you buy for me it makes me feel like a slacker." I touched her face as she stood there talking to me at the door of her office. I brushed back the curl that had fallen out of her pony tail. Her face was soft and the smell of her coconut lotion was evident. I leaned in almost kissing her before wrapping my arms around her hugging her. I felt her lightly hug me back not knowing what to do.

"I will see you later." before she answered I was out of the office heading to the truck. I had to get out of there luckily I needed to go see Pops and Tony Jr.

I pulled back into JR Motorsports around 6:15 I knew everyone one be finishing up and heading hope. I had gone home and actually clean my house to the disbelieve of many. Everyone would be totally out of the offices by 7. Brooke had already headed home when I walked in the office. I stopped by to see my sister as she packed up her things heading home early for the first time in months. We shared our goodbyes. I knew Ella was still here cause I made sure to be parked by her Tahoe. When I got to her office she was looking into the filing cabinet for a file. Her heels where off and her bare feet where flat on the carpet. I couldn't hold back anymore. Her back was to me as I walked up behind her my hands going to her hips pulling her back against me.

"You are having fun scaring me today aren't you." She still had a file in her hand as she laughed and went to pull away.

"Fathead let me go." She laughed again as she went to move and put the file up for the second time. I held her back against me she turned and her eyes met mine. I turned her to face me taking the file in her hand and throwing on to the couch.

"What are you doing." she gave me a nervous smile. As my grip on her was tight making her flush against me. I didn't answer her I just moved my hand up her back holding the back of her head as I leaned down capturing her lips. I walked us back to the wall my hands hitting the wall the same time as her back. I broke the kiss and saw her eyes long enough to see them close again and her hand going into my hair kissing me. Our tongues beginning to duel. Her fingers moved in my hair I moved my hand up her body stopping just below her rib cage the soft fabric of her shirt was cool to my fingers.

"Come on lets go." She nodded not even bothering to grab her purse. I locked and closed her office door. When I turned back around her eyes were burring as we landed back into a kiss against the outside of my office door. I nearly pulled her arm out of socket as we sprint almost to my truck. When we got in she was almost own my lap as our lips locked again. What was going to happen neck had been building since the day I met her

Chapter 30

Junior's POV

My hand stayed on Ella's thigh as I drove the 20 minute drive from the office to my house in 10. When I pulled in the garage I looked over at her. She had desire in her eyes but I could see her body language had changed. I reached over my hand rubbing her thigh gently as I kissed her lips.

"Tell me what you want." She looked at me in the eye rocking me to my core.

"You. All I want right now is you." She stated. I kissed her chaste on the lips then went to get out. I grabbed her hand and let the garage down as we walked into my kitchen. I looked at her up and down smiling when I saw she was still bare footed. She didn't talk as I nodded toward the stairs and headed up reaching back and grabbing her hand as she walked up behind me. I shut the door to my bedroom with my foot and wrapped my arms around her. Our kiss heating up quickly. I felt the bed hit the back of my knees as we walked back. I laid her down gently under me and just stood looking at her. I reached down for the buttons of her shirt her hands covered mine.

"I..I..don't know how far I want to go." she managed to get out.

"When you say when we stop." she moved her hands from mine and let me start to undo her buttons as more them came undone the more undone I became. When the last button was undone I opened up her shirt. The fair skin on her stomach and chest showing against the lace that encased her upper body. My fingertip traced down the valley of her chest to her her bellybutton and around the ring that was in it. I watched chilly bumps pop up on her skin. She leaned up to meet my waiting lips as the fabric fell from her shoulders as she moved soon the lace bra joining her shirt on the bed then the floor. Her skin was soft and hot as I wrapped my arms around her. My kisses moved from her lips to her neck. I heard a light moaned she moved her head to the side and fingers got inter wined in my hair.

"This is wrong in so many ways." she whispered as I felt the hem of my shirt come up by her hands then it on the floor.

"This right." I whispered back to her as we moved back against the bed. My hands where all over her body making her squirm and slide her nails down my back. I didn't know when far was to far as I start to unbutton her dress pants letting the sides flap open showing of her hips as I start to slide them down. She lift her hips up as the pants came down along with the rest of her clothing that was lace. She laid below me with nothing on her body fully exposed to my eyes.

"Your beautiful Ella" She watched my hands go down her body. I kissed her lips, neck, chest then stomach until she spoke again stopping my actions.

"No..One has ever done that." she said in a moan as my hand went between her thighs. I just nodded at her admission and smiled as I touched her and she nearly came up off the bed.

"Junior." she got out until she pulled me down taking my lips on hers. I slide a finger gently in her. I felt her tense in the kiss as I began moving in and out of her. We we broke the kiss she buried her head into my shoulder.

"Please don't stop." she proclaimed. I knew she was enjoying it by her hips meeting my hand.

"I won't. I promise. What you want I will give." our movements became faster. When I knew she was almost there I pulled back. She looked at me as I moved down kissing her belly button and thighs then where she wanted it the most. I heard sigh come on as I matched tongue matched my hand. She about to totally come unglued from her moans.

"Right there. Oh god. Junior I am right." Before she could finish she hit. I felt her nails dig in my shoulder as she came hard. When she was done I moved back up to her lips.

"You taste damn good baby." She kissed me so hard I thought I would bust out of my jeans. Her tongue sliding into my mouth hard. As she kissed me I felt her fingertips against my stomach then own my belt undoing it as she got the buckle open soon the button of my jeans followed. Her hands came to my hips as she pulled my jeans and boxers down at the same time. She broke the kiss and moved so I was under her. I watched as she kissed down my chest and stopped looking up at me as she got past my belly button.

"You don't have to" God I want her to though. I want her in every way. She gave me a smile and leaned down kissing my hard tip then taking all of me deep in her mouth. My hands instantly when into her hair as she began to suck harder. I couldn't hold back my own sounds as her hands where everywhere. I felt the tip of her nails go down my length where her mouth wasn't.

"El damn." I couldn't form a cohert thought as she blew my mind. She looked up at me and our eyes met. That look from her almost caused me to lose it. I started losing it more as I moved up into her mouth and griping her hair. I felt her moan on me and take me so I felt the back of her throat that was all it took.


I yanked her back up to my lips after I came back to my senses. I knew want to me in her then and there. I moved her back under me she looked up at me.

"I want more but... I don't kn.." I silenced her with a kiss. I could see on her face that she was scared of what she told me.

"I told you when you say when we would stop." She nodded and smiled pulling me into a kiss.I moved so I could lay down beside her as we continued kissing for awhile. She snuggled into my her bare skin against mine as we laid there both not knowing what to say. Her hand was running up and down my chest playing with my chest hair. I did know one thing as I kissed the top of her hair. We would never be the same.

Chapter 31

Ella's POV

I woke up to a screaming alarm clock when I went to turn it off the bedside table was empty. My brain was still asleep until I felt a warm hand going up my arm.

"Ella wake up you are going to be late." I swore I heard Junior's voice. I moved from the hand that was touching me and turned into a body. I felt someone's skin against mine and there hand start to rub up and down my back. I knew that laughter it was Junior. When I opened my eyes I was looking very naked Junior who was laying only with the sheet across his waist his legs showing from the bottom along with his bare chest from the top. I had to close my eyes again this had to be a dream. I was naked in the bed with my best friend who also was having clothing issues. I couldn't help my eyes wandering down his body as I opened my eyes again moving up in the bed.

"You got to get up." I just sat there rubbing my eyes holding the sheet up around my chest making Junior slide up beside me. I kept denying what I had done the night before. He was my best friend and somehow I had broke down into his charm. Jamie. Oh God what was I going to do about Jamie. I felt disgust come over me as kept thinking of what I had just done. Straight sex probably wouldn't have been as bad as doing what me and Junior had done which was much more intimate on a different level.

"What time is it." All I wanted to do was crawl in a hole and figure out how to fix what had happened.

"6:30 it takes 20 minutes to get to work from here so you have all of 10 so we need to get ready." Junior told me as he smiled and kissed my lips as he got out of the bed. My eyes couldn't leave him as he walked to the bathroom. When his lips touched me I knew why things happened last night. That fire was there. I saw the marks on his shoulder from my nails as I thought back. I have to stop those thoughts. The enjoyment of my thoughts of the night before were coupled with the guilt of my actions. I wrapped the sheet around my body as I climbed out of Junior's bed. When my feet hit the carpet they where laying on his jeans from the night before. I started walking around picking up my clothes that where around his bed on the floor. As I bent down to pick up his clothes to I heard him come to the bathroom door with a toothbrush in his mouth. His hair which was now a fro still going everywhere. The only thing he had on where a pair of boxers now.

"Do you have a something I can wear." I couldn't very well walk into the office late wearing the same clothes being drop off by Junior. People would put it together to quickly. He just nodded and motioned for me to walk in the bathroom as he spit his toothpaste out he pointed to his closet. I just grabbed one of his white dress shirts and closed the closet door sliding on my clothes and buttoning up the shirt of his. When I walked out he was sliding on a t-shirt and a pair of track pants. I didn't even bother to tuck in the shirt. It wouldn't have mattered it smelled like Junior and was bigger than I thought.

"We need to go." Junior was all happy and bouncing around as we walked down the steps. I felt like I had a huge. ELLA GRAY IS A WHORE sign on my forehead. I got into his truck as he turned on the radio and started singing along. I saw him begin to reach for my hand. I moved so he couldn't putting my hands under my leg.

"You hungry." I just nodded as we pulled in the McDonald's drive thru. I listened to him order for me not even having to ask then order for himself. There was no wait and soon we were on the way to the office.

"El can you unwrap my thing for me." I blushed for no reason at his words as I reached in a got his breakfast burrito. Junior catching on and catching my hand kissing the back of it and locking his eyes with me. It seemed he had no guilt or problem with what had happen with us. I pulled my hand back like it was on fire. I need to get away far away from him. I didn't touch my food by the time we pulled up I had let Junior have it. The exchange containing very little words on my part. The office parking lot was full. Kelley was already there and so was everyone else. I felt his hand skim up my leg as I bent down looking for anything on the floor board in a way to avoid him.

"Please don't." I touched his hand and moved it off my thigh.

"Okay.Last night was well..." he smiled shaking his head thinking back.

"Was a mistake. It should have never happened. We are friends and friends don't do that. Along with I feel like a major whore because shit Junior I have a boyfriend." I just looked at him as the word left my mouth. All of it was true as I spoke. I wasn't prepared for his response.

"Well you could have said no but you wanted just as bad I did. So you feeling like a whore is your own problem. Cause I know you enjoyed it just as much as I did." Bam Ella Gray had gotten what she deserved. Junior just looked at me after he said that gaging my reaction. I could see his jaw tense. I knew I hit his nerve.

"I need to go in."

"Okay." he sat there as I went to open the door.

"I will give you your shirt tomorrow." I told him as I went to shut the door looking around making sure no one was in the parking lot.

"Whatever." he mumbled. I shut the door as soon as it shut he was driving off. I just stood there watching him leave. The flip flops I got this morning from Junior were so big as I walked they almost slammed the concert. When I opened the door to the office I prayed that now one would be up there just Brooke. I could get by here quicker. When I stepped in all the heads turned.

"Sorry I over slept." I couldn't met Kelley's eyes as I spoke to her I started at my feet as I walked by.

"Oh that is fine. Don't worry about it. You worked late yesterday." I just looked up and smiled heading to my office.

"Ella wait come back here a minute." she said with laughter in her voice stopping me as I walked by.

"Yeah." I stopped and turned. She walked up to me and brushed the collar of her brother's shirt.

"Looks like McMurray got you good last night Brooke look at that. So now we know the real reason she was late." They both laughed as I gave a weak smile and headed to my office when I got here I closed and locked my door. I went to my desk and grabbed the mirror from my drawer. I almost didn't want to look at my neck. When I did there was nice mark from Junior that was good size of a half dollar it was already starting to turn color that I couldn't hide. I laid my head down on my desk. The silence a comfort as I tried to figure myself out. I looked at my cell phone for some reason hoping I had a phone call. There was nothing. I needed to get my mind off everything. Work was going to be a blessing. I grabbed the files on Martin and started working until my eye caught the flowers Jamie sent me. I went to turn away when I saw the picture of me and Junior. I couldn't get away even in my office. I grabbed up my things and unlocked my door.

"Kelley I am going to go work in the conference room is that okay."

"Yeah. I have a meeting in there around 3 though so you have all day till then." she smiled sweetly as she told me.

"Thanks." When I walked in the room it was a relieve. It was a neutral place. I laid out my belongings and started working on the computer in there burying my self.


"El girl did you even go to lunch." Kelley's head popped in the room causing me to look at the clock it was already 2:30. I hadn't stopped working on Martin's file since I walked in.

"No, I am not really hungry. I guess I am in that zone." I told her barely looking up. It felt like she could read into me. Knowing what had happened last night with me and her brother.

"I hate to kick you out but we are about to need the room."

"That is no problem." I started to gather up my things. Kelley walked over and helped me.

"You smell like my brother."

"I do." God she knew. How did she know

"Yeah I guess it is just the office or something."

"Must be."

"Have fun in your meeting."

"Oh yeah it is going to be a blast. Hey take a break or something.You look worn out."

"Yeah, Yeah" I walked headed to my office. I couldn't go in there it was to hard. I knew I would have to think if I was in there. I walked to the next door which was Junior's office. That was the last place he would come to so I was safe and I knew nothing in there would remind me of Jamie. As I opened the door it felt like I was in Junior's arms. It smelled just like him as I sat down behind his desk not looking at the computer desk behind me. I didn't look back up until 5 when I had huge writer's block on a statement for a sponsor. I leaned back in Junior's chair spinning it around trying to get something in my head that is when my eyes landed on the computer desk. There was a pictures of him and Karsyn at the race track one of his mom and Kelley. As my hand grazed another frame I heard a voice.

"That one is of me and you."

Chapter 32

" sorry. I was just going let me get my things." I shuffled up all the papers that I had laid out infront of me back into the folder and stood up walking quickly to the door before he could say anymore.

"Ella stop." He grabbed my arm as I walked by. I didn't want to look in his eyes. I knew as soon as I looked into them I would remember the way the looked last night full of something that was only for me.

"Okay. I stopped what." I didn't look at him I was concentrating on the file in my hand.

"We need to talk. NOW. Plus lose that tone." he moved my arm so I had to turn and look at him. Yep those eyes did it for me and the memories all came back.

"My tone. Excuse me Earnhardt your the one that got a tone with me." I jerked my arm back and headed to my office Junior hot on my heels. I didn't look back at him as I sat down at my desk. I heard him plop down on my couch like he did so many times before.

"I need to finish my work." I looked up at him giving him my best glare.

"Okay. Finish it." He was being stubborn as he sat there popping his gum and glaring right back at me.

"You going to set there for the next 2 hours watching me."

"Pretty much."

"Like hell." I stood up behind my desk. He was now smirking knowing I was getting angry.

"Like Hell I am." that smile at that moment I wanted to rip it off his face. I walked past him out into the hallway into the mail room grabbing the bag of fan mail he needed to sign when I walked back in his just grinned and blew a bubble.

"Miss me."

"Here make you self useful for a change." I slammed the bag down into his lap causing him to make a umph sound.

"Damn I want to have kids." he muttered as I sat down behind my desk. Hoping the pile would keep him quite. I didn't hear a word out of him after I chuncked a sharpie at him and he started signing all I could hear was the marker squeak and move the letters around. At 6:45 I looked over cause of the silence in the room Junior was sound asleep the sharpie still in his hand and the papers laying on his chest. I turned off my computer and got my desk straightened up. When I closed my file cabinet after getting my purse the noise woke him up.

"You ready to talk." he stated. Normally he was never nice right when he woke up. Today was a exception I guess.

"Are you going to let me say no."

"No." he closed my office door behind me as I fished for my keys of course they where at the bottom of my purse. He took the boots in my hand as we walked in a way to help me find my keys. When I found them we were both out in the parking lot true to his form he had parked right beside me.

"You know they are stalking laws." I stated as he watched me unlock my door and climb in.

"Just follow me." he totally ignored my statement as he got into his red truck letting it roar to life. I concentrated on his taillights as I followed him I knew where we were going as I waited at the light a shiver ran down my back causing me to snuggle into the shirt. The smell of Junior reminding me of the night before once again. I glanced in the review mirror at my neck at least Junior hadn't noticed that. Not to long after the light turned green we were pulling into a gas station. Junior motioned for me to stay in my own vehicle as he walked in. As soon as he was in he was out carrying a brown bag. The next time we stopped was at the lake. The same spot he had taken me before that day for lunch. We both walked not touching each other to the picnic table in silence. We both climbed on the top at the same time causing us both to hit the others arm. I had to laugh so did he the tension beginning to ease.

"About last night." he looked over at me the street light hazing a little light over him. I wrinkled up my fingers around the ends of his shirt sleeves.

"I don't want it to ruin us Junior. You are my best friend. I can't lose you because of my hormones." I heard him laugh and swing his arm around me.

"I wasn't thinking last night. Well I was but with the wrong head." I laid my head into the crook of his arm hiding my laughter.

"Interesting wording there Fathead." I pulled back from him. Looking out over Lake Norman as the houses on the shore lit up the night.

"Yeah I should be a poet but I bet I wouldn't know it." I just shot me a look causing him to laugh at himself.

"You know something Ella."

"What" we were both laughing now.

"You have a big hickey on your neck." He pulled the collar of his shirt down to examine it.

"Wonder where I got it." I looked at him. He was smiling.

"Well definitely not Jamie cause he couldn't do something that good unlike some people." I felt the guilt come back. Junior taking notice.

"Ella come on we are going to have to joke about his cause if not we are going to be weird."

"We are already weird."

"You maybe but me.Nah I am good and sane." he stood on the table seat and stretched then sat back down grabbing the brown bag he got at the gas station in front of him.

"Yeah right you are sane. Sure okay." He gave me the famous Earnhardt glare then went thumping through the bag.

"You treat me so bad and what do I do for you. I buy you Moon pies and Sun Drop." He plopped down 2 moon-pies on my lap and sat a Sun-Drop beside me.

"Oh Shut it. You know I spoil you." I popped open the can and took a long sip. I felt Junior's hand pull on my wrist.

"Don't Spill it Ella." he said shaking my wrist making it hard for me to hold the can.

"Hahah. You forget if I do it is on your shirt."

"You spill it you die." he tone changed as he now watched the can with fear.

"You think anyone will know about what happened." I took a bite out of my moon pie Junior giving me that please fed me some look. I broke off a piece and handed it to him.

"Nope. Why would they it is not like we broad casted it on the net the only person who knows is Buddy and I don't see him telling anyone soon." he had crumbs on his lip. I couldn't stop my hand from brushing them off.

"Kelley noticed the hickey this morning." he just looked at me and shrugged as he took a bite out of my moon pie again.

"When your good your good."

"God Junior." He just laughed as we both stood up.

"Why don't you come back to my place and we can talk." he asked shoving his hands in the pocket of his jeans. I knew if I went back mostly likely there might be a repeat and we had just got back to normal or so it seemed.

"No..I am going to go home take a shower change clothes and get to bed. I am tired." He closed the door to my Tahoe after I climbed in.

"Get some sleep tonight I know you didn't get any last night." those words stayed in my head the whole way home. When I opened my back door and let the garage down Slash came running towards me. I laid down my purse and shoulder bag at the door after I petted him and headed straight towards the shower. I still had the smell of Junior on me and I needed a good shower to help calm down a very stressful day. As I undressed I noticed my answering machine blinking.

"Ella baby it is me Jamie I know I told you I might not be able to call but I was. You are probably out with Brenda or Kelley. Hope you are having a good time tonight and your first day of work went well. I miss you." as the machine stated the time and date the guilt rushed over me. I was with Junior in his bedroom right when my boyfriend who had no idea called. I was scum.

I stayed in the shower until the water turned to ice. I decided it would be best not to tell Jamie. Why inform him of something no one else knew or ever would know. It was only between me and Junior. I grabbed a bowl of grapes from my fridge right when the phone rang.


"Hey Baby." Jamie's voice was full of happiness and trust as he welcomed my answer.

"Jamie." my voice more of shock then happiness at the moment.

"How is everything back home. I miss you and can't wait to give you a kiss." I ran my hand on my neck trying to relieve stress my probably was when I need I hit the surprise Junior left me. My appetite left quickly.

"Everything is fine back here."

"How is work Junior treating you good. He taking care of you." Yeah Junior had taken care of me alright.

"Work is good. My first two days have been really busy. I having to get use to working 7 to 7 you know." I wanted the conversation to stay as far away from Junior as it could. I just knew Jamie would read through me and know what had happened.

"You didn't answer me is Junior taking care of you while I am gone." Jamie had no idea what he was doing.

"Yeah. Anyway how is testing." I had to change the subject quick. As Jamie started talking I laid back across the couch listening to how excited he got when he talked about the car and the accomplishments they had made along with being with his team. We had talked for a good 20 minutes when my door bell rang.

"El you going to get your door." Jamie asked after it rang again,

"You can hear it."

"Yeah." as I went to move I heard keys jingle and the door come open.

"Damn Ella the doorbell means someone wants to come in." I heard Junior yell. What was he doing here. I thought I had gotten away from all the stress finally except for my thoughts.

"Is that Junior." Jamie asked me in a questioning tone.

"Yeah" I answered almost shamefully

"Why is he coming over at what 10:30" His voice was beginning to change into piss mode

"I don't know." I whispered so Junior couldn't hear as he sat down and petted Slash.

"Well I will let you go so you can find out." Jamie's tone was no in pissed off mode.

"Jamie.." I pleaded

"I will call you again when I have time. Bye" he clicked his phone off before I could stop him. I sighed as I put the portable phone back in the charger.

"What are you doing here." I laid down on the couch putting my feet in his lap.

"You left your shirt at my house." He tossed my shirt that was now in a ball at my head.

"Where was it." I grabbed it and threw it onto the chair.

"Hanging on my lamp beside the bed." I had to smile as the memory of it leaving my body came to my mind. I felt him start tickling the bottom of my feet causing me to tense up.

"Can I stay here tonight Ella." he asked straight out of the blue.

Chapter 33

I just looked at him. I wanted to say yes but saying yes was almost totally denying any feeling that I have toward Jamie. I knew I had feeling for Jamie because I got those butterflies hearing his voice but when I was with Junior I had fireworks.

"You already no the answer." He gave me his best puppy eyes. I had to be strong.

"Junior go home." I playfully told him as he stood up and headed to the door.

"See you tomorrow." he asked almost questioning his own words.

"Yeah we do work together." He gave the oh face like that was the first time he realized that.

"Good-Night Junior." I knew he was stalling playing dumb.

"Night Ella" he said softly closing the door behind him. I didn't move from the couch until I was sure he had pulled out of the driveway. That night came with a very restless sleep. I wasn't worried about me and Junior anymore I was more worried about Jamie. I wanted him to call back but I was to stubborn to call him.


"Ella Gray" I picked up the ringing phone at my desk having to reach over the desk trying my best not knocking over the flowers that Jamie had sent earlier in the week.

Martin Truex Jr.(phone being passed) Josh Snider here for duty." I had to laugh I could almost see Josh saluting me over the phone. Josh and I had become instant friends Wednesday when he walked in to get all the things for Martin. Out of everyone around us he knew something was up with me and Junior. He wouldn't come on and say it but he hinted around plenty.

"You to are dweebs what do you want."

"Junior want me to call you and make sure that you were watching qualifying both Busch and Cup."

"Okay and he can't do this himself." I asked as Kelley walked in bringing me a plate with cake on it.

"He can but he is busy talking to McMurray right now." My heart sped up as he said that.

"Why is he talking to Jamie."

"I don't know they just are. Why does Junior talk to anyone." Josh answered sarcastically playing back with me.

"True well tell Junior to call me as soon as he can it is very important. I mean it Josh." I gave him my best tone of do it or die.

"I will. Bye." he hung up. I finished up work and watched all the qualifying before heading home. Me and Kelley both stayed later ordering pizza watching it making sure everything went right with having Martin and Tony racing this week. I didn't hear from Junior until I was pulling into my driveway.

"Ella sorry it took me so long I just got time to breathe." I got hear at door shut. Most likely he was walking into his motor coach. I knew the was there when I heard him fumbling around.

"Junior just lay the phone down before you totally drop it and get undressed."

"Well Smart ass I am done now so much for your advice. So what was so important."

"Josh said you where talking to Jamie at qualifying."

"Yeah I talked to him and half a dozen other people today at quals why is that such a big....Oh."

"Yeah" I felt almost embarrassed he knew I kept thinking about it.

"Ella you know I wouldn't say anything about that." he sighed after he answered.

"I know. I just." I kept spinning the apple across my counter as we continued talking.

"Stop worrying. Now tell me how is my company going."

-------------------Sunday Night---------------------------------------------------

I was waiting by my Tahoe as the airplane unloaded. I kept watching as guy after guy kept walking off. The one person I was looking for not coming off.

"Where is he." I muttered to my self. I started counting people as the unloaded. I knew he told me to come pick him up tonight he was coming home. Then I saw him appear at the plane door. Our eyes met and soon smiles appeared on both of our faces. I started to walk up to the staircase as he began the journey down. I got to his open arms as he landed on the last step.

"Jamie" I whispered in his ear as he grabbed me in his strong arms. The smell of him feeling me. The thoughts of Junior where washed out of my mind but soon they rushed back as Jamie kissed my cheek and whispered how much he missed me. It had been now week since I had made the biggest mistake in my life. Why would I want to ruin something that was so good with the man that was holding me in his arms.

"I have missed you so much Jamie. I don't want not be with you for 2 weeks like that. I get to weak." tears began to water up my eyes as I looked at Jamie his eyes full and sparkling.

"I missed you to baby." He held me close as we walked to the car. When we got in I held on to his left hand for dear life. I didn't let go of him until I had to as we walked in the back door into my house.

"Jamie if you put your bag in the kitchen I will wash your clothes." I told him as he came up behind me wrapping his strong arms around my waist. I leaned back against his shoulder. His arms were different than Junior's so was his touch. God why did I have to think of Junior. I felt him kiss my neck as we stood there both barefooted.

"That is nice." I moved my head to the side as he held his hands over mine around my waist.

"You will get more..but I need a shower." He hit me on the butt as he walked out tossing his shirt on his bag. He was built the totally package vs. Junior's one ab. There is came again. I wanted to bang him head against the wall and knock all the thoughts out and just think of Jamie. I heard the water turn off 15 minutes later as I laid across my bed. Jamie was in my bathroom. I looked up when I heard the door fully open. He was standing there just with a towel wrapped around his waist. His normally gelled hair nice and soft laying on his forehead. Water droplets were still left across his shoulders. I just laid there looking at him.

"You know how bad I want you." I nearly feel off my bad as Jamie said as he walked standing in front of where my head was. I looked up at him. He was beautiful.

"What if I said I want you to." I moved to sit on my knees abling me to lay my hands on his shoulders.

"Then I would do this." I felt him bring me back against the bed and gently kiss me.The kiss was fully of passion from him as he let go of the towel. This was the only way I could erase what me and Junior shared but why did it feel wrong.

Junior's POV

I walked up Ella's sidewalk. I knew she was home because the garage light was still on. I had to fix that for her it would stay on for like 2 hours after she pulled in cause of the timer being off. I looked at my watch as I got to the door knowing Ella she hadn't locked it back from having Slash out. I turned the knob just like I thought it was unlocked. I walked in I didn't yell for her right off the bat she was probably back in her bedroom. As I walked down the hall I noticed her light was on. She was most likely sound asleep forgetting about the dog and the door.

"Ella you know you really need to....HOLY SHIT"... I just stopped at the door. There was Ella and Jamie on her bed all I had time to see was her topless and Jamie working on her jeans trying to get them off as she straddled him.

"What the hell Junior" Jamie yelled. I turned around to head out. Ella had yanked the comforter up around her and was staring at the ground. My heart broke as she met my eyes the glanced away.

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