Chapters 22 - 27

Chapter 22

Junior's POV

"Ella where do you want this." I tossed the teddy bear in my hand at her as she sorted her dishes out in the kitchen.

"What is it" as the words left her mouth the teddy bear hit her.

"Aw Junior don't throw Mr.Jangles." she got a far away look as she touched the bear in her hands.

"Mr.Jangles wasn't that the name of the rat in Green Mile." I walked up behind her looking at the teddy bear more.

"They got the name from me. Mr.Jangles was the first bear I ever got from a boy." She hit me in the chest as she turned and looked at me. Her eyes where bright and dancing she was so excited about tonight. There was banquet for the Falcons where they were going to be honoring Ella but she had no clue of that part she was just excited about being with the team one last time. I had to watch her as she started working again loading up her dishes. Her bare feet flat on the kitchen floor the pants legs of her overalls rolled up and her toned arms coming out from a tank top. I had to shake the thoughts away. This was Ella I had to start thinking of her as my sister in away because it seemed that Jamie was the one she had her eyes on.

"Earnhardt stop standing there and get back to work." she tossed some tissue paper at me bringing my attention back.

"Alright slave driver."

"Hey I gave you a pass on helping me move. Because of your extra crispy status. You are the one that said "Aw don't worry about I will bring Martin and Josh to help." Where is Martin and Josh." she did a voice change mocking me.

"They are still upstairs trying to take down a bed.Who are you calling extra crispy."

"You" She looked up at me pointing.

"Oh yeah that was so funny almost as funny as me doing this."

"You doing what." I hit the button on the water spray nozzle by the sink hitting her dead on. She squealed and ducked behind the counter.

"Real funny Junior." After I had her pretty much soaked I gave in.

"It was" By then Martin and Josh were carrying down a bed frame.

"El where do you want this." Josh asked straining as Martin stood there eating some chips on the counter.

"Ask Junior he is the loader." I felt Ella wrap her arm around my shoulders then moving so she could look at my neck.

"Just but it in Martin's truck. Then Ella's bedroom stuff in mine. What are you doing Ugly" I asked as I felt her touch my neck causing goosebumps.

"Aw did I find where you squirm at." I moved my neck up on her hand.

"Yeah stop cause never mind just do.."

"Your burns look good. You ready for the Glen. I love how you got the week off since you are so traumatized with road course racing that you need to get your fears out of the way." She stated

"Where'd you read that crap at." I turned and looked at her wanting to well something I shouldn't want to do.

"Internet." She moved when our eyes locked.

"I think the kitchen stuff is ready to be loaded. I am going to start putting it in my Tahoe cause I need to start getting ready for tonight. Especially you stink boy before tonight you need to be cleaned up." she leaned in and smelled me and headed up stairs.

"Funny.. When is your man coming in." I asked her as Martin and Josh came back in standing by the door.

"Jamie is going to be hear at 7 he had to do some appearance today or he would have been here when you guys got her to start packing up and helping with the move." When her door closed I heard Josh speak up.

"Junior man you sure you aren't going back up with us tonight."

"Yeah I was asked to speak about Ella tonight."

"Just asking cause man you got it bad for her."

"Snider she is just my friend man plus she is most likely about to McMurray's."

"Whatever man. If I was you I would have got up with her right when I met her." Martin said as he sat down on her couch.

"You two monkeys paws off her. I don't want y'all messing with her you understand me." I gave them my best Earnhardt glare.

"Yeah man. I just thank ya and so does Martin for having a hottie like that working with us." He laid his hand over his heart as he patted me on the back.

"Yeah Junior thanks Man." Martin hit me on the shoulder to as he and Josh headed off to head back to the Dirty Mo. Martin had some Busch things he was needed for. Which left me and Ella together for a few hours before Jamie got here. She didn't know that Drew and Jonathon along with Kristi and Dana where going to be up there when we arrived at the Westin. I was the lucky one that got to pick out the table of people that would be with Ella.

7 o'clock that night

"JUNIOR" I heard Ella yell as I was sitting down stairs watching sports center. Her friends already there. Hanging out all dressed to the nine's. I had finally put on one of the suits Buffy had helped me pick out.

"What" I yelled back.

"I need you can you come up here"

"Yeah." I got up and headed up stairs. When I got up there I noticed her door was half open.

"You decent" I asked as I knocked.

"Yeah come in I need you to close something for me." When I opened the door I was blown away. The sight of her in front of me was almost to much. I have never felt what I felt for her then at that moment looking at her as she turned around. It was like she had a angel glow around her as she smiled. --Ella's dress

"Can you close this necklace for me.Wow Junior you look very handsome." she held up a diamond rhinestone necklace from her hand as she smiled and touched my arms of the suit I had on checking it out. (Junior's suit )

"Yeah." I walked up behind her I could smell the light scent of her perfume as I touched her fingertips taking the clasp of the necklace. Her skin was extremely soft as I clasped it. I looked at the mirror noticing just how beautiful she really was standing there. I couldn't control it anymore. As I bent down to kiss the side of her neck the doorbell rang sending me standing right back up.

"That must be Jamie. I am glad he got here." She smiled at me. The gesture catching in the mirror.

"You almost done." I had to get out of the room before. I grabbed her and kissed her.

"Almost. Can you go down and let Jamie in and do the whole guy thing until I am done."

"Yeah.Ella you look really pretty."

"You do to. Look pretty that is" I just nodded and headed out. I let Jamie in as we stood there talking I heard Ella start coming down. When she started down the stairs I saw Jamie suck in the same breath that I did. Both of them were smiling at each other as she walked down. If I ever felt out of place it was now.

"You are beautiful Ella." I watched as Jamie took her in his arms and kissed her cheek. The smile on Ella's face hurt more than anything for some reason as she stayed in his arms just looking at him. I needed a beer. As I cracked the can open in the kitchen I heard Ella's heels as she stuck her head in the door.

"You ready fathead."

"Yeah. I will be there in a minute."

"Okay." When I walked out Jamie and her where in a hug still. She was fixing his tie to his suit. (Jamie's suit

"Let's roll" I stated as I walked on out the door. There was a limo wanting on us to take up to the Westin in downtown. When we got in I was relieved to see Micheal and Keith. Both dateless already drinking also. Tonight was going to be harder than I thought.

When we arrived at the Westin there was a red carpet set out and limos for blocks. I didn't think this was a huge thing but obviously when you do something in Atlanta you do it big. Ella was making me smile the whole time because her eyes where lit up like a kid on Christmas watching the activity. Jamie had causally laid his hand on her knee as the both watched out the window waiting for our signal to get out. I really liked McMurray to begin with now there was something about him maybe him with Ella that was making it tough. As we got the nod to step out everyone got situated. I was the first out then Jamie we both reached in to help Ella. As she stepped out some flashbulbs went off. Jamie interlaced there arms as I stood there watching.

"Come on Earnhardt tonight I am a pimp I got man on both arms." She interlaced her other arm with mine. Causing Keith and Micheal to object about walking the red carpet alone. As we walked all we could do was smile and stop smile and stop. By the time all of us got to ballroom we all needed a drink. Once at the table and Ella's surprise of her friends being there the banquet began. Dinner was served along with dessert. Never once did Ella leave me hanging out cold she was always making me talk in the conversation. Jamie was touching her slightly doing what we all do trying to mark his territory. When the time came down to honor Ella. Keith, Micheal and I headed out.

"Where you guys going."

"Ugly you will see" I whispered in her. My lips dangerously close to her causing her to get goosebumps and laugh. I saw her lean over and ask Jamie what was up he just shrugged and pulled her close as I walked up the stage with the other two guys I couldn't stop looking at her. I didn't hear any of the words they said all I was focused on was Ella. I felt Micheal motion for me to come up. I saw tears in her eyes as I began to speak.

I don't know if my words could totally sum up what a great person Ella is. I met Ella at Atlanta Motor Speedway this March. I can say it is a encounter I could never forget. Through getting to know her over the months she has became one of my closet friends and I know my business is going to prosper with her at the head with my sister. I am truly honored to have Ella working by my side." as I stepped back from the podium both Keith and Micheal walked out and got Ella she stood up and the room clapped. When she got on stage she hugged both of them and kissed there cheeks. When she got to me she had tears again in her eyes. She just wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek whispering thank you. When she pulled back her arm was still around me as we presented her a name plate for her new desk that said Ella Gray president of Junior and Martin. As she read it the crowd all laughed. Soon after we got back to the table the music began as some people started dancing. I saw Jamie walk up as Ella was networking her way back to the band/DJ. It was like almost timed as soon as she got back the song began and she just smiled at Jamie as he whispered something to her and they got out on the floor. I had to get out of the room as the song chords started. I knew it was one of the songs Ella loved from the 70's.

Just to be close to you girl

Just for a moment, well just for an hour

Just to be close to you girl

I've been out there searching' so very long baby

Searching' to find somebody just like you

And for some folks it takes a lifetime sugar

To find in this world a dream come true

Why don't you take my hand

Oh, we'll live in love forever yeah

Take my hand girl, we'll be alone you and me

Take my hand we'll spend our lives together,

Together, together, together

I watched as she wrapped her arms around Jamie. She looked truly happy but now he was the one making her happy. As I turned and walked from watching them I felt someone come up behind me. I turned and was faced with someone from my past.


"Hey Junior. I am glad I finally got you alone there is something I have been wanting to give you." Hell I knew I was playing with fire but right now I didn't give a damn as I followed behind Shannon as she grabbed my hand and walked us down the hall.

Ella's POV

I loved beinging with Jamie as we dance it felt like we were on air,in our own little world. I had no idea he knew what one of my favorite songs where. After a couple more songs I headed to sit down. Everyone was back at the table but Junior. I wondered where he was it wasn't like him just to disappear. Before I could think on it to much I had to go to the little girls room. I excused myself from the table getting a quick kiss on the cheek from Jamie as I rose up. I was walking down the hallway to the bathroom when I noticed some people making noise as I walked by obviously they couldn't wait to get to there hotel so they decided to use the dark phone booth behind the wall. I just shook my head as I walked in the bathroom. After finished up and making sure I looked good I headed back out seeing a girl walk out from behind the wall obviously she was a member of the frock I had just heard. As I got closer I saw something that made me stop and catch my breath.

"Junior." the person stopped trying to close there belt and looked up. There shirt was untucked along with lipstick on there neck.

Chapter 23

"Junior.." I stopped right in front of him as he looked up. I wasn't anger I was ashamed to even know him right now.

"Really classy Junior getting it on in a phone booth behind a wall."

"I didn't get it on." he said softly. Causing me to barely hear him.

"Oh excuse me real classy about getting off in a phone booth by some girl. Mature really it is." I just looked at him as he stared at the ground not facing me.

"You know how ashamed I am right now of even knowing you. Junior I thought I would never be ashamed of you. Man listen to me I sound like a damn parent. I am going back in to find Jamie you might want to wipe off that lipstick on your neck and tuck in your shirt before you go in there." I turned around and headed back into the party. He couldn't even look at me and explain himself that made me start to heat up. I noticed Jamie's back towards me as I walked up to the table placing my hands on his shoulders. People were starting to head out. Micheal and Keith had already left with some other team members getting tired of being so stuffy in the suits.

"Jamie you having fun." I asked as I looked down at him his blue eyes glancing back at me.

"Yeah..Just ready to get out of this suit." he moved the collar around his neck.

"How about we head out then."

"Sounds good to be that means we have a little more time together before I have to leave for the airport." as he stood up I wrapped my arms around him his soon came around me.

"What is this for." He asked as he held me close.

"Thank you for being a gentleman." I whispered then kissed his cheek. He just looked at me funny then began to lead the way out the door. I followed behind him holding on to his hand and saying goodbye to my peers as we hit the door. I saw Junior come walking back down the hall towards us. He had pieced himself back together but still wouldn't make eye contact with me or get to close.

"Hey Junior. Glad you came back we are ready to head out." Jamie talked to him as he I stood there watching the limos pull up.

"Yeah.Me too." Junior mumbled.I snuggled into Jamie's shoulder on the way home. Junior just stared out the window or fiddled with his cell phone. I felt Jamie lay his head on mine as we rode.

"Everything okay" he whispered.

"Yeah.Just tired and wishing you where making the drive to Mooresville with us tomorrow."

"At least you are with Junior and not by yourself I feel better with you with him than with someone else cause he will take care of you."

"Yeah I am with Junior Oh Joy." He pulled my chin up to look at me in the eye.

"Why do you say that."

"Let's just say I saw a side of him that I didn't want to see and it makes me so lucky to have a date like you."

"I keep telling you I am the lucky one." Jamie said causing me to laugh as we bumped foreheads. I noticed Junior looked up and just rolled his eyes and went back to being a lump. When we pulled up to the small airport in my hometown. Jamie and I both got out as the jet was setting there already started for him.

"Jamie thanks for being here for me."

"I had alot of fun El" then there was that silence that seemed to always get in between me and Jamie.

"Well it looks like they are waiting on you."

"Yeah..Um Ella can I kiss you." I had to smile that was the first time anyone had asked to kiss me. I just nodded as he moved closer. I felt his hand go to my neck. I slide my feet out of my shoes to try and help our height difference as we shared a sweet but innocent kiss. When we broke apart I had my fingers in his hair.

"See you tomorrow night at my new house."

"I will be there. Pizza and wings."

"Yep.Sounds like a plan" With one last quick kiss on the lips he was walking to his plane. Before he boarded he stopped and waved back. As I waved back I had no idea Junior had his face plastered against the window in the limo watching us. I didn't say a word as I got back into he limo. The tension was so thick it was smothering thankfully the ride home was only 10 minutes. I walked in the empty house not saying a word. All my furniture was gone the only thing left was two sleeping bags in the living room that Junior had brought with him and pillows for each of us. Before tonight's activities it sounded like a good idea semi-camping out in the living room now it seemed to stressful. I heard Junior look up the door behind me as I stood there looking around.

"I am going to get ready for bed." I looked back at him over my shoulder as he stood there looking at me.

"You talking to me now." I didn't answer him. I was going to play the whole middle school game of I am frustrated with you so I am not going to talk to you. My bedroom was empty which made the room seem big and intimidating the only clothes I had were what I was plan on wearing to sleep in and on the trip tomorrow. We were waking up and hitting the road hopefully getting in the five hour drive in to Mooresville done before early afternoon and begin moving in all my things. I wanted to at least have my bedroom and living room done by tomorrow night. I slide on my wind pants and a t-shirt getting comfortable after the killer heels I had on all night. I brushed out my curls and took the light make up I had off getting back to normal. When I started down my steps I saw Junior at the bottom of them with his head in his hands. I knew ignoring him wouldn't last to much longer.

"Fathead move I have to get down." he lifted up his side as I walked down the steps heading to my Tahoe. When I got to the garage it was gone.

"Junior. Where is my Tahoe." I yelled from the door.

"Josh is driving it." he said looking up from his seat on the steps as I glared back.

"Oh. So that means I am riding with you." I asked hanging the dress up on the door frame.

"Yeah. You mad at me." Sometimes I wonder what happened in between Junior's brain and his mouth or the other parts of his anatomy.

"No.." I had to take a deep breath as I walked and sat down by him still in his suit but minus his tie. Which he hand crinkled in his hand.

"I am not mad at you. I am disappointed because. I mean Junior I never thought you where like what every article made you out to be the universal playboy who did 'em and left 'em. I thought you where more than that had more respect for women than that. Which is not saying much of the women who do that with you or anything. I just I don't know it was just something I wasn't expecting." I leaned down on my elbows resting them on my knees.

"Ella. I never wanted to disappointed you. I respected you to much and I know you aren't like that and don't want to be around the whole scene of love and leave 'em. I am sorry for you having to know about tonight."

Don't be sorry to me. You are sorry cause you are guilty." I looked at him as he smiled at me. I threw my arm around him leaning down on him.

"You know you are right." His blue eyes soften as he spoke.

"It happens every once and while. You are still the wind beneath my wings." I tried to hide my on laugh.

"Shut up Ugly." he started laughing which made the tension we had earlier lift.

"I can't ever stay mad at you to long Earnhardt. You haven't fully pissed me off yet." I moved to start undoing the sleeping bags.

"Should I be afraid when I do." Junior got up turning off the lights as we both laid down on our own bags. He decided just to go t-shirt and boxers. Since it wasn't a big deal to his white legs after helping him with his burns.

"You should be very afraid." I turned over on my side looking at the blob of darkness that was Junior about 4 feet away.

"Night Junior"

"Night Ella."

I woke to Junior carrying my dress out to his truck. All the little things I had were loaded up and ready to go. Slash had went up with Martin and Josh yesterday. So he got to spend a night with them. I looked behind me one last time gathering up all my things and leaving all the memories of my old life behind as I shut and locked to door leaving the key with my mom as she came to wish me off. It was going to be hard leaving her and this town but it was for the best. I didn't say a word as I soaked up my hometown as Junior drove out of it and headed to the interstate. He let me let go as I watched my life pass by the window. 45 minutes later he broke the silence.

"You okay." he asked as he laid his hand on my arm that was on the console. The radio playing softly.

"Yeah. I am good." I turned and looked over at him smiling.

"Good. Cause I am glad so are the guys and my mom you are moving up here." He patted my arms as I went down and grabbed my CD case from the floor board and my headphones.

"Why don't you put that CD in the CD player smart one." Junior asked me.

"Cause you might not like it."

"Well I have to hear it before I can say I don't like it." he said trying to glare at me but it totally not working.

"Fine but we have to listen to the whole CD cause it very good and the way I feel right now." I slide in the CD that I had fallen in love with. I hit the button to start playing the second song. As soon as the lyrics started I began to sing along.

"I think this song fits today." I said to Junior as I turned up the song louder and belted out the chorus.

I'd sure hate to break down here

Nothin up ahead or in the rear-view mirror

Out in the middle of nowhere knowin

I'm in trouble if these wheels stop rollin

God help me keep me movin somehow

Don't let me start wishin I was with now

I've made it this far without cryin a single tear

I'd sure hate to break down here

The song meant so much at this moment. I got lost in my thoughts and the music. I looked beside me over at Junior and patted his shoulder as I sang the next part of at him.

That you were just another dead-end road

They were pretty lies and broken dreams

Baby leavin you is easier than bein gone

I don't know what I'll do if one more thing goes wrong

He just laughed and shook his head.

"Sing with me Junior."

"I don't sing. Like I don't dance." He said pulling on to a exit on ramp.

"You do to sing I heard you. Wait yeah maybe you don't need to sing with me." I felt him grab me in a head lock tucking me under his arm as he parked the truck in the Waffle House parking lot.

"Hey the hair fathead the hair." I fixed my hair back in the sloppy bun it was in as we walked in the restraunt. As we sat in the booth I proped my feet beside Junior he just looked at me as I gave him a look.

"What." he asked adding butter to his grits.

"Take you hat off at the table." I knocked the bill down as I reached for some ketchup for the hash browns.

"Okay mother." he tossed his hat on my side of the booth landing on my purse.

By the end of breakfast my sides were hurting from laughing. Me and Junior had bonded with the whole crew of people in the restaurant after the realized who he was but none of the bothering him for autographs. They just wanted to see him for who he was so he let the rough side drag cracking all of us. When we got back in the truck I still had his hat but now it was on my head. The night before catching up with me as I laid my head on the seat moving the console up the top of my head resting against the side of Junior's leg as he drove. I took the hat off and slide it on his head so I could get comfortable. When my eyes closed I was sound asleep in a matter of minutes.

Junior's POV

"Ella you ain't going to sleep on me are you." When she didn't answer I glanced down at her. She was sound asleep cuddled up against my leg. Her hair was sprawled out over the top of my thigh. I ran my fingers through it as I drove. Only causing her to move Little then settle right back down. I had time with my thoughts again. I never wanted to see the look on Ella's face again that she had last night after she saw me and Shannon. It sound logical in my thoughts to say it meant nothing which it did. But to Ella I knew that actions like that meant something to her. For some reason it hurt me to see her disappointed. I never wanted to hurt or disappoint her. I cared to much for her. Then when she and Jamie kissed I saw that she was falling for him. She was going to let him in to where I was and maybe even deeper then me. Was I jealous of McMurray. Hell Yeah I was jealous that he was going to see a deeper Ella that I wouldn't. He was the one that was going to take her away in a sense from me. The CD Ella had in was still playing I began to listen to the words of the song playing. For some reason I liked the CD. I wasn't to much into chick country music love song singers but why was I surprised I liked something Ella told me I would.

His loveís likeÖ

Rain on a tin roof

The sweet song of a summertime storm

And oh, the way that it moves you

Itís a melody of passion raginí on

And then itís gone

He tells me heíll be back to see me

Every time he has to go

Thoughts of Ella filled my mind. She had gotten to me and now that I am realizing it. I can't do anything.

Chapter 24

Junior's Pov

"Look Junior Look" Ella was almost yelling as we pulled in her drive way. The boys had already unloaded her Tahoe and had it parked in the garage.Slash was running around the yard already. As we pulled to a stop before the engine was even shut off she was out of the truck waiting for me at the door.

"Come on slow poke I want to see my house and you have the key." she was looking in the windows beside her door. I went to reach for the door knob when she grabbed the keys and unlocked the door. Josh and Martin along with some more of the DMP had already unloaded everything they could and but the boxes in the rooms that they were labeled for. Ella didn't waste time and start looking around through the house.

"Anyone home." I glanced back at the door to the sound of my mom's voice.

"Mom" I turned around and hugged her as Ella came back into t he foyer.

"Ms.Brenda" she squealed as my mom and her shared a hug and Ella pulled her to show her around. By the time the two ladies came back Josh and Martin where back to help unload along with my mom who was helping decorate.

"So Ella what do you want us to do we are here to sever." Josh stated pulling me and Martin by his side. Ella glanced at my mom who began to speak.

"Okay guys Martin and Josh. Start putting the bed frames together. Dale Junior since you fiddle with those computers and electronics all the time you can hook up the TV's and all the stuff and start putting together the living room and me and Ella are going to do start the kitchen and things like that." every nodded in agreement. I watched my mom and Ella walk into the kitchen laughing and hugging on each other. I knew that something was special with Ella when my mom took to her right away.

Ella's POV

"So how are you and Mr. McMurray." Junior's mom asked me as we started unloading the boxes of dishes.

"We are good." I smiled as I unwrapped some dishes,

"Aw look at your smile. So tell me what is happening I want all the dirt." She said patting me on the shoulder as she started some dishwater to wash off all the gross stuff from the boxes. Went through the boxes never breaking conversation as I filled her in on me and Jamie. We had this weird connection I knew I could talk to her about anything she was like automatically my North Carolina mom. After a hour we had the kitchen almost done.

"You hear that." I asked as I heard music start up.

"I guess Dale got the stereo hooked up." We both walked out and found the living room still in boxes. Except for the TV and the other electronics hooked up already on the entertainment center.

"He must be back with Martin and Josh. Let me get the camera so I can some pics of the guys working." I grabbed the disposable camera I was trying to use up and headed down to the master bedroom. As me and Brenda got the door we instantly held in our laughter as Josh was mangled around holding on my bed frame. Junior was laying on his back with a drill screwing in the bolts and such. Martin's feet where hanging out of my walk in closet as he was installing the closet management kit. What was funny was they all were singing "Redneck Woman." I couldn't hold in my laughter anymore after snapping some pictures the guys all moved and looked up.

"Nice singing guys. I especially like the little dance there Josh really hot." Junior's mom started cracking up harder as she wiped and fuzzy ball off Martin.

"Ella since you are standing there making fun of us hold the drill so I can get the bed together." I laid the camera in my hand on the bedside table the managed to already get together and leaned down and got the drill off of Junior's chest and he dropped the screws that were in his mouth in my hand.

"Guys I am going to go get us some lunch what do you all want." Junior's mom stated then asked.

"Taco Bell." The guys all answered.

"Ella. I know what the three stooges always eat. What do you want." She asked as I sat down on the carpeted floor. I had yet to thank Junior's mom for helping me out. She made sure the cable, water, phone, and electricity would all be on for today so I didn't have to deal with getting it all hooked up.

"Whatever they get." I told her as Junior hit me in the leg to hand him a screw.

"Come on Screw Girl get with it." Junior said instantly causing me and my mind to crack up.

"Screw Girl." I asked him as Martin and Josh acted like they saw nothing funny with his comment.

"Yeah you are my Screw Girl now." he said not cracking and smile and continuing to work. When he finished getting the bed fame together and the headboard connected to I saw him crack that smile. I knew his messed up mind got the whole screw exchange.

"FOOD." Brenda yelled as she walked in the door. Martin and Josh running out the door like they hadn't had a meal in years. I helped Junior get up off the floor. By the end of our meal and the guys making me eat my first Taco Bell meal.

"I can't believe you never ate Taco Bell before" Martin stated as he helped move the couch's around in the living room.

"Well you should feel honored that my first Taco Bell meal was with you." I heard Brenda crack up as she was hanging up some pictures.

"Okay Martin you can go back with the boys now that we go the heavy stuff moved in here."

"Next time you two ask for help I am sending Junior or you will call your boy McMurray." Martin stated pointing to us as he wiped sweat off his brow. After a couple hours I had everything in the living room set up and ready to go it started looking like home. My pictures where back up on the mantle. Luckily the rooms in the house where painted perfect for my furniture and style. I laid back on the couch looking around the kitchen and living room was done. Along with the dinning room furniture and the mirror hung int here which made the room complete to. What was left was my bedroom the office and guest room. Brenda had finished the hallway bathroom and Junior and the boys where finishing the bed and the furniture in the office and guest room all it need was the personal touch.

"Ella I am going to head back home it is almost 6 and I need to get dinner on for Willie." she hugged me as I stood from the couch.

"Thank you so much for helping me I was just sitting there thinking the house is almost done."

"No problem if you need anything I wrote my number and put it on the fridge for you.So call me whenever anytime."

"Yes Ma'mn" as she headed out the door I went and grabbed the sheets and comforter in the wash to put on the bed. I was lucky the previous owners had just bought a brand new washer and dryer they couldn't take with them. I heard the guys spitting out cuss words right and left as they tried to piece together the desk set. I just smiled and watched them as I walked by they almost had it done it would have gone alot quicker if they used the directions but that would have made sense so they didn't.

I was in the bathroom hanging up my towels and getting my day to day things laid out and put up when I heard a knock on the door frame. It was a very tired Junior.

"We are done in the office and guest room."

"The boys head on home." he nodded as I sat down a picture frame on the counter of my bathroom which finished off the room and turned off the light headed back out into the bedroom Junior automatically sitting down on my bed kicking his shoes off and maneuvering his socks off.

"Aw Junior those feet are atomic."

"Get over it." he mumbled as he laid back on the bed against the pillows. I sat down in the chair in the corner unloading the last box for my bedroom. Soon he snores were feeling the air as he was sound asleep. I let him sleep as I finished up everything completing that room. I looked over at the clock it was 8 at the night and my stomach was rumbling. I moved the light blanket at the foot of my bed over Junior as he moved and got more comfortable. My phone rang it was my first phone call in my new house. I checked on Junior making sure it didn't wake him as I answered it.

"Hello." I walked down the hall to see the guest room catching my breath as the guys had totally finished it unloading all the boxes and hanging up all the pictures making the bed up doing everything. That why Junior had looked so tired.

"Hey Ella." it was Jamie. His voice full of happiness.

"Hey.Where are you." I asked as I checked on the office seeing everything was together and hooked up just memorabilia and other odds and ends still in the box.

"I am pulling in your subdivision right now how is the moving coming."

"Great I am totally unpacked except for one room. It looks like I have been here for awhile." I let Slash out of the back door and went to close the bedroom door to a sleeping Junior.

"Well I almost to your house so see you in a second." I hung up and waited to see Jamie pull up. When he did I just wanted to hug him. I took the pizza out of his hand and got a fast kiss on the lips for him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked in.

"Wow you have it looking nice."

"Thanks." I got out some paper plates Jamie had in the bag.

"I got us some movies." he said walking up behind me and resting his hands on my hips while he stole a pepperoni.

"What you get." I leaned a little against him feeling him wrap his arms over my shoulders.

"Monster" he said as he kissed my cheek as I turned to get some cups.

"All I have is water."

"That works for me." he said as he got some pizza and headed the couch. Soon we started the movie and ate. I ended up wrapped up in his arms as we laid down across the couch. When the movie ended we just stayed in each others arms in the dark talking.

"Where is Junior." Jamie asked as he rubbed the small of my back as we laid so close inches barely separating us.

"He fell asleep on one of the beds. But I don't want to talk about Junior right now."

"Good cause neither do I." he leaned in a kissed me. This time it was more passionate then last night.

"What do want to do then" I asked when we had to come up from air.

'This." he leaned in for another kiss.

By 3 am I was hugging Jamie as he left to head home after we shared several quick kisses in a row. I turned off everything and headed down the hallway to the master bedroom. Junior was still sound asleep. I didn't want to wake him cause he just looked so cute. By now he had fought he way under the covers and was snoring a little harder. I half of me wanted to snuggle deep into his arms but the other part of me the sane part kicked in a reminded me of how much I was starting to like Jamie. I was torn on what to do.

Chapter 25

I stood there watching him sleep for awhile longer finally deciding to just get a shower then think about it again. The shower didn't do to much but just rinse off the moving mess. I knew my clean sheets probably smelled the sweaty Junior. I had to smile thinking whenever he would sleep he would cuddle up on the pillow which made the smell of his decorate rub off and it you would sleep on it and it smelled like you were in his arms. For some reason being in his arms stayed on my mind. But I was torn cause Jamie there was something there it wasn't strong yet but it could grow or maybe I wanted it to grow so it would distract this odd feeling I had for Junior. I walked back out with the towel wrapped around my head. I stepped on something it was his jeans. Sometime while he was asleep and I was with Jamie he had shed his jeans. Hell I was going to sleep in my bed. It was a king size bed Junior was all cuddled up already on the right side. There was enough space the two friends could sleep and nothing would happen. I crawled into bed and instantly I relaxed. I looked over at Junior one more time him still sound asleep and turned off the light quickly becoming dead to the world.

I woke up to thunder and the bed shifting around so much it made me feel like I was riding a wave. I looked at the clock on the bedside table it was 10 in the morning but there was no light cause of the storm. I hated storms with a passion. I slided farther down into the bed taking the covers over my head only to have them swatted down. I knew Junior was doing it on purpose but when I turned over his face was in pain and he was thrashing around in his sleep. I didn't know to whether to wake him up or what until he started talking out in a voice that broke my heart.

"I am on fire." he said as he started thrashing around harder/

"I am burning make it stop. Get me out. Just get me out." he yelled almost. Then got quite.

"Dude I hurt please I hurt man." His face almost had tears in his sleep as he kicked around his legs.

"Junior honey wake up." I touched him on his arm as he moved around.

"Junior wake up." I said a little bit louder shaking him. His shot straight up in bed when he woke up. Sweat was no pouring off him.

"What what is wrong." He just sat there.

"Junior are you okay you are scaring me a little." I rubbed his back as he sat in the dark still not talking. I streak of lighting hit close out side. I pulled him down instantly and was in her arms.

"You let me go in this storm and I will kill you." he still didn't answer me he just held on to me tight for dear life more for what he was dealing with and not talking.

"Babe talk to me please." I leaned up a little and saw the reflection on his cheeks that looked like some tears. Wait I just called him babe.

"Can I just hold you then I will talk I promise." I just wrapped my arms around him as she asked his voice evident with emotion.

"I am scared..I have never been scared before El but I am scared of the car this weekend. I don't have my edge."

"Junior you have every right to be. I mean you have more guts then most people just getting into that car without what has happened to you.

"I can't be scared." I could hear him mental beating up himself as he pulled me closer if I got any closer to him I would inside of him. I moved over him almost straddling his waist.

"Look at me..." I laid my hand on his cheeks making him look in my eyes.

"You are the bravest man I know and one of the strongest. You can be scared but I know in my heart that you can handle anything out there on that track because you are that good. The track is where you are the king. You control what others are afraid to control Junior. What happen in Sonoma was horrible but it proved to you that you have angels around and that you butt is meant to be on this earth. Don't ever doubt yourself cause I never will and I will always be here for you no matter what I have do. You understand." He nodded and drug his hand through my hair that had fallen beside me face.

"Do you trust me Ella." I looked at him in the light as the rain started to pour down beating against the window.

"More than anything." I was actually speaking to him from my heart. I saw him take in my answer as I laid back beside him our eyes still locked.

"Are you falling in love with Jamie." I just looked at him my heart for some reason wanting to scream out to him words I didn't know I had but those words came when he mentioned Jamie where the words for Jamie was the question.

"I don't know Junior. I don't know how I feel or who I feel for anymore. I just no that I am following what I think it right or what should be right."

"He is not right." he mumbled as we both got silent and listened to the storm.

"Then who is right." I had to know what was in that boys mind.

"Shh... listen to the storm and go back to sleep." he laid his finger over my lips and brushed his hand over my eyes closing them gently. I felt his strong embrace again as I tried to listen to my heart and the rain.

When I woke again the bed was empty and so was the house. There was note on the counter from Junior.


I think I finally caught up on my sleep thanks for the bed and the talk. Don't worry about working any this week get use to the Dirty Mo. I will call you later on even though you moved we still are talking everyday cause yeah just cause.

You snore to.


I just laughed at his chicken scratch handwriting as I scratched my head. My heart jumped 8 feet in the air as my phone rang in the house.


"I was hoping you would be up by now."

"Hey Jamie." I walked into my kitchen staring at the empty fridge.

"So what do you have planned for today Ms. Gray." he asked in a playful tone he would always get when he said my name professionally.

"Going to the store. Junior made me some maps of the town so I won't get lost." I said thinking back to Junior asking me about how I felt about Jamie.

"Well I am about to go on my lunch break so if you want me and you can go together I need to shop to."

"That sounds good long as we go eat somewhere cause my stomach is growling."

"I will be there in 15 you able to be ready by then."

"Yeah I will in the living room waiting on you if not I will leave the door unlocked so just come on in." I hung up the phone and headed back to the bedroom. Noticing Junior left his wallet on the night table like a gob. I changed into some shorts and a tank top as I brushing my hair I heard a male voice yell as they walked in. I was bent over looking for my flip flop when I felt someone come up behind me and push me almost over.

"Ugly I do believe that is your best side."

"Junior. What are you doing here." I was surprised it was him thinking Jamie was the one that had called out.

"Well a nice to see you to greeting there Ella." he said from plopping down on the bench in front of my bed.

"Sorry..I wasn't expecting you." I buckled my watch and started putting in my ear rings when Junior walked up behind me touching me on the shoulder and running his hand down as he reached over me at the dresser getting to my coconut-lime and verbena lotion smelling it.

"This smells good. You need to wear this." he squirt some in his hand and just let it sit there.

"Thank you Mr. Drakkar Noir. You going to use that in your hand." I took the bottle out of his hand and laid it back down.

"No cause I would get made fun of." smilingly he said.

"I really think you should plus you already get made of now." I reached for his hand and tried to get to land on his arm causing us both to start a battle.

"I really think not Ella stop I recovering from injuries." he laughed as we fought back and forth both ending up on my bed. I got his hand finally and it landed on his arm making the lotion smear on his skin.

"See look who smells like a girl now." He went to roll away but I grabbed him making him lay under me as straddle his waist.

"You know it turns you on."

"Oh yeah let me help you rub it in." As I went for his arm his hand went around and held on to my back as I leaned down.

"Ella, Junior what is going on." we both turned looking at my doorway at Jamie standing there.

Chapter 26

"Nothing is going on Jamie." I said as I detached off of Junior giving the best phony smile and voice I could Jamie picking up on it.

"Junior I know you slept in her bed last night but why are you here now." Jamie ignored me totally walking into my bedroom talking to Junior who was still laying back on my bed.

"I left my wallet last night." Junior's tone made me get a chill he was shooting Jamie a glare as he stood up pulling up his baggy pants that had fallen down.

"Ella I will talk to you later on today." He put his arm on my elbow and leaned in kissing me on the cheek. He had never done that when we said goodbye. I didn't know what to do but nodded as he walked out leaving me standing there looking at Jamie my cheek tingling for Junior's kiss. I think he is finding out what he can do to me by just touching me.

"Earth to Ella are you going to tell me what is going on." Jamie was a little tense which made him cute as he stood there looking at me trying his best glare.

"Nothing is going on Jamie we were just joking around when you walked in. I promise there is nothing there. You believe me." I didn't know if anything was there myself but it sounded good as I told Jamie. He just stood there looking at me as he looked for the right words to say.

"You ready to go." he asked on his way out of my bedroom. I grabbed my purse and followed out behind not saying a word until we got into his Durango.

"Are you mad." His jaw was tensed as we drove in silence.

'No. I just was freaked a little. I mean Ella I walked in your house and you where on top of Junior and it didn't look like y'all were joking around. What am I suppose to think." he turned to me at the red light I could honestly see the hurt in his eyes. I didn't want to hurt him. I had to make a decision.

"I know. Jamie I am really sorry I don't want to mess me and you up. If there is a me and you." He pulled into the Super Wal-Mart Food Center laying his hand on my thigh.

"I want there to be a us." he said this time his eyes smiling.

"You do." he unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over.

"Yeah if you do." his hand moved to my cheek.

"I do." He leaned over and kissed me in the truck as we sat with the car running the air hitting my arm as he pulled me closer to him over the console. When we broke apart he got out and came around to open the door for me. As we walked I felt his hand find mine and intertwine our fingers. No one turned a head as we got our cart and started the journey of buying groceries and be us.

"" I felt Jamie grab me around my legs hoisting my up in his arms as I stood in the kitchen putting up the food.

"You know what I am going to miss you." He said hold me up in his arms.

"Miss me why." He sat me down on the counter and stepped in between my legs grabbing my knees.

"Cause I am leaving tomorrow for the Glen and won't be back until the Monday after Michigan."

"That just sucks." I ran my hands through he spiky hair as he stood there just watching me.

"You going to let me call you." he kissed me gently not opening his eyes as we broke apart and he asked me the question.

"I might answer it but I am not sure." I shrugged.

"Maybe I could convince you some more." We didn't move off the counter from our impromptu make out session until we heard Slash knock over the now melted ice cream. Jamie stayed until around 10. When we did say goodbye it was on the bases of my boyfriend was leaving.

"Jamie be safe."

"I will"

"When you get back you are watching the Golden Girls and Designing Women with me."

"Hahah Yeah Right." he laughed and crawled into his Durango.

"The perfect man for me will be the man that watches those shows with me."

"Well baby men aren't perfect." I stuck my head in his window and kissed him one last time and he was off. As I walking back in I felt a wave of nausea. I knew it was from that crap Jamie had gotten to eat that smelled weird and was way to spicy. I went straight to my bedroom, changed then crawled into bed.

"Ella" I heard someone yell and my door slam shut. I didn't even move I knew the voice.

"Fathead I don't feel good" I yelled back as I heard him get closer and then his head appeared from around the door frame.

"I can go if you want. I just thought instead of calling I would appear." he sat down on the side of my bed as I rolled over to give him room.

"You don't have to go I am just warning you I don't feel good."

"I will take my chances." He reached over me and grabbed the remote from beside me and start flipping the channels

"So what went on today." I asked in between and yawn and a stomach roll that made me almost turn green.

"Went to the shop, saw my sister, played some video games and now I am here. You"

"Um. Hung out with Jamie all day became his girlfriend ate something bad and now feel like throwing up or worse." His head snapped back at me when I said the word girlfriend from his channel surfing.

"You became his girlfriend. That is kinda of fast." his blue eyes burning holes in me.

"We have known each other for almost 2 months now and we do talk." He just turned back to the TV and mumbled whatever.

"It took me forever to convince him nothing was going on between us."

"Why did you have to do that."

"Cause of today ding dong."

'Oh when you were on top of me." he gave me that killer Earnhardt smile as he moved up and sat against my head board.

"Yeah we need to talk about that. Just it is cool for you to sleep here anytime just you know in the guest room. Cause it bothers Jamie you know along with it seeming like his girlfriend is in the bed with another man and for some strange reason we always end up in each others arms." I stared down at the blanket I was wrapped up in.

"Okay whatever." I watched Junior get comfortable and slide down in the bed his sock feet laying even with mine. So much for us not getting to close. I looked at him laying there in his shorts and a white t-shirt his hat hanging on the post of the bed.

"Fathead stop I want to watch this show." I saw he had landed on Lifetime. I was going to do a test to see what Junior would do.

"Golden Girls" he asked as I nodded

"Okay." he laid the remote down on the table beside him and turned off the light. For the next two hours he laid there and watched Golden Girls and Designing Women with me the whole time actually laughing.

"You cold." he asked as I slided the covers up closer around my neck as I got a chill.

"Yeah it is freezing."

"Ella you are getting sick do you have a thermometer."

"In the bathroom in one of the drawers." He got up. I heard the drawers in the bathroom slamming shut as he looked around quickly he was back taking my temperature.

"Open." I opened my mouth as he felt my head to see if it was warm. He his hand started to move down and bring up my shirt.

"I am seeing if your stomach is hot that is how mom always checked us." he stated before I could get my what are you doing out. I felt his cool hand slide up on my stomach sending shivers down but of a different kind.

"Yep you are sick." I watched him walk around the room then headed out to the kitchen when he came back he had a Diet Sprite in his hands.

"Here it will settle your stomach." I moved up to drink it when he pulled out a straw from his back pocket.

"You though of everything." He nodded and smiled.

"Someone has to take care of you. Um.. I can or I can call Jamie now." he knew what my answer would be that is why asked.

"Jamie isn't in town anymore he is not going to be back until the Monday after Michigan.,"

"So that means you want me." he was pushing the issue now and that smirk also told me he knew he was.

"Fathead..what am I going to do with you."

"You are going to scoot over so I can get comfortable." he slided back in the bed. Our attention turning back to the TV. I moaned as my stomach seemed to be rejecting the soothingness of the Diet Sprite. Junior heard me grumble. He turned on his side sliding up behind me. I felt his hand gently slide under my shirt and start rubbing my stomach. My mind told me to pull away and make him stop. But there was another feeling in my body that made me slide closer to him and close my eyes as I heard him laugh at the now cartoons he was watching were on the TV. I went to sleep with him gently rubbing my stomach and laying his head on my arm.

Junior's POV

I knew Ella was sound asleep when she didn't objected when I turned the TV to another cartoon. I was still rubbing her stomach. She rolled over towards me making my hand go higher. I knew she didn't have on anything on underneath the shirt as she moved and my hand when around to her back. My body started waking up to just the touch of her. I knew this was going to be bad if I didn't move or stop touching her. I gently slide my hand off her body. She just turned over the other way snuggling into a pillow. I got out bed quietly and covered her back up. I looked back at her then headed down the hall leaving her door open and mine as I got to the guest room and got undressed. All I could do was lay in that bed thinking about Ella and now the fact she is Jamie's when she should be mine.

Chapter 27

Junior's POV

I woke up to the sun in my eyes when I rolled over it was around 10. I got out of bed and slide on my shorts when my I went to walk out of the room Slash was laying in the front of the door. I bent down and rubbed his head on my way to see how Ella was doing. When I walked in she rolled over her hair all messed up and her eyes still sleepy.

"Morning." her voice was still soft and light as she tried to wake up. Soon stretching before moving to sit on the side of the bed.

"You feel better." I asked from the door as she got up out of bed stretching again the shirt she had on riding up.

"Yeah..I am thirsty though. I had some weird dreams to." She stopped right in front of me looking at me then laughing.

"What." I asked pulling down the rest of her messed up pony tail her soft hair falling on my hand.

"You don't have Austin Power chest hair." her blue eyes awake now.

"Um..okay where did that come from." At least I knew she was checking me out even if she was with Jamie.

"I have a friend that proclaims you have Austin Power chest hair but I have always defended you.Plus she is a Kahne fan even though he looks like Thomas Jefferson."

"You are a trip." I had to shake my head things that came out of Ella's mouth at times killed me but made me actually start to want her more.

"Well she did" She just looked at me and smiled and got down two bowls and filled them with cereal handing me one.

"What if I don't want cereal." she turned around and poured the milk in my bowl.

"Eat it and shut up. You need to get some meat on your bones." she came up behind me and touched my ribs then walked over to the couch and sat down.

"So what do you have to do today." I asked in between bites of Fruit Loops.

"Alot of stuff. I need to find a good bank, get a license,tags. Get some prescriptions filled. Things like that."

"You need help." I wanted her to say she needed help. I had already made sure I had the day off and didn't fly out until late tonight.

"Well I was going to persuade my best friend to come with me but he might have to work." she said looking at me giving me the best puppy dog look.

"Have you ask your best friend yet." we would always play the third person game.

"Not yet. Best friend will you come with me today if you can and help me learn the Dirty Mo."

"Good thing I like you so much."

"Why is that." she laid her bowl on top of mine as she stood there waiting for my answer.

"Cause my schedule is cleared until late tonight so I am yours all day."

"Good..Let me go change and we can go. Wait what about you what are you going to wear. " She asked back after heading to her bedroom.

"What I have on but with a shirt on." she just looked at me a scrunched up her nose.

"What Ella it is clean I mean hell smell me." she just shook her head and laughed and kept walking. I went to the guest room and got my shirt, flips flops and watch I had yesterday. Ella met me in the hallway as she walked out of her bedroom. She had on a football t-shirt and a pair of destroyed jeans that had holes in the legs and one nice one in the butt she had it patched though.

"Earnhardt are you looking at my butt." she turned around and caught my eyes.

"No." "Yeah, Yeah whatever. Ella you driving." I asked her as she walked into the garage and opened the door to her Tahoe.

"Yeah. You still going."

"Just don't kill me. Female drivers." I crawled in the passenger side as she got tossing her purse over into my lap.

"What is in here rocks."

"Yeah big ones. So how do I get to the courthouse."

"Just drive on and I will tell you." she nodded and turned on the radio as we drove. When we got to the courthouse I walked in with her and waited in the lobby as she got her tags and new license which took close to 2 hours. I had laid my head back against the wall and was asleep when I felt a hand on my thigh.

"You ready." I jumped up causing her to laugh making her sunglasses fall off her head.

"Yeah, you get everything squared away. "

"Yep, Here." she handed me the keys as we walked down the steps.

"You want me to drive."

"Yeah I want to look around. Just take me to whatever bank you do business with." She handed me her stickers to help put on the windshield. When we got to the bank I took her back to the lady that does all the banking for JR Motorsports and me and Kelley personally. She had Ella set up in no time.

"Ms. Gray what checks would you like." Ella smiled and looked at me.

"The Dale Earnhardt Jr ones." she said. Ms. Jones just laughed and ordered them then handed her her start up checks. On the way out she grabbed on to me bicep as we stepped down the curb.

"Fathead you ready to go get cause my fruit loops have ran out."

"Yeah. I know a good place." We both got into the Tahoe and where headed off. She just looked at me as we pulled into Blimpie's.

"Blimpie's." she gave that your shitting me look.

"Well you just wait and no Blimpie's is not the good place it is just where we are getting food stubborn." I had to laugh at her look.

"Me... stubborn oh back up with that you are the stubborn hardheaded on." She proclaimed as we met at the back of her car to walk in her holding on to my arm again.

"Ella Gray back up you are just as bad if not worse then me." I opened the door for her as she hip shooted me walking in. I pulled her pony tail back as she stood beside me.

"Psssh...Yeah ri..." she was leaned up against my side reading the menu board as we bickered.

"Excuse me what can I get for you and your girlfriend." with both just stopped and looked at each other then the teenage behind the counter. I didn't know what to say neither did Ella or so I thought.

"I wanted the classic club on wheat with those baked chips right there and a diet coke." I just looked at her as she ordered. She looked back at me and shrugged.


"Same thing just on white with normal chips and a coke."

"Same thing Junior that is a totally different order." she told me as she was about to pay.

"No its not and put your money away. I am buying."

"You don't have to."

"I want to. I mean what kind of boyfriend would I be." she busted out laughing as I paid for her. The young girl working smiling at us both.

"You to both make such a cute couple." That caused me to start laughing as Ella tried to pull herself together.

"Thank You" we both said at the same time causing us both to laugh harder.

"That was odd. I don't know where she got us dating or being together. It was weird and funny.But I don't think I will tell Jamie I don't think he would find it funny."

"Yeah it was. So you ready for the great place I was telling you about. Don't eat either that is part of the great place."

"Okay." she laid down the chip bag she was about to open and started drumming her fingers on the arm rest as we drove. Soon I was pulling into a local park on Lake Norman. I didn't really think of the meaning of the place I was driving us to until I pulled in and saw the lone picnic table that was none for the lovers spot cause of the table being secluded and out on a point in the lake almost at night you could only see stars for miles. Ella got out and met me at the front of the car holding the food bag.

"This is really pretty. I bet it is spectacular at night." she said as we walked or feet crunching the falling pine needles.

"It is. This is where all the lovers come you know everyone town has its spot so."

"So you have been here with a girl before at night." she asked as we sat down across from each other on the picnic table.

"I have been out here by myself at night. I never had a girl special enough to bring out here." We ate and talked like we always do. We could talk for hours and still have things to say to each other. I looked at Ella as she talked and smiled. The sun starting to hide behind the clouds making her take her sunglasses off, When I saw her blue eyes I melted right then and there. Today they were a deep blue. I had been around her enough I could tell you what color blue her eyes would be with what color shirt she had on. None of the boys knew about that yet. But I was going to have to tell someone before I busted.

"Can we walk around." Ella stood as she asked turning to look at the lake.

"Yeah." I threw away our trash and we started to head off. As we walked we were silent. I was enjoying just have her with me. I heard her gasp out and pull me to a stop.

"June look at that tree we have to put our initials on there and be all highschoolerish. Give me your knife." I reached in my pocket and handed her my swiss army knife as she went over to find a spot.

"Right here good." she asked over her shoulder at me.

"Yeah.. What are you going to write."

"You will see. Just wait." I sat down on the ground beside her feet as she carved up the tree.

"Okay look" she stepped back admiring her work. I stood up behind her laying my hands on her shoulder.

"RDEJ -n- EGG" our initials where the only ones with out the classic heart around them.

"You initials spell EGG" I couldn't help but laugh.

"Shut Up Junior." she said hitting me in the chest.

"Sorry. What is your middle name. You have never told me."

"Grace." she said as we kept walking we started to hear music as we got closer to a pavilion. Ella Grace Gray. I repeated that over in my head as we walked. When we got closer to the pavilion I noticed it was a Latin party. Ella looked at me with a grin.

"Let's go over there."

"What.. no." She was crazy. But a sexy crazy.

"Aw Come on Junior live a little I highly doubt they will recognize you." she stood smiling at me again knowing it was my weakness.

"" she got my hand and drug me over there. When we got to the pavilion everyone looked up then started welcoming us in. All of them talking in Spanish. I stood there not understanding a thing. But Ella was quickly conversing with them as they handed us drinks. The music started up again.

"Come on lets balimos." I looked at her she knew fully well I had no idea what she had just said. Until she had me out where the people dancing where.

"I told you I don't dance." the Latin beat had infected her.

"June just follow my lead. This dancing is easy. Just move to the beat."

"Ella I can't dance."

"Yes you can if you can drive a car 200 mph you can dance to the Los Lonely Boys now come on." she grabbed my hands putting on on her hip and the other in her hand.

"Now when I walk up you walk back. Got me." I just nodded this people where going to make fun of me in a different language. We moved to the beat actually not stepping on each other.

"Good now move a little more with the beat."

"Move what with the beat." I asked as I was watching my feet and hers.

"These.Your hips." she moved her hands to my hips then lower back.

"My hips don't move unless. Well in adult situations are the only time my hips move." That cause her to laugh and through her head back. That is when there was a flash. Ella had asked someone to get some pictures from the camera in her purse.

"Just hold on to me then and move like we were. Just add some turns." I nodded as she started moving her hips more and holding on to me making me pull her closer. We had gotten into a rhythm together. I was actually enjoying myself as I turned her around. She was laughing and smiling the whole time. As the song started to end I dipped her back mocking what the couples beside us did. She was caught of guard and grabbed on to my arm as I brought her back up. On the last note she laid her forehead against mine.

"You did good. I am very impressed."

"Haha. People were looking at me."

"Cause you are a hot tamale" she said looking up in my eyes.

"Nope I think that is you." those words had just came out of mouth. Ella looking at me then nodding for us to get off the dance floor as another song began. I definitely didn;t want to be out there and act like the salsa king. I watched as Ella got her purse and camera and met back up with me.

"You ready my little hot tamale." she grabbed my cheek. It made me blush. Ella noticing right off the bat.

"Aw you are blushing to cute. You really did good out there dancing I think you might have let your hips move toward the end."

"Okay where to next." I had to change the subject.

"I definitely want to get this pictures developed and I need the prescriptions filled. So I guess the drug store." I drove back into town the whole time Ella humming the beat of the song we had danced to as she looked out the passing window. When we go to the drug store she headed into Movie Gallery to get a membership and I headed in dropping off the pictures and her prescriptions. I wonder what she was getting. I knew it was wrong but I gave into temptation and looked at her prescript ons. For some strange reason I was relieved to see one was Allegra and the other was a acne medication. Neither were birth control for some reason that made me happy. I was looking at magazines when Ella came up behind me.

"Pictures will be done in a hour." I told her as she stood behind me looking over my shoulder.

"Awesome so what do we do for a hour."

"Read." I tossed her a magazine. After a hour passed we both got up off the floor from leaning back on each other and got her pictures. She bought a picture frame to put them in and talked me into buying one also. When we pulled in her drive way it was around 6 we had spent all day together and I loved every minute of it.

"Junior come look at this pictures." I sat down beside her as she opened the package.

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