Chapters 11 - 15

Chapter 11

My mind was still trying to process what Junior asked me before we parted ways. His race sucked, that was for sure. I felt a bond with his crew much like I did with Kevin and Michael back when I met them with the team. It was a family atmosphere. The whole crew gave me a nice send off at the airport. Delana and Shana are planning to come down and stay in Atlanta on the next off-weekend so all of us girls can go shopping. I pulled in the driveway at home. Curt's truck parked under the basketball hoop we had just bought together. I noticed my clock, it was 8. I had made good time leaving the track at 5 and getting home 3 hours later. I was tired, but more I just wanted to be in the arms of someone. Sleeping alone was starting not to be fun that could be why I stole Junior's hand in the middle of the night. I walked in. My heels hitting the kitchen floor. I left all my bags in the car. I saw Slash come running from the living room Curt soon following him throwing away a coke can. He looked so cute in his American eagle shorts and white T-shirt. I knew he probably took his polo shirt off and had it laying somewhere. As soon as that thought was over I noticed his blue polo shirt hanging on the banister.

"Hey baby" his strong arms wrapped around me lifting me in the air making me look down at him. My hair fell around both of us as I stared into his eyes.

"I missed you so much" I need to know if what we had was real. He sat me back down reaching over me and hitting the button for the garage to go down and kicking the door closed. Still holding me close to his chest. The scent of his cologne filled my senses. I knew the smell though. Then it hit me Junior wore the same cologne. He leaned down catching my lips and me both off guard. As we kissed I felt his hands run up and down my back then stopping gently massaging my lower back as we broke apart.

"I love you Ella." When he said that the look in his eyes made almost all the doubt leave my mind.

"Show me" his blue eyes perked up and a smiled came across his face as I moved heading to the stairs holding my hand out to him. When he laid his hand in mine the spark were still there that were there so many years ago. I felt his hands on my hips as he lifted me into his arms and carried me up the steps into my bedroom. We left all the lights off as he sat me down at the foot of the bed. Our eyes never losing there connection with the other.

"El baby you sure cause I want..." I laid my finger over his soft lips.

"I want you to show me how much you love me. I am positive I want this." I ran my hands under his white shirt taking the hem up then sliding the shirt off over his head. I looked at how different his body was now from back when we were both 18. He had gotten buffed out and more of a happy trail. His fair skin still shinning bright as ever. He was like I had remembered and dreamed. He gently ran his hand up my arm covered by the long sleeved shirt I had. I watched his fingers go to the buttons and start undoing them. It was so silent it was almost eerie silence. As he got all the button's undone he slide the shirt off my shoulders gently kissing my neck and laying us back on the bed.

"Damn baby you are pretty." He whispered as his mouth was by my ear and his hand skimmed down my stomach to the top of the pants I was wearing. I felt his hands trail up and down my stomach playing with the waist of my pants gently popping the button open and letting them fall open. He got his little smirk that made me melt. I pulled his face from my neck back to my mouth the little hair he had on his chin tickling me as our kiss heated up even more. I slide my tongue in his mouth tasting his own taste. This was moving fast but slow at the same time. I kept telling myself this is going to show me how much he loves me.

I watched him as he moved down the bed still in his shorts. His biceps rippling as he ran his hands down both of my legs. He raised my pants leg up and caressed my thigh as he locked eyes with me. He then unzipped the sides of my boots and let them fall hitting the carpet. He just stood there watching me lay. His eyes were full of need. I slide down to the end of the bed where he was standing. My legs wrapping around his as he reached down and unclasped my bra. My fingers went to his shorts unbuttoning them. I watched them fall to the floor and pooling at his bare feet. The cold air of the fan over the bed hit my newly exposed skin. He reached out for me causing me to grab his hand and pull him back down on the bed. His hand went to his normal place cupping my breast as he kissed down my neck and across my collar bone the back of up to my mouth. His kisses and hands were almost torturing me as they played across my body not staying in one place. Soon the only clothing left that was blocking us where gone as I wrapped my legs around his waist as he leaned down.

"Baby you ready?" His voice full. I reached up and laced my hands in his hair as he bent down for a kiss gently sliding into me as he tongue did into my mouth.

"Um mm" I lifted up as the new sensations of him being in me went through my veins.

"You okay?" His hand caressed my face as he held himself in me not moving.

"There has been no one but you since the first time No one" I stuttered as he nodded and started moving in and out. My hands grabbing on to his back. The first time and our last time we both were the others first. We knew nothing how to make the other squirm but now I could barely concentrate. Our hips started meeting each others as the pace and the need increased. My fingers where in his hair as he kissed all over my chest. Making his tongue and thrust match up. My release was coming soon.

"I am almost..." My back arched as he went deep into me pulling me almost up with him as he thrust back in."

"Come on baby show me you like this" I knew he was close because his breathing was coming harder and harder. Both our release happened at the same time. I dug my fingers deep in his back as I rode my high. Our moans feeling the room that was silent. His eyes were locked on mine as I came down from my high. His lips waiting to take mine again as we kissed it felt right to be together.

"Ella Damn baby" he breathed as he pulled out of me and laid down his back. I snuggled into his arms kissing his chest as he breath came back. I laid there watching him as he ran his hand through my hair and he held my close dropping light kisses on me. The scary thing was I knew I could never tell him I loved him or maybe just not yet.

I woke up the next morning the alarm clock going off blasting my favorite country radio station. Normally Curt would hit it off for me, because it was on his side. I went to snuggle back into him finding the bed empty. My mind flashed backed to our first time together I woke up alone then too. I crawled out of my bed taking the sheet with me as I walked to the bathroom. My muscles aching as I moved. When I saw myself in the mirror it was almost of disgust of myself. I couldn't tell him I loved him. I had just shared something again with him I promised I would never do unless I truly loved someone and now that I thought it would make me truly love him, it didn't. I got ready for work and headed down stairs. I walked in the kitchen when I saw Curt already dressed his head in the fridge. I walked up behind wrapping my arms around his waist. He turned and kissed my temple then went right back to what he was doing. This wasn't supposed to happen. He was supposed to turn around and take me in his arms. Do like he had always promised. Hold me until we both wake up then love me all the rest of the day.

"Curt baby where were you this morning? I wanted to wake up in your arms." I asked him as I made a bowl of instant grits. He just shrugged his shoulders. For so long he wanted us to sleep together and when we finally did he was acting like this. I was more confused then ever.

"El I am heading out to work. I won't be home tonight I need to stay late and do some things." He kissed me fast on the lips and was out the door. I just stood there tears entering my eyes. If he planned on never hurting me his actions right now where hurting me more than any words he could have said. I locked up the doors of the house and headed to Atlanta.

Chapter 12

"Come on Junior, Come on" I was standing in the middle of my living room screaming at the big screen TV. All the guys beside me yelling too. I watched as Junior passed two cars showing a vintage Earnhardt move.

"Damn Drew why isn't he getting up there?" I held on to Drew's shoulder shaking him. Kristi was on the other side nearly jumping on his back. I watched as the laps kept going down I had my Nextel in my hand already with Junior's code on speed dial. All I had to do was hit the 8 and it would connected to him. I glance around the room smiling. Jamie had come in-town from Florida and was staying with me at the house. Dana and Kristi were also staying with me, it was just like high school again. Jonathan, Drew, Kevin and Tyler where all sitting there yelling half drunk. The only person who was not into cheering on Junior was Curt. I wasn't shocked at all, but he wasn't going to bring down this night with our friends. He also decided that he wasn't going to stay at the house while all the girls were there. I never got a reason I just went with it.

"Aw man I hate Kurt Busch the little elf" I sat back on the couch causing Kevin and Jonathan to moan as I sat on one of each of there legs. Kristi tossed me a Sky Blue as I watched the post race interviews. I had to smile when Junior came on. He looked a little disappointed. All of us got quite except for Curt.

"What an idiot, he'll never be like his dad, he's just living off his name" I heard everyone suck in a breathe as I shot my head over and looked at him. The line of tolerance with him was just shattered.

"You Ass" I slapped him on the back of the head as I headed out side. I saw the rest of my friends head down stairs to play some pool in my basement. The girls all giving me looks of "do you need us?" I just shook my head and went out side pulling down one of the guys tailgates. I watched as Slash struggled to jump up beside me. When he did he whimpered and laid his head across my lap. I glanced at the timer on my phone. I wanted to call Junior but I didn't want to disturb him. I had all my friends with me wanting to reach out but he was the one I friend I need right then.

"Hey Ella" he answered with his mouth full I could hear horns honking behind him.

"How did you know it was me?" Slash was licking my leg causing me to laugh as I waited for his answer.

"Caller Id...You better not be fooling around with your boy while you are talking to me."

"I can promise you I am not. Slash is licking my leg." My anger coming through my tone.

"Woo Trouble in paradise." He said laughing and opening up something cause the wrapper was making a ton of noise.

"Yeah you could say that. Junior what are you doing?" With a huge burp he answered me.

"Drinking and eating chips." He let another burp go I could hear Josh laughing.

"Nice burp.. I give it a 4" I tossed my bottle into the bed of Curt's truck hoping it would cause ants to get all over it.

"Ella that so was a 7" We both started cracking up.

"So what are you doing?" he asked

"Sitting outside on one of the guys trucks drinking" I laughed to myself.

"Curt there?"

"His truck is." I knew he would keep asking until I told him.

"You going to tell me what's up? Or we just going to walk around the subject and you listen to me burp and rate it?"

"He is just being an ass. It is because we are all drinking and he gets this way. Plus since all the girls are staying at the house he won't stay for some dumb reason or another. So when he gets lonely tonight I am going to tell him he can cuddle with himself."

"Harsh Ella Harsh" I heard him laugh.

"Yeah, well, that is why God gave you guys hands"

"Dude you butt crack you made me spill my drink. Now my pants are wet."

"It is not like that is the first time you're messing up your pants." After saying that a smile came across my face thinking about all the embarrassing stories he had told me.

"When did it come assault Junior time?"

"When I ran out of my drink" I walked back into the house as he continued to talk and tell me details of the race and how the car reacted. I had learned aloft from him teaching me things not many people would take time to. He promised the next race I would go to he would show me what he taught me and what it was on the car. In mid sentence I felt the phone get grabbed out my hand. I looked back at Drew as he started talking to Junior. Soon the phone was passed all the way around the room and an hour later it was back in my hands with a laughing Junior.

"Your friends are so damn drunk." He said laughing.

"Yeah I know. Well, bud I am going to let you so you can celebrate."

"Okay I will call you tomorrow El"

"Okay Don't get into to much trouble."

"I will try not to."

After I hung up with Junior I headed back upstairs to get more drinks when Curt stopped me at the top of the basement stairs.

"Have fun talking to your boyfriend?"

"Yeah a blast he is a really great guy." I looked dead at him and smiled as I walked passed him. Drew coming up and stepping between him as he went to grab me.

"Don't man don't" The rest of the night became a blur as we drank more and more soon we were all singing and butchering every Hank Williams Jr. song we could. Junior and his buddies radioed us back and forth as they partied too. I lost site of Curt during the night. I really didn't care at that point.

The next morning came way to early. I was sound asleep on the basement couch with Kevin's long 6'6 frame asleep on my stomach and Jamie cuddled up on me like I was her own body pillow. I heard some people upstairs moving around. When I got my body free I headed up there finding the rest of the bunch sitting around staring at the coffee pot hoping it would brew faster. The Tylenol bottle already opened and being passed around. I heard the back door slap when I saw Curt come walking in. He had passed out outside on the lounge chair and none of us really caring to help him in. He walked by me and kissed me on the lips fast then headed up stairs. The shower started minutes later. I was to hung over to worry about what game he was playing now.

July 11th.

I had the race going as I packed up my large suitcase. The Falcons were doing a special camp and pre-game in Mexico which called for all of the people associated with them. Also Keith and Michael had several appearance down there which meant we would be gone for a week. I heard Curt come in. Soon he was walking in the bedroom.

"You do my laundry?" He asked. There was no "hello", "I missed you", no hug, no kiss.

"What laundry? There wasn't any in the basket, so no. I have been getting things ready for the trip to Mexico." I told him as I folded up one of my shirts.

"Damn Ella I need to wear that shirt today thanks." he said holding up a balled up piece of cotton.

"You know the rule. If it isn't in the basket it doesn't get done. I am not your mama." I felt his hands on my shoulders as he turned me around.

"You know when you are like this you are sexy?" He kissed me hard on the lips. I could taste the tobacco in his mouth. I knew he had just dipped.

"So you are going to love on me now that I am leaving for a week?" I turned back around to start packing again. This time he end up laying across the bed and taking the shirt in my hand and putting it behind him.

"I will miss you." He gave me his best puppy dog eyes that made me melt and he knew what they did.

"I might miss your mean ass. I don't know though."

"I bet you will miss Junior. You will miss him but not your own boyfriend." Yep there was his mood swing coming.

"Yeah I probably will miss Junior since I get to talk to him EVERYDAY unlike the boyfriend I have." I told him causing him to look down at the bed.

"What time do you have to catch your flight?"

"I have to be in Atlanta by 4am." I told him as I finished up folding everything and sliding it in my suitcase.

"So what are you going to do, for what the next 12 hours?" He asked pulling me down beside him.

"Well, I was going to watch the end of the race. Then head on up to Atlanta and work in the office until I have to be at the airport." I snuggled into his arms. For a while in along time we were in the bed at the same time. He had been coming home late every night after I got in bed and leaving out early every morning when I asked him about it he just told me he was working hard because of all the sports going on and the Dixie Youth World Series coming in. I wanted to believe him so bad, but instincts told me to protect myself.

I stayed wrapped in Curt's arms until it got around 11 then I headed out to Atlanta. Our good-bye was long. On the ride to Atlanta Junior called me and we talked the whole way to Atlanta. He didn't want to let me off the phone, until he knew I was safe in the office building. He always worried about me driving into the "big city" as he called it, at night and going into a building alone. When I got into my office we ended our phone call. Something definitely was going to be different with my life when I got back. I now know my answer to the question Junior asked me.

Chapter 13

"I have never been as tired as I am now" I mumbled as the team all unload at the terminal in Hartsfeild-Jackson.

"You going to be okay to drive home" Keith asked me as he carried my carry on out to the waiting area where the team was all standing aroun waiting for the last bit of information on the procedure for going home. It was almost like we were back in school and having to get permission to leave.

"Yeah I will be fine. Junior said he was going to call and make sure I stayed awake." I laughed thinking of the randomn messages he left on my phone while I was in Mexico. I wasn't able to check then until we got back into the states.

"So Ella are you sure about this decision you made." I had talked to Micheal and Keith about the question Junior asked me back at Michigan. They both agreed I would be stupid if I didn't say yes.

"I am positive guys. You know I wouldn't do anything if I didn't have a good feeling about." They both nodded as we finally got dismissed and headed to baggage claim. I finally got to my Tahoe loading up with my luggage and headed home. All I wanted was my own bed and shower. The place where we stayed at was like a camp ground with really low class cabins. But we made the best out if and it was a trip never to forget and the pictures from it where going to be great blackmail. I had just pulled out on to 85 South when my phone rang. I knew excatly who it was.

"Dale Earnhardt Jr. you better have missed you best bud." I said smiling hearing his infectous laugh fill the ear peice.

"Nah I didn't miss her one bit." he said in a serious tone.

"Liar. I know you did. Well you better have."

"I did.. I missed you Ugly. It wasn't a nomral Sunday without you calling after the Vette Race to tell me I still was awesome."

"You have such a big head." I listened and laughed as he told me about the weeks events and him being a dork and not understanding half of what the other drivers were telling him during meetings cause of there accents.

We ended our phone call when I pulled into my neighborhood. I told him I would call him back later on after me and Curt had some time together. As I pulled into my driveway I noticed Curt's truck and then another car. I didn't know anyone that drove a white honda civic. There was strange nawing feeling at the pit of my stomach when I glanced at my watch and noticed I was 3 hours earlier back home then planned. Something else was off Slash was outside sound asleep against the door. He never was outside when Curt was home unless he was barking extremley to much. I sat my bag down in the kitchen. The house was dark and all the lights were off. I noticed something though there was a jacket and purse sitting on my coffee table. I got all my strength up as I climbed the stairs to my room. Walking down the hall I knew I was going to find something I didn't want to see I knew it and that scared me the most. I got to my door to find it cracked open. I gently pushed it opened with my foot.

"Get Out" tears automatically came to my eyes as the words left my mouth. Here was my boyfriend with some other girl in my bed going at it like rabbits.

"Baby.. I can.." I held up my hand to him. Stopping the line of crap he was about to say.

"I said get out" I pointed to the girl as she grabbed up my sheet and wrapped it around her. She slowly got up acting all modest.

"I suggest you leave my sheet back on my bed and get your clothes. There is no need for you acting all modest I just saw you screwin my boyfriend." I tossed her clothes to her as I walked out of the room heading down stairs. Soon she came running down the steps. That is when I fully saw her face. I knew exactly who she was and that made the pain come so much harder. I watched as she pulled out of the driveway sending dust up.

"Ella I can explain." I turned around to find Curt walking down the steps in his a pair of basketball shorts. He had several marks on his chest and shoulders along with a faded hickey on his neck I knew I never gave him.

"No Curt your not going to explain. Cause I don't want to hear you shit. You cheating on me wouldn't hurt so bad if it wasn't with her." I was pacing across my living room. I hurt. More because I believed the lines he had told me.

"Baby." He touched my arm turning me to face him.

"I was going to tell you I loved you. Do you hear that. I was finally going to tell you that. I gave myself to you. Do you even understand that. The night I came back from Michigan and we were together. I didn't classify that as sex to me that us making love and of all the things I have to see you do I see you doing the same thing with another girl after you told me I was your only one." I felt the hot tears run down my face as he just looked at me. I jerked my arm out of his grasp.

"Get out. I want you gone." I walked to the door.

"You don't mean that. You know we can work this out baby come on. I love you and now you love me to."

"No I can't love you. I thought you were the one I love but..."

"But..what.. But what Ella."

"Maybe you aren't the one I love." there I had said

"Oh yeah and who would the one you love be. Junior. Oh yeah that would be him. New Flash Ella he isn't going to ever love you back." He was now getting anger.

"News Flash Curt neither did you or you wouldn't have been screwing Dawn behind my back. How long have you and her been doing this. How long" I screamed at him.

"Answer me Damn it." I had to know I need to know.

"Since May and it has been damn good since I wasn't getting any from you." My hand went hard across his face as the last words left his mouth.

"You bastard" I screamed at him knowing full well the neighbors probably heard it. That is when I saw his fist come up and land against my face.

"Never lay a hand on me woman." I feel back against the door. The ring he wore causing a cut to form and blood trickle down landing on my hand. I just looked at him as he watched me.

"You hit me. You just hit me." I looked at him stunned and shocked. I didn't know what to do.

"Baby.. I swear I didn't mean..."

"Stop don't ever touch me again." I pulled back and went to the door.

"I want you out of my house and out of my life by the time I get back intown if I ever get back. If you aren't gone by Wednesday I will have you arrested for tresspassing." I grabbed my keys and my bag still not unpacked and got in my car. I pulled out of the driveway. I had to leave this town I had to get away from everything. I placed a call to my mom and told her to look in on my house and make sure Curt left. I didn't tell her what had happened just that Curt needed to be out of the house. Being a mother she knew something was wrong but didn't press the issue. She knew exactly where I was going and knew it was exactly where I needed to be.

I pulled back into the airport after only leaving 2 short hours ago. I got my ticket and bags checked back as I waited to be called I grabbed my cell phone.

"El what is up." I could tell he was probably taking a nap.

"Junior. I was wondering if I could come up. I have made my decision and I am ready to get everything going on it." I hid all the emotion in my voice and made sure he didn't pick up anything wrong.

"Dude awesome! Yeah you know you can come up here with me." the excitement in his voice made me almost smile.

"Can you pick me up at the airport my flight lands at 10:50.

"I will be there. Hey you sure everything is okay."

"Yeah June. I am just ready to be in North Carolina."

"See you in a couple hours fathead be safe." when we hung up I looked down at my shirt sleeve the white part of my shirt no covered by my business suit jacket had a blood stain on it. I slided on a pair of sunglasses to cover up my eye as I boarded the plane. All I wanted was to be with Junior and feel safe. Ella's suit in Black

Chapter 14

Junior's POV

As I waited for Ella to walk off her plane I kept thinking about her phone call there was something off in her voice. I saw her start to walk off her head down all she had with her was her purse. Normally Ella was so put together but right now her suit was all wrinkled and unbuttoned showing her white dress shirt against the black. When her head came up I saw that she had her sunglasses on I knew something was up.

"Ella over here" I semi yelled at her. She nodded and headed my way. When she got over to me she was defiantly different instead of a warm hug she just stood there her head hanging down when she looked up at me it made my heart almost jump out of my chest. There were some stray tears coming out from under the dark tint of her glasses. I reached up to whip one away when she winced and pulled back as my hand touched her cheek. God help Curt if he laid a hand on her.

"Junior I need to get my bags." I reached up to touch the frame of her sunglasses as she caught my wrist.

"Don't" she shot venom as she answered and started walking to the baggage area at the airport. I followed her silently not knowing what to do or say. I knew which one was her bag and got it as she walked up to it. When I looked down I noticed the baggage ticket on it still from Mexico. Something big had to happen cause the times of the bag begining claimed where to close together. She was still silent as we walked to my truck but gently holding on to my upper arm as we stepped down the curb never moving her hand.That is when I noticed a little blood stain. As I started to piece things together the madder I got. When we got in the truck I had to know what had happened and what was going. As I drove I watched her struggle with her emotions. Her hands where wrenching back and forth and her jaw was set. As I pulled in the drive I finally got nerve to ask her.

"Ella look at me" she was staring out the window quickly wiping away the tears before I saw them off her face as we went over my bridge.

"Fathead come on." she said in a hoarse voice from obviously crying for awhile on and off.

"Ella I know you are crying look at me." I touched her leg making her pull away.

"I don't cry." she stated then it was like the dam broke and her tears and sniffles filled the truck. We came to a stop outside the garage. She got out of the truck and waited for me as we walked up to the back door together. Her tears easing a little as the light of the kitchen hit us as we stepped in.

"Aw what happened to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. no crying policy." She smiled slightly as I touched her chin turning her face towards mine. I wanted to grab her and hold her in my arms kiss away her pain. But I need to be a friend not what I really wanted to be.

"You hungry,thirsty anything." I stood with the fridge door open waiting for her response when I turned to find her petting a purring Buddy. She just shook her head and slide her jacket off laying it on the back of the kitchen chair as I walked past her grabbing some chips and pulled her with me into the living room. She smiled for the first time as she ran her hand across the 500 trophy.

"You were awesome that day."

"So she speaks again after what a hour." then it was silence again. I moved and sat down beside her on the couch.

"Ella come on and tell me what really is up." she sucked in a breath and looked at me sliding the glasses off.

"Curt and me got in a fight and I had to leave." The chips in my hand crumbled as I looked at her now nearly swollen shut eye that was turning black.

"Stay" I went in the kitchen and grabbed something out of the fridge not even looking at what it was long as it was cold. When I came back she let out a laugh.


"A Steak"

"Shut Up and put it on you eye and tell me why I am not going to kill that bastard."

"Junior please don't do anything. Please." She started to tear up again. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. She fell right in my arms as I rubbed her shoulder.

"Tell me what happened please." She looked up at me with the piece of meat on her eye and tears coming down in any other situation it would have been a hilarius sight but right now I knew someone in Georgia would be entering a hospital when I got done with him.

"I..I...came home and there was a girl and her and Curt they my.." she just cuddled deeper in my arms as the words came out in between hard sniffles.

"You came home and there was a girl there that was with him and they were yeah." She nodded then tried again with the rest.

"I told her to leave then he... We started fighting. I hit him first cause he told me he was cheating cause I wasn't giving him any then he..he.. did this." She was getting angery now. Which was a good sign a angery Ella was better than a crying one. I could handle a angery Ella.

"Ella I am going to kill his ass. I don't care that you hit him there is no way in hell he is getting away with hitting you. Do the guys know down there yet." she just shook her head.

"Please Junior don't. I don't care who you tell just don't get into it okay it is my drama. I shouldn't have came up here in the first place. I just ran I had to leave."

"At least you came running to me." the words meant more to me then she would ever know.

"Wait Ella Gray is that a smile I see coming." I started tickling her side causing her to start to giggle. The sound feeling up my living room causing me to laugh as she moved she ended up laying on my lap.

"Let me see the eye" She laid still and let me move the steak.

"Is it bad." I just gave her a face. As she winced when I touched it.

"Oww Fathead that hurts."

"Sorry. You need to keep cold stuff on it to make the swelling go down." She just nodded and leaned up.

"I need a shower I haven't showered since...well never mind I need to get Mexico off me."

"Let me show you your room. It is Martin's actually but yeah he has a girl so" I turned a looked at her nodding as we walked up the steps. I showed here where everything was as I headed to show her my room she stopped me.

"Um..Junior." I turned around leaning against my door.


"I don't have any clean clothes." she pointed to her suitcase at her door.

"You are like some orphan come on." she plopped down on my bed as I went and got her something.

"Here" I tossed her a pair of shorts from American Eagle my mom had bought me and a t-shirt.

"Thanks." She got up and headed in her room when I heard the door close. I grabbed my phone and called down to Georgia to Ella's guy friends. If I wasn't going to hurt Curt they where I would hurt him in my own time when me and the posse were in Dega sounded like a good time a little late but still the point would be made. I heard the water turn off as I was finishing talking to Drew. He assured me that Curt would know what he had done. They loved Ella as a sister even though he was there boy they were going to be sure to defend her. I was heading back downstairs when I heard her voice come from the open door.


"Yeah." I walked to the door frame looking at her standing there holding up my shorts around her waist and the t-shirt fitting loosely on her.

"Will you stay up here with me I don't want to be alone." she looked almost fragile as she asked me.

"Yeah let me fed the cats and I will be up."

"Thanks." I got everything turned off and fed. I changed into some pajama pants before heading back to the room. When I got there she was laid against the headboard just looking at the ceiling.

"What are you thinking about." She looked at me and patted the bed beside her. I laid down against the pillows beside her as she started talking.

"How stupid I was. I mean I honestly thought I was falling in love with him. You want to know something. I thought if I slept with him it would make me love him more but in the end me doing that hurt me so much more. Seeing him with her knowing it didn't mean a damn thing." she slide down so she was even with me as she talked. I just listened to her unloaded. After about a hour she yawned.

"What would I do with out you listening to me."

"Be on Dr.Phil" I looked over at her as she tried to not laugh then started laughing rolling closer to me.

"Haha you know Junior I never took you for the pj pants kind of dude. I always saw you as the boxers or nothing kind of guy." she leaned up and touched my leg and reached for the light on the side table hitting it off.

"Light hurting your eyes" She nodded and settled back down in the bed and pillows her hair brushing my outstretched arm.

"So Jun tell me something happy and funny like you always do." she yawn and pulled the covers up over us both. My hand gently played in her hair not enough for her to notice as I started talking.

Chapter 15

Junior's POV

For some reason the sun was in my eyes as I went to roll over a hand against my bare back beneath my shirt and then a body snuggled closer to me. I didn't think much into as I pulled them closer in my arms and moved the covers so they where over our heads until I felt a warm foot against my cold one. When I opened my eyes and pulled the covers back down.Ella was sound asleep in my arms. Her hand was the one on my back and her legs were wrapped up in mine along with my arms wrapped around her holding her close. I know I should wake her up but holding her and watching her sleep was the only logical thing I could think of. When I finally had to move and get up to the bathroom that is when she mumbled and my heart stopped as I crawled back in bed she went straight into my arms.

"love you junior " I just laid there in shock as she turned over and laid with her back to my chest. She twisted and turned until my arms went back around her. What the meaning of what she just told me was what I had to figure out.

Ella's POV

I woke up to my eye throbbing when I tried to open it I came face to face with a white t-shirt and someone's arms holding me close. When I moved a little I saw a sleeping Junior snuggled close to me. His long pale eyelashes hitting the top of his cheek. I watched him sleep for awhile knowing I shouldn't be enjoying being in my best friends arms like this but it felt right. It felt safe and feeling safe was what I wanted. I had to smile as he smiled in his sleep. It looked like he was having a happy dream cause his body was relaxed and pulling me closer to his. When he eyes fluttered I shut mine real fast I didn't want him to wake up to me watching him sleep. When I opened mine again his blue eyes where on mine.

"What are you doing." he asked yawing. I just laughed at him as his hair was sticking up and some of the curls where flying everywhere.

"My eye hurts." that is all the could come to my mind looking at him. I didn't want to tell him I was laying there smiling thinking about how adorable he looked sleeping. Junior and adorable those are two words I never thought I would associate.

"Then close it and go back to sleep." yep he wasn't a morning person. I attempted to read the clock but I could make much out so I just did what he said and rolled over to go back to sleep just to have his arm come over me as he turned and went to sleep on his stomach.

When I woke again the bed was empty. I guessed it was around lunch by how bright the sunlight in the room was. I headed downstairs. My face felt like I had a softball on the side of it I didn't even want to see myself in the mirror from fear of a heart attack or looking like something out of a scary movie. I heard voice as I walked down to the bottom of the steps. As soon as my bare feet hit this blob of fur jumped out causing me jump 8 feet in the air when my heart rate went to normal I heard someone doubled over in laughter.

"That is the funniest shit I have ever seen." Junior was standing in the doorway of his kitchen.

"You must not have looked in the mirror this morning then." he just shook his head and turned into the kitchen.

"I am going to head to the grocery store to get somethings to eat." I just yawned and nodded.

"Anything special you want" he slide on his hat and a pair of shoes.

"Nah..I think I am just going to take a shower and wash my clothes." I stood up pulling the pair of baggy shorts of his I was wearing up.

"Just go in my bedroom and get a shower then find something in my closet to wear so you can wash everything and those clothes of mine you have infected now." he grin and headed out the door leaving me and the cat the house to ourselves.

I shook my head as my feet hit the shaggy carpet in Junior's bedroom. I went to every door the room looking for towels until I finally found some. Buddy was behind me the whole time jumping up on the bench by the sinks and cuddling watching me get all my things together and lay them on the counter. Junior's closet connected to the bathroom. I stood in awe as all his shirts were color coordinated. I finally decided on one of his bud shirts and a pair of track pants that I could roll to make fit. I hit the radio on and stepped into the shower the warm water reminding me of how good it felt to be in Junior's arms. I had to end this thoughts I could set myself up to get hurt again.

Soon I was out of the shower with my bag spread open on the floor of the laundry room sorting out things before I started washing them. I ended up sitting on the floor going through everything. I had just slide in a load and started to fold what Junior had left wrinkled in the dryer. As I was folding I stop and leaned against the dryer as I listened to the radio play the words "live like you were dying" sticking in my head as I was broken from my thoughts by someone knocking on the door frame.

"Earth to UG" Junior was standing there watching me daydream.


"You okay" he asked walking up behind me and grabbing some of his clothes and folding some.

"I was just zoned out thinking."

"Well I got food"

"Good cause I am hungry." He threw the shirt he had in his hand and pulled me to follow him into the kitchen. As we unloaded the groceries we didn't talk.

"Junior thank you." he turned around from loading something into the fridge.

"For what" I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a strong hug.

"Everything." I felt his arms go around me and pulling me close.

"You know you always have me right. I don't care what time it is or what I am doing if you need me you come and get me." He told me looking deep in my eyes. I saw the honesty in his.

"I know..Um Junior."


"You stink." I pulled out of his arms and held my nose shut.

"It is called sweat cause it is hot as hell outside and grocery bags are heavy plus. I am guy it is called being a man scent." his face trying to be convincing.

"Yeah is called you haven't taken a shower in a couple days."

"Just one day and I am going now there."

"Good you smell so bad you cat is staying away." I pointed over to Buddy who was just laying there meowing for food. He took his hat and threw it on my head on the way out going up to get his shower. I looked around the kitchen the least I could do was make dinner for us. I turned the radio on louder and start to make a decision on what to cook.

Junior's POV

My shower smelled like Ella. Her shampoo and body wash were next to mine. There was no way of escaping her she was everywhere around me and in my thoughts. I finally got out of the shower after trying to clear my mine. I went looking for my favorite track pants to wear and couldn't find them so I just grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shit as I headed back downstairs. I had just slide my shirt on when I came around the corner and saw Ella with her back toward me. I finally noticed how pretty she was standing there the hat I threw on her head now backwards her long brown hair still alittle damp and curly coming out of from under. She was wearing one of my bud-shirts and my pants I was looking for the bottoms tucked under her bare feet. She was so concentrated on reading the back of a box she never noticed me staring at her.

"Having problems" I touched her shoulder as I reached to get the box.

"Junior you are always scaring me" she said laughing. Her laughter filling the air.

"Well..." I noticed she had dishes in the sink and something that was filling my kitchen with smells in the oven. She grabbed the box back out of my hand

"I can't find how long to cook this rice." she bit her lip as she looked again then handing it back to me.

"Make yourself useful while I finish up. Hey where are your bowls." she asked her hands on her hips as she looked at me with her head sideways.

"The cabinet over your head." I pointed as I moved around starting the rice to boil. She started making salads beside me as I watched her she stopped.

"See something interesting."

"Ella did I tell you I am glad you took me up on the offer." she gave me a half smile as she started to cut some tomato's

"You like tomato's right."

"Not really." she just slide all of them on to her salad. She had a little bowl beside ours.

"What is with this bowl." I pointed and grabbed a piece of chicken from it.

"For you cat. Like he needs it.

"Are you saying my cat is fat."

"Uh Yeah he rolls Junior." she pulled out the dish from my oven and grabbed a plate. I moved out of her way to wait and make mine and decided to sit down at the table. She brought the plate over and sat it down in front of me.

"You didn't have to make my plate." I looked at the plate made with all the major food groups met.

"I am so use to making Cur...Well anyway taste it and see if you like it." She slide some tea in front of me and a salad bowl.

"What is in it." my fork was loaded down with something with chicken in it.

"Just eat it."

"Damn that is good what is in it."

"It is hot chicken salad. Family recipe if I told you I would have to kill you."

We sat and ate dinner together. Buddy enjoying his little bowl that Ella made him. Soon we ended up both on the couch watching Leno and throwing stuff back a forth at each other. She was stretched across laying with her feet against my leg not wanting to put them in my lap. I noticed her resting her hand over her eye.

"Your eye still hurting."

"Yeah." I got up from the couch and grabbed a box of camoline.

"Junior what is that and why are you walking near me with it." she asked raising up.

"Lay back down. This morning I looked on the net for something to make black eyes go away it said to put this on it." I held up the box to her.

"It hurts to bad to argue with you about it." she laid back down. I straddled her midsection as I lean down taking the gel stuff out of the box and squeezed some on my finger.

"It might hurt." she winched as soon as I touched it. I gently rubbed the gel in.

"Okay all done." she opened her eyes again and looked at me.

"What you aren't going to kiss it?" I looked down at her. I wanted to kiss something but it wasn't her eye.