I Could Not Ask For More

Her soft arms are wrapped around my waist and the scent of her hair is feeling my senses as she lies in the crook of my shoulder. I can hear her deep breathing and see the smile on her face that tells me she is fast asleep dreaming hopeful about us. A light rain starts to fall against the windowpane as I watch my blue eyed angel sleeping soundly in my arms. I can't help but smile thinking about the week we had spent together sharing the holidays with her family. The way her face lit up when she walked into a room and connected her eyes on mine the same way I lit up when I saw her. She had a glow of love about her. I knew I had made that glow happen. This was our first Christmas morning together. I closed my eyes falling back asleep to the wonderful memories that we had shared and were going to make.

Lying here with you

Listening to the rain

Smiling just to see the smile upon your face

These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive

These are the moments

I'll remember all my life

I found all I've waited for

And I could not ask for more

"Ace baby wake up it is Christmas" her blue eyes flutter open a little bit as her long eyelashes brushed several times across her cheek. I lean down and brush her bangs up so I can kiss her forehead.


"Yeah baby" she looked so cute sliding up against the headboard wearing one of my bud shirts and a pair of flannel pajama pants. I never thought I would ever want my woman to wear one of my old shirts over a sexy nightie but she proved me wrong. She never looked sexier with her hair going everywhere and in my clothes in my bed and about to me in my arms.

"Santa come" the little girl in her blue eyes showed.

"Yeah baby he came didn't bring you a thing" I said with a smile as she tossed the pillow behind her at me. She gave me that smile she knows that gets me right down in the heart as she crawled out of our bed. Her hand slides into mine as we head down stairs.

Looking in your eyes

Seeing all I need

Everything you are is everything to me

When we got down stairs all my family was already up. My mom and step dad loved Ace like their own. My mom never forgot to remind me that she was the girl she wanted to be her daughter in-law. Kelley and Jimmy were there with a hyper Karsyn who had already staked her claim on the presents in the corner. Ace's hand was still in mine when we sat down on the couches at my mom's house. It was a tradition to all sleep at mom's house and wake up with a family Christmas. As the presents got stacked in front of everyone I pulled Ace into my arms she laid her head on my shoulder as we watch the piles grow in front of us.

"Okay we are opening oldest too youngest" Kelley said as she threw some paper at me and Ace.

"So Ace that means you go before Karsyn." Jimmy said as everyone laughed Ace just shot him her glare that she had perfected from working at DEI and being around my family.

After a ton of gifts in both our piles the last presents in each of our stacks were from each other. Ace was looking at all the Cd's she had gotten and making me smelling every item that was from Bath and Body works.

"Okay you to open your last ones up" mom said as she got her camera ready

"June I want you to open yours first" her blues eyes shined. I lifted the big box as Karsyn came over to help me open it up as we both ripped through the wrapping paper and the tissue paper Ace was smiling as me and Karsyn brought out another box that was inside of it. I opened it to find an autographed football helmet of Brad Johnson from the Washington Redskins. I grabbed her and kiss her fast on the lips

"June baby there is more." She said as he caught her breath and as the family hooped and hollered. As I start to open the rest of the boxes hoping she had found the thing I had been wanting for and I got it. There was an autographed football lying in my box with the autographs of all the greatest Redskins. I looked up at her tears brimming her eyes and mine

"You like it June":

"I love it baby god where you find it." I can't take my eyes off her and my gift.

"Letís just say being head of pr for you and DEI people tends to let you talk to the big dogs." I can help but want to lay her down on this kiss and show her how much I love her.

"Ace your turn" Karsyn says as she crawls up between us and holds Ace's gift in her tiny hands. Ace's soft hands wrap around Karsyn's as they unwrap the small package. Soon her arms are around my neck and we are falling back on the couch with her kisses raining down on my face.

"June baby I love it they are so pretty look at all the diamonds."She is talking so fast in between the kisses she is not making any sense.

"Eww Ace is kissing Uncle Junior gross." We hear everyone laugh as Karsyn hops on down from the other end of the couch.

"Ace baby little me see what my little boy got you." Her smile is driving me wild as she shows the heart shaped necklace filled with diamonds on platinum set and chain and the watch she had been wanting for so long.

"June baby will you help me put it on." She walks in between my legs where I am sitting and leans down. I can't help but to pull her down for a long kiss as the rest of the family was heading into the kitchen to start breakfast. I clasp the necklace around her neck and gently brush her lips against mine. She tasted so sweet from the juice she had just drank. Her hands go into my hair that is going everywhere as she slides into my lap. Our lips found each otherís again. This was going to be hard breakfast without being able to have her. I her someone clear the throat making us both breakaway from each other.

"Um breakfast is ready" Jimmy says at the doorframe with Karsyn in his arms. When they leave Ace turns back towards me and lands her lips soundly on mine my hands drag up and down her back. Breakfast can wait as far as I am concern right now I want Ace right where she is.

"Mommy theyíre doing it again." I hear Karsyn yell back to the kitchen. I hear laughter then little footsteps coming closer. Ace breaks the kiss and looks deep into my eyes.

"Merry Christmas June I love you" as she stands up and Karsyn takes her hand holds her Little one out for me as she starts to pull us to the kitchen.

"Ace I love you to." I lean over Karsyn and kiss her one more time.

"Eww Uncle Junior stop that is gross." Ace erupts in laughter as we enter the kitchen to mom wagged her finger but smiling.

These are the moments

I know heaven must exist

These are the moments I know all I need is this

I have all I've waited for

And I could not ask for more

"June baby you have to stop or we are never going to make the move at 7"

"Mmmhmmmm" her sternness starts to break as I find that spot on her neck that drivers her wild.


"Yeah baby" she turns and faces me

"I have to get in the shower and get ready of we will be late, You have to get ready to" she leaves out of my arms and leans in the shower and starts the water going. I hit the CD player and before she turns around my arms are back around her pulling her back to me.

"How about we both get a shower together." All she does is nod and turn into my arms.

"I love you" gently I run my hand down her face and she turns into my head with her eyes heavy.

Soon the water is cascading down my bareback as Ace's hair starts to curl from the water. Her back is to me as I drag my hands up her from her waist to her sides and up her arms. She leans her head back against my shoulder as gently kisses her neck. Her eyes meet mine as we both look down at my hands on her body. She shifts in my arms and we capture lips as we kiss the water starts to cascade down us flowing down her body and mine going to all the places I wanted my lips and hands to be. The glow off her is almost that of angel. Her innocent smile and purity that I know I have only possessed from her makes me want to love her completely for the rest of my life. Our tongues gently play in each otherís mouth as I gently walk us back until I feel the bench in the shower. Our kiss breaks long enough for me to seat down and pull her between my legs.

"Ace let me make love to you."

"I need you June" she slides her body down and sits atop of my legs I can feel the water on my hands and knees as I rub her lower back. We exchange I love you's as I slide her body up to mine and we become one again. Her hands go to my shoulders as we start a rhythm of our own or eyes staying locked on each otherís. Our moans drift into the sound of the water and stereo playing. My hands travel up her back into her wet hair as she leans back deepening the trusts. Her hands are clutching my shoulder and the back of my neck were her fingers are intertwined with my hair. I can feel her start to tighten around me as her high is near as is mine.

"June I am.... About Oh god June" My mouth moves to her chest taking her nipple into mouth teasing her as I slow the pace and stop still inside of her.

"Ace look at me" Her eyes are blazing as she jerks my face up and lands her lips soundly on mine as she raise up and slides back down on to me. She is in control known and I am just holding on. She is riding me for all she is worth about to lose her self as she has me on my edge. Together we both lose it

"Ohhhh Junnne goood I love you" her hands drop down as I ride out her wave thrusting until I lose it all myself. So our moans mix as we start to come down from our highs. The water had long turn cold I felt her shiver against me as she laid against me still holding me inside of her.

"What about that movie" I say as she slides off me and stands up.

"I think we missed it." She said with a smirk.

I could not ask for more than this time together

I could not ask for more than this time with you

Every prayer has been answered

Every dream I have's come true

And right here in this moment is right where I'm meant to be

Here with you here with me

That night we were laying in each other arms. Her fingers intertwined with mine.

"Ace I want you to come to Daytona with me. You need to meet someone"

"You want me at Daytona" she lean up and looked at me playing with chest.

"Yeah I need you with me"

"I always will be there if you want me to"

"I want you to" we shared a soft kiss as she laid her head back on my chest. As she starts to drift of to sleep I heard her ask me a question.

"June who am I going to meet?"

"Baby I will tell you when we get down there"

Hmmm she mumbled as she snuggled deeply into me I lean over and cut of the light as I heard a soft snore come from her.

"You are going to meet by daddy" I whispered to her as she turn over and I followed.

These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive

These are the moments I'll remember all my life

I've got all I've waited for

And I could not ask for more

"Ace let's go"

"Damn Junior hold on."

"There you happy I am already you didn't even tell me who I was meeting,"

"You look great"

"Yeah in my jeans and sweater"

"Yeah in your jeans and sweater he won't care."

"So I am meeting a guy"

"Yeah" I had to smile at her she was running around trying to look pretty when she didn't have to do a thing.

"Okay lets go and meet mystery guy" we locked the coach and headed by the truck

"They are here"

"Yeah" we hold each other hands not saying a word as we walked down pit road and head down on to the track. As we got closer we she stops.

"Oh Junior."


"I know who you want me to meet." I just nod as we climbed up the track to Turn 4. I took a seat on the wall and pulled Ace into my arms as the sun started to set,

"Ace I wanted you to meet daddy. I have talked to him enough about you and this is the only place that I feel him alive in me at. So I guess Ace this my daddy and daddy this is my Ace." We watched as a cloud moved fast across the sky and form into what looked like a face.

"June look" I just smile I know that is daddy.

I could not ask for more than this time together

I could not ask for more than this time with you

Every prayer has been answered

Every dream I have's come true

And right here in this moment is right where I'm meant to be

Here with you here with me

"Wooohooo boys we have just won the Daytona 500 get Ace in victory lane I want her there"

When I pull up into Victory Lane the media and the crews are already hooping it up. I see

Ace hugging my mom. She looks so beautiful with the sun shining off her hair. When I come to a stop I see Jade get yanked back from congratulating me.

"June baby you did it I love you so much. Now get out the car so I can hug your fine ass."

"Yes Ma'mn" As I slide of the car her arms are around me and lips pressed to mine all the emotions bottled up had came out

"Dale you have just one the Daytona 500 how does it feel"

"This is for everyone my daddy, my family, my crew, and the fans. I waited awhile and I have equaled my daddy now and it is great I hope now I can get that championship. Most of all this is for my baby beside me she is the one that has been beside me the past year and she is as daddy told me once find someone like Teresa and she is like my Teresa. I honestly could not ask for more"

I could not ask for more than the love you give me

'Coz it's all I've waited for

And I could not ask for more

I could not ask for more