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CALL: (830) 665-5007

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Filtration is probably the most important part of your system

When it comes to capacity, efficiency, performance and entire system longevity, filtration is the single most important aspect of your air conditioning system that can address and optimize all these issues.

Not only can it help maintain peak performance from your system but it can also enhance the quality of your indoor air.

What You Can't See, Can Hurt You

It's a fact, the trapped air we breathe in our homes can be loaded with

dust mites pollen mold spores

and other pollutant particles. In many cases, it's worse than the air outside. Especially if you are one of the more than 40 million allergy sufferers in North America.

Combine that with the fact that we spend 90% of our time inside and indoor air quality becomes a major concern.

Although most pollutant particles are so small that you can't even see them, many are annoying or even harmful to you and your family, and potentially damaging to your furnace, air conditioner, and any other related equipment, even dirtying up your ductwork. Why is air duct cleaning such a big business when you can prevent the particles from entering the system?

The standard throw away filter in your system traps only about 15% of the polluntant particles in your home's air. The rest circulates throughout your home. Standard throwaway filters and electrostatic filters permit dirt and dust to collect on sensitive heating and cooling equipment, decreasing efficiency by as much as 10-25% and more in the worst cases. A HEPA filtration system with an air tight seal and high efficiency air cleaning protects blowers, coils and other operating equipment from dust and dirt, increasing efficiency and service life.

Jebco Has The Perfect Solution

Installed in your heating/cooling duct system, central air cleaners with sophisticated filtering capabilities have become the accepted way to improve indoor air quality. The High Efficiency Particle Air filter has proven to be the perfect, practical solution for whole house use. Absolutely silent operation, minimal maintenance and 99% efficiency on pollen and spores, has made the HEPA filter the clean air choice throughout North America.

In addition to providing protection for your heating and cooling equipment, A HEPA filtration system provides your family with clean air throughout your home. A pollutant trapping, equipment protecting HEPA filtration system will turn your furnace and air conditioner into a clean air system.

Less work for you?

You bet, this system is non power consuming and easy to maintain. You only need to change the filter once every 2 years even longer in some cases. High particle areas will require shorter periods. On an average home we get two to three years between filter changes.

In fact, your home's furnishings will last longer. Carpeting and upholstered furniture will stay cleaner and last longer; walls will stay cleaner too and require less frequent painting, cleaning and papering.

All this means less work for you, increased performance and improved indoor air quality. When you add it all up, A HEPA filtration system is an essential part of a total indoor air comfort system.

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