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CALL: (830) 665-5007

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Maintenance is Always Less expensive than repairs. CITY PUBLIC SERVICE, like most companies, advises that you get a tune-up for your heating and cooling system each season, or it may cost you more than the tune-up cost in energy wasted.

“You’re already paying for these benefits with higher electric bills and costly repairs, so why not get what you’ve already paid for and improve you’re indoor air quality and comfort?”

What we do on an air conditioning inspection

AIR CONDITIONER INSPECTION - this is performed in the spring

1. Inspect the filter and filtration system. Wash permanent type filters

2. Inspect the thermostat operation and calibration

3. Inspect the indoor blower amp draw/voltage/wiring/vibration/cleanliness

4. Inspect the indoor cooling coil for proper drainage and cleanliness

5. Inspect the condensate drain line for proper fall and drainage, clear if necessary

6. Inspect the refrigerant levels for proper superheat/subcooling/compression ratio

7. Inspect and tighten all electrical and wiring connections

8. Inspect and test all operational safety and functional controls

9. Inspect ductwork for cleanliness/air sealed and temperature gains

10. Inspect the outdoor condenser coil for cleanliness/damage and proper clearance

11. Inspect the outdoor fan motor amp draw/voltage/vibration/rotation/capacitor

12. Inspect the compressor electrically, amp draw/voltage

13. Inspect the compressor mechanically, noise/vibration/temperature/compression

14. Inspect the entire system for operation and efficiency

15. WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A RECORD OF OUR FINDINGS AND OBSERVATIONS. As well as any recommendations for repairs, improvements, maintenance and cleaning needed to restore the cooling capacity and energy efficiency of your system.

Sign up for our yearly maintenance agreement today!!!

YOU WILL ALSO GET "ONE POUND OF FREON FREE" IF NEEDED. (there is no discount if your system does not require freon.)

Here are the benefits of a pre-season tune-up:

Reduced Risk of a major breakdown....... A fouled system can stress and damage a compressor costing you higher bills and creating major repairs.

Increased Capacity of equipment........ 20% more heating and cooling can mean the difference between comfort and misery, and what your paying in utilities.

Reduced Risk of allergies & Illness..... We disinfect the indoor system and ductwork with an anti-microbial spray that controls the effects of dust mites, bacteria, mold spores and viruses for up to six months.

Added Equipment life..... You can add 1 to 8 years of life with regular maintenance- just like maintaining your car will make it run more efficient, perform better and last longer.

Discounted repairs and services..... All our service agreement customers receive “priority customer care service” 24hr. emergency service and 10% discounts on repairs and services.

Piece of Mind..... Knowing that you’re saving money, reducing risk of breakdown, increasing health and comfort, getting priority service and 24hr emergency service and extending the life of your equipment.

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