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Sporting News Fantasy Baseball 2004

Sporting News Fantasy Baseball 2004


If the Angels and Dodgers continue their winning ways, will baseball see a "Battle by the Bay" come October?


May 14, 2004

Marcelo Almeida - Manager, Clutch Hitters

Moderator: Thanks for joining us on the M&M HOT SEAT Marcelo.

Marcelo: I appreciate you having me, it's a pleasure to be here.

Moderator: Okay, let's get down to business. Marcelo, you are officially ON THE HOT SEAT. What was your process or how did you determine what players you picked for your fantasy team?

Marcelo: When I was picking my players, I didn't want to rely too much on one guy and have to struggle to fill every position with a respectul player since there is a budget. I figured that a good way to have a good team with some promising players would be to look for players who underachieved last year or young players who I felt were about to break through. Burrell couldn't hit at all last year and Glaus was bothered with some vision problems. (He had a laser surgery in the off season) JD Drew has been an underachiever throughout his short career mostly because of injuries. I first went with Mark Teixera because I knew he would have a great season but an injury forced me to trade him.

Moderator: Which players have been your biggest contributers thus far this season?

Marcelo: It's pretty obvous that Clemens has been my greatest contributor so far. I think a big part of his great start is the oportunity that the Astros gave him. He's at home with his family, he can watch his kids play and he doesn't even have to go on road trips until it's his time to pitch. It's incredible that a team would let a player do that but that has made him feel so comfortable that he can just go out and pitch without any pressure on him.

Moderator: This being your second consecutive season in Sporting News Fantasy, what's the most important thing you've learned about managing a team and Fantasy Baseball in general?

Marcelo: The most important thing I've learned so far about managing a fantasy team is that you have to think long term. Baseball has such a long schedule that you can't think about what's going on right now but what the probable outcome will be for the entire season. Getting players that go off to a great start can earn you points off the bat, but a lot of times, they cool off and you're better off with more reliable players. However, you also have to learn to take some risks and go with your instincts, as I did when I was trying to decide wether to take Clemens or Maddux in the beginning of the season.

Moderator: What's the goal of the "Clutch Hitters" this season?

Marcelo: My main goal for this season is to compete and try hard to stay on top. I will also try hard not to make too many moves and keep a constant roster, injury permiting, as long as the team is performing.

Moderator: Who do you think has been the biggest "sleeper" overall this season in the majors?

Marcelo: I think there are a few good stories this year in the Majors. Obviously the Tigers and Orioles are doing good, eventhough it's early. I think that Mike Moroth is a great sleeper right now after loosing 20 games last year, he's off to a 4-1 start which shows that he can pitch and he just needs some run support, which he didn't get last year. Also being from UCF keeps me interested on how he does. Beltre is also off to a great start hitting 10 HRs so far and a .379 batting avg. All of a sudden LA is getting some run support and they might come out of the West, being that is one of the weakest divisions in baseball.

Moderator: Marcelo, you are officially off the M&M HOT SEAT. Thanks for your time, and good luck the rest of the season.

Marcelo: Thank you.

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Rookie Finds Early Success

Montijo, Beckett have guided the Chillos into second place

By Pat Gatti - April 13, 2004

Landy Montijo's Chillos are off to a successful start to begin the season. He finds himeself in second place and in prime position for a championshp run. This season, Montijo's first playing fantasy sports, has been a big step for the 21-year old Orlando native.

"Going in, I thought it would be very fun and competitive, but most of all challenging. I'm hoping to learn a lot along the way and I think it's a good way to stay updated in the world of baseball."

Montijo has been more then stay updated, his 587 points to start the year have been bested by only Marcelo Almeida's scrappy bunch, the Clutch hitters. As a diehard Florida Marlin fan, Montijo has rode the arm of promising young pitcher Josh Beckett and the recently acquired Dontrelle Willis. He also relies on former Marlin Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez behind the dish and the sleeper Hee Seop Choi at first base along with Miguel Cabrera in the outfield. Montijo admits that he will live and die with Beckett this season and has been thrilled with his start.

"No doubt, Beckett is the the most important guy in my lineup. He is the most experienced on my staff and he has been a model of stability last season and for me thus far this season."

Although this is his first season playing fantasy sports, his expectations have not been hindered. Montijo's goal is to finish in the top half of his league and at least be competitive down the stretch.

"Being this is my first year, I'm realistic, but I'm not going to lay down for these guys. I know I can finish in the top 7 and that's my goal at the very least."

He's hoping the Marlins can take him to the top seven, and then some.


May 12, 2004

    Adrian Beltre, Dodgers - LA's slugger is hitting .381 with 10 HR's and 27 RBI's.
    Michael Young, Rangers- His 51 hits through 141 at-bats leads the Majors.
    Curt Schilling, Red Sox- 53 K's in 51.3 innings isn't too shabby (4-2, 2.81 ERA). It's a statistic bested only by former teammate Randy Johnson.
    Jake Peavy, Padres - Although he hasn't recieved much run support, his 1.94 ERA in 41.2 innings pitched leads the league.

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