-------- her name is kimLAURA . she is also known as kimi, keem, stupid / stupiee, chocolate ( insider ), slut ( ANOTHER insider ), kimmers, kimmer`licious, msVRO0MVRO0M . she resides in the 2O1 area of jersey city . her ethnic background is filipinay with drops of chinese blood . heaven sent this girl on october 17 in the year 1991; which makes her 12 years of age . she is recieving her  ninth year of education at OLV; our lady of victories elementary / grammar school . she effin <3`s time with family & friends, shopping, her computer, books, nicknames, music, JENNA ( lol we`re cool like that .. not lesbos or anything ), & BOW WOW *drools . she effin </3`s haters, jockers, bitches, homework, people who flirt with TAKEN people, liars, backstabbers, & JENNA ( LOL jk ). she is currently single, and crushing ..on whoo ? i keep that on the DL shHhh .. LOL .. contact me at:     
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