My Torture Case Summary : (Deb Chakraborty)

I was targeted way back in 1999, when I was working and studying in NJ, USA ...I was unaware of any such thing but suddenly I felt like getting gang stalked remote, violating my privacy to a absurd extent .. I felt jittery and afraid first and was very very concerned , as they started talking nonsense and hateful after a few days ...

I could feel a false rumor-campaign and a propaganda was spread against me in the neighbourhood and they started misbehaving with for the first time for no apparent reason to me ..I lost my nerves slowly and didn't know what to do .. It was going on for 24 hours for absurdly no reason whatsoever and gossip-spread of me having AIDS, or me living with prostitutes and all were blowing my mind out ..They started falsely jeering at me and provoked me to go for suicide ...Although no real incident ever happened with anyone to suggest any animosity or bad blood or to be suspicious towards anyone, I lost my nerves over some such criminal harassment and criminal voyeurism attacks day after day .. It was like a cheap hate crime to me that has got no basis and no excuse .. I went to a psychological trauma condition and had taken suicide pills also to get out of the suicide provocation and assaults on my  sense and dignity ( It was a dignity murder and sense murder for me right then and there, and I knew no way out ) ..I had to be hospitalized there and did not get support/help from my friends in there, as they were a total disbeliever in what I’m talking about …They thought that I had gone mad and lost my brain or something ..  

In this condition I had to come back from US, leaving my job and school and had to stay back in my home country ...But the conspiracy and attack never stopped ..I could sense it day in and day out and that eerie feelings of the absurd would take my days  away .. It kept on haunting me in India in an ever-increasing manner , and I could not know what to do in order to get rid of it ...Continuous gang staking feelings (especially through Radio and TV ) and torturous V2K were taking my life away everyday .. But just after I got  married in 2002 it got accentuated to an absurd criminal level and I had to go for a bitter divorce suit ... Since then I am suffering very badly through this gruesome crime and conspiracy that has ruined my life almost .. I later on tried to gain strength from within to gather myself for an absurd life where I got the awareness about the technology, it's effects, the crime techniques, some protective measures,  I spread my knowledge all around for activism purpose so that we all can get rid of this evil and criminal conspiracy against humanity ..

I lost my brain, health , career, life, family, society and my world all through it and they are now absurdly going for a murder and ruin effort for the last 2 years ...They are doing it so that the real truth doesn't come out good, lest they get exemplary punishment for what they have done in all these years ...It was a false propaganda murder out of sheer jealousy, false show-off rascal-ism, idiotic nazism and deep rooted evils in their system ..Please see my Torture case summary in this regard in ... My web-site : - and my blog-site speaks about this in details ..Please have a look at those ..

The harassment and torture description in details

It's very difficult for me now to explain the situation that I’m in. Apparently, nothing can be detected and when I try to talk about my harassment, what people think is that, this schizophrenic moron is a big failure and he is trying to hide his worthlessness by telling all these stories. But just because I have no other option, I thought of letting people know something through this anyway.

I know that my complaint of torture is apparently unbelievable to the ignorant mind. But please believe that, I’m not saying all these over the years over and over again just to be treated as a ignorable laughing stock of some sort …I’m really in dire distress and at my wit’s end over the extreme perverted sick brutality and attempted murder efforts that has reached a very appalling stage..

Please visit

as a proof of existence of such kind of dangerous and damaging technology


as a proof of many victims of this kind of crime,

In a keynote address at the valedictory function of Forensic Science Forum 93rd Indian Science Congress 2006 by Director-cum-Chief Forensic Scientist , Ministry of Home Affairs , Dr. M.S. Rao said “Now target oriented low frequency portable electromagnetic radiation tools have been developed which can remotely be used on our body parts and carte havoc in respect of brain damage, heartache, kidney failure, lever damage, etc But the criminal will leave no trace of his involvement through  these criminal acts and these are going to be a big challenge to forensic experts “

To hear my story would be terrifying and bewildering to an audience unaware of the specifics of these crimes but these are all true facts.

Initially the tortures were like:

1        Inescapable voices inside my head and I’m not mentally ill.

2        So many people can see thru walls, and produce sounds that "follow" me.

3        No matter where I am, a repeated instance where it seems my mind is being read.

4        Forced awakening, can't go back to sleep, as if I’m on high doses of caffeine.

5        It seems that some people are blocking my way or trying to harass me in anything that I’m trying to do.

6        Tortures with hypersonic sound and acoustic waves.


Gradually the tortures became like:

1.        Total ruthless violation of physical & mental privacy for 24 hrs., associated with tremendous torture through AUDIO-VISUAL SATELLITES, BRAIN WAVE ANALYSERS, INTERACTIVE TRANSECTOR DEVICE and Advanced Neurophone Technology,  (for Voice-To-Skull Torture).

·         This is the most sophisticated form of "psychological murder" one can think of, and is used to threaten me criminally and to destroy  my brain and nerves intentionally & completely to a vegetative state..To begin with, this was draconian violation of privacy, life and liberty,&  in fact, in a nutshell, in one fell swoop, it criminally violates all human rights that a human being is entitled to.

·         Even though it sounds weird to the common people, it’s a fact that, I get tortured the most by faceless voices inside my head (and I'm not a psychiatric patient), that continuously negates & manipulate my thought process and weakens and exhausts my brain and nerves through remotely operated technologies as mentioned above. My mind is always a battlefield in here, and my brain just "gasps" every second to take a breath and it seems like that these are just suffocating my brain to “death”. I remain helplessly mentally handicapped in this condition. The perpetrators do it intentionally and increase the severity when it counts the most. They don’t even let me sleep at night. This pushes me towards acute depression, mental retardation and insanity almost.  This is so intolerable that someone who has not gone through it can’t even imagine. This continuous torture on my brain & nerves may result in permanent insanity, brain embolism, cerebral hemorrhage etc.

a.                              Frequent attacks of chemical poisoning of my body, which invalidates and incapacitates me slowly. These chemicals are any dangerous, harmful chemicals to acids to poisons, which are damaging me to a great extent.

2. Tortures with continuous intolerable foul smell that won’t let me breathe/drink/eat and these not only damages my brain, but vitiates every cell and blood. They will sort of “inject” these into my system and make me inhale these poisonous smells involuntarily. One can’t imagine how severe this torture can be . This includes smells of gutter, feces and anything and everything that only supreme perverted psychopaths can think of. This is inhuman torture, and an example of extreme brutal perversion by some demonic psychopaths.

3. Frequent attacks with heat/chemical radiations, which can result in local atrophy of body parts.

4. Invisible bullets through my brain and even heart & lungs to damage me ruthlessly that causes severe pain in my brain and nerves and severely damages my brain/nerve heart and spine.

5. Very dangerous and damaging brain & dream manipulation and forcible fictitious, gross/ gibberish/ pornographic image projection in my brain with Virtual Reality simulation kind of tortures. These are so terrifying that includes terror causing “ghost presence” of humans/animals while asleep, scaring the hell out of me every time.

6. Frequent attempts to damage my property and electronic instruments, which has reached a very appalling stage.

7. Several attempts to choke my heart, lungs and brain that gives me giddy feelings of weird kind.

8. Several other kinds of bizarre & unbelievable tortures that would make any human being go crazy.

9. Severe attempts of criminal denigration & criminal instigation with a false, fabricated fictitious negative image and V2K tortures.

10. Lethal attempts of murder with sleeping medicines that can be     passed as chemical rays and radiations remotely, through this torture.

11. Several tooth decaying tortures to destroy and infect my teeth, gum lines and mouth cavity. 

12. Intolerable feelings of getting “cooked” in a “people-cooker”/microwave weapons. This is a part of  Microwave Murder technique ..

13. Frequent attempts of Eye damage an damage in Genitalia an related lower abdominal regions.

14. One of their main targets is heart region. The torture is so dangerous and so severe at times, that I had to be hospitalized and operated on surgically for severe coronary syndromes. Similarly for brain damage also if fMRI scan is done it can be found that at least 60% of the brain/nerves/neurons causing all round microwave dysfunctioning ..

There are significant published literatures also regarding all these deadly damages

15. Afterwards a combination of excruciating psychotronic murder, chemical murder, microwave murder was getting done  with illegal, smuggled-in and improvised-on psychotronic weapons, microwave weapons and bio-electromagnetic & chemical  weapons ..It’s pure blindfolded terrorism with “Weapons of mass destruction” ..

16. They are such kind of deep hardened criminals , that they are doing a hardened criminality day in and day out to cause serious cancer,(through carcinogen murder), stroke, paralysis, thrombosis, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, Brain aneurysm and many other serious critical illness and organ failure day after day , after a critical heart operation in recent operation  in Jan 2012..

The whole exercise is so nicely camouflaged with a huge hypocrisy and eyewash that you can never be suspicious about the real culprits and can never have any idea about the gravity of the situation. There is so much of mental pain, agony, anguish and trauma associated with the whole exercise every second, that normal people won’t be able to imagine. Also, this exercise is so damaging and deadly that ignorant people won’t be able to comprehend. These are done through some terrorist facility/infrastructure basically, (just like radio-stations are used for airing radio-waves.).  It’s mainly like a “brutalize as you like facility” or infrastructure that gives you a “license to kill”. But no one knows about these "torture-chambers", other than those in this criminal racket.

I can’t really express every second of what I have gone through in the last 15 yrs. It’s really indescribable and extremely harrowing experience that would have justified Life Sentence for these criminals even for 1 day. of their assault on me

Had there been any CCTV-footage of them for all the acitivies including initiation, facilitating, criminal instigation, provocation, conspiracy and butchering / murdering attempts , that would have been good enough to give them Life Sentence at the drop of a hat.(forgetting  about any glittery gimmicks of any Technological Geniuses-ness in them).

A few more Important Information:

I became a victim of this weird kind of torture, 15 yrs. back in April 1999, when I was working in the USA.I had to come back from USA in a nervous breakdown condition. But it was haunting me, no matter where in the globe I’m in. The torture got worsened as the years progressed and from Mar 2003 it had made my life a living hell. Since then they are brutalizing me severely and criminally exploiting me in filthy vested interest.

It's a supreme black conspiracy of a gang of 100 odd people consisting of Foreigners, Ex- NRI's, Ex Police Officers and their diabolically cunning associates from West Bengal (some cunning beasts, with the excuse of some fictitious “IT office” especially) and ex-bureaucrats. Way too many homeless lunatic beats are also involved in this Organized Crime Syndicate.

So many corrupt, criminal psychopathic beasts are  involved in this heinous Crime as they are getting handsomely benefitted through this, in terms of manufacturing and fabricating an “identity”, existence, money , illegal power, influence and so much that they never would have had ever in their insignificant lives. Their associates and accomplice are involved in making a “legitimate cover” for this heinous crime in filthy vested interest.

This criminal gang is just fooling the fools and foxing the fox for the last 15 yrs especially cheap locals, through fictitious, hyped up forged and fabricated identity and excuse and cheap Science/ Gadget gimmicks. But it's mainly due to lack of literacy, ignorance and intelligence failure, that I was getting ignored badly initially. They are covering up for everything and pampering, patronizing and funding this extreme criminal & terrorist activity out of sickening jealousy, greed and perversion. This Organized Criminal Gang used to be the most corrupt and criminally dysfunctional mentality beasts of the world who tried to start Mind Control Terrorism in here, in India, in filthiest vested interest.

Most probably they are located in the remote area of South 24 Paraganas, They are all located in Kulatali Village of South 24 Paraganas and three associated villages (including Notunpara), in a pretentiously named and privately owned  corrupt & crime den of sort. Some of the main criminal masterminds are Andrews , James Anderson, Budha/Saikat,Robert, Shnatanu Mukherjee, Pradip Sarkar , Arghya Ghosh, Pranab Sen etc.  Police Dept (and Government Officials) are fully bribed, coerced, purchased, manipulated, influenced, instigated and provoked to act for my ruination and their false profit ..

They even tried to run false police stations in here with their own people. They are even “cooking up” excuses of JUSTIFYING this extreme torture on me and are trying to FRAME ME UP with irrelevant, insignificant nothings and outrageous lies to serve their purpose only. Although they are trying to bulldoze out/bedazzle out everyone and everything in name of self-proclaimed genius-ness, I would really like to put it humbly that,  it’s really my sucked out blood and brain that’s making all the difference in them now to fool people with refinement & behavioral psychology “black arts”. 

SO, PLEASE HELP ME TO GET OUT of this extreme living inferno and punish the people involved severely on humanitarian ground!!!!


Some chronological events worth mentioning:


Apr 1999 - Became the first time victim when I was in US.Immediately came back to India within a month quitting my job and studies in a nervous breakdown condition...I had to be hospitalized over there also because of the severe psychological breakdown that had happened because of the sudden prolonged crime attack and associated suicide provocation..

Apr 2000-Could somehow recover in my home after a lot of effort, and gathered myself a little bit, to get a job in Pune. I went over there thinking that I’m somehow getting out of their clutch ..

Sep 2000 - Again I got the feeling of getting dangerously crime-stalked and psychologically assaulted and I came back from there sacrificing my job again and in a terrified condition ...

Sep 2001 – I waited for a little while after coming in Kolkata and I had to re-gather all my strength and put all my heart into my recovery for a year ..Lastly I could pull it up for myself as I joined a company in here in Kolkata..

Sep 2002 - Again the same thing happened and I had to sacrifice my job ...

Mar 2003 - The intensity of the torture suddenly got triple folded and I lost all my nerves and it created havoc in my life as I got married recently and I had to go for a gruesome divorce suit just because of the misunderstanding arising out of this torture ...

The torture was increasing but I tried my best and got a job in Noida , but there also I had to lose the job because of devilish torture that was damaging me severely. The inhuman torture is increasing exponentially since then, and it has reached the stage of extreme brutal perversion and criminal deprivation of almost everything that would shock even the animal rights activists. It was sub-human existence under inhuman criminality for all these years that has made me pathetically suffer helplessly, with criminal brain deprivation, mind deprivation, health deprivation, emotional deprivation, financial deprivation and life and career ruination