Ms. Mamata Banerjee,

Hon'ble Chief Minister OfWest Bengal,,

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Sub : Please save me from a murderous Hi-Tech Crime and criminal exploitation going on unabated for years!!


    Respected Madam,††

For the last 12 years, Iím languishing helplessly as an innocent victim of severe mind control and criminal psychotronic torture that is invalidating and incapacitating me slowly...Iíve complained about it several times to Police Dept and other authorities also ..But all my efforts went in vain so far, as the Organized Crime Syndicate is destroying my life brutally from a remote location of Bidhannagar/Rajarhat/Airport with secret police influence and manipulation.

This crime is actually the worst possible form of illegal and criminal torture, assault and battery that destroys the brain and nervous system slowly with criminal invasion of privacy and inhuman indignity... This is comparable with psychological, emotional, physiological, cellular & molecular level murder ; a continuous brain-rape and brain-murder. This has reached a very appalling stage now through vicious manipulation and  filthy, malicious and evil intentions of the savage satans involved.. The details of these tortures and crime tactics are in my web-site at 

The recent ongoing brutal criminal assault & torture on me continuously from 15.12.2011 to 17.1.2012 (with severe assault on 25.12.2011, 26.12.2011, 28.12.2011 and 30.12.2011) has taken its heavy toll me lately ..I canít take it anymore. I was so brutally assaulted remotely through these kinds of psychotronic weapons that I had  to be hospitalized (on 11.1.2012) with acute coronary syndrome and had to be surgically operated on..  This kind of crime is going on me for the last 12 years with dangerous short and long-term effects on health and finance, and I would like to emphasize on the fact that, all these amounts to       

a.     Criminal Conspiracy

b.     Voluntarily causing grievous hurt/harm

c.     Attempt to Murder/ Secret Murder

d.  Criminal Intimidation & threatening   

e.††† Criminal defamation and defiling in secret


I am seriously making complaints against all those involved and pampering the crime ... The Organized Crime racket is mainly run by pseudo-legal foreigners and NRI's like an international mafia crime ring.A vicious hate criminal named Sagar is one of the main criminal masterminds of this racket. ... Many local TMC cadres are there as main criminal accomplice who are viciously lying and protecting the crime and criminal for very long. These are the only people who are manipulating and vitiating many people for long against me through unwarranted phone calls and fabricated emails with illegal and criminal technology gimmick and rubbish black rumors..

But, the main reason of why this crime is not getting stopped is because of the influence of the Police Officers involved in here who are forcibly getting me murdered, defamed and bulldozed in filthy vested interest..

This is concerted criminal conspiracy of some vicious liars and criminals only ....  The situation needs to be taken care of immediately to save me from an imminent disaster. These criminals have stolen away my important private informations like credit card and  debit  card  no, pin no, passwords, personal/office files and folders for criminal fraud and blackmailing purpose and are brutally ruining me from all corners ...Dangerous and damaging cyber crimes are also going on for long against me with a vicious  criminal  frame up attempt and to portray me in a pathetic false light .. I am stressing on the fact, that this kind of illegal and criminal activity with smuggled in foreign technology is very dangerous and damaging in many ways and there was no legal scope ofapplying it on me for any purpose whatsoever.. ...I have got very little money also to survive also in this pathetic condition ..

This is severe injustice and a criminal anarchy situation in here against me as involved Police officers and criminals are playing got-up games to get me bulldozed.. May, I, therefore, humbly requestyou to save me from this hi-tech crime and abnormal & painful situation, full of criminal suffering, degradation, criminal torture, assault and battery; and give me back a meaningful life with essential safety, security, dignity and privacy that is enjoyed by the rest of Indian population over there ..With full thrust on Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (Protection Of Life And Personal Liberty)and fundamental rights/individual rights/civil rightsof an individual), I am appealing to you to save me from a disaster ...I hope you would lend your kind ears to my humble appeal ..



 -Deb Chakraborty

13/6, Dr. Nilmani Sarkar Street,




NB : Please see important attached documents also in this regard to understand the crime scenario..