Mrs. Mamata Banerjee,

Hon'ble Chief Minister Of  West Bengal,,

Writer's Building,

Kolkata – 700001


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Date : 15.9.2011


Sub : Unprecedented Corruption ,Crime & Satanism            in the name of Black “Science”


Dear Madam,


I would like to draw your kind attention again to some extreme and horrendous criminality & gross human rights abuse being conducted on me in the name of “science”, with the involvement of several illegal US & UK agencies, some corrupted-most, evil Non-resident Indians, their diabolically cunning associates and hired gangsters from India, and the complicity, if not participation, of many other agencies. This is a byproduct of the largest ever Corruption and Crime in India by an Organized Crime Syndicate operating from near Airport/ Bidhannagar/ Uttarpanchannagram  area of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal  ...


I am a victim of extreme torture and abuse using DIRECTED ENERGY and NEUROLOGICAL/PSYCHO-PHYSICAL WEAPONS technology for the last 12 years which has destroyed my life almost and I'm going through a pathetically abnormal and painful life, full of pain, agony, anguish, suffering..

Through psycho-physical/psychotronic weapons they are damaging my brain, nerve and body parts to make them perfect with practice and flaunting their false criminal caliber to bulldoze me with nasty Nazi crime tactics (black rumor spreading and psychological warfare). They are doing microwave torture, severe V2K torture for brain murder and brain-rape, heat radiation and chemical radiation(even with acid vapor), causing chronic and severe psychological/physiological stress, giving foul smell in mouth, nostrils and torturing my eyes and genitals like perverted beasts.

As a part of crime tactics, a vengeful, malicious, criminal propaganda is also spread like forest-fire to serve their purpose, and to cause extreme criminal defamation and denigration very wrongly. Maintaining a criminal anarchy, chaos & confusion from a lawless den and in criminal collusion with some Police, they are fooling and falsely blackmailing a lot of people about me, with the gimmicky term of illegal “brain-research”. Please note that this is a “preplanned murder” backed with such a “Perplexing Satanism” that many people got fooled to believe in any make believe nonsense, lies and craps they are spreading about me. 

The kind of false defamation and cheap blackmailing they are doing in secret, has ruined my life abysmally and created a “criminal ambience” to continue with this kind of “murder” with cheap excuse and evil precedence. Taking advantage of the situation, anyone and everyone is brutally exploiting me and bulldozing me severely for the last 1 year. The situation has gone out of hand due to vicious influence and manipulation in Police Dept and their criminal negligence and criminal nepotism in this regard.  I am sorry to say that, the police people in contact with the racket are criminally misusing and abusing the power, position and office to help the crime racket to get strengthened, for all the wrong reasons of the world. With false excuse and perception about me and with a grand criminal hoax about a gimmicky science, I'm being treated very wrongly like a degraded, worthless lab-rat who can be dispensed with in vested interest , to benefit the crime racket. As a result, I'm getting crippled day by day due to comprehensive brain-murder, brain-rape & all-pervasive horrific brutal criminal exploitation, criminal defamation & degradation.

The situation is so vicious and manipulative in vested criminal interest, that I earnestly pray for your immediate intervention to stop the loophole and disorder anarchy and heinous crime on a helpless individual like me, on humanitarian ground. No matter what their fabricated crime justification is,  I humbly pray for safety, security, dignity , privacy and a life free from cruel, inhuman , degrading third-degree  torture & assault paradigms like these and pray for a life like crores of Indian population over there who are getting all these as their birth-right.  I bluntly refuse to get criminally misjudged and criminally bulldozed for the benefits of a few extreme Criminal Satans who should have got severe punishment to begin with for conspiring and attempting any such thing on me ..I humbly seek justice & co-operation from the authority in this regard.. 





 -Deb Chakraborty

13/6, Dr. Nilmani Sarkar Street,






NB : Please see the important attached documents in this regard..