The Hon’ble Home Secretary,

   Govt. of West Bengal,

   Writer’s Building

   Kolkata- 700001                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Date : 06.01.2012


Sub : Perverted Hi-Tech Murder, Manipulation and Bulldozing With Gross Misuse and Abuse of Police Power                               

Dear Sir,  

I would like to draw your kind attention very seriously once again to some extreme and horrendous criminality & gross human rights abuse being conducted on me, with the involvement of camouflaged US & UK agencies, an organized racket of vicious Non-resident Indians, their diabolically cunning associates and hired gangsters from India, and the complicity, if not participation, of many other agencies. This is a byproduct of the largest ever Corruption and Crime in India by an Organized Crime Syndicate operating from near Bidhannagar/Rajarhat/Airport/Uttarpanchannagram area of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal  ...

I am a victim of this mafia gang and their extreme torture and abuse using DIRECTED ENERGY and NEUROLOGICAL/PSYCHO-PHYSICAL WEAPONS technology for the last 12 years which has destroyed my life almost and I'm going through a pathetically abnormal and painful life, full of pain, agony, anguish and suffering.. Through psycho-physical/psychotronic weapons they are damaging my brain, nerve and body parts to make them perfect with practice and flaunting their false criminal caliber to bulldoze me with nasty Nazi crime tactics (black rumor spreading and psychological warfare). They are doing microwave torture, severe V2K torture for brain murder and brain-rape, applying harmful heat radiation and chemical radiation and causing chronic and severe psychological/physiological stress, giving foul smell in mouth, nostrils and torturing my heart region, eyes and genitals like perverted beasts.

Please note that this is primarily a life damaging activity with inhuman cruel indignity that can’t be taken as anything other than a rarest of rare category Crime that needs to be stopped immediately..  This is comparable with psychological, emotional, physiological, cellular & molecular level murder every day; and  a continuous brain-rape and brain murder. But as a camouflage, the Crime Racket brainwashes you to believe artificially that I am a degraded unwanted element and hence can be subjected to anything and everything for their profit..


To begin with, it’s fundamentally & constitutionally wrong to attempt to forcibly & criminally subjugate and degrade a person in this way anyway..Also this is nothing  but an Organized Crime and a slow-kill murder ploy that destroys a human being completely from all corners .  So I refuse to stay like this and get treated like an “animal”.  Also, the historical evidence of this kind of Crime will show how dangerous and damaging this technology I,  and the cheap gimmick of “brain research” in the guise of huge crime , outside any recognized  research  laboratory, shouldn’t really mean anything to anyone.


But, very unfortunately, an evil Police-Criminal Nexus is acting very strongly in here, in vested interest, to make this crime, justified through evils & nonsense..Through vicious criminal influence & manipulation, they together are doing an unprecedented crime & corruption..  They have conspired for my forcible murder and forcible criminal defamation in this way to hush up for their crime and to get benefitted from the crime racket . Only the Devil’s Advocates are reversing the world upside down in this way, in the name of “Science”, with raunchy Satanism ..


The condition is very critical in here and I humbly seek justice & co-operation from the authority in this regard to give immediate orders to stop all of these illegal & crime activities going on from a remote area. This is a cleverly camouflaged inhuman crime and gross human rights abuse that must be stopped immediately .


I bluntly refuse to get criminally misjudged, criminally mis-opinionated and bulldozed in this way, for the benefits of a few extreme Criminal Satans who should have got severe punishment to begin with for conspiring and attempting any such thing on me .. I, sincerely beg for my safety, security, dignity , privacy and a life free from cruel, inhuman , degrading third-degree  torture & assault paradigms like these and seek  a life like crores of Indian population over there who are getting all these as their birth-right.. 


 -Deb Chakraborty

13/6, Dr. Nilmani Sarkar Street,