Mr. M.K.Narayanan,

   Hon'ble Governor Of West Bengal,

   Raj Bhavan,


Date : 16.11.2011

Sub : Brutal Criminal Exploitation  and Deliberate Criminal Negligence Devastating  my life

Dear Sir,

            This is to bring to your kind notice once more that, I’ve been pathetically suffering for the last 12 years due to an illegal, remote controlled Hi-Tech Crime that does brain murder  and severe psychological and physiological damage, in the evil guise of Mind Control. This is going on with the indiscriminate use of psycho-physical and neurological weapon/devices from the outskirts of Rajarhat/Bidhannagar area of West Bengal. This is a pseudo-legal township where all kinds of illegal business and activities are going on due to a vicious corruption circle of illegal NRIs and  foreigners from US and UK who are acting as Psuedo-Scientists and influentials with hyped up identity and existence..

            I’ve complained about it many times, but due to a vicious Police-Criminal nexus and Crime Syndicate-Political Party nexus, the heinous crime is getting continued with an unprecedented filthy criminal conspiracy and evil intention of some Police Officers and TMC cadres, who are getting illegal power and black privileges  from the circle . They are protecting and pampering the crime in filthy vested interest and allowing me to get “slaughtered” from all corners. It should be noted that, this is going on against the constitution of our country, against the law and order, against the Police Code of Conduct and Right to Privacy. This should be under the purview of Prevention of Torture Bill also, as UN declared these Mind Control Weapons as Weapons of Mass destruction and European Parliament has banned any remote human manipulation activity.

            The condition is out of control and all of these are going on due to a perverted criminal wish-fulfillment and a vicious corruption support by some Police Personnel who wants my “all-round-murder” in this way with cheap excuse and false concerns . Many authorities are taking the matter too lightly due to evil influence and manipulation from the criminals and  I’m thus heading towards a pathetically bleak future as they are secretly murdering me from all corners and taking away all my support and help through vicious manipulation and influence.

The clever tactics used by the Organized Crime Syndicate in this regard, is a devastating criminal defamation and degradation in the name of illegal brain-research gimmick. They are experts in vicious man-manipulation, crime dilution and crime distraction, criminal provocation and victimization with make-believe nonsense, lies and craps and criminal distortion of facts. But, I like to emphasize on the fact that my brain was not their playground that they can do anything and everything with it and justify it in the name of “Science”.

I strongly believe that this is an unpardonable, illegal act in the name of “Science” that has proliferated over the years in cheap vested interest and with gross misuse and abuse of power and office. The situation is so vicious and manipulative in vested criminal interest, that I earnestly pray for your immediate intervention to stop the loophole and disorder anarchy and heinous crime on a helpless individual like me, on humanitarian ground.

No matter what their fabricated crime justification is,  I humbly pray for safety, security, dignity , privacy and a life free from cruel, inhuman , degrading third-degree  torture & assault paradigms like these and pray for a life like crores of Indian population over there who are getting all these as their birth-right. I bluntly refuse to get criminally misjudged and criminally bulldozed for the benefits of a few extreme Criminal Satans who should have got severe punishment to begin with for conspiring and attempting any such thing on me ..I humbly seek justice & co-operation from the authority in this regard and would urgently like to request you to stop all kinds of illegal and covert activities on me in the name of advanced Science and Technology . Looking forward to your immediate help, support and sympathy in this regard..

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


13/6, Dr. Nilmani Sarkar Street


Kolkata – 700090



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