Dear Sir,

An Absurd , inhuman, cruel-most, degrading Mass Mind-Controlled Murder ( Microwave Murder, Psychotronic murder, Chemical Murder and Brain Murder) is being carried out in West Bengal, India for the last 15 years (since 1999).... This is an unprecedented and unimaginable criminality that criminally deprives and ruins a person psychologically, emotionally, physiologically, socially and financially ... It is a combination of psychological warfare, electronic warfare, chemical warfare and information warfare ( with disinformation and black propaganda techniques)..

Please note the following points in here :-

1.       It is perfectly non-doable and non-acceptable a crime and criminal conspiracy against a human being  ..Since this is a weaponized system (all advanced 1st world military weapons , called neuro-electromagnetic weapons (inc. psychotronic weapons, microwave weapons and bio-electromagnetic weapons ), that penetrates, degrades and disintegrates a human being through it is brain and nerve ..These are advanced slow-kill weaponry that makes a human life an absurd indignity and a death grave ..

2.       To begin with it instills a terror in human life and can be reckoned as a blind-murder and blind-terrorism conspiracies ..IT is an weapon based ‘murder, exploitation and loot crime’ against a helpless human being (with Organized Gang Stalking and all) ..

3.       To begin with it entails criminal harassment, criminal voyeurism and criminal indignity charges ..

4.       It is a lawless murder-some situation .., You can’t do anything against law and order, against constitution , against human rights, all code of conduct, code of ethics and chair principles ..

5.       It is a life-harming, life-damaging and life-taking crime (and even property damaging) and should be taken up with utmost priority  ..

6.       It is a 15 year old murder-crime(Section 144 violated 304 rated crime ) , full of lies, nonsense, craps, rubbish and make believe nonsense that can’t be considered for anything real ..

7.       It is all criminal influence, manipulation, bribing, coercion, instigation and provocation all around ..All purchased lie and influenced rascalism spreading all around as propaganda-murder rubbish ..No one is any trustworthy for anything in here ..

The main criminal masterminds are all falsely hyped up NRIs and foreigners like James Anderson, Arghya Ghose, Andrews, Sayantan, Pradip Sarkar, Shantanu Mukherjee, Robert, Jaya, Pratap, Buddha/Saikat, etc .. West Bengal Chief Minister is herself directly involved in the crime for long in filthy vested interest ..

..Everyone in there is nothing but criminals only ..Corrupt and bribed Police Personnel and TMC cadres being the worst possible criminal accomplice from that area, the situation has gone badly out of hand..This is going on in exchange of black money, black power, black sex, and several other black privileges from an underworld US crime syndicate falsely hyped up in here for crime-profiteering ...

       It is a dead grave situation now , that needs to be acted on, on  an emergency basis ..I have reported about these kinds of murder attempts on my life, many times in the past and am reporting against an impending doom tonight also ..

I would like to charge these rascals in India under sections 144, 107, 120B,  323/325, 304, 307, 334-338,292, 292A, 499, 500 etc. to say the least ...Also this is a against constitution of India violating article 21, 14, 17,19 ...For officers in Uniform or on high chair also I charge them seriously for criminal misuse and abuse of power, position and office, for gross human rights crime, crime against constitution, and also for 166, 166A, 166B, 167 and many others ...

For US,USC Section 241,  Section 2340A and 2332h , HR 1160 , CAT , HR 2977 ,Michigan House Bill 4513, Pubic  act no 256, Michigan House Bill 4514, Public Act No 257, and many others goes against them...