I am facing this ongoing absurd crime that is getting absurdly proliferated and accentuated during the last couple of years, ever-since the inception of the new TMC Govt, who are running a grand murder-anarchy( in terms of  law & order), murder-rascalism(in terms of administration),and Black Terror funded and arranged economy , in exchange of this filthy crime and sex racket flourish in here(Crime–Trafficking and Sex Trafficking absurd) . All and everything in here are purchased, influenced, prepared and arranged to act criminal and even murder for me ..


It has been a case of habitual murder attempts and attempts of property destruction also, going to an absurdity ...The motive was very clear, to murder and ruin my life and to hush up the case with prepared rascals and arranged criminals in exchange of huge murder-money, murder-sex , murder-power and murder-privileges .. 


I really feel that Govt. audacity , immorality and impunity especially in crime terms  has become a major problem in US and in the outside world equally , which lead to so many catastropohical episodes in the world history .. The world history could have written otherwise had some such criminal misuse and abuse of power, position and office had not happened and justified as a false acting precedence in many countries, whose Govt would have been overthrown otherwise .. I take for instance the current India Govt and especially the West Bengal Govt in this regard, as this where Ilive presently..In the name of black funded "Mass Mind Controlled Murder", they together are murdering and brutally ruining my life from all corners for the last 15 years ..


It all started with a crime, and criminal know-how smuggling 15 years back , which is a dead crime for both side .. It was such an illegal, criminal entry, activity and scam and scandal, that could have rocked the world and punished both the Govt, heavily .. No nothing could have happened in here, had false US precedence and criminal know-how not giving the strength to the dead corrupt and criminal Police Officers and smart psychopathic murderers, and criminal elements in Govt in here .. 


It started in US back way back in US in 1999, where an Organized Crime Syndicate was falsely trying to murder and profit at my exchange, for a false  name, fame and hype in here .. They would have been uprooted and weeded out had this new Govt not reared their dead murder and lie in their backyard , for giving them a false place and presence in here and in the world .. I know very well what is going on in here in the name false US Govt-ship, false US pride, vanity and country-ship and with black US terror funding and with smuggled in criminal know-how of a deadly and murderous technology , like Mind Control and all ... US Govt is falsely flourishing all the criminals in here , who are doing the absurd Murder ...In exchange they are getting a hell lot of cheap, rascal crime-slaves and sex-slaves to save their ass on every such issue that would have been exposed and punished otherwise..Mr. Barack Obama is directly involved in this, for an absurd psychopathic Murder,Sex and Satanism and bulldozing effort .. It would have been a dead end of our newly Govt. of TMC had it got exposed long back. 


Although our chief minister Mrs. Mamata Banerjee is a dead false image, but, no one knows about it, because of this extreme murder & hush up effort of the last 4 years ... She has really become the worst possible of all corrupt, criminal Chief Ministers of all times, doing a dead murderous crime and crime-deceit for self-profit and publicity,by cheat-profitting her Govt and India in a big way  .. Mr. Obama is primarily responsible for all such wrong crime pampering and patronizing in here .. I could have been saved long back had some false acting precedence of extreme corruption, crime and devilish lie immunity of US Govt was not "sold" in here as acting capital ..This kind of false Terror funding is running a false economy in here with criminal undercurrent , where such kind of extremely greedy, corrupt,criminal elements are getting pampered highly .. Please seehttp://pathikdeb.blogspot.in/2014/03/an-absurd-crime-victimization.html

and http://pathikdeb.blogspot.in/2014/03/damn-you-chairs.html

in this regard ..


I also would say that Mind Control and NWO theory are false, criminal, devilish lie theory that would have been uprooted from the world and even in US long back .. please see https://www.facebook.com/notes/dev-chakraborty/ban-mind-control-from-the-world/833950476619731and

https://www.facebook.com/notes/dev-chakraborty/gang-stalking-a-hellish-crime/837587786256000  regarding this ..With fourth Amendment Act,Nuremberg Code and devastating criminal precedence of that on Humanexperimentation bull, UN CAT guidelines and all it would have been impossibleeven for US Govt also to do any such thing.. Please see http://www.angelfire.com/pro2/dchakrab/Actions_Against.htm, 


http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/241 regarding this ..


Section 2340A and 2332h , TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241,18 U.S. Code § 2441 - War crimes,2442, HR 1160 , CAT , HR 2977 ,Michigan HouseBill 4513, Pubic act no 256, Michigan House Bill 4514, Public Act No 257 andall, NSA overhauling actions and allhttp://offnow.org/2014/03/21/michigan-house-introduces-4th-amendment-protection-act, there was no chance for US Govt also to save their ass on this ..Everything(including Police, Govt , Court and all are viciously influenced, manipulated,bribed, coerced, instigated, provoked and purchased in here to act corrupt andact criminal for my brutal ruination and criminal deprivation ..I demand theirexemplary punishment and a heavy compensation and damage amount on account of adeadly loss and damage in my life, health, career, reputation and all that ..

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PS : This wasoriginally an US smuggled Organized Crime Syndicate activity that was going onas an underworld criminal activity in Notunpara area of South 24 Parganas ,West Bengal . NO one other than the crime racket rascals knew about the place,and hence was not getting stopped ..The TMC Cadres, and sub-cadres weregetting involved slowly in the racket, for the last 4-5 years, for thesex-underworld in there …Slowly TMC Govt. and Chief Minister were gettingcriminally involved in it for personal profit and publicity … Form that pointonwards, they were thoroughly murdering me and accentuating and prolifying thecrime worldwide, with Mumbai Sex-Underworld as crime associates.. All MumbaiFilm stars are involved in it   ..All inhere are acting as “crime-slaves” and “sex-slaves” in here to get falselyprofited at my murder expense ., through a illegal and criminal “terror funding  “ from US , in their filthy vested interestof keeping their Murder Mind Control Racket on and continue their falsedominion through money and sex, in the world .. The newly elected TMC Govt, who are running a grand murder-anarchy( in terms of  law & order), murder-rascalism(in terms of administration),and Black Terror funded and arranged economy , in exchange of this filthy crime and sex racket flourish in here(Crime–Trafficking and Sex Trafficking absurd) ..


Not many people may know this, that Mrs. Mamata Banerjje, The newly elected (3 yr. old only) Chief Minister of West Bengal is really a cheap tyrant, and a Grand Criminal  ..She is a damn criminal in gross terms and a disaster in chair terms  ..She and her Govt. (TMC) is a murder conspirator, murder-exploiter, murder-profiteer and deep murder-depriver, and deep fooling the whole world into selling Mind Control Murdership , with devil's connivance ..The US president Mr. Barack Obama , another Grand criminal , is black terror funding this Govt and black-purchased it long back to save their ass .. What she has done in her short tenure is unimaginable corruption, crime and Satanism in the name of active "Mass Mind Controlled Murder" that should have removed her from her office and punished her long back .. Black US funding to purchase this TMC Govt through and through is saving their ass ..Any international authority should have been given her a good,solid life imprisonment , for what she has done for a murder and in terms of running a huge corruption and crime mechanism; that was murder-smuggled from the west and was a definite NO GO right from the very beginning ..She is trying to murder and ruin me wholeheartedly to secure her seat, which should have been taken away long back..She and her Govt and  the people taking part in this grand crime and rascal-ism, are gettting a hefty black bribe-amount from US Govt. for this murder and ruin operation and to get this false world going for both of them ..Their absurd, gross hype and crime propaganda was to deep fool the world into believing into lots of nonsense , that will give them a false super-ruling status with US ..Benagli race as a whole , including Bengali NRIs especially were the main culprit for this unimaginable crime of the century ...I demand their exemplary punishment for the worst ever (rarest of rare category ) crime , corruption,conspiracy and  crime-deceit ever in the history of the world  and would demand a forfeiture of all their false profit against a huge, heinous, humongous crime...