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The Curse of the Bambino

This is a site written by a Red Sox fan on the Curse of The Bambino. I am a Sox fan yet I still do belive in the Curse. If you dont know what the Curse is or dont belive in the Curse this site was made for you. Enjoy. The date is September 11th 1918; the Red Sox have won the World Series in six games over the Chicago Cubs. No one suspects that next year the Red Sox all-star George “Babe” Ruth will be traded to the New York Yankees so the Red Sox owner can open a Broadway show. No one suspects that in the next decade the Red Sox will be in last place every year but two, the Yankees will win four World Series and Ruth will set a new home run record that will stand for 34 years. But no one would ever have believed that this World Series victory would be the Red Sox last for eighty-six years and counting. But sadly all of this is true and the Red Sox have still not won a championship since 1918. Some blame the lack of a championship on bad luck but the real reason is the Curse of the Bambino. Whoever saw the ALCS playoffs last year has seen the tragic curse in action. The date was October 16th, 2003 in the bottom of the eleventh inning with the score tied. Tim Wakefield was pitching and Aaron Boone was leading off. Boone had just come off the bench to bat for his first time all game. On the third pitch Boone hits a home run to deep left field to end the game, the series and the Red Sox season. Boone had only hit six home runs with the Yankees and twenty-four on the whole regular season. During the regular season he played almost all 162 games and all nine innings in those games (1,458 innings). What are the chances that Aaron Boone, a mediocre player, can bat for one inning, in the bottom of the eleventh, and hit a walk off homerun? The chance is too small and Boone and the Yankees received help from the Curse. The Bambino helped the Yankees to defeat the Sox in the bottom of the eleventh inning. The Babe helped this player who had hit only 24 home runs in 1,458 innings to hit one homerun in one inning in the American League Championship Series. The curse has shown its evil magic in many important games but in 1978 the curse was everywhere. The season of 1978 was one of the most devastating for Red Sox fans. At one point in the season the Red Sox held a commanding 14 and a half game lead over the Yankees. But with a collapse and failure only the curse could bring brought the Yankees back and tied the Sox at the end of the season. The Yankees and Sox would have to play a tiebreaker to see who would go to the playoffs. In the seventh inning Bucky Dent hit a pop up into left field, which was swept by the wind into the net over the green monster. This went on to be the game winning home run and another devastating defeat for the Red Sox. This whole season was evidence for the curse. Losing a 14 and a half game lead and then losing at home, for the playoff spot in front of 32,000 heart broken fans. 32,000 fans who came to see on of the best Red Sox teams of all time lose to the hated Yankees yet again. These things are not coincidental, and are a sign that the Curse of the Bambino exists. The most painful loss of all came in the 1986 World Series. The Sox had a 3-2 series lead over the Mets after the fifth game. The sixth game was the worst ever played in Red Sox history. In the twelfth inning the Sox had a two run lead, two outs and two strikes. Every one thought the Sox had won the World Series after 68 years of waiting. “Congratulations Boston” flashed across the scoreboard, as Champagne was ready to be popped open in the Sox locker room. Then disaster struck. The Mets hit a single, then another, then another to score a run with the tying run at third. The Red Sox brought in the relief pitcher. Mookie Wilson was up and again the Sox only had to get one more strike to become Champions. The next pitch hit the catcher’s glove and flew to the backstop, pass ball! The tying run scored and the winning stood at second. Again Wilson stepped up to the plate with two strikes and two outs. The pitch came and Wilson hit a little grounder to first. As Buckner reached down Mets fans groaned and Sox fans were relieved but the ball went through Buckner’s legs and into right field. The winning run scored and Mets fans went crazy and Sox fans fell to the floor. The Sox had lost the game. In game seven the Mets went on to defeat the Red Sox and steal their chance for a championship. Now who ever has heard this story must believe in the Curse of the Bambino. To lose a game with a two run lead, two out and two strikes in the bottom of the eleventh is nearly impossible. For this team to make such a collapse is mind-boggling and could only be done with the help from the Babe. Overall the Red Sox have made so many huge mistakes and been so unlucky there is no other way to describe it than with the Curse of The Bambino. After last years ALSC game in which Boone came fresh off the bench and hit a home run. After the 1978 season in which the Red Sox made the biggest collapse in baseball history. Then it was topped off by Bucky Dent home run. After the 1986 World Series I would be shocked to hear someone say the curse isn’t real. I sure believe in it and I am a huge Sox fan. Some would say it’s an oxymoron but there is no other way to describe the misfortune of the great Red Sox. The good news is curses never last forever and must be beaten sometime and I have never heard of a curse which lasts more than 86 years. Lets pray 2004 will be the year the curse is conquered. -Jimmy Campbell