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Valuable Resources Used during the Cold War

Many valuable resources were used during the

massive arms build up of the Cold War. A large

amount of time was used as well. “Nuclear weapons

were a bad thing in that they greatly intensified

the fears the principal Cold War adversaries had

of one another,” and “[…] they stretched out the

length of the Cold War by making the costs of

being a superpower bearable on both sides and for

both alliances” (The End of the Cold War 59) More

that 600,000 Americans were involved in the

creation of the Atomic bomb,

only a few knew its ultimate purpose. In 1942,

work began on the Atomic bomb. Two gigantic atomic

reactors were built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A

third atomic reactor was built in Hanford,

Washington. The atomic reactors were used to

produce Uranium 235, a rare form of Uranium, and

an even rarer element, Plutonium, which was used

in an explosive device. Also a secret laboratory

was built in Los Alamos, New Mexico. At this lab,

the actual atomic bomb was built. The atomic bomb

took three years to build. On January 31, 1950,

President Truman authorized work on the Hydrogen

Bomb. It was completed and tested on November 1,

1952. The Hydrogen bomb has not been used as a

weapon in war, mostly due to the extremely

devastating effects. Previous: Defense Spending
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