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Defense Spending

[] defense spending created what

Eisenhower saw as a complex of military and

industrial interests with a vested stake in the

arms race. (Jones 240) The average annual U.S.

military spending during the Cold War was 298.5

billion dollars. In 1945, the year that the two

atom bombs were dropped on Japan, thus ending

World War II, the U.S. military spent 962.7

million dollars on defense. In 1946, 500.6

million dollars was spent on defense. In 1952 -


the Hydrogen bomb was completed and

detonated -

the U.S. military spent 408.5

million dollars. The total cost of the cold was

from 1948-1991 was $13.1 trillion. If the Cold

War had not taken place, and the U.S. government

had not spent the 13.1 trillion dollars, the U.S.

would not have such a large deficit as it does

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