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Welcome to the first ever Brothers of Destruction Clan League. This is the first of many good things to come if it all goes well. Brothers of Destruction is a clan lead by Kirok, Damien992, and D 8Ball. We have been around for about 4 months and love the gameplay of team vs team Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.

This league is hosting 16 clans from all over the world. These are clans that work well together, and put up a good fight. All clans play fair and do NOT play dirty (spawn camping, glitching, etc). This league is simply trying to find the best all around clan, while having a lot of fun in the process.


There are 16 Clans (each clan must have at LEAST 6 PLAYERS). Each playing 15 matches (every team once). All clans will have to play 5 matches of Total Conquest, 5 matches of Retrieval, and 5 matches of Team Survival. The 6 teams with the most wins move on to the playoffs. If there is a tie for 6th place, the two teams will have 3 matches against each other (one total conquest, one retrieval, and one team survival).


Regular Season Rules:
Each team must play all regular season matches by Dec. 15, 2004.
Matches go as follows: The first team listed on the vs section picks first. (ex. Clan 1 vs Clan 2, clan 1 picks first, Clan 15 vs Clan 3, Clan 15 picks first) They pick the map, the other team picks the team (red, or green). That map is played 3 times, each time, players switch sides. When a team has won 2 of the 3, the second team picks the next map and the first team picks the team. 3 maps are played. The winner of 2 of the 3 maps has won that match. Report wins AND loses to and the site will be updated within 1 working day.


Playoff Rules:
Very similar to the regular season rules, the only difference is instead of playing best of 3 maps best of three 3 times, it's best of 5 maps best of 5 times best of three days. Also the team ranked the highest picks the first map.

Example: Clan 1 (ranked 3rd) vs Clan 10 (ranked 1st) Clan 10 picks the map first, Clan 1 picks the team (red or green). The first map is played 5 times, each time players switch teams. After a clan wins 3 times (best of 5) Clan 1 picks the next map. Again it is played the best of 5 times. After 5 maps have been played the clan that has one 3 of the maps have won that Day. The next day, Clan 1 picks first. And again 5 maps are played 5 times. The winner of that set of 5 wins Day 2. The best of 3 days moves on and the losing team is out. Day one is always Total Conquest, Day 2 is always Retrieval, and Day 3 is always Team Survival.

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