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*AbOuT Me*. RED I aM An eAsY GoiN PersOn Who LIkes To HaVe a GooD tiMe. I cAn Get AlonG With AlMoSt EveryONe. I PlAy HoCkeY And I LoVe IT I aM aGoAlIe For a GirLz team Called WOODSTOCK WILDCATS.. I HaVe a GReaT Time and EnJoY HaNgiN OuT WItH HockeY GaNg. I also PlaY Boyz HoCkey oN My HiGhScHoOl HoCkEy TeaM.. TheY ArE A GReAt Bunch ANd a blAsT to Be ArOuNd!
My FrIeNdZ
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**ThAnkS FoR CoMiN In.... It MeAnS AloT To Me... HoPe YoU ChEcKeD OuT aLL ThE GrEaT Stuf TheRe WaS To LoOk At... To All My FrIeNdZ YOu'S Are ThE BoMb, BaBy.. And TeLLz Me WhAt Ya ThiNk AboUt My PaGe!** LATER AGE

Broadways drak tonight...See ThE Young Man Sittin in the Old Mans Waitin For HiS time to DIe!