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Knockover on Planet Zi

In a large city, a couple drives down a freeway in a car. Suddenly, a large white Zoid, the Liger Zero, comes thundering past the couple, startling them. The Liger Zero is piloted by a blue-haired kid named RD. Two Zoids, an Arosaurer, piloted by Jaow, and a Gorhecks, piloted by Dee, chase the Liger Zero yelling at RD to stop. RD argues that he is only taking a short-cut, but they donít let him go. Liger Zero starts to go out of control for a moment, when RD almost runs into Gummi, the pilot of a Giga Gojulas. As it seems that RD is trapped, the Liger Zero spots a way out. They jump onto a building and then push off it to get behind the Giga Gojulas and escape through a tunnel. Then the Giga Gojulas Team gets a call that some jewels have been stolen from a warehouse.

Back at the Mach Storm Teamís base, RD walks in with a bag of food, and proceeds to get yelled at by Sweet, a browned-haired girl. The Giga Gojulas team is a police force, so RD should not break the rules around them. Stigma, the orange haired guy, and Helmet go to round up some wild Zoids, because they are Pro-Zi Fighters. RD wants to help, but he ends up getting a delivery job given to him by Pop, the older man who was sitting at a desk. Helmet, in his blue Command Wolf, and Stigma, in his Boldguard, leave the base to complete their mission. RD and Sweet have a talk outside about how he shouldnít feel sorry for himself, and how RDís father told him about the legendary Alpha Zoid which RD is determined to find. She tells him to quit whining about his job because heíll need the money. RD and Liger Zero head over to the place where he needs to pick up the package. A mysterious guy opens up the door, and after a talk about RDís age, hands the package over to him, which is stored in a compartment in the Liger Zero. RD then takes off to deliver the package, not aware of a red-haired girl spying on them from around a corner.

Pop and Sweet are contacted by Helmet and Stigma, who have finished their mission, but they havenít heard from RD yet. Pop wants to show Sweet a picture of the Alpha Zoid, but canít work the remote so Sweet does it for him. A Zoids Battle show is on, the Renegade Force, Godos, vs. the Black Impact Team, three black Blade Ligers, led by Rastanie, whom Sweet admires. The three Blade Ligers thrash the Godos, and RD, who was watching the battle on a screen in the Liger Zero, claims that he could do just as well as they did if he had a rich sponsor.<.p>

Three men talk about whether RD was trustworthy to give the package to and whether he would open it or not, for it turns out that inside the package is the stolen jewels. Meanwhile, two men and a woman, Sandra, discuss stealing the package, and they decide that Blake, the pilot of the Berserk Fury, will go after RD.

RD is making his way to Easy Town to deliver the package when he is attacked by Blade and the Berserk Fury. RD and the Liger Zero dodge the Furyís shots until they come upon a rock formation, which the Liger runs on top of to leap onto the Fury, knocking it over. The Fury gets up and resumes pursuing the Liger. Meanwhile, the same red-haired girl from before seduces a man who is waiting for a package to be delivered.

The Liger Zero and Berserk Fury are still battling, the Liger dodging all of the Furyís shots while running towards Easy Town. A Lord Gale, piloted by Burke, the man who was talking to Blake before, attacks RD from above. Burke and Blake argue and then Burke demands the package from RD, claiming that RD is nothing like his father. RD refuses and attacks the Lord Gale, but gets knocked back. The package gets cut off the Liger Zero by Blake, scattering all the jewels. The Liger Zero slashes the Lord Gale with a laser claw attack, and then RD notices that jewels were in his package. Suddenly the Giga Gojulas Team, officially known as Peace Keeping Bureau, stops the battle and the Lord Gale and Berserk Fury run off. Gummi and RD discuss the stolen jewels, and RD learns that someone had called in about the jewels (the red-haired girl).

Back at the Mach Storm Teamís base, Sweet is trying on the jewels when the red-haired girl, Amy, comes in, claims them, and leaves with them, making Sweet angry. RD is walking through the city when he notices a battle on a television between the Black Impact Team and the Dark Assassins. The Blade Ligers get thrashed by the new team, which turns out to be a Dark Spiner and a Killer Dome.<.p>


"I'm just taking a little short-cut back to base." -RD
"Quit feeling sorry for yourself and do your job." -Sweet
"Alright RD, let's see what you've got for me." -Blake

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