Me Meeting the 2001 New York Yankees

Here are a few pictures with the 26 time World Champion, New York Yankees...

From left to right, the people in the picture above are... Jason Zillo, (the assistant director of media relations and publicity for the Yanks) Derek Jeter, (starting shortstop) Me, (Brielle) Kirsten, (my awesome sister) and Joe Torre. (Yankees manager) Then, in the back, we have... Greg, (A great family friend) Ellen, (my mom) and Steven, (also, a great family friend)

Above, my sister and I are hanging out with a bunch of the Yankees...

Here, Kirsten and I are meeting Tino Martinez for the first time. As the rest of the Yankees, Tino was very welcoming and great!

Kirsten, Mr. Joe Torre, and I

Kirsten, Mr. Don Zimmer, and I

Paul Oneil, with my sister and I

Orlando Hernandez, Kirsten and I

This is Jason Zillo... He is awesome. He is the one who set up me meeting Derek Jeter. Jason is awesome. He is really funnny and a great guy. Thanks Jason!

Okay, now you are probibly wondering how I was lucky enough to meet the Best Ballplayer, and some of the nicest people in the world... Well, I wrote Derek Jeter a letter and he responded with a phone call... Below was a picture of me when Derek Jeter called, and after all the screaming, jumping, singing, and running around!

So, for more awesome pictures, information, and a copy of my letter, you can... click here!

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