The Saracini's

This is my mom and my dad on the beach,

They love eachother very much. My dad was a United Airlines Captian...

Now... below, this is my sister. I love my sister very much. She is a GREAT writer. She is an amazing person, very talented, smart, funny, and she is just awesome.

To see a sample of her writing, you can... click here!

Below, is an [older] picture of a bunch of people, and they aren't all my family. They are so close to us, and help us through everything!...To me... they are considered family.

My mom is a very accomplished lady. She is responsible (with other help) for arming the pilots with weapons, for self-defense againts terrorists. She is a great woman...

One of my mom's current projects, is building a Memorial Garden. For more information on that, or for donations, or just to check out... you can go

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