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|-\-| Star Trek comes to an end on the new TNN network as SLAM FADES IN and starts off from the parking lot at the Philips Arena in HOTLANTA, Atlanta, Georgia, as a limousine is pulling into the lot. It then stops, and sits there for a minute |-/-|

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Wait a minute King, we're live here on Slam, and there's a limousine pulling into the parking lot..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | How should I know, JR? Ha, all I know is, whoever it is, arrives in style..look at the size of that limo, wow!!

|-\-| The chauffer gets out of the front seat, and walks around to the back, as he opens up the back door, and out climbs the Slam CEO, Ric Flair as the cheers from inside the arena can be heard. Ric steps out of the limousine, when all of a sudden, Eric Bischoff walks up to him as the boo's start to pour in. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Well, well, well..if it isn't the 19 time, WOOOOOOOOO Limousine ridin, Jet flyin, ramblin, gamblin, kissed all the girls and made 'em cry, The Nature boy, Ric Flair, Ha-ha-ha..

| :-: | 'Naych' Ric Flair | :-: | Hey Eric, how's it going?..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Actually Ric my man, its going great, how about yourself??..

| :-: | 'Naych' Ric Flair | :-: | You know man, some old..I'm ready to get down to business tonight, and you know I've been hearing about that big announcement you're supposed to make, can't wait for it..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | OH, is that so Ric..well sorry to rain on your parade, but you won't be here to see it my friend..

| :-: | 'Naych' Ric Flair | :-: | What are you talking about?..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | I hoped you ask that Ric, but it just so happens that you'll have to wait, oh say || looks at watch || 10 minutes before you can fully find out, but until then, don't take another step forward, get back into your limousine, and leave the premisis..because Mr. Flair, I regret to infor--wait a minute, on second thought, I'm very, very pleased, to inform you, that you're contract with WME..has been..TERMINATED!! Ha-ha-ha..

| :-: | 'Naych' Ric Flair | :-: | Bischoff, what the hell are you talking about?! Is this some kind of joke?!

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Oh no, I'm afraid not my I'm going to leave you with these options, you can either leave now..or you'll to answer, to these guys, Ha-ha..

|-\-| All the sudden, five huge built Security guards walk up and stand behind Eric Bischoff with there arms crossed, as The Bisch stares at Flair with a huge smirk. Flair looks around, obviously noticing that the odds are against him, as he slowly backs up. Without another word, Flair climbs into the back of the limousine and closes the door, as Bischoff walks to the limo and knocks on the tinted window. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Enjoy the show from your hotel room Flair, Ha-ha, oh yes, and NEVER come back!! Ha-ha-ha..

|-\-| The limousine starts to drive, as Bischoff watches it drive off with a huge smile on his face, as the cameras then fade to the SLAM opening promo. |-/-|


|-\-| The Slam intro hits, and afterwards, the cameras open up to the pitch-black Phillips Arena as the pyro shoots down from the top of the arena, and the huge explosions start going off on the stage, as the crowd has come completely out of there seats. |-/-|

|-\-| The cameras pan around the entire crowd as almost every single fan is on there feet raising up there signs and screaming at the tops of there lungs, as the cameras zoom down to the announcers position, where Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' are situated. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | We are LIVE! from Hotlanta, Atlanta, George at the completely SOLD-OUT Phillips Arena, just under six days away from WME Downfall, Live! on Pay-Per-View..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | And JR, what a night its been already, Ha, I can't believe what we just saw!!

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Yes thats right Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you just joining us, minutes ago, right before Slam went on the air, we witnessed something shocking, and that was Ric Flair arriving here to the arena, only to have Eric Bischoff, of all people, tell him that his contract, with WME, was to be simply put, TERMINATED..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | Whats the meaning of this, JR?! I mean last week, we saw Eric Bischoff tell Mr. McMahon that Mr. McMahon wasn't have the man he was, and that things were going to change..and JR, I haven't seen Mr. MCMahon all day, have you?!

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Well no King, I have not..and I have to admit, I don't know whats going on, but I sure as hell don't like it one damn bit..In addition folks, tonight we're going to see all four men involved in Slam's Main Event at Downfall in action, here tonight! In the Main Event, Rikishi defends the WM2k1 Championship, against 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin!!..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | Yeah JR, and imagine if Stone Cold could manage to beat Rikishi here tonight, and go into Downfall as the WM2k1 Champion, Ahh, oh no, I don't even wanna think about it!!

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Well that very well could happen King, but also the other two men involved at Downfall, Triple H and Matt Hardy, Version 1.0 will go one-on-one here tonight, and to say the least, what a match that should--


|-\-| All the sudden, JR is interrupted as Eric Bischoff's theme hits, and the crowd completely erupts into boos'. After a few seconds, the man himself, Eric Bischoff comes strutting through the curtains with his arms out, sort of gliding out onto the stage. He then blows kisses to the crowd, and riases his arms up, sauntering down the ramp with a huge smile on his face. |-/-|

|-\-| Eric Bischoff walks up the sheet metal steps, as he waves to the crowd. He then walks down the apron, and whipes his shoes on the apron canvas, then climbs into the ring. Bisch throws his arms up once again, as he paces around the ring. He then takes a microphone from The Fink, and starts to pace back and forth, before raising the mic to his mouth. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Let's see what this jackass has to say, King..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | What's up HOTLANTA?! Ha-ha, Atlanta, Georgia..AKA..the Birthplace, of a little organization called, W..C..W!! Thats right, a new era began here, the WCW era, and it was headed by ME, Eric Bischoff..Alot of memories come out of Atlanta, but tonight, new memories will be etched into the heads of millions for ages..Thats right, ANOTHER new era will begin here tonight, in this very arena..HISTORY WILL BE MADE!! Because I, the most innovative, the most POWERFUL man in the history of this business, Eric..Bischoff..have a HUGE! blockbuster, announcement that will shake WME, and for that matter, this business down to its very foundation!!

|-\-| Bischoff begins to pace around, as more and more boo's begin to pour in and get louder and louder by the minute. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Go ahead, and boo me all you want..But deep down inside, you all know, that no one, can even compare to Eric Bischoff..not even, Mr. McMahon!! You see, last week I left Slam off, by telling Mr. McMahon the facts, by laying it down for Vince so-to-speak..I came right out, and told that old, has-been that he's not HALF the man he used to be, That he is now nothing more then a SHADOW of what once was, the most powerful man in Sports Entertainment..but now I, Eric Bischoff, have taken his place in more ways than one..and you can all now thank me, because you will never, and I mean, NEVER have to lay your eyes on that old, washed-up SONUVA BITCH, Vince McMahon in a WME arena, EVER, EVER, AGAIN!!

|-\-| The crowd completely erupts into boo's, as Bischoff looks around with a pissed off expression, as the crowd starts chanting "ASSHOLE!! ASSHOLE!! ASSHOLE!!" But Bischoff only smirks off the boo's and begins to talk once again. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Now, Vince, Shane, for that matter, Ric Flair..I know all three of you are watching right now, I know you wouldn't miss this HUGE announcement for the world..And I know you three want some answers..Because the fact is, that you three, were kicked out to the curb, plain and simple, no questions asked, no answers as of this very moment, you three have absolutely NO idea as to what's going on..except for the fact that you were thrown out, and you're now sitting on your asses, while I, Eric Bischoff, am in the ring, am on the show, am at the very TOP of the federation that you, yourselves, CREATED, Ha-ha-ha!!

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Vince, I'm going to come right out and say it, just because the suspense is killing me..Vince, if you weren't too busy..suspending people, handing titles to oversized somoan bastards with not one shred of talent, and letting Daddy's Little Girl take control of things around here..then maybe, just maybe you..and your son, who is the spitting image of you, would have been more aware..when the two biggest genious minds this business has to offer, Paul E. Heyman, and myself, Eric Bischoff, BOUGHT.....WRESTLEMANIA ENTERTAINMENT...RIGHT OUT..FROM UNDER YOU!!

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | OHH GOOD GAWD NO, YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME, GOOD GAWD..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | WHAT?! JR I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!

|-\-| The crowd's boo has now become defening as Eric Bischoff saunters around the ring with a huge smile on his face. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | THATS RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN--YOUR NEW, OWNER OF 50% of Wrestlemania Entertainment, your's truely, ERIC...BISCHOFF!! Ha-ha-ha, and as I told Vince McMahon last week, things are going to change around here from now on, starting here TONIGHT..Tonight marks the beginning of a new era, not only here in WME, but in the business, the beginning of the BISCHOFF ERA..History has been made here tonight, and TONIGHT will defiantely be a night to remember..Now before I leave all you people with WME's #1 Show..which got even BETTER with me behind the desk running things, I have one more thing to say to Mr. Vincent K. McMahon, and Vince, I've been waiting a long, long time to say this..but now I can, and quite frankly, there's not a goddam thing you can do about Vince, do yourself a favor, pucker up..and...


|-\-| The crowd completely erupts into boo's again, we've never heard a booing ovation as loud as this display right here. "I'm Back, and Better Than Ever!" blares over the speakers, as Bischoff drops the mic and looks around with a huge smile stretched acrossed his face. He climbs out of the ring, and starts back up the ramp as JR's voice cuts in. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | King, I don't believe this, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE WHAT I SEE DAMMIT, I refuse to believe what I see, say it ain't so, tell me that this no-good bastard isn't in-charge..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | JR, I don't know what to say, I'm left speechless, this just doesn't seem real..

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | DAMN him King, DAMN ERIC BISCHOFF, DAMN HIM TO HELL!!..

Commercial Break

Downfall - Perfect Display of Old School 

|-\-| Slam comes back from the commercial break, as Steve Corino is seen inside his locker room, taping up his wrists, as the cameras pan out, and Brian Kendrick is seen pacing back and forth, with his neck inside a brace. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Old School Prodigy' Brian Kendrick| :-: | Dammit Steve, I can't believe The Undertaker Tombstoned me last week..I mean look at me, this brace looks ridiculous..

| :-: | 'Old School King' Steve Corino | :-: | Yea Brian, I have to admit, you do look ridiculous in that thing, but hey its not your fault that neck braces don't come in extra, extra small, Ha-ha..

| :-: | 'Old School Prodigy' Brian Kendrick| :-: | Yea yea, please stop making fun of me Steve, just promise me you'll kick The Undertaker's ass!! ..

| :-: | 'Old School King' Steve Corino | :-: | Heh, don't worry about it lil buddy, I have all that covered, I've beaten The Undertaker, how many times already? Ha, too many times to count, thats for sure, and you actually think I'm gunna lose at Downfall?..

| :-: | 'Old School Prodigy' Brian Kendrick| :-: | Well, yeah I guess, but you know..with all this, Lord of Darkness stuff, it's just--

| :-: | 'Old School King' Steve Corino | :-: | HA-HA-HA, OH come on man!! You actually think I'm scared of The Undertaker?! Ohh, yea, Lord of Darkness, Ohh, Real scary..C'mon, gimme a break..just cause the guy puts on some different attire, comes out to different music, doesn't mean he's changed a damn bit, it doesn't matter WHO The Undertaker claims to be at Downfall, fact is, he's the same guy I beat at Wrestlemania, and there's gunna be a repeat, I guess you could say, Downfall will be the PERFECT display of what Old School is really all about..

| :-: | 'Old School Prodigy' Brian Kendrick| :-: | Ha-ha, sounds good to me, c'mon let's go--

| :-: | 'Old School King' Steve Corino | :-: | Ah, actually man, y'know what..I think you should stay back here for this one, ya know, just to make sure nothin happens to you, you're my Old school prodigy, I care about ya buddy..

| :-: | 'Old School Prodigy' Brian Kendrick| :-: | Yea, yea, okay, okay..

|-\-| Corino finishes taping up his wrists, as he exits the locker room, and Kendrick turns and sits down, switching on the TV monitor to watch it from backstage. |-/-|

Stage dive 

|-\-| Slam comes back from the commercial break, the cameras are focused on The Undertaker, just minutes after being thrown off the stage by Corino. Stephanie McMahon among other WME crew members have crowded around The Undertaker as the crowd stays silent. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Well Ladies and Gentlemen, as if this night couldn't get any worse, we've now topped it off, with Steve Corino throwing The Undertaker off the stage, and obviously as you can see, during the break we've been told that The Undertaker has indeed suffered a neck injury, as you can see with the neck brace..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | And JR, its always depressing when a Superstar gets injured like this..

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Thats right, its always hard to see a WME Superstar carried out of here on a stretcher, and I can't understand what possessed Steve Corino to do something like this, but nonetheless, the damage has been done, and there's not a damn thing you, me, or anyone else can do about it King..

|-\-| The medics and EMTs place the neckbrace around The Undertaker's neck as they lift him up on the stretcher and start to wheel him out, as again the crowd stays silent, and the cameras fade in to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | And The Undertaker is supposed to compete this Sunday at Downfall, one can only wonder if he's gunna be able to compete, or what?..

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | From the looks of it King, I very much doubt that The Undertaker will compete at Downfall, this just makes me sick, plain and simple..

Does Bisch Hook With The Book? 

|-\-| The cameras go into the backstage area, specifically into the private room of Eric Bischoff as he's sat on a couch, talking to someone on his cellphone. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Yea, the injury does look pretty serious..yea, he's getting taken to the hospital now..Worred?! Ha-ha, hell no thats the least of my worries..My opinion is it makes the fued all that much better..Yea, so how far are you exactly from the arena? Ha-ha..Excellent, excellent, NO ONE will expect you here tonight, tonight's just getting better and better by the seconds..

|-\-| All the sudden, Theodore Long enters the private room with his hands folded, as Bischoff looks up to him, then talks back into his cell. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Yeah, hey I gotta run..I'll see you when you get here, I'll have two personal escorts waiting for you outside, Alright..Great, see you then..

|-\-| Bischoff slips the cell back into his pocket, and stands up, shaking the hand of Theodore Long. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Mr. Long, what a pleasant suprise, hows it going my man?..

| :-: | 'The Truth' Theodore Long | :-: | It's going great Mr. Bischoff, ALOT better ever since, Mr. McMahon has been kicked outta know personally, I think its not only better for the company, but better for myself, and the platinum playa himself, Booker T..if you ask me, Mr. McMahon was a do I put this lightly, AGAINST the black man..if you know what I mean, which is why the Booker man wasn't offered any big time spots lately..but now that you're in charge, I know a change is comin..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | You're damn right a change is coming Teddy ole' buddy ole' pal, and let me just say, I agree with EVERYTHING you just said, and believe me, Mr. McMahon WAS and IS against the black man, as you put it..Infact I remember hearing him one evening saying just how much he dreaded your man, the Booker man..

| :-: | 'The Truth' Theodore Long | :-: | Typical Billionaire whiteman for you, no respect for true talent..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | My views exactly, but me on the other hand Ted..I'm different, because I recognize talent when I see it, and only a complete and utter MORON who look at Booker T and not recognize talent, therefore tonight I'm going to go ahead and book a match right here, right now..seeing as though we're in Atlanta, Georgia, the HOME of WCW..I figure that I should put two of WCW's TOP Superstars against each other, in that ring, here tonight..

| :-: | 'The Truth' Theodore Long | :-: | Fill me in playa..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Oh I will Mr. Long, ya see in one corner, its gunna be the Platinum Playa, the Booker Man, the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time W..C..W Champion, BOOKER T! and in the other corner, Heh-eh, get ready for this, the Stinger himself, STING!..

| :-: | 'The Truth' Theodore Long | :-: | You know, I like that Mr. Bischoff, you truely are a genious..and you won't be disappointed tonight..Believe me

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Ha-ha, oh I know, I know..Pleasure doing business with you..

|-\-| Bischoff and Theodore Long then shake hands, as Teddy Long turns and walks out, leaving Bischoff smiling from ear-to-ear. |-/-|

Straight Trailor Park Pimpin 

|-\-| The cameras cut over to the parking lot of the Philips Arena, as a beat-up pink cadillac pulls into the lot. It has rust on it, and the grill is out of place. Smoke billows out of the tailpipe, and it makes some exploding noises. There are blinking lights bordering the windsheild, as 'Brick House' 70's Pimp music is heard blaring out. It then stops, as out from it steps JAMIE NOBLE wearing a pimp hat, huge pimp glasses, and a long fur coat, carrying ofcourse his pimp cain, with a cigar in his mouth. He looks around and takes in the Hotlanta air.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Trailor Park Pimp' Jamie Noble | :-: | Ahhhh..Smell that Atlanta air..Almost, ALMOST as dirty as the Trailor Park..He-he-he..C'mon bitches, get out the car, we ain't got all damn night..

|-\-| Jamie Noble then steps aside as two women step out of the car, The 'Trailor Park Slut' along with 'The Farmer's Daughter' Becky.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Trailor Park Pimp' Jamie Noble | :-: | WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Doggy you two bitches are lookin fiiii-i-i-i-INE tonight!! And I hope you two had alotta rest, cause I'ma be pimpin you two bitches like it ain't no thang, Ha-ha, c'mon lets go..

|-\-| They each take one of Jamie Noble's arms as he starts doing his Pimp walk, along with them on either side of him. The cameras then zoom on his run-down pink cadillac, and cut to the main arena.. |-/-|

Never Gotta Rematch 

|-\-| The cameras cut back into the office of Eric Bischoff, as he's stood infront of a TV monitor with his hands placed inside his pockets, as all of a sudden, both members of Three Minute Warning, Rosie and Jamal step into the office, as Bischoff turns to them.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Rosie, Jamal, what's up fellas?! What can I do for ya?!..

| :-: | 'Three Minute Time-bomb' Rosie | :-: | Hey Bischoff man, look, me and Jamal here..we saw that there's no Tag Team Titles match-up lined up for Downfall, right?

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Yea, that's right..And?

| :-: | 'Three Minute Time-bomb' Rosie | :-: | Well, for one thing, its stated in ANY WME Superstars contracts, that if they're a champ, and they lose that belt, then they getta rematch..

| :-: | 'Three Minute Time-bomb' Jamal | :-: | And it just so happens that me and Rosie, haven't gotten our rematch, get where we're goin with this, Mr. Bischoff?..

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Yea, I definately get the drift guys..and let me just say, that over the past weeks, you two have been nothing short of IMPRESSIVE, so to answer your question, have a rematch, for the Tag Team Championships, against Konnan and Road-Dogg, at Downfall..

| :-: | 'Three Minute Time-bomb' Rosie | :-: | Ha-ha, yea thats what I'm talkin bout..

| :-: | 'Three Minute Time-bomb' Jamal | :-: | Thanks alot Mr. Bischoff, we ain't gunna let you down, you're lookin at the next Tag Champs, nuff said..

|-\-| Rosie and Jamal pound there fists together, as they turn and walk out, leaving Bischoff with YET ANOTHER smile acrossed his face as he rubs his hands together in excitement.. |-/-|

Better luck Next time 

|-\-| The cameras cut to the backstage area, as Billy Kidman is seen walking through the parking lot with his gym bag, as his fiancee, Tygress follows behind, as Billy looks to be in a pissed off mood after his loss.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Kidman's Fiancee' Tygress | :-: | Billy? Baby? Billy c'mon, so its one loss..One loss and one loss only, there'll be other matches!!..

| :-: | 'Shooting Star' Billy Kidman | :-: | Nah Ty, thats not it..Its just..

| :-: | 'Kidman's Fiancee' Tygress | :-: | Just what?

| :-: | 'Shooting Star' Billy Kidman | :-: | Well, its just, ahh..I dunno, It just seems I'm in a slump, I'm just not myself in the ring anymore..ever since Wrestlemania, ahh..I don't know, forget it..

| :-: | 'Kidman's Fiancee' Tygress | :-: | No, no, Billy..No you got it all wrong babe, EVERYONE goes through slumps like'll get over it, now you got Rob Van Dam on Heat this should jump at the opportunity, and prove to Eric Bischoff what you're made of..

| :-: | 'Shooting Star' Billy Kidman | :-: | Ah, I guess you're right Ty, I have a chance on Heat, against R..V..D, and ya know what, I'm gunna jump at that chance..

| :-: | 'Kidman's Fiancee' Tygress | :-: | Now THATS what I like to hear, Ha-ha..

|-\-| The cameras cut once again as Kidman and Tygress continue toward there rental car.. |-/-|

Try Dancin' at Downfall 

|-\-| The cameras cut to another part of the backstage area, as Alex Wright is seen dancing infront of his mirror inside his locker room. He then checks his face, and smiles into the mirror. Wright turns, and goes to open up the door, when all of a sudden, SMACK!! a steel chair smacks Wright over the head as he goes down. William Regal then steps into view, as he looks down at Wright with a huge smile on his face.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Goodwill Ambassador' William Regal | :-: | Look at you, you miserable little toe-rag..with your little sunglasses, your little leather jacket, and your propostorious dance make me ill, you miserable specimin..And to top it all off, you dare turn your back on me, the Goodwill Ambassador, sir William Regal..well, special message from Mr. Eric Bischoff, and that is, I'll see your miserable carcus in the ring at Downfall, and prepare to be hacked up like a bloody hatchet..

|-\-| Regal then drops the chair down ontop of Alex Wright, and backs away with a smug expression, as he starts to laugh to himself, as the cameras focus on Wright, who's just now starting to stir. |-/-|

Booker's Afraid of the big BLACK bat 

|-\-| VIDEO STARTS TO ROLL as the WME-Tron lights up, showcasing a pitch black room, with several hanging black bats from the ceiling, and at the back of the ring, the one and only STING with his back turned to the camera, as he starts to talk.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Stinger' Sting | :-: | Riddle me this, Riddle me that, BOOKER T is afraid, of the big, black bat..

|-\-| Sting then turns facing the camera, as he starts to walk inbetween the bats.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Stinger' Sting | :-: | And Booker, speaking of black, it seems to me that you, and your "mouth" Thedore Long, have been going around crying and moaning, Waaa, Waaa, Waaaa..about african americans not getting any opportunities here in WME..Well Book, here's your chance, the opportunity of a lifetime, the opportunity to face THE STINGER..and just like in WCW, just like when I used to school you each and every single night, TONIGHT will be no different book..WOOOOOOOOOOOOO..Its showtime folks!!..

|-\-| FOOTAGE FADES OUT leaving the crowd completely erupting.. |-/-|

All bets off tonight 

|-\-| The cameras go into the backstage area, more specifically into the locker room of 'The Game' Triple H as he is sat on the bench in his locker room, when all of a sudden Matt Hardy walks in, as 'The Game' springs up.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Cerebral Assassin' Triple H | :-: | What the hell are you doing?! Don't you know how to knock?!..

| :-: | 'Version 1.0' Matt Hardy | :-: | Whoa, Whoa, calm down..I come in peace Triple H..

| :-: | 'The Cerebral Assassin' Triple H | :-: | Peace, my ass..what the hell do you want?

| :-: | 'Version 1.0' Matt Hardy | :-: | Such hostility from you, maybe you should take up following Mattitude as you're new religion, and learn to get past all that pent-up anger..

| :-: | 'The Cerebral Assassin' Triple H | :-: | I'll show you anger, you sonuva BITCH--

|-\-| All the sudden, BIG SHOW steps infront of Matt as Triple H runs into him. Triple H looks up at Big Show, as Show stares down at him with a pissed expression, and 'The Game' slowly backs away.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Version 1.0' Matt Hardy | :-: | Now are you ready to listen?..

| :-: | 'The Cerebral Assassin' Triple H | :-: | Make it quick, cause incase you've forgotten, you and me have a match tonight..--

| :-: | 'Version 1.0' Matt Hardy | :-: | Oh no Triple H, I haven't forgotten..Infact, thats what I came here to talk to you about, ya see everybody know's that Matt Hardy is nothing short of pure genious..and within all my infinite wisdom, I decided that both you and I, can pose a formidable threat toward Rikishi, and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, when working together as a unit..So what I'm proposing is, at Downfall, you and I watch eachother's backs, and make sure that both Austin and Rikishi are taken out..and then, between you and I, lets just say..May the best man win..

| :-: | 'The Cerebral Assassin' Triple H | :-: | Heh ||strokes chin|| Sure, I like that idea..but Hardy, tonight, ALL BETS..ARE OFF..!!

|-\-| Triple H then walks out of his own locker room, as Matt and Big Show watch him leave..Matt shakes his head, and looks up to Big Show with a smirk |-/-|

| :-: | 'Version 1.0' Matt Hardy | :-: | So much pent up anger, so much..

Hunting down the Wolverine 

|-\-| The cameras go into the backstage area, as they're focused on a door, when all of it sudden it bursts open, and 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner bursts through, with a pissed off expression. He walks through the backstage area, throwing tables and trashcans over, kicking door's in. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Freakzilla' Scott Steiner | :-: | BENOIT, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE..BENOIT, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU HIDIN?!!

|-\-| Steiner kicks another door in, then turns and spots Doug Dhillinger, as he walks over to him and graps him by the shirt, slamming him up against the wall. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Freakzilla' Scott Steiner | :-: | WHERE THE HELL'S CHRIS BENOIT?!

| :-: | ' WME Security ' Doug Dhillinger | :-: | Heh ||strokes chin|| He-He-He went through that door r-r-right there, j-just a couple minutes ago..!!

|-\-| Steiner then drops Dhillinger, as he rushes toward the double doors, and kicks them open, which leads out into the parking lot. Steiner rushes out and looks back and forth. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Freakzilla' Scott Steiner | :-: | BENOIT, WHERE ARE YOU PUNK?! YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER!!

|-\-| All the sudden, two blinding headlights show up, around the corner as a long black Limousine pulls into the parking garage. Steiner stares at it with a confused expression, as it passes him up. All the sudden, several Security Guards come out of the doors that Steiner came out, and start to surround the limousine, as Steiner backs off quitely. |-/-|

Laying down a Challenge 

|-\-| After Booker T shoves the referee off of holding his arm up, he calls for a mic, as The Fink hands him one, and he paces back and forth. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Booka Man' Booker T | :-: | Yo, cut the music--cut the music..Yo, now everybody just seen, The Booka Man put this punk-ass, painted-face clown boy OUT..You know why? cause he underestimated Da black man..when Sting, how you feel now PUNK?! Sunday, is this Downfall gig, and The Booka Man don't have a right now, I'm layin down, an open challenge to ANY, and I mean ANY cracka in the back, that thinks he can take, Da 5 Time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 ti--

|-\-| All the sudden, Booker is interrupted. |-/-|


|-\-| Jeff Jarrett's music hits, with a remix of 'Cowboy' by Kid Rock following soon after, as Jeff Jarrett comes through the curtains, and Booker T stares at him with his eyes widened and a pissed expression. Jarrett waists absolutely no time in walking down the ramp, as he walks up the sheet metal steps, and into the ring. Jarrett hoists himself up on the ring ropes, and throws his guitar up, as the crowd completely erupts.. |-/-|

|-\-| Jarrett then takes the microphone from The Fink, as his music dies down and he starts to pace back and forth.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett | :-: | What's up, SLAPNUTZ?! Ha-ha-ha, now this is just like some big Dubba Cee Dubba reunion now isn't it? You, me, Sting flat on his back on the mat like always..Well Booker boy, or whatever you call yourself, I guess you could say, Double J gotta knack for not only whippin ass, but for accepting open challanges, and just like I told Test two weeks ago, don't make challenges, if you don't know, who's gunna accept 'em..

| :-: | 'Booka Man' Booker T | :-: | Heh, that right? Well to tell the truth, I was hopin your country-singin ass would get out here, just so I can kick your ass, just like I did, in WCW!!

| :-: | 'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett | :-: | Booker, Booker, got it all wrong, cause it was me, The Chosen One, who was kickin YOUR ass!! Now Book, I don't know if you've realized it yet, cause this slapass over here || points to Teddy Long || has been fillin that empty head of yours with crazy idea's, but Book, I believe you've been told this before, but the truth of the matter is Book, you're a no-talent, JOBBER!! The only reason you're here, is to ENTERTAIN're not meant to wrestle, you're meant to dance..

| :-: | 'Booka Man' Booker T | :-: | Dance, huh? Well at Downfall, I'ma DANCE..ALL OVER..YOUR PUNK-ASS!!!?!

|-\-| Booker T's music then hits, as he drops the mic. He starts to stare down Jeff Jarrett, as he then starts to walk out of the ring. Jarrett shakes his head, as he stops Booker before he climbs out of the ring, grapping his shoulder just as Booker is nearly through the ropes. Booker turns as, CRACK!! Jarrett smashes the guitar over Booker's head as the crowd erupts, and Booker goes down like a ton of bricks.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett | :-: | I believe the correct phrase is, CHOKE ON THAT..SLAPNUTZ!!..

|-\-| The Chosen One's music hits, as he points to Booker T and talks some trash, before dropping the mic, and climbing out of the ring. He starts back up the ramp, as the cameras focus on Booker T laid out on the mat.. |-/-|

Speechless in Hotlanta 

|-\-| The cameras go backstage, as the Slam General Manager, Stephanie McMahon is seen walking down a hallway, with a worried expression, as 'The Coach' Jonathan Coachman then confronts her. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Coach' Jonathan Coachman | :-: | Stephanie, Stephanie..Can I get a quick word with you?

| :-: | 'Slam GM' Stephanie McMahon | :-: | Well, ah, umm..

| :-: | 'The Coach' Jonathan Coachman | :-: | Stephanie, how do you feel now that Eric Bischoff now owns 50% of Wretlemania Entertainment!?

| :-: | 'Slam GM' Stephanie McMahon | :-: | I..I....

| :-: | 'The Coach' Jonathan Coachman | :-: | Yes!?

|-\-| Stephanie then storms off with an even more worried expression, as The Coach throws his arms up in frustration. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Coach' Jonathan Coachman | :-: | Come on Steph, I gotta get a little bit more then that!!

|-\-| Stephanie continues walking out, as the cameras follow her. She goes through the double doors into the parking lot, and stops at the sight of the long limousine, still waiting there with Security guards crowded around it. She then walks around it, to where her own limousine is waiting. She climbs inside, then closes the door, as the limo drives off. The camera then pans around to the limousine which is still waiting there, as the Security Guards stood with there arms crossed. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | Well King, this has just been the night from hell, and Stephanie McMahon just walked out, it CANNOT get any worse then this right here..

| :-: | 'Burger King' Jerry Lawler | :-: | Well what about that limousine JR, the new CEO of Slam is inside there!! Who could it be?!

| :-: | 'Bar-B-Q-Boy' Jim Ross | :-: | I could really care less King, anybody hired by Bischoff, can't be good, we'll be right back folks, but I wouldn't recommend watching any longer, this is simply disgusting..

Commercial Break

The CEO Wait is over! 

|-\-| Slam comes back from the commercial break, as Bischoff's theme hits again. |-/-|


|-\-| Bischoff comes through the curtains once again with his arms raised. He blows some more kisses out to the crowd, then points to a fan with both fingers and shakes his head with a huge smile. He then puts his hand over his heart, and pounds it a couple times, sauntering down the ramp the whole while. He walks up the sheet metal steps, and climbs into the ring, as he waists no time in grapping a mic. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Did you all miss me out here?! Ofcourse you did..I missed you too..Now Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I announced, that there would be a new CEO here, to take that sonuva bitch Ric Flair's place..and I'll get to that in just a moment, first I want to address, one man named..SEAN O'HAIRE...

|-\-| The crowd gives a mixed, mostly boo reaction as Bischoff paces back and forth. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | You see, last week, Vince McMahon, suspended Sean O'Haire from Slam!! Vince, Vince, Vince, what a moron you really are..But ya see, I'm sure as hell not Vince McMahon, but Sean..this, SLAM, is your home..and I know you showed up on Smackdown, I know you did..but I have something instore that you maybe interested in..Everybody can rest assure, that I WILL bring back Sean O'Haire back to Slam..simply because I am a better businessman than Vince McMahon was or EVER WILL BE..I recognize talent when I see it..

|-\-| Bischoff paces around some more as the crowd is pouring in the boo's here. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | Now, as for the next matter on hand..the new, Slam brand CEO..Ladies and Gentlemen, before making this decision, I looked high and low, I looked all over to find the perfect guy to replace Ric Flair, but HEY, lets face facts..ANYBODY, is better then Ric Flair..but, like I said, I searched until I couldn't search no more, and I found the perfect man for the job..Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, the man with almost a brain as big as mine, a man with almost as good as business as I posess. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up, for the new Slam CEO, the ONE..the ONLY..


|-\-| A remix of Shane McMahon's old entrance theme hits, as THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN - TED DIBIASE comes through the curtains and raises his arms up as the crowd gives a mixed, mostly cheer reaction. |-/-|

| :-: | 'The Bisch' Eric Bischoff | :-: | THE MILLION..DOLLAR..MAN, TED..DIBIASE!!..

|-\-| Ted Dibiase makes his way to ringside, as he steps onto the first step of the sheet metal steps, and fixes his suit jacket, before walking the rest of the way up, and down the apron. He whipes his shoes on the apron, before climbing into the ring, as Ted Dibiase and Eric Bischoff hug in the center of the ring! The crowd erupts into boo's, as The Million Dollar Man's theme dies down, and he takes the mic from Bischoff, waiting for the crowd to quiet down.. |-/-|

| :-: | 'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase | :-: | Its safe to say, that, the MILLION..DOLLAR BACK!!, let me say, when Eric Bischoff came to me, asking if I'd take the position of Ric Flair, I jumped at that chance..Ya see Wrestlemania Entertainment has been great, off the charts, for nearly the past 2 years, but now that The Million Dollar Man is here, as Mr. Bischoff put it last week, times will be changing!! Ha-ha-ha, and just remember, all the Superstars in the back, now that Ted Dibiase's in charge, EVERYBODY's gotta price, and the Million Dollar Man, ALWAYS gets his way, Ha-ha-ha-ha..

|-\-| The Million Dollar Man's theme hits again, as he and Bischoff hug in the ring once again. Ted Dibiase drops the mic, as the two climb out of the ring, and start back up the ramp, as the crowd is booing at the tops of there lungs. |-/-|