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Starcraft Clan VoA ~ US EAST

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Need to update - the 2nd coming is soon.

News! Tourny today. Hopefully this will be a very sucuessful event and many members will participate in it. ~ Posted by VoA)CaUPPuCHiNo

Just for your information, if I didn't add your name to members or other things like that... remember to aim me or msg me somehow - e-mail and such...

For the pure joy of tourny + match help create a clan enemy - If you find one please post the clan site and tag on the forum. Updated: Monday, August 18, 2003 ~ Posted by VoA)CaUPPuCHiNo

VoA) is finally back again... So far we're off to a good start and when we get back into mainstream for a while. The site is still under construction. If you wish to know more information please contact us. Aim: Cauppuchino, or xXx SuPaH MaN xXx ------------------- If you wish to join VoA) then please contact a recruiter or a leader to join. Updated: Sunday, August 17, 2003 ~ Posted by VoA)CaUPPuCHiNo

If you have suggestions please sign the guestbook.