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US English Services


Private English Lessons

  • In your home or office in Mexico City
  • Experienced, native-speaking teacher
  • TOEFL, business English, conversational English; all levels
  • $200/hour; fees negotiable depending on hours of instruction required
  • One-on-one instruction or small groups


Different students have different objectives and learning styles. Therefore flexibility of instruction is maintained along the following principles: 1) Language is habit. Emphasis in class is on the repetition of fundamental grammar, so that its use becomes automatic. When grammar is automatic, the brain can focus on expression. 2) Language is communication. Learning must be transformed through in-class practice from knowledge to communication.


Materials vary subject to the student's needs. Advanced students should consider TOEFL preparation. The teacher will provide students with custom materials (free of charge) as necessary. Grammar workbooks and supplemental readings will be used where appropriate.


The student's progress is evaluated according to his or her own objectives, but always based on the principal that learning language is learning to communicate.