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Curriculum vitae. Ottawa Sun (left), The Maple Leaf, Canadian Vocational Journal, The Maple Leaf.

Editing always a welcome respite

The Maple Leaf current frontReturning to the Government of Canada bilingual tabloid publication The Maple Leaf  as English Editor was a bit like going home – I was in a comfortable place, working with talented, dedicated people, doing what I most enjoy doing.

I edited English text and proofed the pages, liaised with writers and the Government of Canada Translation Bureau, and worked with The Maple Leaf's French editor to ensure concordance between the English and French texts.

Unfortunately, my position was one of many that were "work force adjusted" (cut) in response to the Spring 2012 budget.

And, even more unfortunately, all of the back issues of The Maple Leaf have been removed from the Internet; therefore, the list of clips, below, is no longer active, though I can provide scans of anything there.


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