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Ruthanne Urquhart

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Curriculum vitae. Ottawa Sun (left), The Maple Leaf, Canadian Vocational Journal, The Maple Leaf.

MSPA great intro to senior service

The Maple Leaf; Navy pageWorking as Navy Editor of the Government of Canada bilingual tabloid publication The Maple Leaf was an interesting facet of my Maritime Staff Public Affairs work.

Being responsible for the content of the Navy pages—copy, headlines, cutlines, and photos/ art—gave me the opportunity to liaise with Navy personnel at NDHQ in Ottawa, across Canada and deployed worldwide. They are, without exception, the most friendly, helpful and professional people I've had the pleasure of working with, making my education regarding the Royal Canadian Navy both thorough and fun.

The Maple Leaf; Navy page; Navy League Cadet Corps Bidwell cadets relax after the Battle of the Atlantic Sunday service on board warship HMCS SACKVILLE, Canada's sole remaining Flower-class corvette.—Photo by Ruthanne UrquhartNavy League Cadet Corps Bidwell cadets relax after the Battle of the Atlantic Sunday service on board HMCS Sackville, Canada's sole remaining Flower-class corvette.
—Photo by Ruthanne Urquhart

I interviewed sailors in the RCN and the Naval Reserve, veterans, cadets and civilian employees, and wrote a host of articles on every imaginable RCN-related subject. It was a lovely job, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Occasionally, I contributed to The Maple Leaf  Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force pages, and to the "purple" pages – those that are not RCN, Canadian Army or RCAF pages.




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The search for silence and Computer tool will assess ships’ structural capabilities
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