Keswick Country House Hotel 2

The Keswick Country House Hotel's solarium tea room.The hotel's solarium lunch room / tea room is alone worth the visit. The mosaic floor is badly worn but beautiful.
I was surprised there weren't more plants in what seemed to be an ideal greenhouse – given the equally sparse outdoor gardens, maybe both areas have only recently been replanted. Maybe the proprietor has a grey thumb.
The Keswick Country House Hotel's main staircase.The staircase is foursquare, plain and (relatively) narrow, but the sunny yellow walls, white trim and multitude of framed photos make it a place to linger.
The photos are an eclectic mix of stiff family portraits, tinted local scenery, mustachio-ed athletic teams, and posed community gatherings fronted by blurred children and dogs.
The old station adjacent to the Keswick Country House Hotel.The old station adjacent to the hotel harkens to an era when wealthy Londoners could board their private railway cars and ride to the door of their holiday hotel. The broken windows and litter say it's long abandoned. Thank goodness it's in England; in Canada, this pretty building would have been sealed to keep folks out, or razed outright.
The hills beyond the Keswick Country House Hotel.This view from my bathtub... need I say more?
The rooftop and chimney belong to the old station. Beyond it, lush fields are home to sheep and lambs. Lambs are cute, and their "m-a-a-a m-a-a-a" sounds like whiney toddlers – which, I suppose, is exactly what they are.
The hills beyond the Keswick Country House Hotel, and one of the many RAF jets that train in the valleys of the Lake District.Have you seen Local Hero? Remember the RAF jets roaring up and down the coast, training in low-level flight and bombing?
That blurred dark speck just above the horizon at the right edge is a jet. Honest. They roared up and down the valley for a bit every evening and morning. No bombing, though. I waved every time.

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