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Top Bods Body Art - Your Body, Your Canvas!

Top Bods Services

Airbrush Body Art Designs are airbrushed onto the skin using laser-cut stencils or freehand or by using a combination of both. The paints used produce bright, strong colours, which can be mixed to create virtually any imaginable shade. Alcohol-based, and drying almost instantly to a matt sheen, they are run, smudge and water-resistant. The vivid, specially-created designs hold their colour for up to five days, before fading gradually over a week. They can, however, be removed instantly, using isopropyl alcohol or baby oil. Try a one-off look for a special occasion or subtly accessorise Your body for an evening or a weekend; it’s entirely up to you. Top Bods caters for Festivals, large music events and private functions. We have been priveliged to have worked at WOMAD, Summer XS and other large summer events. Semi-Permanent Tattoo's Tattoos by Micro-pigmentation are designed to fade between 3-8 years, resulting in a needle tattoo that wont be there for life! The process involves inserting pigments into the epidermis (top layer) of skin using mineral based pigments. As the skin renews, the design fades as the colour breaks down under the surface of the skin. Due to the procedure, this means that discomfort is at a minimum and the pain factor is therefore considerably reduced compared to that of a normal tattoo. We have a mobile technician who can carry out the procedure in the comfort of your own tattoo parlours....and complete privacy. All of our equipment meets the most stringent health standards and is all disposable, eliminating the risk of the contamination of blood diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis etc. We have 100's of designs to choose from, or you are quite welcome to create your own unique image. Airbrush Tanning Tropical tanning lotion contains the active ingredient DHA that is found in the majoity of artificial tanning products. DHA or Dihydroxy Acetone is a chemical which reacts with amino acids in the uppermost layer of the skin and causes them to turn brown. DHA has been used safely in cosmetics for over 30 years. Following exfoliation, an airbrush is used to spray an exact combination of air and tanning lotion directly onto the skin. A 10 – 15 minute treatment will achieve a flawless tan that develops over a period of 2 – 24 hours. One initial tan will last between 5 – 10 days, depending on skin type and care. Top up sessions are offered to clients as and when they are needed. The speed combined with proven results of the treatment ensures regular customers and fantastic profitability for your business. Su-do Tropical lotion contains no sunscreens, but can be used in conjunction with normal sunbathing provided sun protection cream is used at all times. One Tropical treatment will give an excellent base colour prior to sun bathing. Normal sunbathing can then be undertaken at a slower, safer pace with higher protection factor sunscreen. The result is a deeper, longer lasting, healthier suntan. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE ABOVE TREATMENT, PLEASE CONTACT CLARE ON 07711 616 596 AND SHE WILL BE HAPPY TO DUSCUSS ANY OF THE SERVICES THAT TOP BODS CAN PROVIDE.