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Pupil Reporter is a computer program designed to help you write school reports. It makes the entire task faster and easier, while still allowing every teacher to write in their own style, and write specifically about each pupil. This web site will tell you about Pupil Reporter, and allow you to download and use a version for free.

Pupil Reporter is a customisable program - subject title boxes, fonts, layout, graphics, can all be simply defined. Just alter them to meet your own school's requirements! Design forms for other school needs.
Instant access to a pupil's report - quickly compare and edit pupil reports.
Customisable Output - print your own forms and text, select a design similar to your current report forms! Print and save as plain text. Save the reports as web pages, so the school can build up a private web site resource.
When copying and pasting between pupils all names and pronouns are automatically altered!
Powerful Comment Bank program. Create comment banks with 15 topics, and many comments in each topic. Select a comment and edit it, before you send it to any group of pupils - names and pronouns are automatically adjusted!
Easy to use and learn!


Latest News

Pupil Reporter is available for free, for all teachers working in education with students between the ages of 3 to 18. The free version does not have all the functions of the full version, but you will find it very useful nontheless.

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