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Rising Sun


Rinoa glanced at her watch.

only five more minutes left.

She flipped her long dark cinnamon-brown hair and sighed. It was just so hard coping with the loss. She tried to hide her emotions and pretend that everything was alright. Ever since her sisters died, nothing was the same. Nothing at all.

Rinoa's older sister Irene was 21 when it happened. Her younger sister Mika was 7 when it happened. She couldn't do anything about it. Rinoa was at the mall with her best friends, Celene and Mimi. They were there for Christmas shopping. Irene went to get Mika from daycare. The car slid on the icy bridge. It tipped and fell. An autopsy showed that Irene and Mika died partly from head injurys and partly from drowning. Rinoa still remembered it. She went to the accident site as soon as possible when she got a call from her mom.

Rinoa sat there. In the cold. Looked at the blood rush down the icy river. She remembered the pure horror of crimson flooding down the river, then fading away. Like Mika and Irene faded away.

No one knew. Not even Mimi or Celene.

The once happy trio was down to one. They'd left Rinoa all alone. Often she'd find herself wishing that she herself was in the car too.



Her mom and dad pretended that her sisters never existed. Like Rinoa was always the only child. They gave her a lethal glare whenever "Irene" or "Mika" was mentioned.

Rinoa walked into Irene's room. It smelled vaguely of spicy jasmine perfume and fresh pine. She sat on Irene's bed, breathing in the scent of jasmine.

Rinoa woke up to the sound of Irene practicing viola right by her.

"Wait." She thought. "Your not supposed to be... wha??" she asked.

Rinoa waved in her face and tried to get her sister's attention. But surprisingly enough, Rinoa's hands went right through everything except metal objects. Her brain had only one thought: what the fuck was happening?

Irene put her viola away.

"Mom!" she yelled. "I'm going to the daycare center to get Mika. okay?"

"Yeah, that'd be great!" Her mom responded.

Rinoa knew something was wrong. Her instincts told her to go to the car and see if she would be able to get in it. Cars were made of metal right?

Irene slammed the door shut. There weren't a lot of cars on the road because it was so icy. She drove to the daycare center. All the while, Rinoa was watching closely to see what would happen. She noticed an odd black car following them. They went on the bridge for the second time. Rinoa saw the black car deliberately ram Irene's car. She gasped. Irene was trying to control the car. She was cursing at her bad luck for getting in a car accident. The black car rammed them again. The car smashed into the side of the bridge. Mika and Irene were unconcious. There were bloody gashes on their heads. The car rammed them again and this time Irene's car tipped over the edge. Blood. There was blood everywhere. Rinoa let the river wash away the blood.

Rinoa woke up. Remembering the dream. Her head ached and she was petrified. What if her sisters' deaths weren't accidents.

"Its only a dream." She told herself. "Its only a dream."


Rinoa had the same dream that night. Her pajamas were drenched when she gave a scream and jolted up. Rinoa told her best friends. They weren't sure if it was real or just a figment of her imagination.

"I don't know," said Mimi, "it just seems like it was so real, yet, if it wasn't, and you told people..."

"I'd be screwed." Rinoa finished.

"You'll get over it." Celene promised. "I know. Because if the crash site investigators thought that it was on purpose, they would have notified you."

"Its no use." Rinoa sighed. "I'll end up dreaming it again."

"I'll plan a sleepover." said Mimi. "We'll be here. You won't get that dream tonight."

That was all her friends could do. They were affected a lot when they saw Rinoa in that state.

I went home and went into Irene's room again. Somehow, that room was comforting. I resisted the temptation of poking through her stuff. Thoughts raced through my head. Was it a homocide? Does it matter? When will my parents start acting normal again?

Trying to organize my thoughts, I took my diary out and began writing.

I try. I really do. Have you ever lost anyone important? Today, at school, I told my guidance counselor, Ms. Lara about it. About my thoughts of it maybe not being accidental. She thought she understood. She thought she was being sympathetic. She thought she knew all about the dream. She thought she knew what was going on inside me. She doesn't. Counselors, phychiatrists, shrinks ~ They all think they know whats going on. They don't. Sometimes I wonder how they get jobs. Even if the dream is true, where does all this hate come from? Why would they go this far? To do what?

"Mom," I called out, "I'm going to Mimi's for a sleepover, k?"

"Sure," My mom answered, "be home tommorow morning at 10"

I shoved some of my stuff in a backpack and mom drove me to Mimi's. I waved her bye then Mimi came out.

"Hey, glad you could make it." She said.

"Yeah." I answered

Mimi and I went in and I just tossed my stuff on the nearest chair.

Why do they call sleepovers sleepovers? People don't really sleep at sleepovers? Well, I don't~ Mimi, Celene and I messed around on the computer, tv, ps2, gamecube, and ddr for hours. Then we had some fun at truth or dare.

I guess I did kinda forget about the dream for that 13 hours or so. I had a lot of fun at Mimi's~ she's a great friend, and so is Celene.


Then, later that day, I had a quick flashback to the dream. It only lasted for a second, but within that second, all the memories of blood came flooding back. There was no way I could tell my parents. They didn't even believe anymore that Irene or Mika existed. So much for being good parents.

After the flashback I quickly called Celene and Mimi. Celene asked if I wanted to come over to her house. I shook my head no and said that I wanted to deal with it myself. But in my heart I needed someone to back me up. Tell me that their deaths weren't intentional. Please.


Rinoa's green-blue eyes were filled with salty tears.. She had asked Mimi's mom~ Mrs. Li, who knew her very well to drive down to Irene and Mika's graves.

She gently laid down deep crimson rose for Irene~ her favorite flower, and a pale cream rose for Mika~ her favorite flower. She prayed in front of the graves and asked God to give her the strength to move on.

Rinoa walked back to Mrs. Li's car. She thanked Mrs. Li for bringing her there. Her own parents would never let her go there. Hell, they never had 2 other daughters. It was always only Rinoa.

Rinoa's mom asked her where she went. Rinoa lied and said she went to Mimi's house. But then, her emotions burst. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Gosh mom!" I yelled. "Don't you even care about Irene and Mika? Have you once visited their graves? All you ever do is pretend that it never happened. What do you know about anything?? Do you know how fucking hard it is to fucking cope with the loss of your sisters, then your parents talk bull about not having 2 other daughters??"

"Honey, let's not talk about this." Mom said.

"No!" I screamed back. "I'm not gonna stop talking about this until you tell me that i have two sisters who died in a car crash, and every other bit of information you know about this issue!"

"Calm down and sit down." Said Mom. "I was only hiding the truth to protect you. I think from this, you need to know what happened."

"What?" I asked.

"Your sister's death wasn't accidental." Mom started.

"I have two sisters." I shot back.

"I was talking about Irene." Mom said. "Mika's death was, I think, accidental. They were only planning to kill Irene."

"How the fuck do you know about this?" I asked.

"I knew after the investigators told me." She answered. "You do know, that Irene was a journalist. Well, it just so happens, that she found out about a major bank holdup that was going to happen 3 days after her death. She immediately went and told the police. Somehow, the information got to the people that were going to rob the bank, but they didn't know if she told the police or not so they killed her anyway. The bank had a lot of police officers guarding it on the day that the bank was supposidly to be robbed, and noticing that, the criminals that were going to rob it ran. I told Irene not to become a journalist. She wouldn't listen. She loved writing about exciting things."

"NO." I said defiantly. "Irene didn't die because of that. I'm not going to believe it."

I ran up into my room, slammed the door, and started sobbing my heart out on my bed.

"Honey, please don't start crying." Mom said


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