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Enigma of Love

Enigma of Love

Teiha Oshira = Me

-Some of these characters are based on real people~ some are not~ i'm sorry if you didn't want to be in it, and i'm sorry if i portrayed you wrong~ remember~ this is fiction...

-The name Yahiko is from Rurouni Kenshin, none-the-less, it is a Japanese name that I found on a site

-Every real person that is in there [ppl that this is based on] is matched up with a non-existing person, just for anti-kill-the-author reasons XP

-This story isn't just about me. Its about Us. And you kno who you are out there. ^^


This is the way i pronounce them~ they might be wrong, but this is what i'm thinking~

Teiha Oshira- tay-uh -oh-shee-ra

Akina Shimizu- ah-kee-na shi-mit-zu

Isako Inoue- ee-sah-ko in-yu-ay

Iyori Arakaki- ee-yor-ee ah-ra-kah-kee

Yahiko Sato- yah-hee-koh sa-toh

Ruri Kawano- ru-ree ka-wan-oh

Asaichi Mori- a-sai-chee mo-ree

Sejirou Arai- seh-jir-ou air-ai

Reiji Tanaka- ray-jee tah-nah-kah

Akiyori Koga- ah-kee-yor-ee ko-gah

Niro Sasaki- nee-roh sah-sah-kee

Hiroki Ito- hee-ro-kee ee-toh

Part I.


They say that love is a mystery. That you can't change who someone loves. You can't hope to be loved by someone that already loves someone else. Many people learn this the hard way. There is a perfect someone for you out there. You just have to open up your eyes and see him/her.

Iyori: Tei-Chan!!

I turned around just in time to prevent Iyori's unique welcome. She tugged at my hair anyway.

Me: hi...

Iyori: what do you think of that new guy~ Akiyori.

Me: haha...err... ::stalls:: ...Your name is in his?!

Iyori: not quite the response i was looking for~ what do you think of him in terms of personality and looks?

Me: heh.. i thought you'd say that~ Well, I don't know him that well, so i can't answer the personality part, but sure, he's cute... why? you interested?

Iyori: ::blushes:: no.. not really...

Me: you know your face is telling the truth...

Iyori: eh.. stupid blush reflex.. -__-b never hides the truth... ::sigh:: doesn't matter though, i think just about everyone knows cuz thats all i do when they talk about him... ::blushes even deeper:: ::Ruri and Akina butt in ^^;::

Akina: hei guys~ you going the cafeteria, or the bandroom?

Me: Iyori doesn't go to the bandroom~ but... of course i go there!! you think i'd ditch you, Isako, and Yahiko? haha, fat chance!

Iyori: cya guys later..

Ruri: yeah, i'm going to the cafeteria too.

Akina n Me: bai

Akina: psst...

Me: wha..?

Akina: its Sejirou...

Me: what about him. oh. hey.

Sejirou: hey~ where are ya headed?

Me: bandroom.

Sejirou: the bandroom?!! you don't go to lunch?

Sejirou: not really... we eat lunch in the bandroom...

Me: heh.. heh.. and sometimes we don't eat... heh... heh...

Akina: anorexic ::cough::

Me: haha, no.. sometimes we just don't find the time to...

Sejirou: w/e~ gotta go~ bye...

Akina: Cuteness!!

Me: huh?! who?!

Akina: Sejirou, clueless!

Me: ::suddenly gets it:: oh.. [Its amazing how many more new things you learn each day]

Yahiko: ::slants eyes n makes that weird face that he always makes:: what took you so long?

Me: er.. we got... detained...

Akina: ::tries to back it up:: we uh… kinda ran into Sejirou… =^_^=

Yahiko: right… and…?

Me: nothing important~ anyway~ where’s Isako?

Yahiko: she’s in the other room…

Akina: anyone wanna play “plink, plank, plunk?”

Me: ::hides:: nooooh!!

Isako: hi guys… ::plops on the piano bench n starts playing::

Matt: ::gets out bass::

Akina: ::gets out another bass::

Isako: nooooh! don’t touch my boyfriend!! ::grabs bass::

Me: ::crackin up:: haha…


So as the days went by, many inside jokes were made, good times were spent, and homework was plentiful…

Many people knew who liked who, and so on, but didn’t tell anyone~ and as for the people who did like other people~ they kept it to themselves, afraid to make a first move. Love is not always returned. Unrequited love it’s called~ but no one was strong enough to let go. Me? Well, I liked Reiji, but I think he liked Niro who didn’t like anyone~ Ruri liked Hiroki- Hiroki liked Akina who liked Sejirou who liked Isako who I think liked Asaichi, and as for Asaichi? Well, I think he liked me. Yahiko didn’t really like anyone~ neither did Akiyori. They were just kinda drifting away~ finding their own paths.

I often wondered if people valued a crush over friendship because at that unstable time, there were many catfights over guys. I value friendship over crushes, but as I look back, I see that even I was blinded. I knew that Reiji liked Niro. Why couldn’t I leave it alone at that?

My thoughts raced around wildly as a walked with Reiji to class. If Niro had never moved here everything would be perfect. Niro was my friend since she moved here but I kept thinking~ maybe if she didn’t move here Reiji would like me. Why did Reiji only view me as a friend?? Love attacks blindly. Asaichi was being so nice and sweet to me. Why didn’t I love him in return? Its not like I ever tried to. I always walked away from him~ never accepted the fact that he liked me cuz he was one of my friends.


Me: Ruri!!

Ruri: hei~

Me: psttt~ Reiji is so damn cute.

Ruri: yeah, but I heard he has a crush on Isako.

Me: Isako??! nuhnono~ he likes Niro…

Ruri: Hiroki…

Me: say what??!

Ruri: nothing~

Akina: hey~

Me: Kina-Chan!!

Akina: hehe… glad to see you too

Me: what do you think of Reiji?

Akina: he likes Isako~

Me: WHA??! How come I don’t know about this shiznit that’s going around?

Akina: I dunno…

Ruri: hehe.. slow person

Me: -___-;;

Akina: gotta go to class~ cya

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