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Conquering the Impossible


She came from a poor family. But she really didn’t care about her style of clothes or what other people thought about her. Her grades were decent, not too shabby, but could be better… her real passion was for soccer. That was really all she thought about. Getting a scholarship for soccer so she could afford to go to college… but with her mom as a part-time bus driver, and her dad, an alcoholic who didn’t give a damn about her or her mom, she had really no happiness at home. Mel’s mom, Lydia Crete was too busy looking for a rich guy who’d come take her away from this hell house while trying to pay the bills. Her husband Joe Crete was a hopeless alcoholic who was just about bankrupt and lived off of borrowed money. He didn’t give a damn about anyone. His only concern was for his vodka.

Mel played for the high school soccer team. The other teammates thought she was ugly, and they described her as with ugly ashy gray eyes, super-short coarse messy brown hair, a naturally bitter rough voiced girl who was good at soccer. And even though Mel played like a pro, dribbling in between opponents, making perfect passes and smooth steals, never letting down her teammates, no one really ever truly accepted her. They just put up with her because she was a good player.

She was one of a kind. An outcast who received decent grades and had a talent. Even other outcasts disliked her because of the difference between them. Mel’s only open vent to let out her feelings, her dreams, and hopes, was through her journal. But it wasn’t much of a journal. Mel’s parents were too cheap to buy her a journal, so she got a binder, put paper inside and wrote in it.

At school, she would be the girl that’d sit in the far back. She would be the girl that was reticent. Mel wouldn’t say a word about her feelings. No one really liked her. No one really hated her. Well, not that much. She was just. Mel. Just there, sitting in the back of the room, understanding every word the teacher said, thinking of soccer practice, but just far enough off so that everyone thought she wasn’t paying attention.

Her greatest fear, was not being able to afford college, and having to stay with her parents after high school. Mel worked at an electronics store. She really tried to earn the money for her college, but she couldn’t come up with it. Much of it was spent helping her mom pay the bills.


I’m that girl who has the messy brown short-short hair who wears the old too-long-for-me khakis with the faded black shirt that looks gray. So what? Does it matter that I look poor? Isn’t it the personality that counts, or do I have to follow up with the latest fashion and hair style? I’m not as fortunate as some of you, but what I have is stamina because of my hard life. You over there are indulging in luxury. I don’t have that sort of thing. In the Real World, there is no compassion. There is no love. There is only survival. And I aim to survive.

Yeah. On the outside, I’m just that poor shy bitch in the corner. There’s a lot that goes on in my life, that none of you know about. Everyone has two personalities. Mine happens to be pretty much contradictory. The only thing that I’m really disquieting about is the fact that I might not get a scholarship. I know that I’m qualified to get a scholarship for soccer… but there are a lot of people out there that may have the same situation as me.

Its after school and I have soccer practice. Its 6 on 6. I sprint over to Iris and steal the ball. As I dribble around players, I realize my teammates’ bored faces, just standing there, not caring about the game. I take aim at the goal and kick it hard to send it flying in the net. As we change in the locker room after practice, I notice Iris, Mia, and Andi talking about me.

[in hushed voices]

Iris: …did you see the way she stole the ball away from me? Gosh. I know Mel’s a good player and all, but the way she looked…

Andi: …kind of like a wolf ready to attack…

Mia: …I know… she’s just too intense and into the game to even notice our…

Andi: ...god she’s so vain…

Iris: …she treats us like…

Mia: …like we’re not even there?

Iris: …yeah…

Andi: …like… we’re just there cuz she needs someone to get in the way so she looks even better…

Iris: …she needs to chill…

Mia: …really, I wonder what goes inside of her head…

By then, I was pretty furious… they didn’t need to talk about me behind my back, my dirty looks alone would make them shut up, but they’d talk about it later when I wasn’t present… so I took charge.

Me: ::glare:: If you got something to say about me. Please. Say it to my face.

Iris: Chill out...

Andi: Alright. Just because you're the soccer star. Just because-

Mia: Don’t start.

Andi: Its got to be done. Just because you think you’re so tough, doesn’t mean that you never give other people a chance at the ball. In simple layman terms. You’re a ball hog. You think you’re all that. You-

Iris: Andi. Shut up. You’re not making this any better.

Andi: Just wait. Wait until I get a go at you. Then we’ll see who’s tougher.

Me: Spare me the bull.

Looking back, I don’t think I should have done that. Even if my teammates didn’t accept me. They didn’t hate me. Word spread like fire that I was going to get involved in a fight. Andi was bragging left and right that she could beat the hell out of me. I never really had an enemy until then.

Managing my homework, trying to get straight As, practicing soccer out there with a bunch of people who don’t exactly like me, and having to deal with Andi’s bull was just getting to me. People don’t usually get to me. But Andi did. Her idiotic lies and bragging just got to me like electricity gets to water. I learned hate that year. Pure horrible hate. The kind that doesn’t go away for a long time. Me and those idiots just don’t mix.

The confrontation with Andi didn’t really change anything. Just changed my view a little bit about my teammates. I never trusted them after that, and its not like I did in the first place… I was afraid of telling everyone about my financial situation. My guidance counselor knew about it, and she also knew that I was qualified for a scholarship which she might or might not get. I was alone. And I knew it. People say that you don’t live through high school without any friends. I did. I even got the “Most Shy” award. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

No offense to all you boy-crazy girls out there. I didn’t care about having a boyfriend. It really didn’t matter at that time, although I did enjoy the rare occasions of turning a guy down, or saying maybe. Besides. They’re only attracted to me because I can play soccer. Nothing more. Its just too stupid. You have your whole life to go out and shit, but you only have that couple of years in high school where it all matters, cuz that’s what determines your life. My little philosophy proved to be wrong.

I regret having no friends in high school. I really do. Its just that I wasn’t open enough to let anyone through my ice-cold heart. Back then, I didn’t care about anyone but myself and surviving cuz I was taught that surviving was the only thing that mattered.


I still remember that late May afternoon when I saw him. It was a great day for playing soccer… sunny and warm, temperature just right. I didn’t even know who he was. This guy that was practicing soccer in the fields. He looked pretty good at it too. Not too bad footwork, hard kicks, the works. He walked past me as I went on the field. Deep emerald eyes with amethyst sparks in them, golden-brown hair and a great smile. I shook my head and told myself to forget about it. Its not like anyone would be attracted to me, I mean really, come on. Think about it. Aside from my soccer skills, why would anyone want to go out with me? I don’t have a sociable personality, I’m sarcastic, and I’m not exactly attractive. He probably has a lot more girls to choose from.

A week later, my mind was still set on him. I found out he was in the guy’s soccer team, and his name was Anthony Lopez, 16 years old, part Italian, part German, and mostly Brazilian. What the hell am I doing? I’m not a stalker. Well, maybe I am, but, what the fuck was I thinking getting all that information about one person? Maybe I’ve just really lost it.

Ch’yeah. I did lose it. I couldn’t even play well at soccer practice today… I was just kind of spacing out in the corner… I got yelled at, at least twice. Even my teammates who normally didn’t give a shit about me noticed something was wrong. They asked me about it and I just shook my head and said nothing. The coach said something about me coming down with a virus or a sickness. What’s that got to do with it? It’s the beginning of June!! How the heck could I get a cold or even a virus? I said I was out of it, and probably needed to get more sleep.

Anthony. It was Anthony. He was playing soccer and I was cheering him on. It was a windy day, but nonetheless, sunny. I saw his green eyes with the amethyst sparks. I heard the whistle blow for game and saw him rushing off the field to meet me. He hugged me after he won. He kissed me.


My alarm took me back to reality. The picture of Anthony shattered. It felt so real though… everything from the soccer game to the kiss. It felt like I had been blown to another world and back again.

I found out that day that Anthony had a girlfriend. Iris Merino. Of all the people it could have been… it had to be her… from that moment on, I hated Iris, who was at least somewhat nice to me. She stopped fights if Andi tried to start one, not that I couldn’t have beat her up. I often found myself thinking of ways to get rid of her and to make Anthony fall in love with me. But Iris was attractive, unlike myself. She had golden blonde hair with lighter highlights and crystal clear sapphire eyes. I envied her. I hated her. I wondered how she got him.


I saw them walking together to a class. My eyes blazed silver briefly with anger. I tried to calm down and continued walking. She doesn’t deserve him… I do… She needs to get off of him… He’s being blinded by that bitch Iris.

Tessa was the first true friend I’d ever had. She was helping me make a plan to get rid of Iris.

Tessa: Make her fall for Adrian Kojima. You don’t know him? Well… Adrian has black hair with green eyes, he’s half Japanese, part Taiwanese, and part Polish. He plays tennis on the varsity team and gets pretty good grades. I’ve known Iris a lot longer than you’ve known her. Iris and Adrian used to be together until I broke them apart because Iris ditched me as a friend and just left me there, and I wanted to hurt her. She didn’t get over Adrian for months. Make a spark happen between them and voila. You get love. It’s that simple.

Me: Well, then… still, how is the little spark thing going to happen?

Tessa: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. I’ll throw a party… lets see… how about I throw two parties… the first one I’ll invite just about everyone including Iris and Adrian but not including Anthony… the second one, I’ll invite Anthony but not Iris or Adrian. Sound good?

Me: Yeah… say… why are you planning all this out for me?

Tessa: It’s a real long story. Me and Iris were best friends a long time ago…

Me: And…

Tessa: O.o I don’t wanna talk about it.

Me: Alright fine… one more thing: can you make sure that Iris’s bitchy friends aren’t at either of the parties, cuz if they are, they’ll mess up the whole plan.

Tessa: Sure, I never liked them anyway.

We really didn’t know if Adrian still liked Iris. It was worth a try though.

There was a soccer game on Saturday. I really wished Iris wasn’t there, but if Iris was there, that’d mean Anthony would be there. The only reason I didn’t petition for Iris to be kicked off the team was because Anthony was her bf. I’d get to see him and he was my motivation at games. When he was there, I’d play the hardest for him to notice me. Did he? Did he notice me? Or was he just there to give Iris motivation. Adrian was also there for some odd reason. The description of him from Tessa didn’t say he played soccer. But it didn’t say he didn’t play soccer. Maybe he was there for Iris. My mind filled with angry thoughts. Why did Iris get all the guys? Why wasn’t her parents fighting to keep their children under a roof?

Yeah. The one thing I forgot to mention was that I have a sister. A younger one. Her name’s Natalie. Nat for short. She’s this shy girl with soft long cinnamon brown hair and sapphire blue eyes that gaze here and there. She only talks when she needs to and even you can hardly hear her voice. I’m protective of her, but Nat can’t stay in the shadows for long. She has to learn how to survive, and not just sit there and act helpless

The parties were planned. The trap was set. All i could do now was wait. and wait. What if it didn't work? Then what would i do?


Tessa was connected. She knew just about everyone in the school. She was popular, pretty, and wealthy. Tessa was gonna help me get this done.

[ Party I. minus 1 hour]

Tessa: Ok... Everythings all set. Just hafta get the music... hrm.. you remember that dance that we had last year?? When Adrian and Iris were still a couple?? There was this music that they danced to but i just can't remember what it was!

Me: Well... If you can find it... great... if you can't find it, oh well...

Tessa: That music would sure bring back some memories for them...

[Party I. minus 5 minutes]

[Just about everyone is here]

Tessa: Guys... 0.o Did someone invite Rich?? ::spazzes::

Me: Why, whats wrong?

Tessa: Uhh... thats uh... i guy that i couldn't let go of... uh... just forget about it...

Iris: Hey Tess!

Tessa: Hi......?

Iris: So hows it going between you and Rich? I heard it was going bad... so i kinda invited him here... is that okay? ...You do know that you guys make a great couple...

Tessa: ::stares blankly::

Me: Well.. since he's here...

Tessa: wtf are you suggesting?

Me: Uh... that you guys... get back together again??

Tessa: @_@ WhaAaa!!!

Me: Guess that wasn't such a bright idea...

Iris: ::stares around the room:: O.O!! vMe: What?

Iris: Adrian's here... omg no... why is this party full of exes?

Me: Well... do you still like him?

Iris: Kinda... well... yeah but i think he hates me for dumping him...

Me: ::tries to keep the happiness out of my face:: maybe you should get back together!!

Iris: Really Mel... your advice is making everyone spaz... besides... he don't like me anymore...

[Chris interupts the conversatin]

Chris: Hi, i brought some beer, where do you want me to put it?

Me: 0.o beer??

Chris: Yeah, i also spiked the punch...

Iris: yeah, w/e it doesn't matter...

Me: @_@ ::eyes wide with disbelief:: well... i'm not gonna drink any cuz i've got a soccer game tomorrow and i don't want to be drunk on the night before it...

Iris: Chill out... everyone drinks in college...

[hour later]

Iris (in a drunk slurring voice): I madeout with Adrian... ::limps off flirting with 5 guys::

Me: 0.o I think she had too much to drink...

Adrian: I didn't make out with her... I danced with her... She needs to cut down on the alcohol...

Tasha: Yeah I heard that someone brought vodka... a lot of people got really sick...

Jocelyn: I had a sip of that vodka... its nasty...

Mike: Uh... guys... Iris is... uh... making out with Chris...

Us: @_@ wtf?!!

Mike: Apparently both of them got a little too drunk...

Tasha: Wait, doesn't she already have a bf??

Aaron: Yeah ~ Anthony, but i don't think he's here...

Celine: Oh man... hows Anthony gonna respond to this shit?

Tim: ::walks over and slurs dangerously:: Who wanna dance?

Me: Get lost bitch!

Aaron: Well... I really have no clue how Anthony's gonna react... maybe he'll just dump her for cheating and making out with one of his buddies...

Jocelyn: But it was when they were drunk... thats a pretty big factor...

Mike: I'm gonna go and get an update...

Celene: Perv!

I never did get another update... did the first part of my plan suceed? Probably in the wrong way, but i'm pretty happy right now. You think I'm sick? haha. She brought it on herself... with a little help in the right direction by us.

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