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Part I: Synopsis The bright glare of the white-hot sun shone down on a silent figure in black sunglasses. Her style was that of a spy’s; speeding down the winding road in a hot black convertible with exceptional skill. The Linkin Park music blasted on the built in cd player. The cell rang and Isis picked up. “Oh hi, Kihyei,” she answered, “Who? Oh. Send the details to my laptop.” Checking her laptop as she drove, Isis found a message waiting for her. “Just great,” she thought, “that son of a bitch Kihyei always has to send messages in code.” Using a program, she quickly cracks it and meets Kihyei at a bar. “So you want me to get my twin’s help to get these idiots back to the Central Command Center?!” she inquired. “That’s what you called me here to do?” “Yes,” Kihyei answered, “these so called ‘idiots’ were injected with something at birth. We just located them after 14 years of searching. They may be dangerous to civilians. There are 7 of them. Chris Williams is in New York, New York, Naomi Lin is in Taipei, Taiwan, Adrian Taylor is in London, England, Aurora Dubois is in Paris, France, Nero Vivaldi is in Rome, Italy, Kohli Ra is in Cairo, Egypt, and Isabella Lopez is in Madrid, Spain. It is best to bring them all to the Central Command Center, but if you are having a lot of trouble or they refuse to cooperate, you have permission to kill them. We have not yet found out who or what group or company was behind this ‘injecting’ using 7 humans as guinea pigs. “And I have to get my sis to help?” asked Isis. “It would be best to do so.” Replied Kihyei. After locating her sister, Isis had an unpleasant family reunion. “So, you just came back to ask for my help.” Stated Ivory. “You didn’t come back because you wanted to visit us, and you’re asking me to come along? Sorry sis, I’d much rather stay here.” Leaving Isis without anything else to say, Ivory shut the door in her face. “Fine.” Isis ranted to herself. “It wasn’t my decision to ask for your help in the first place. I can do this on my own, bitch.” Part II: USA “New York, New York.” Boomed the intercom at the airport. Handling her small suitcase and backpack, Isis checked her laptop. A map showed her where the target would be and about when. She called a cab to go to the mall. Chris Williams would be an easy target. US- Male- Chris Williams Hair- brown; short neat Eyes- blue Exact location- New York, New York Taiwan- Female- Naomi Lin Hair- black; long Eyes- gray Exact location- Taipei, Taiwan G. Britain-Male- Adrian Taylor Hair- blonde; wavy; medium length Eyes- green Exact location- London, England France- Female- Aurora Dubois Hair- dark reddish brown Eyes- indigo Exact location- Paris, France Italy-Male- Nero Vivaldi Hair- dirty blonde Eyes- hazel Exact location- Rome, Italy African/Egyptian-Female- Kohli Ra Hair- black/brown Eyes- indigo/green Exact location- Cairo, Egypt Spain-Female- Isabella Lopez Hair- cinnamon brown Eyes- amber Exact location- Madrid, Spain Spies Isis- Ivory- Kihyei-