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Sygil Lustrom Chronicles


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Sygil Lustrom wasn't always the wicked tyrant of random acts of voilence. No, he was much different in his youth. As a boy he was raised by his Father, Troma Lustrom. Troma was a devout knight who upheld chivalry to the letter. Sygil's father was a man of great respect, and he hoped to be as great as him when he grew older. His mother, Lillith Lustrom, unfortunately failed to survive his birth. All that Sygil had to remember her by was her hankerchief and a oil painting that was already fraying and cracked. Though without a mother, his father took great care of him. Teaching him in the ways of Love, Loyalty, and Honor. In his teenage years Sygil came across a fair maiden. Her name was Serena Solban. He instantly fell in Love, however his father had not taught him much as far as religion was concerned. Serena was deeply involved in her God. The only way Sygil saw that he had a chance was to learn her religion and become a member of her church. However, right after he joined the church, Sygil's father caught a fatal illness and became bed ridden. In the church with Serena, Sygil prayed for his father to become well. Seven days later, his father passed away. But not before handing down his suit of armor and the sword, Bane. The sword itself was an anomoly. It possessed a powerful magic, however the magic imbued within it was neither good, nor evil. In his grief, he devouted the next several years of his life to the church and Serena. In the fourth year, the diety appeared to Sygil in a dream. Touching his life, Sygil was drawn into the role of a Paladin. To spread the word of his diety and protect those who could not protect themselves. With his wife by his side, Sygil scoured his Lord's kingdom, cleansing those who would wrong others and bringing peace to the lands. The peaceful times lasted for nearly a decade before disaster struck. A darker diety decided that Sygil's life was hindering his presence in the area so it was taken upon itself to do something. Serena, at the time, who was nearly four months pregnant became missing. Etched in blood on the floor of his house was a message. "Come to Darklen Wood, alone, if you wish to save Serena." So he did. This is where everything changed. Stepping bravely into the gloomy forest, wading through briars and sidestepping stones, Sygil moved to the appointed spot to retrieve his beloved. A disembodied voice called out, "Welcome Sygil Lustrom the Paladin. You come to seek your wife's salvation? Then you shall have it." Sygil yelled back in rage, "You have no right to take an innocent as a hostage. Let her go and I shall spare you dark creature of hell." The air filled with a demonic laughter. "You cannot harm me, I'm too powerful for you, and your precious Bane sword as well. Don't think I do not know it's power. A magnificant blade indeed, able to take anything, and neutralize it. Hence the name Bane." Sygil retorted growing impatient, "Where is my Serena, and what do you want for her freedom?" A shadowy form emerged from the darkness. "What I want, Sygil, is you. A life for a life. Serve me and Serena, AND your unborn child shall be spared." Stepping back in suprise, Sygil gasped, it was always thought that Serena was barren, unable to give birth. And now a child shall be delivered unto the world from her womb. He would do anything, anything. The malicious voice continued, "Simply sign here, in your blood, and all is settled. I'll even do you a favor. I'll erase your memories of her so you won't have to live out the rest of your life in grief." Caught in a struggle within himself to stay true to his diety and true to his wife and child. His Love for his wife won out. Cutting his palm to draw the neccessary blood, the contract was signed, and his whole life, erased. His memories of everything before that moment became nothing but distant callings in the wind. All that he knew now was, chaos, to kill, and to sacrifice each soul he reaped for more power. Power became everything. And so the Slaughter's of Sygil began. Many people died. Innocent and not so innocent, there was no discimination. Their death and his raise in strength was all that mattered to him. And so the chronicle catches up to now. Sygil still lives, and his strength is immense. Will he be saved from his ill-begotten fate, Or be destroyed?