Journal or Mail

Basically: I was born Stephanie. Stephanie sounds okay, but most of people call me steph, or tris, tris is the short form for tristessa, a music from smashing pumpkins, but just with an H, like, tristhessa. My birthday is on 23rd september, what makes me Libra (even if it don't change nothing for you). I love music and i am such and livejournal addicted. As you see, i hate talking about myself, for me, internet is a waste of time (even if i'm very addicted), and i don't like sharing my life with strangers. But if you have a question, you can try to get a answer. Send an email;

Music: For me, if your music is horrible, you are horrible, and take it personally, but well, my favourite singer is Fiona Apple, and i have a lot of favourite bands, so, there's a little list.

Loves: Reading. Writing. Curitiba. Converse. Castles. Stripes. Black. <Hot topic. European style. Black Nails. Jostein Gaarder. Internet. Music. Guitar. Body Art. Red hair. Dreads. Piano. AIM. Livejournal. Bass. English. German.

Hates: Music for money. Waking up early. Colors. Posers. Cam girls. Avril Lavigne. Spammers. Everything sometimes.

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