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The Spirit Of Me       
A Genealogy Service


Congradulations on your quest to find who you are and how you got here.

Genealogy is a very time consuming and can be a very expensive journey, but well worth the effort. I understand how expensive most genealogy services can be, so I have tried to make this one a very affordable plan for anyone. If I don't find anything you don't pay anything.

My Experience

  15 years genealogy research
  10 years historical study and research
  Native American studies and genealogy
  Own and operate a Native American website with genealogy
  4 years journalism experience, including a historical column

Time Frame

I do not set a time on my research, however I do try to have your package done within 6-8 weeks. Regardless, you will receive a weekly progress report.

The Cost

I have two packages to choose from:

NOTE: I charge for ONLY what I find. No hourly fees! No extra costs will be added without your consent first.

  The Basic Package
For this package, you pay a set price for each generation I find.
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  The Bonus Package
This is a detailed book format with lots of extras. The price varies on the amount of generations and information.
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Contact Me

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