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Loving realtionships are essential for human survival as well as human development. During relationships is when humans experience the greatest joys and most growth as a person. Anytype of Relationship can be shown on the Intimacy Scale, 1 being the intimate and 5 being the most intimate.

Below are descriptions of the different intimacy levels:

Level 1 : Realtionships are non-personal and involve facts and non threatening information.

Level 2 : Relationships involve other peoples opinions and the info in the conversation is not important.

Level 3 : You begin to share your opinions and people begin to know you more intellectually.

Level 4 : Your feelings begin to come out and you begin to be together mor often.

Level 5 : You expose your self anf take the greatest risks by revealing your feelings. You must be able to talk about what you are feeling with your partner.

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