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There are three main types of behaviours that are used to describe a person. Those behaviours are Assertive, Passive, and Aggressive.

Below are the descriptions of the types of behaviours :

Assertive : People who are assertive usually make honest statements, that are to the point with a clear and relaxed voice. Assertive people like to give and recieve compliments and can say no to people when their request is inconvient for them. People who are assertive can resolve problems without losing their temper or raising their voice.

Passive : Passive People commit alot of stuttering while they speak and have trouble getting directly to what they are trying to say. They ususally deny alot of compliments and say yes when they really want to say no just to go along with others. People who are passive decide they can't or don't like something before they try it.

Aggressive : People who are aggressive use alot of sarcastic remarks and like to put people down using a loud voice. People who are aggressive usually start fights by name-calling, giving orders, or walking a way when people are talking to them. Aggressive people would rather fight about something rather that discuss it.

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